Marlin stood and he swam still, wanting to hear Dory's words but all he wanted is to forget the horrible experiences from losing his wife, Coral and 399 eggs from the hungry barracuda to 'losing' Nemo from the hand from the dentist.

Dory took a deep breath as she begins her song with her begging.

Verse 1

Don't go away

Please just stay

No one's ever stuck with me for so very long

Verse 2

And if you leave

Which I can't believe

Your the only one that made me feel I belong

Verse 3

I remember...remember things better with you

Trust me, look what I can do

Verse 4

P Sherman, forty two...forty two

I remember it, I really do

It's there inside my dull and empty brain

Verse 5

I know it well when I'm with you

Even though you had came out of blue

You've always be there in my cloudy rain

Verse 6

When I look at you, I've feel the emotions

The true feelings are flowing in a perfect motions

And when I look at you, I'm... I'm home

I don't want my tears turn into a foam

Verse 7

Please, I don't want that to go away

I don't wanna forget that one faithful day

Marlin didn't turn around but he only respond one sentence that shattered Dory's innocent heart. "I'm sorry Dory, but I do."

Marlin swam off as Dory stares at him as tears began to fill her eyes and began to cry in pain.

Verse 8

I'm now on my own, falling in the darkness

Or am I drowning inside my tears of sadness

My brain is wiping my memories, one by one

I used to have one true fish, but it's all none

Verse 9

Now I can't remember, please God help me

My short term memory loss is the flaw you see

Final Verse

I got one question that will break the strife

Who am I meant to be, my dear life?

Dory goes up the water looks the sky that is raining and cries.