Disney's Descendants: The cursed child of the sea

Summary: The isle of the lost is filled with unusual characters but even among that odd collection Oceana daughter of the sea witch stands out. She and her mother are the only two inhabitants that have retained their magical appearance. Only her closest friends know that the way she looks isn't the only magical thing about her. When the five of them are sent on a mission to Auradon Oceana finds herself faced with a choice she had vowed never to make.

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Chapter Two

Worlds apart.

The United States of Auradon were a beautiful and peaceful place, it had once been a land filled with magic but over the years the magic had slowly been retired and eventually most of it was archived away in a museum for safe keeping but the hopes and dreams that it had inspired remained.

Auradon was a place of pure goodness, at least it was meant to be but Ben, the crown Prince sometimes struggled to believe that. He couldn't understand how a land that prided itself on being so good could treat the children of those that had wronged them the way Auradon did. Banishing the lands worst Villains was one thing but forcing their children to grow up in a prison of their parents making was another matter altogether.

For years Ben had felt that locking innocent children away with their villainous parents was wrong, it was something he wanted to change but he knew he had to move slowly and carefully. He had a long journey ahead of him but the time had finally come to take the first step.

Ben was nervous, actually nervous would be an understatement but he knew what he was doing was right and that gave him the courage he needed, he would have had even more courage if his best friend and most ardent supporter wasn't running late, like she almost always was. Ben had long ago given up all hope of Melody ever being on time for anything but he had thought today might be different.

Telling his parents about his first royal proclamation was a big deal. Telling them that his proclamation could lead to six of the children from the Isle of the lost living in the very heart of Auradon was a huge deal. Telling them just who those children were could very well lead to his father going into full on beast mode but he pushed on none the less.

"The son of Cruella de Vil, the son of Jafar, the daughter of The Evil Queen, the daughters of Ursula the sea witch and the daughter of Maleficent" he announced trying to sound more confident than he truly felt.

Ben was actually thankful that his parents first reaction to his announcement was a stunned silence because that one momentary pause gave the cavalry just enough time to arrive. Melody, daughter of the forma mermaid Princess Ariel and her sea faring Prince Eric breezed in the door just as his parents seemed to be regaining their wits.

Melody and Ben had been friends since the day she was born, she had more guts than most of the princes in Auradon, at least Ben thought so and while that may be admirable it also meant she tended to act far more rashly that any of Auradon's other royals and that had landed both her and Ben in trouble more than once.

Despite all the trouble that Melody somehow managed to get them into she was invaluable to Ben she would challenge him when needed but more often than not she supported him without question.

"I take it I missed your big announcement" the young woman said to her friend while taking in his parents astonished expressions.

"Melody" the current king gasped "you knew about this?"

"Yes, I did your majesty and I completely support Ben in his proclamation, my kingdom will not contest it when he presents it to the royal council" the raven-haired girl told him firmly.

When he became King, Ben could in theory put any law he wished in place without consulting any one but that was a power that the rulers of Auradon had sworn never to use. To ensure the best interest of their people were always being taken into account any and all proclamations or law changes had to be bought before the council of royals. At least half of them had to agree with the king before they could be passed, Ben's first proclamation would face the same hurdles as all the others before it had.

"Melody, surely you of all people must understand the importance of the Isle, you know first hand the damage that a villain can do" the King tried desperately to appeal to the princess and Ben felt his anger rise.

Melody was different from every other young royal in Auradon in one very particular way, while all the children of heroes had grown up listening to tales of terrible villains none of them had ever faced one, Melody had.

Almost 4 years ago on her twelfth birthday Melody had discovered the truth that all the royals in Auradon (Ben included) had tried so hard to hide from her. She had found out that her mother had once been a mermaid. A fact that she had kept from her daughter in hopes of keeping her safely out of the reach of the vileness Morgana, Ursula's deranged little sister.

Melody had felt so betrayed and alone that night that she had fled the safety of her home and ran right into the arms (and tentacles) of the very women her family and friends had been trying to protect her from.

Ben had never felt more terrible about anything in his life than he did about not telling Melody the truth when he discovered it himself but he had been told that not telling her was the best thing for her. Keeping that secret had almost cost Ben his friendship with Melody but more importantly it could have cost her her life.

Melody had almost died at the hands of Morgana and his father was daring to bring the event up now in hopes of changing her stance on a proclamation that he didn't like, Ben couldn't believe him.

"Father" Ben growled warningly at his dad but Melody didn't seem to be affected by the man's comment at all, she placed a calming hand on Ben's shoulder before turning to answer his father.

"Yes, your majesty, I have faced a villain of my own" she admitted solemnly "but I still support Ben in his decision, I believe the children on the Isle should be given a chance"

"The children are innocent" Ben told his father firmly.

"I suppose the children are innocent" The King reluctantly agreed, he gave the two young royals a brief smile before retiring to calm himself down.

"Well done, both of you" Queen Belle whispered in a proud tone before leaving to follow her husband.

"You did it Ben" Melody's cheer rang loud in the now almost empty room.

"It's not done yet" Ben sighed "I still have to get the council on board"

"You can do this Ben" The young Princess reassured him gently.

"I can do this" Ben repeated with a small smile, "I can do this" he chanted over and over again, each time the words left his mouth he felt a little more confident.

"I can do this" he said almost reverently as he looked out of the window and across to the Isle of the lost.

"Yes, you can" his best friend agreed softly as she stepped up beside him, for a few moments they gazed out at the Isle in silence but the quiet was soon interrupted by the loud clanging of a large bell.

"That's the start of the council meeting" Ben gasped.

"Then better get going, you have some royals to wow" Melody gave a little giggle as she pushed him towards the door.

The Isle of the lost was the exact opposite of the united states of Auradon and in a lot of ways that was not a good thing but in a few small ways it was. If Auradon was a beautiful shining beacon of goodness with darkness living within it, then the Isle of the lost was a moral dark spot, where small amounts of goodness blead through.

The young people that populated the Isle believed themselves to be just as evil as their parents but they were wrong, the adult villains formed alliances to capture and hold onto what little power they could but their children made friends and the bonds they formed where stronger and deeper that anything the mothers and fathers had ever felt.

These friendships were not expressed as easily as they would have been in Auradon because the young people that were involved in them didn't know how to show that they actually cared for one another, instead they formed groups and gangs, they stuck together under the pretence of safety in numbers. Some of these gangs never made any impact on the lives of those around them while others became infamous among the residence of the Isle.

The two biggest gangs (in reputation if not size) were Mal the Daughter of Maleficent's gang of five hoods, known as the rotten's and Harry the son of captain Hook's crew of pirates. The two groups had been rivals for years, fighting over the same tuff and bragging rights.

It was safe to say that some members of the gangs held a deep hatred for their rivals but that was not true for all of them. Harry Hook couldn't stand Mal or Jay, son of Jafar, just the thought of them had his blood boiling but he bore no ill will for Evie, the daughter of the Evil Queen or Carlos, the son of Cruella de Vil, neither of them particularly excelled at being evil and Harry almost felt sorry for them being stuck with Mal and Jay.

Oceana, the oldest daughter of Ursula the sea witch and the fifth member of Mal's gang was a different matter altogether. She was different from almost every other inhabitant on the Isle of the lost, in a place where magic no longer existed both she and her mother retained their magical appearance. Ursula had not taken on a human form as many other magical villains had, she still had her tentacles, the ability to breath under water and there were rumours that she may even still possess some actual magic.

Having any visage of her forma power put the sea witch in direct conflict with the now powerless mistress of all evil. Maleficent hated that Ursula had some how held onto some of her past prowess while she the most feared of all villains had been stripped of everything she had once had. It was a well-known fact that Oceana had originally only joined Mal's gang as a way to appease Maleficent and delay the almost inevitable clash between Mal's mother and her own.

Harry knew that if it hadn't been absolutely necessary for Oceana to join the rotten's she would have become a Pirate instead. She had promised to ride the tide with him back when they were both just kids and Harry was the only person of their age that wasn't scared by the way Oceana looked.

While holding onto her magical appearance may have been a blessing for Ursula it was a curse for her daughter. Harry didn't mean that metaphorically, it was another well-known Isle fact that Oceana looked the way she did because someone had cursed her. No one knew who but with the sea witch being the last villain to be captured and bought to the Isle most assumed it was fairy godmother herself.

You would think being the child of someone who avoided capture longer than anyone else on the Isle and being evil enough to earn yourself a good fairy's curse before you were even born would guarantee you at least some respect from the residents of the Isle but sadly for Oceana that was not the case.

Oceana looked very much like her mother once did. She did not have the tentacles but she did inherit her unique colouring, her skin was a deep purple, her long hair was a dull grey with some lighter, almost white streaks running thought it and she had almost unnaturally icy blue eyes. The simple truth was she could look pretty scary when she wanted to but her personality could not have been more different from her looks. The real reason that Oceana stood out so much was that beneath her perfectly villainess exterior beat a heart of gold, the only person on the whole of the Isle nicer that her was Dizzy Tremaine.

Even thought Harry had lost out on having the sea witch's oldest daughter on his crew he had still promised to look out for her and their friendship had endured years of them each being an integral part of opposing gangs. It was relationships like theirs that highlighted just how much goodness could be found on the Isle of the lost if you only looked for it.

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