Zay Harmac flew across the volcanic planet Mustafar in his ship, the Shadow Hunter. He was going to meet Lord Vader in his castle. It was nothing like the castles of Ferra, gleaming in the light. No, it was black. Definitely designed to intimidate, not invite.

He landed his ship on the landing platform and told his crew to stay in the ship. He walked into the smoke-filled room where he was going to meet the Dark Lord. He waited.

Please oh please oh pleeeaaase don't send me to Skyrim, he thought.

Lord Vader walked into the room through the smoke. Harmac gulped. He had a long history of being choked by Darth Vader. He learned the hard way to be careful around him.

"Captain Harmac," Vader said, walking up to Zay. "Lord Vader," replied Harmac. "It's a pleasure."

"I did not summon you here for formalities. I have an assignment for you." Vader's voice carried power and might. And intimidation.

"And what would that assignment be?" inquired Zay.

"We are going back to Skyrim," said the Dark Lord.

Kriff why? Why would he kriffin' pick Skyrim? Of all places, man! thought Harmac.

"Skyrim? Why there?"

"We believe the Dragonborn could be a very great threat to us," replied Vader. "He must be eliminated or otherwise dealt with."

Harmac laughed. Not very loud, just a few chuckles. "You really think it's gonna be that easy? He literally eats the kr- souls of dragons!" Harmac had to hold back his curse. Careful.

"As I am well aware. Which is why you will accompany me."

Harmac sighed. "Please, I can't go back there. Not after what I've do-"

Harmac's air supply was cut off. He pulled his collar. Massaged his throat. Kriiiiiiiiff.

"Neither did I summon you here for you to refuse my command," said Vader. "You will accompany me, or you will have much more to worry about than your throat."

"Yi-yeah," Harmac said. "Ech-anything you sch-say!" The grip released. Harmac coughed. "Air, my old friend!" he sputtered.

"As you all know, Our base on Yavin 4 was discovered. As a result, we have to find a new one," said Leia Organa in the hangar of the Mon Calamari capital ship Home One. "This is a list of planets that may be suitable for building a new headquarters. We-"

"Mistress Leia!" said C-3PO. "Not now, Threepio," replied the princess. "Yeah, but this is important!" said Luke Skywalker, coming from behind the protocol droid, with R2-D2 close behind. "Alright, but hurry up!" replied Leia. Luke held out a holocommunicator. What kind of sorcery is this? We see mini-people, yet our hands pass right through! "Alright, now tell her what you told me." Luke said into it. We've been attacked by the Empire. We've decided they need to be stopped. Will you help us?

"Yes, but could you send us your coordinates?" Leia. They heard chattering on the other side. What exactly are coordinates?

Artoo beeped. "Mistress Leia, Artoo says he can track the signal to its location," said Threepio. Leia nodded. "Alright, what I want you to do is to not touch the thing you're speaking into until I say you can. Understood?" said Leia. Uhhhh, sure. Leia looked up. "Track the signal."

"What is going on, Dragonborn?" Delphine said, sitting up. "Well, we seem to have spoken to some people who are no friends of the Empire," replied Dovahkiin.

"Dragonborn," Aela said. "A man in black attire is looking for you. What's going on?"

The Dragonborn nodded. "He's with the Thieves Guild. Their leader, actually. I hired him to find out what my damn name is. I guess he's here with the results."

Everyone looked at each other. "Well, let's go find out!"

The Dragonborn walked outside. The leader of the Thieves Guild, Jalden, stood outside. He wore the black Nightingale armor, complete with the sword. "Ah, Jorgen, I see you're here!"

"What did you just call me?" the Dragonborn asked. "Jorgen," replied Jalden. "That's what your name is. Your mother's name is Fargah, and your father's is Hormel."

Jorgen felt overjoyed. He couldn't stop himself from smiling. Then laughing. "Ah, nice to see someone smilin' instead o' cursin'," said Jalden. He held out his hand. "Now, my money?" Jorgen grabbed the five hundred Septims promised and threw it to him. Jalden shook it next to his ear. "Nice doin' business with ya'!" And he walked away. "What about the location of the temple?" asked Lydia, walking up behind him. Jorgen shook his head. "Since Skyrim is independent, we don't need to worry about Thalmor anymore. And they were the reason the we had to keep everything a secret."

Lydia nodded in agreement, and they walked back into the temple.

They began to look over the weapons they found. They also nearly shot Alduin's Wall. After they realized their destructive power, they began wondering what else the Empire had. Weapons that could decimate cities? Massive automatons that could destroy a building in one hit? Farkas suggested that they may have world-destroying capabilities, but come on. That is just ridiculous. Right?