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Sakura gasped, taking deep, haggardly breaths. He body ached with oozing scratched and dark bruises, but she had done it! She passed the trial! "Syaoran-kun! Tomoyo! Kero-chan! I did it!" She laughed breathily. "I did it!" She looked to the side, where normally her friends would be standing, ready to congratulate her after a battle hard won.

But they weren't there. Not like she remembered they should. Syaoran and Tomoyo were fading away, a dazed look in their eyes, as if they were trying to remember something. Panicked, Sakura ran up to then, to grasp them, talk to them, try to help them!

"Tomoyo! Syaoran-kun! W-what's happening? What's wrong?!" She ran to their sides, pushing aside the state of her battered body, tears welling up in her eyes. Despite her tremendous speed, by the time she made it to them, they had almost completely faded. They looked into her eyes one last time before they had faded completely, asking one question that made her heart burst in agonizing sadness and horror, and her knees fall to the ground as she collapsed, sobbing.

"Who are you…?"

Well, I'm just a jolly, cheerful person, ain't I? ... Seriously, in real life, I'M the optimistic one, who hates it when a bunch of people joke around with dark stuff, then I write sad, depressing stuff that may or may not include a horror story for class... I'm great~!

So, the premise is, I thought basically, "What if no one remembered her because her trial messed up? That would be so sad!" ... SO, of course I had to write it. Fave, follow, and tell me what you like!