Disney's Descendants: The cursed child of the sea

Summary: The isle of the lost is filled with unusual characters but even among that odd collection Oceana daughter of the sea witch stands out. She and her mother are the only two inhabitants that have retained their magical appearance. Only her closest friends know that the way she looks isn't the only magical thing about her. When the five of them are sent on a mission to Auradon Oceana finds herself faced with a choice she had vowed never to make.

Disclaimer: I do not own the decedents movie or any of the songs referenced in this story.

Authors note: this story has been in my head literally since I first watched the Descendants, it was obviously changed quite a bit by the facts that descendants 2 gave us but I think it changed for the better so that's a good thing. This very first chapter is written a bit differently from all the others because I am trying to mimic the introduction we got from Mal in the movie, I don't know how well it worked but I tried. I hope you all have as much fun with this story as I have and I would love to know what you think.

Chapter one

The unbelievable truth.

You all know the story of the little mermaid, right? Everyone has heard all about how poor, sweet Ariel, daughter of the great sea King Triton was tricked by the wicked, vengeful sea which Ursula. The young, innocent princess was manipulated and fooled into making a deal that almost cost her everything, all because Ursula hated Triton and wanted to rule the sea in his stead.

In a climatic battel of true love verses pure evil Ariel and her prince Eric defeated Ursula. Even using her dark magic to grow to 10 times her original size couldn't help the sea witch in the end. It just went to show that darkness will always be defeated by light.

Too bad that's not the real story, or at least not the full story. There are of course some elements of truth in it, all good stories must have at least a grain of truth in them, that's what makes them good and the little mermaid is a very good story. It's so good in fact that most people are not interested in the true story behind it, for that story you have to go back more than 20 years to a time long before Triton and Ursula were enemies.

Back to a time when to cross one of them meant incurring the wrath of the other. They were a force to be reckoned with, an unbeatable sibling team, the beloved Prince and Princess of Atlantica. It sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

What if I were to tell you that's not the only unbelievable truth I have for you? What if Ursula never actually pulled the growing inhumanly huge trick? What if she repented before it was to late and walked the path of a hero from that day on? What if she found her own true love and a happy ending only to have it all taken away from her.

It's true that Ursula and both of her daughters are residents of the isle of the lost, home of every villain that ever lived and any offspring they may have but the sea witch wasn't sent there, she went voluntarily in an attempt to save her children from a curse cast by her own little sister. All sounds pretty crazy right.

It is a long story, of family, loyalty, love, hurt and betrayal, for any of it to make sense you have to go back to the very beginning. Luckily for you I am just the girl to tell it, for me this isn't just a story it is the legacy from which I come.

I am Oceana, the oldest daughter of Ursula the sea witch, niece to Triton and I'm here to tell you all about it but first you need to hear the story of Prince Ben, soon to be king of Auradon and his very first royal proclamation.

Thanks for reading, all feed back is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks again Millie xXx