Welcome to A Deep Breath. This is rated M for Mature Content. Reader discretion advised.

Adjusted the timeline a bit. Jake phases sooner and Bella's in her senior year instead of her junior. AU Twific.

No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing of the Twilight Saga. That all belongs to the lovely Stephenie Meyer. The only thing that belongs to me is my odd imagination and grammar mistakes!

This story will have mention of pot use (refuse to call it it a drug, yo), sex and sexual references (including rape references), swearing (possibly lots), and slightly to mostly OOC's. I'm going to try to keep them all within their personalities while altering them to fit my storyline. It's not going to have much drama so any cliffhangers will be mild. No Volturi, sorry. No Victoria either. It will focus more on her being human and some human trials we all may go through at one point or another.

I had no idea where this story was going to take me when I wrote it and even now, I don't think the title goes with it, but it's been written for weeks and I am really interested in seeing what you all think. Go easy on me! It's not the usual Twidrama we are all used to reading but the niggling wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it out. The chapters will be sporadically in length but I'm going to be posting the whole thing as I edit each section until it's complete.

If this isn't your cuppa, don't read and don't bash me. Just go find something that is!