Vampire's Aren't Real

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Chapter 5: Unwelcomed Surprise

Lydia had spent the day unboxing and putting up Christmas decorations with her mother who, for once, didn't have to work that day.

"Are you meeting with those friends of yours again tonight?" Her mother asked after straightening the handmade wreath on the front door for the third time.

"Yeah, we're going to meet up at the arcade," Lydia said while placing the red candle in the center of the living room's coffee table. Her mother loved candles and had very specific ones set aside for Christmas.

"Oh, well, couldn't you do that during the day?"

Lydia looked around for the perfect place to set the next candle, a green pine scented one to make up for their lack of a tree this year, as she answered, "Sure, I guess so."

"Well, why don't you?"

Lydia did not have a good answer for that, "Um, because all the kids around here prefer the boardwalk after dark. I dunno."

She heard a sigh. "Can you at least suggest spending some days out instead of nights?"

"Sure mom."

That seemed to make her mom happy and it wasn't as if Lydia hadn't noticed how the older woman was both thrilled at her new socialness and scared of the hours she was keeping lately.

School had only been out for a week now, but every night Lydia was out, and it made her somewhat guilty when faced with her mom's worry. But at the same time it felt freeing to not be scared of being out at night and for the first time in a very long time Lydia was having fun.

But she would see what she could do about at least spending a few days a week out during the actual day.

Later that evening her mother dropped her off near the arcade, but not before telling her to not be out too late as she had a surprise for her tonight.

"We still have three days until Christmas though," Lydia said puzzled.

"I know but trust me, you'll like this surprise. So, no one o'clock in the morning tonight missy."

She gave her daughter her best stern look which made the younger girl laugh but answer with a simple, "Okay mom."

It wasn't too much later that Paul and Marko showed up and when she asked about David and Dwayne, they told her that the two of them were grabbing a bite to eat first.

So that was how the three of them ended up playing Rampage for the first part of the night. Before long the other boys showed up and they all started playing various games. Sometimes, Lydia would watch as two of the boys challenged one another or just hung out and chat with one of the other guys. They even had a bet going at one point over who would take home the crown and be the Pac-Man king.

Marko won that one much to Paul's frustration.

After spending way too many coins, both her and Paul had settled on watching Marko getting creamed at Donkey Kong. For some reason he was really bad at it.

"I'm telling you it's the machine not me!" He cried out as he once again lost and Paul laughed, "Sure it is."

Lydia smiled but held back her laughter at Marko's pout.

As he tried with a dramatic cry of 'one more time' and 'this time I'll win for sure' Lydia turned to Paul. He never gave her a straight answer about if they were boyfriend and girlfriend when she asked and that had bothered her at first but she was beginning to think maybe he just didn't like the label?

At least that was her hope anyway.

"Hey Paul?" She asked and he simply said, "Hmm?" His eyes never left Marko's struggling form. He was obviously finding joy in the other blonde's failure; possibly more so because of his own loss at Pac-Man.

"We should all hang out during the day sometime."

That got his attention and he turned to look at her before asking, "Why?"

Lydia shrugged. "Why not?"

"There's nothing fun to do before the sun goes down."

He turned back to Marko as if the conversation was over, but Lydia wasn't finished yet, "The arcade is open then."

"It's open now too, the day hasn't gotten anything the night doesn't." At this point David came over from wherever he'd been and stood next to Paul looking at the two of them for a moment and then to Marko.

Lydia didn't pay the mullet wearing blonde any mind and countered with, "During the day it's warm enough to go swimming even in the winter."

"True but that means putting up with surf nazis everywhere you turn," David added distastefully.

A couple nights after her first date she had a run in with the so-called surf nazis and they tried to warn her away from Paul and the others as they had seen her on her date. Obviously, she didn't listen but that wasn't the only time she had heard the animosity between them, so it was a valid reason the girl supposed.

She'd rather avoid any fights breaking out again because, although Paul was okay, she didn't like seeing him get punched in the face even if he gave it as good as he got and smiled like a loon all the while.

That night she thought Marko was a terrible influence on Paul as he'd egged the whole fight on. She was grateful for Dwayne stepping in and ending it before it got too bloody.

Shaking the thought away mentally she thought up another thing they could possibly do during the day. "There are some shops that close up during the night. Oh, and the museum closes its doors when the sun goes down too."

David looked at her like she'd grown another head, "A museum?"

Paul smiled and winked at her, "Nah not only would that bore us to death," he laughed as he glanced at David's smirking face, "It would also put me to sleep. Not hard to do in the morning anyways as I'm not a morning person."

Lydia nodded in understanding before making another suggestion, "Well, we could always meet sometime in the afternoon then."

"Paul's got work then." Marko answered, walking over forlorn at his loss. "Hey David-"

The leader stuck his hand into his coat pocket, but instead of money, he pulled out his pack of cigarettes and grinned as the other realized he'd been played, "No I'm not giving you any more change."

That was all that he said before pulling out a cigarette and catching a lighter thrown his way by Dwayne without even looking and using it to light up.

How did he do that Lydia briefly wondered before realizing she was getting distracted and looked back at Paul, "Where do you work at?"

She was honestly very curious, and it made sense that the boys worked when they weren't around her. How else would they be able to eat out or afford the booze and smokes they did?

Paul briefly glanced at Marko over her head with a glare and the curly haired boy snickered, "That's not important. Are you hungry?"

She thought about prying further but stopped thinking maybe he was embarrassed. But why? Everyone had to work eventually. Maybe it was somewhere with a dress code, though. She couldn't imagine him in a McDonald's uniform- Well, now that she thought about it she could and it made her giggle a bit.

"What're you laughing about?" Paul asked and she shook her head.

"Nothing, nothing at all."

He gave her a look that clearly read 'I don't believe you.' Still, Marko started to complain about how he was starved and so the group head out and went to find a place to eat. Marko got to chose as he was the Pac-Man champion.

While eating, the boys goofed off and tossed fries at one another; it was nice if not a bit rowdy. People gave their table a wide berth and it wasn't only here; most people didn't get too close to them. It helped her belief of them being part of a motorcycle gang but there was also another thought that had been nagging at her for a while and tonight only made it harder to push away.

Paul's excuses for not seeing her during the day were suspicious. Why didn't he simply say he didn't wake up early and once he did it was straight to work? No, he gave excuse after excuse and it wasn't even him who told her about his job.

It made her skeptical and, if she didn't know better, the teenager would say that Paul and his friends were all vampires. But, of course, that was ridiculous and she hated that the thought had even crossed her mind.

Not only was it absurd, it was impossible.

A scream pierced the air causing her to jerk her head up and away from her nearly empty tray. Her eyes widened in fright and she dropped her soda onto the table. Vaguely, she heard Paul yell out and say some about his 'white pants' but that was background noise.

There in the middle of the fast food joint stood a creature straight out of her nightmares and he was tearing into the throat of a woman, his nails dug into the flesh of her arms creating horrible wounds. Then he pulled back from his meal and locked eyes with her.

His face was grotesque and terrifying and his mouth and fangs on full display as his tongue trailed along his lips and teeth. It laughed at her terror.

Not able to stand it any longer, she closed her eyes and covered her ears, trembling from head to foot and muttering to herself that it wasn't real.

Her arms being grabbed and pulled from her ears a moment later caused her to jerk and try and fight off whoever it was until a familiar voice reached her.

"Lydia! It's okay. You're okay…"

Her eyes opened and found Paul's worried ones and suddenly she felt sick.

"It's alright." He soothed again and she knew what she just saw had all been in her mind because he and everyone else would have reacted had it not been.

Embarrassed tears came to her eyes, but she willed them away and pulled away from Paul. She had to get away from him. From all of them because it wasn't just her table and friends who were staring.

What was wrong with her?

Quickly she stood up and made an excuse about cleaning up in the bathroom as she now felt some of her soda on her pants. Then she ran, only she didn't go to the bathroom, she left the restaurant mortified and wondering if she was losing her mind.

"What did you make her see?" Marko asked curiously as he and the others watched Paul take off out the door after her.

David smirked, "What makes you think I made her see anything?"

"Might have something to do with the glare Paul was aiming your way." Dwayne told him and David shrugged, "Paul always jumps to conclusions."

"So, you didn't mess with her mind then?" The youngest looking vampire asked.

"I didn't say that." He reached up and grabbed the cigarette from behind his ear and stuck his other hand into his pocket for his lighter before calmly lighting it.

Marko finished using the last of the towels to wipe up the spilt soda before looking into his leader's amused face. "Funny as it is to tease her, I don't think Paul's very happy about it."

"He'll get over it."

Paul caught up to her easily enough and despite her asking to be left alone he did just the opposite and stayed with her as she walked aimlessly until she told him she needed to go home.

"It's not even midnight yet."

"I promised Mom I'd be home at a reasonable hour." Lydia was glad to have a real excuse as she didn't think she could find the strength to lie right now.

"Okay, I'll take you home then."

Part of her wanted to argue but she didn't really have any other way and it was a long walk. Plus arguing meant talking and she didn't want to do that either so instead the girl nodded and quietly followed him to his bike.

Several times on the way there he looked like he might say something only to seem to think better of it and stay quiet. This only made her feel worse. Why couldn't she be normal?

Why did it look so real? Even when her brother's murder was still fresh in her mind her hallucinations weren't so real. The only other one that had seemed that real was that night on the beach, the night she meet Paul.

The night had started off so well too. Now though, as Lydia silently clutched Paul around the waist during the ride home, she couldn't help but think at least it couldn't get any worse.

She should've known better than to think that; it could always get worse.

Walking back to her house after getting off of Paul's bike he followed her. It was kind of a tradition now only after a few nights. He'd drive her home but stop just far enough away that her mother wouldn't see his motorcycle and then the two would walk the rest of the way.

Only they usually had something to talk about. Now though, Lydia was too busy brooding to look at the boy beside her.

What was wrong with her?

She heard a sigh and glanced over only to meet Paul's gaze before he reached out and grabbed ahold of her hand which had been hanging limply by her side as the two walked. Lydia looked down at their intertwined fingers and briefly considered pulling away before glancing back up to see him looking up at the stars.

The two continued their walk in silence and just when she was starting to feel a little less like a total nutcase her eyes landed on a car she had never expected to see again and froze.

It was a 1985 red Camaro that had a personalized sticker colored in a dull yellow that the owner had told her was actually gold on the back window that read 'Future Miss America' in italics.

Paul had stopped when he felt her stall and looked quizzically at her, "What?"

She motioned to the car with their still joined hands, "Do you see a car there?"

For once she wanted to be told she was seeing things, that there was nothing there.

He looked at the car in confusion, "Yeah I see it. Why?"

Before she had a chance to answer her front door opened revealing a familiar face.

An excited squeal was the first thing she heard, and her stomach dropped as the other girl ran to her and practically tackled her in a tight hug. Lydia tensed and her eyes locked with her smiling mother's form who was also coming out to meet her but at a much slower pace.

"Surprise," Her mother said.

It was a surprise alright, the worst kind.

The other girl must have realized that she was not going to get a hug in return and so she let her go, "Did you miss me?"


Her face pulled into her automatic fake smile that was created specifically for the girl in front of her and her consolers.

"It's certainly a surprise. What are you doing here Kim?" The other girl looked the same as the last time she saw her; pretty, petite, tan, long brown hair with dark eyes that she knew how to make pop with her eyeliner and eyeshadow (something she probably spent many hours perfecting).

Her complete opposite.

"Well, my parents are off doing their annual Christmas charity thing, but I thought it'd be more fun if this year I came and spent it with my best friend instead of a boring party like that. After all I missed you."

Sure, you did.

That's when Kim's attention turned to the boy beside her and instantly Lydia's tense body became even more so as the other girl's eyes roamed him appraisingly and even briefly stopped at their hands.

Lydia nearly jerked hers away if only to try and keep Kim from noticing but it was too late so instead she settled for mentally cursing herself for not getting Paul to leave the second she saw the familiar car.

"Hello, I'm Kimberly but you can call me Kim," The way she said 'you' made it sound as if she was granting him something special as if she didn't tell everyone to call her that, "and you are?"

She had backed up just enough to offer him her hand and look at him with her most seductive gaze. She was already flirting with her eyes. Lydia knew if she tried anything like that it would seem like she was trying to get something out of her eyes, but Kim had perfected it years before.

"Paul-" Lydia didn't take her eyes off of Kim as she removed her hand from his and interrupted, not wanting this to go any further.

With her mom a few feet away it wasn't likely, but knowing Kim anything was possible and if she could hint at Lydia's less than perfect sanity she would. And after tonight he might even believe her.

"He was just leaving, so let's go inside and catch up." Her hands clapped in front of herself with false enthusiasm.

Though Kim's attention was back on her, she could also feel Paul's eyes boring into the side of her head. Was he aware that she was being completely fake right now? Her smile didn't falter as her gaze drifted over to her mother.

If the woman who gave birth to her was fooled then the boy she'd only known for a couple of weeks shouldn't be able to read her, right?

Though maybe she was being too peppy. That was something she'd worry about later. As long as she could keep Kim away from Paul and the others while she was here everything would be alright.

Reaching out her arm, she grabbed the other girls' and Kim could barely contain her surprise at the action. Lydia had not voluntarily touched the other girl in years. She pulled the stunned girl away without looking back only calling out her quick 'see you later' before the two were a safe distance from Paul.

That's when Kim dropped the act as neither her mom nor Paul would be able to hear her, "What's wrong Lydia? Afraid I'll steal your boyfriend?"

She didn't say anything.

"Or maybe you just don't want him to know that you believe in fairy tales."

Lydia halted and dropped her arm as she stopped on the porch steps. She turned to look at the girl who had once been her best friend and realized she couldn't find anything of that girl in the other teenager.

"Vampires aren't fairy tales," Kim looked shocked that Lydia would actually stand up for herself, but she wasn't done yet, "so would you give it a rest already? I was a kid with an overactive imagination, I know what's real now and have for years."

Kim smirked, "Did getting a boyfriend give you a backbone?"

Lydia shook her head and didn't answer but instead asked, "Aren't you tired of using my childhood trauma against me?"

The other girl laughed. To any other person it may have been a melodic sound but it was truly a cruel sound.

"Trauma really?" She shook her head, "The only thing traumatic about back then was that you actually believed you saw anything. We both know you were fast asleep at home, safe in your very own bed when you're brother snuck out that night."

Lydia said nothing and the other smirked triumphantly and pushed past her letting her shoulder knock her on her way inside.

The fact that, not only did the other girl betray her confidence but, that she believed that Lydia had not even seen a thing that night might have hurt her once, but she was past that. She just did not care what Kim thought of her, but that didn't mean that the other girl couldn't hurt her any longer.

No, as long as she was here then she could spin her tales and try to get Lydia ostracized. If it was just the students at her school finding out she wouldn't worry about it. But if Kim convinced Paul or any of the other boys?

Lydia couldn't let that happen.

"Lydia?" Her mother's voice made her aware of her surroundings and the fact that she was still standing on the porch staring blankly at the front door.

"Yeah mom?" She tried her best to sound happy or at least not unhappy and the older woman didn't question her, so she must've succeeded at least a little.

"I know you have new friends, but you are glad to see Kim again, aren't you?"

No. "Of course."

Her mother's face lit up with a relieved smile, "Good. That's good, now I don't have to worry so much when you go out with your friends every night."

Lydia almost let her smile drop but caught herself, "Yeah… Well now that Kim's here I'm sure she'll want it to just be the two of us so I probably won't go out as much."

Even if that's exactly the opposite of what she wanted to do.

"Oh, there's no need for that. Kim told me she'd be delighted to meet your friends."

Of course, she did. "That's nice of her but I wouldn't want to-" The older woman shook her head and raised her hand cutting her next excuse off.

"Don't worry I checked it out with Paul before he left. He's such a nice boy, isn't he? Well, he said it was fine for her to join you all at the beach tomorrow."

Lydia had never wanted to kick Paul more in her life than in that moment.

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