Vampire's Aren't Real

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Chapter 1: Moving to the Murder Capital

"So, Lydia are you excited about the move?" The woman asked.

It can't be any worse than here, Lydia's mind supplies. Instead, she said with a shrug, "I'm not opposed to it."

The older of the two chuckled, "Surely, you have more to say on the subject?"

The girl furrowed her brow in thought. Did she have more to say... Yes, she did, but would she? No. There were some problems better left unvoiced. The teenager had learned that lesson the hard way. When she told her 'best friend' what happened or at least what Lydia had thought had happened.

The blonde girl learned from that mistake. Trusting someone completely would only come back to bite you. She nearly snorted at the thought. 'Bite me' that was a good one.

Focusing back on the therapist she decided on her words carefully but also made them seem casual, "Well I've heard there's a beach within walking distance so that might be fun."

Smiling, the therapist added, "I've heard that Santa Carla also has quite the nightlife for people your age."

She knew where this line of questioning was heading. The lady wasn't as subtle as she thought she was.

"Yeah... I don't really think that's my scene though."

Mrs. Sanders nodded as if she was actually listening and truly taking in what Lydia was saying. Truthfully, she stopped listening years ago… if she ever even did in the first place. Then again, she was one of the cheaper therapists around and, after having been bled dry by the others before, Lydia didn't care how good they were when she barely had food to eat because she was required to talk to them.

Yeah, not their fault but try explaining that to a hungry eleven-year-old girl back then. Even now she hated the fact that her family had to put out so much money on such a pointless thing… At least now it's finally over.

"Even so you should try new things... Unless there's a reason you don't want to."

It took her a minute to remember what they were talking about before replying, "No, there's not. I'll give it a go, but I don't see myself getting into it."

She really didn't… Her brother was the party-all-night type but not her. Maybe if things had been different she could have been but they weren't, so she wasn't.

"Well at least you can say that you tried." She patted the girl's hand leaving Lydia to feel like she was a pet more than a person, "Speaking of nightlife, how have your nightly walks been going?"

It took all she had not to roll her eyes. Yes, for years now she'd been 'recommended' to take nighttime walks. Really, who orders a kid afraid of the dark, or rather what's out there in the dark, to do that? Even years later it was still a requirement, but she supposed it did its job.

"Fine. I walk my mom's dog around the neighborhood like I usually do... Oh, I also went to that Halloween party since I last saw you."

Luckily, the sessions had been lessening to bi-monthly, mostly due to the lack of funds, but also because she was about to be given a clean bill of mental healthiness.

Which, in her opinion, should've happened years ago… Another reason she hated the women before her. Lydia knew she was just dragging this out to keep draining her mother of what little money they had left. Hence the move…

"Oh, that's good and how was it?"

Awful, unpleasant, dreadful, and all other adjectives that define something as terrible, her mental voice chimed in.

Aloud though, she answered, "It was alright I guess. I stayed until well after dark and I wasn't alone since Kim was there. Oh and I saw a few vampires too," she joked.

"You mean you saw people dressed up as vampires," the therapist stated like she was talking to a small child.

Even a small child would feel insulted talking with her. If you could call this one-sided conversation talking.

"Yes, that's what I meant." Her voice was calm and not at all sarcastic, unlike her thoughts.

Nodding again she jotted down something in her little notepad. Oh, how Lydia hated that thing and what she wouldn't give to tear it and all the other notes about her up. After a moment she asked the question that she always asked to end the session and for once the strawberry blonde girl was happy to answer it as she knew it was the last time she'd ever have to.

"Do you still believe in vampires, Lydia?" The woman asked eyeing her seriously while looking for any signs to tell her otherwise as the teenager spoke.

"No, I don't," she stated matter-of-factly, "vampires aren't real."

"There you are!" A rounded older woman exclaimed as she embraced her daughter. "The movers have already loaded everything. How was your last session?"

Not horrible given it was the last one That thought made her smile as she answered, "It was fine. Good. It was normal."

Her mother just nodded happily before a sad look took its place. "Did you say goodbye to Kim? Such a sweet girl."

Saying Kim was a sweet girl was like saying ice cream was sour and the sky was green with orange polka dots in it… meaning completely untrue. So, if Lydia wasn't already used to hearing such things about her supposed best friend, she would've had a tough time keeping her face straight just then.

"Yeah, I already did."

Her mom hugged her again. "I'm sorry we have to move during your senior year and so far away from your best friend."

Ex-best friend since she was nine… Never could get rid of the little leech until now. She couldn't follow them all the way to Santa Carla to ruin her life.

Pulling away from the hug she said, "It's not a big deal."

Actually, it was. Her school life, no social life in general, had been the thing of nightmares… Her own personal hell inside of what she was already dealing with since the moment she'd opened her big mouth and told her best friend that her brother had been killed by a vampire.

Of course, she knew better now, but at the time the shock of witnessing her brother's murder had messed with her head and that's what she got for trusting the little monster.

Kim never let it go, told everybody. All the students, teachers, her mother…

Kim was the reason for most of the therapy and its main focus being more on getting rid of her delusions than it was on helping her cope with her brother's murder.

Even now, years later in high school, Kim made sure everybody knew that she was the crazy kid who believed her brother was killed by vampires. She had played so many vampire pranks on her now that she was immune to them. Even the 'Carrie prank' she pulled with the pig's blood. Luckily, she avoided school dances so it was only a bucket thrown at her in the school hallway. Lydia had never been a fan of blood but being drenched in it gave her a kind of phobia of it. Even her own period freaked her out now.

So yeah, it was a big deal as in, despite the money issues and everything else, for the first time in a very long time Lydia was actually looking forward to something. That something being a real life, a fresh start where no one knew her as the crazy kid who believed in vampires.

"Lydia?" Her mother called snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Sorry just thinking…"

Seeing the worried look appear on her mother's face, she decided to do what she does best, lie.

"I was thinking about spending New Years at our new home. I mean can you imagine the firework shows they probably have on the beach?"

Her mother smiled just a bit. The plump woman had a hard time not worrying, or just simply staying happy, for more than a moment.

One of the things that still made her happy though, was her baking hobby which was now going to be her job. That was much better for her than being in a stuffy office all the time even if the pay was less. Without her dream house to keep up payments on, she could do what she wanted. It wasn't like her mom got to enjoy the house when she was working all the time anyway, so this was a good thing.

She needed to remind her mom of that without reminding her of the house that, once upon a time, held four (but in recent years only had the two).

"I'm sure this will be a good move for us and those people at the bakery loved the pictures you sent them of your cupcakes. I'll bet you'll be racking in new customers for them in no time and probably even getting a raise."

The older woman chuckled and blushed, "Okay enough flattery. We need to get on the road so go grab your front seat bag. It's sitting just inside the door. Here's the key."

Lydia took the front door key with a smile.

"Make sure to lock it back up and then stick it under the 'welcome' mat. That's where I told them it'd be."

"'Kay," she called over her shoulder as the strawberry blonde went to get her bag.

"We're here Lydia. Wake up."

The girl groggily blinked her eyes open. "Car's still moving, though."

Her mom laughed, "I thought you'd like to see the sign welcoming us to our new home. There it is."

The teenager muttered under her breath, something that sounds like 'Just a stupid sign' to her mother, but still looked to where her mom pointed since she was awake now.

It looked pretty much like every other sign she'd ever seen but the back of it was interesting, or terrifying if true… The last thing Lydia wanted to see was another murder. No strike that. Last thing was not wanting to get murdered herself but preferably she'd like to avoid both if at all possible.

Noticing her mother's eyes looking forward she decided not to mention what was written on the back of the welcome sign. It wouldn't do her mom any good to think about it. She worried enough as could be seen by the age lines that made her nearly look twice her age. Grief and worry could do that apparently.

It wasn't even thirty minutes later that the two pulled into a small run-down neighborhood. It was nothing like where Lydia had grown up, with all the fresh paint and flowers. That was the place people with money lived, and once her parents had been those kinds of people, but with her dad's less than stellar dealings with money before his untimely death when she was only three years old, plus the therapy costs for nearly ten years now…

Yeah, it would take some time for her mother to adjust.

"It's got personality," Lydia cheerfully told her mother as they pulled into the cobbled path that was her new driveway.

"Personality… That's one way to think about it, I suppose." Her mom was like her in that they both always lived in nice neighborhoods with expensive homes. The only real difference was growing up her parents didn't have to worry about money or food. Sometimes those were a big issue for her so while her home was in a nice area, her clothes were not like the other students from her neighborhood and Lydia wasn't a stranger to skipping a meal or three to pay the water bill…

So really, this house represented her life for the last several years more so than the house her mom had been desperately clinging onto. Lydia knew she could adjust to the size and the less than pristine look so hopefully the same could be said for her mom.

It was a two-bedroom, one bath and a half, that was smaller on the inside than it looked on the outside which was saying something… But it was what they could afford and the only reason they could even do that is because some old cat lady had died in it recently.

The cat smell was driving Ms. Minnie, her mom's Pomeranian, crazy but Lydia was more worried about how not all of their stuff would fit. It's not like she herself had much; just clothes, some old photos, and a few personal knickknacks all of which should fit inside her room. No, it was the furniture she worried about.

They had a lot of furniture. While things had been sold before to help pay for things they needed, the furniture was never touched. Most were old and had been around since before she could remember. They were all in nice condition, the living room set, the dining room set, three-bedroom sets being hers, her mom's, and even Zacks…

"It won't take too long to clean up or be too time-consuming to keep that way. Oh, and if we have a yard sale it'll help us meet the neighbors."

Being positive like this was so not Lydia's thing but for her mother she tired. This time it didn't seem to work.

"I-I can't get rid of-of…" Her mother excused herself to the bathroom which meant only one thing… She was going in there to break down.

Hearing it was just as bad as seeing it but her mom didn't think like that.

Sighing, she picked up Ms. Minnie who was busy smelling everything. "Come on. Let's bring in the small stuff and leave Mom alone for now."

After a while her mom joined in and, besides the heavier things, they had gotten everything inside.

"Tomorrow the movers will arrive with the rest and help with the heavy lifting. I'm gonna go into town tonight and see if I can find a storage place to rent. Do you want to come?"

Lydia didn't want to burst her mom's bubble by telling her they likely couldn't afford to rent a storage unit big enough, if only because she didn't want her to cry again. Instead, she just shook her head.

"No, I think I'll stay here with Ms. Minnie tonight."

Her mother frowned, "Are you sure. What about the beach? I could drop you off before…" Her voice trailed off worriedly.

Lydia nearly sighed.

Being around her mom was tiring. She worried about her mother's depression and her mother worried about her closed off nature. It was a vicious cycle, one that hopefully would break soon.

"I guess I could look around while you're busy."

Her mother smiled slightly and they both got into the car along with Ms. Minnie.

Lydia, of course, got stuck with the dog. Unlike most of her walks with Ms. Minnie, this time she had to carry her otherwise she'd get lost amongst the people. Neither of them were used to so many people. Luckily, most were on the boardwalk, though the beach wasn't lacking them. It seemed that every which way she turned another group of people were partying.

If this is what it looked like during the winter, she couldn't imagine how packed it'd be come summer time.

Standing at the edge of the shore was nice. Lydia never spent much time at the beach before and this one, despite being loud, was quite lovely especially during the night. Tomorrow she'd have to come and see it during the day.

Ms. Minnie started to struggle in her arms. Up until this point she was the poised dog she usually was but suddenly all she wanted to do was get out of Lydia's arm. "No, I can't set you down." The dog was not hearing of it though and continued her bid to escape, "It's not safe here. You could drown or get stepped on!"

It wasn't like she didn't know her words were useless but, well, being the friendless teen she was, talking to her mom's dog came naturally.

"Ow, you bit me!" She screamed, and the dog jumped out of her loosened grip and bolted off. "Ms. Minnie wait!" The dog had never done that before. Being out of her element must have scared her. At least that was the only explanation Lydia could come up with.

Running across the sandy beach was not the easiest thing to do, not only because of the sand as mentioned but because she was not use to it. The dog, however, didn't seem to be hindered in the same way as she got further and further away.

It didn't take long to lose sight of her.

"Oh no. Mom's gonna flip out." Her mom loved the dog. She pretty much treated it like another kid… Yeah, losing that dog was not an option so Lydia set out in search for the missing Pomeranian.

The strawberry blonde was getting further and further from the partying and, other than the stars and the moonlight to guide her, there wasn't much light to see by. She resorted to calling out for Ms. Minnie. She had never given the dog's name much thought before but boy was it embarrassing to be yelling that out loud where so many people could hear you.

A short while later, the girl flopped down onto the beach. Any minute now she'd have to head back or be late meeting her mom, but the teenager just couldn't go back without the dog. Darn it. Why did she have to get talked into coming out here tonight.

Just then she heard loud music and turned her head towards the sound coming from just over a hill. It looked like another bonfire party was happening. Not too surprising, but this one was out a lot further than the others. Heaving out a sigh, she pulled herself back up and decided to ask them if they'd seen a small dog. It was her last shot really.

If they hadn't seen her then she'd head back and have to face the music and not the fun rock n' roll stuff that was playing just out of view either.

Once she got to the top, she noticed that the sound was louder. It wasn't just music anymore but was that screaming? The light from the fire confirms it too. There was a group of people screaming as another group ripped them apart.

Lydia's eyes widened, all thoughts of finding Ms. Minnie forgotten.

This scene was familiar, too familiar…

Like what she saw nearly ten years earlier.

It was vampires killing people.

Suddenly, the commotion stopped and so did the screams. The only sound was the music as those petrifying vampiric faces turn their gazes on her. She did the only thing she could do at that point.

Lydia shut her eyes and told herself over and over again what she's been told for the longest time.

If she heard it enough she'll believe it.

Inside her head and out loud she repeated, "Vampires aren't real. Vampires aren't real. Vampires aren't real…"

Several minutes of doing this helped to calm her down. Since nothing had happened to her yet she was convinced it was all in her head. Some kind of messed up delusion. When she did finally open her eyes, Lydia just saw darkness with no fire or even music for that matter... It was quiet. This further convinced the teen that it was, indeed, not real.

The only light came from the stars and moon.

Not wanting to stick around after her brief relapse of insanity she spun around only to run right into someone's chest and screamed.

"Hey, it's alright."

Looking up into his face she calmed down. He looked normal. Well, no, he looked hot from what she could see but the point was that he was human.

Long hair, taller than her with the lighting or lack of she couldn't tell exact colors, but his hair didn't look that dark. But of course, he was. Vampires didn't exist and what she saw just before wasn't real. She mentally scolded herself for even entertaining the thought that it was, however briefly.

"Sorry," she apologized with a blush and tried to step around him before he stopped her.

"Are you okay? You look kinda jumpy."

Lydia laughed a little, "Yeah… no, I'm fine. I just thought I saw… But it was nothing. Just my mind playing tricks on me. It wouldn't be the first time. I should go."

"Well how about I walk you back? This part of the beach is pretty deserted."

She nodded and the two of them started walking. "So why are you this far out alone?"

That was when she remembers and groaned, "I was looking for Ms. Minnie."

He raised an eyebrow, "Ms. Minnie?"

She flushed. Why didn't she just say a dog? "Uh yeah she's my mom's dog."

He chuckled, "Well now that I know your mom's dog's name, can I know yours?"

"Oh, I'm Lydia. What's your name?"

He smiled. "I'm Paul."

Lydia smiled back. "Nice to meet you."

Paul then proceeded to ask her about what happened with the dog, so she told him and after listening to her story he asked, "Do you want any help finding your mom's dog?"

She shook her head. "It must've happened well over an hour ago now so I don't think-"

Lydia stopped talking when a familiar barking was heard causing her to turn and see another boy holding Ms. Minnie.

Despite her earlier exhaustion from running across the sand she quickly jogged over to him and the dog, "You found her."

"Oh, is she yours?" He smiled and it's cute as is he, she vaguely noticed as she takes back the dog

"Yea," she responded before looking at the pomeranian, "Don't do that again." She addressed the boy who found her, "Thank you so much for finding her."

"No problem."

Paul walked up slowly, and Ms. Minnie started to growl at him.

"Ms. Minnie stop that." The Pomeranian didn't listen.

"It's fine," the boy in front of her laughed. "Animals like me unlike Paul here. They tend to go on attack mode whenever he's around." He glared at the other boy before looking towards the dog that seems to want to bite him.

"Sadly, that's true but hey, at least you found her."

Lydia nodded ruefully, "She's usually very friendly though, so I'm sorry for how she's acting."

"Like I said he's used to it. I could tell you a ton of stories with all of his animal mishaps over the years."

Paul grumbled, and she laughed before introducing herself, "I'm Lydia."

He grins, responding in kind, "Marko. It was nice meeting you and Ms. Minnie here." He reached out and scratched her behind the ear as he said it and the dog lapped it up turning friendly once more.

"Paul, Marko lets go." A voice called out in the distance but not so far that she couldn't make out some of his features as well as another guy standing silently beside him.

"Well that's us," Marko said and jogged backwards with a wave, "Bye!"

She waved to him and Paul nodded to her, "I hope to see you around Lydia."

"Me too. Bye." Saying that, Lydia headed for the boardwalk, off to meet with her mother. All the while, she kept a close eye on Ms. Minnie so she wouldn't think to try and run off again.

"So?" The boy's leader glanced to Paul while leaning against his bike, "It's like her thoughts said. She didn't believe what she saw."

"Yeah, she didn't recognize either of us. Heartbeat steady and not an ounce of fear on her." Marko chimed in. Paul nodded.

"Why did she say vampires specifically and not monsters or demons?" The dark haired one asked.

"That and the fact that she convinced herself that what she saw wasn't real are the only reasons she's still alive at the moment," their leader answered.

"Did you see how she closed her eyes?" Marko asked excitedly.

Paul shared his excitement. "Yeah that's a new one. It's either run, scream, freeze, or a mix of those. It's never close your eyes and pretend that it- that we don't exist."

"That's a childish way of thinking. That if you don't see something, that it can't see you," the platinum blonde said. "Still there's more to it than just childish thinking."

The dark haired one nodded his agreement.

They'd have to keep their eyes on this one.

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