Tsuna gaze over his desk, there's nothing else but paper place on it. Mountain of papers to be was asign to be a stand in for Nono's absence on his summer break. It has been a week since he begins working and must he say he's getting in the grove with all this hassle. Truth to be told, he is less than excited to start what ever is he suppose to do as Decimo. He hates everything that have to do with blood, gore, ransom or illegal trades. Yet here he is managing a family that base solely on those things. Despite moving to Italy at the age of fourteen; three months after the whole representative fiasco, he still couldn't grasp the fact he is fated to rule such dangerous group.

All of his friends including Hibari, Kyoko, Mukuro and the Kokuyo gang with Haru as exception had moved to Italy. He was surprised when she blatantly refuse the idea of moving in with them but they respect her decision so he didn't pry. Mama was overjoyed knowing that her No good son had achieved a scholarship to study in Italy; she had been persuasive on making him study abroad. Without him knowing it, five years had passed since that fateful day. Haru constantly visit whenever she could and sometimes they take their time off and return to Nanimori.

Five years of pure torture and hell courtesy of Reborn. He swear that child is sadistic, he loves making Tsuna's live hellish either by his turtoring or training- more like torturing. Despite the countless times he should have been proclaimed dead, Tsuna manage to survive. During those five years, the bonds between his guardians and him had tighten. Even his monstrous guardians respect him- at least a bit. Then come a knock on his door. 'Come in', his voice calm but stern.

A strand of silver comes to view, 'Apologies for disturbing you Judaime'.

Tsuna chuckle, 'It's okay Hayato. Anything I can help you with?'. During those hellish years, his friends had been using first name basis with each other, even Hibari agreed- after losing a match with Tsuna that is. Tsuna was pretty admant on calling them casually when he first bring up this topic. From there, they start to comply one by one.

Gokudera place a huge file on his desk. It has yellowish cover implying it's a mission file. 'Kyouya is back. I don't know how long he'll stay this time though. He said, this is all he could find regarding the incident three months ago', Tsuna frown upon hearing that. At the age of seventeen, Hibari couldn't stand another minute in Italy. Out of irritation mostly, the cloud had challenge Nono to a duel. He asked for a transfer back to Japan as prize. But in the end he lost, Nono on the other hand was impress by his skills, the old man not only gave Hibari permission for a transfer, he also gave him some pocket money to kick start his own foundation.

Tsuna's frown deepen as he flips the pages one by one. There's nothing much in it. 'How can they slip under our nose', Tsuna huff. He slam the file shut. Tsuna had never doubt his Cloud's skill in gathering information. But this time he's disappointed.

Gokudera cross his arms, it has been three months since the cruel death of Haru's parents. They couldn't even find the reason behind the murder. It happened during their vacation in Dallas sponsored by Nono. It was suppose to be a private vacation where only a certain number of people knew and the place they're staying was pretty well guarded. No one had anticipated that their well planned vacation would turn bloody.

'There's no clue, no trace about them. It's like they don't exist!', Gokudera groans.

'Is this all Kyouya could get his hands on?', Tsuna ask. He pulls out two papers one with tons of picture another full of words. 'A name and logos', Gokudera sullenly nods his head.

Tsuna bit his lips, ever since that particular incident, he proposed to Haru, asking her if she wanted to stay in the mansion. Luckily she agree, the poor girl was so shaken Tsuna still could feel her trembling body when he hugged her. He could still hears her hysterical screams ringing in his ears, and he wants it to end. He knows there's nothing else he could do than track down this god-damned scums and tear them apart limb by limb.


Siren flare up, indicating enemies invading. Both forgetting their previous conversation.

'Oi, Dame-Tsuna. Put on your headphones and start fighting', Reborn state through the intercom. Tsuna snatch the headphones and contacts from his table. 'Hayato, check the west wing for injured member. Send Takeshi and Mukuro to the east, Lambo and Onii-san will treat the wounded.'

'What about Kyouya?'.

Upon hearing the name Tsuna sweatdropped, 'Let him be, he'll do as he likes anyway.'

'Understood Judaime'. Tsuna watch Gokudera left with the corner of his over the verandah, he activates his Dying Will Mode.


Judaime... The west wing is a wreck. No human could do so much damage.


Judaime, it's Giannini. Hayato-san just informed us about your plan. Judaime, be careful. The attack didn't come from a human but entity. W-w...


'Giannini?', baffled, Tsuna tap his headphones a few times. He couldn't hear a thing except for the buzzing sound. One by one, explosion start to occur like a chain reaction. Tsuna chewed his lip, the situation are far worse than he had anticipated. Judging by the explosions, he could frankly say that they are breached and cornered. Despite the fact, a small smile creep to his face as flames in the color of red, green, purple, violet, blue and yellow flare up. Being in the business for five years has taught Tsuna two valuable lessons.

1) Trust his guardians capabilities

2) Never. He meant NEVER, stop either one of them when fighting. Espacially Mukuro and Hibari. You'll end up as their playthings instead.

Tsuna is scouting the forest; it seems untounched and lifeless yet he could feel a vehement aura lurking around. Signaling Giannini of his founding, Tsuna wants to head back when out of thin air a spear struck him. Lucky for him, he manage to dodge with a graze on his cheeks.

Out of caution, Tsuna lands on one of the branches, his eyes scanning the perimeter. A minute later, he is showered with a thousand arrows.

'Damn!', jumping back, he zigzagged through the thick forest dodging and flying through trees but the attack seems endless. The more he run the more the attack multiplies. 'This is bad.' Seeing an oak tree, Tsuna find his chance. Turning to his back, he lands sideways on the trunk, he crouched down, using the soft flame as a magnet. He manage to stabilize himself despite crouching side way. 'Operation X'.

'Understood', a female computer voice reply. Facing the rain of arrow, Tsuna release his attack 'X-canon!', bright orange light erupted from his palm, incinerating the arrows in one blow. Letting his hand go, he lands on the forest ground. Vividly, he could see something shimmering underneath his feet.

'This is one of the arrow', he caress the solid metal. Sure enough, the esence it was made of is pure Dying will flame similar to G's arrow with a tinge of black at it's tip. Tsuna wasn't sure who made it but, he do know the creator is dangerous. No mere human would temper with something like a dying will flame.

'Tsuna!', Yamamoto shouts.

'Judaime!', Tsuna turn around, all his friends look battered and a bit bruised yet not very serious. Their clothing sre tattered probably from the intense fighting. Surprisingly, Hibari and Mukuro are not too far behind. Their face twist in between confusion and horror.

'Tsuna!', Yamamoto breathlessly shout.

'Calm down, what's the matter, you guys?'.

Mukuro step up, since he look less hurt and tired. 'Sawada Tsunayoshi', he sternly start, 'Mind explaining what kind of creature we just fought?'. His voice is dark and void, certainly what ever creature he fight, it ticks him the wrong way.

'I-', Tsuna is interupted when a flash of green electrifying flame erupt near the main gate creating an electric barrier. 'What-', gasping, Tsuna frantically look around his guardians. 'Where's Lambo!', he half shouts.

'That stupid cow! I thought I told him to come here', Gokudera spat.

'Maa,maa, what ever his reason is we need to get there A.S.A.P,' Yamamoto reply, his index finger pointing towards the humongous green dome. Not wasting another minute, Tsuna reactivate his Dying Will Mode and rocketed through the sky with Mukuro and Hibari tailing him. The Skylark seems awfully quiet about the happenings.

'Oya, Skylark. You seem to know something. Mind telling me what?', Mukuro state. His red eyes glinting evilly.

'Shut up or I'll bite you to death', Hibari reply not looking at the latter.

'Kufufu, going savage are we?'. Mukuro raise his trident, plunging it into the air; purple smoke gush out like a broken tap creating a monstrous figure of a dying black horse. With a tug of it's rein, the horse turn around stopping a few meters in front of Hibari blocking his path.

'I'm not letting you go until you tell me what the heck is in that thick skull of yours', Mukuro demand. His evil self surfing up. As an answer, Hibari raise his tonfas coated in purple color flames.

'Both of you stop!', Tsuna bark. 'Tch!', Hibari put down his tonfas, Mukuro dispel the horse - the gruesome part. Now it look like a normal black horse. Neither wants to face another of their boss's rampage. When he says stop, you NEED to stop.

'This is not over', Mukuro half whisper. Signaling a retribution. Without another interruption from unwanted brawl, the boys arrive thirty meters away from front gate. The landscape have lightning sparks here and there, the majestic titanium gate is reduce to ashes, half the estate is burnt down. It's a miracle Tsuna hasn't pass out looking the tarnished HQ and the possibilities of another thousand worth of paperwork. His attention are drawn to Lambo, fully equip in his Vongola gear. Behind Lambo, is I-pin, Fran, Kyoko and Haru. The five of them are cornered by something or someone.

'Lambo!', he shouts.

Hearing his dear brother voice, Lambo tears up, 'Tsuna-nii! Haya-nii! Take-nii', he wailed.

' Oi!Ahoshi!(Stupid cow), pull down the barrier!', Gokudera commands. Lambo is going to be in so much trouble, when Gokudera use that kind of tone.

'I-I can't', Lambo stammered. 'I don't know how'.

'You got to be kidding me', Gokudera knows that Lambo isn't the brightest but this is pure ignorance.

'Stop crying Lambo~ let's get this over with', Fran monotonuously state as he takes a fighting stand next to Lambo.

'Oya,oya, over confident are we Fran'.

'Ah! Master~ if i win this. You'll have to wear that pineapple pajamas I made'.

'Kufufu, only if you manage to live'.

'Master~ so rude.'

'Oi, Fran focus!', Lambo pull Fran away, when a red laser went straight at him. The path the laser takes is incinerated, the once grassy field now has a long newly made trail. 'One hit and you'll die. You stupid frog!'.

'Ah!Hmmm, now that's interesting', Fran isn't really paying attention to Lambo's ranting. The creature ahead seems much more enticing.

'Lambo~ look! We have a new dog. Wait. Doggies'.

'We don't have a do...Gyaha!', Lambo instantly pale, in front of them is a dog as big as a building, with three heads like a Rotwiler, fully equipped with shiny razor sharp teeth, their eyes blood red - the laser probably originate from there. Growling, the Cerberus step forward. It's paws crushing the earth beneath creating a really deep hole implying that it will take a lot more than just some punk to tear it away.

Lambo is shaking in his boots whilst Fran on the other hand... 'Nice, doggie'. He pats their noses one by one. Out of instinct, Lambo shot a ball of electricity, shoking the Cerberus in place. As quick as his little ten year old leg can carry, he grab Fran's hand dragging the bewildered boy away from the monstrosity.

'You better conjure up some illusions or I'll kick you ass!', Lambo hollered breathlessly. It's bad enough his helm is heavy, his stamina wasn't one of the best either.

'Blergh... You are no fun', jerking his hand away, Fran pivots. Putting on the newly upgraded helmet, Fran twist the air, conjuring something major. Their heart drums wildly, what would it be?


In the midair a giant bone materialize itself. Lambo slap his forehead. 'Why would you do that?!'.

'Come here doggie. Come to papa', Fran cooes. Following his orders the dogs pounce at him. The moment the heads take a bite the bone exploded.

'Yay! Fireworks', Fran cheer monotonously.

Gokudera sweat dropped, 'You got some mess up apprentice Rokudo Mukuro'.

'Kufufufu, Fran certainly is a great toy'. His friends sweat dropped, Mukuro isn't making sense at all, in the end they decided to watch the fray hoping that both boys would survive. One of them is a trained assasin another is a guardian. They should have more than enough fire power to over throw a monster.

As of now, both Fran and Lambo manage to corner it into a realistic cage Fran just pop up. Fran being an emotionless kid, manage to hide his pain but as soon as he conjure up the huge titanium cage, his migraine double over.

'Fran. Are you okay?', Fran's breathing is getting raggard, not to mention his face significantly shows pain.

'I'm fine', the latter responded, still focusing his flame to support the cage. 'This thing is new. Verypoo said it will have side effects. We better end this quick'.

Nodding Lambo step forward, his helm glitting with gusto. 'Thunder set', pillars of lightning descend to the earth hitting the boy, recharging his flames in the process. With a new found bravado Lambo charge forwad. His horn colliding with the Cerberus, shadowy skin. Lambo gasps, his horn aren't touching anything, the dog is literally made out of shadows. Taking a step back the dog somehow smirk at him, showing off it's complete flesh.

'Gah!', Fran toppled, his body couldn't stand the pain anymore. His brain feels like mush, he had strained himself too much. The cerberus leap forward, crushing the weaken titanium cage. First, as gratitude, it slams Lambo towards the electric force field, shocking his cells making it go numb. Next, he turn to Fran. Licking it's lips, the Cerberus feel content to see his preys huddling over the pained boy. With a growl, the dog pounce with lightning coating his fur.

'I-pin! Get the rest out!', Tsuna hollered. His guardians are busy searching for alternative to break the barrier, so far none found.

'What's wrong Tsuna?', a squeaky voice ask. A boy in the age of five strode into the ground his fedora shading his eyes.

'Reborn', Tsuna feels slightly at ease with his tutor around. 'Lambo can't fight anymore. We need to find a way to get them out pronto'.

Reborn ignore the urgency in Tsuna's voice. 'That stupid cow can handle himself', he refute.

'No he can't! Look at him! He's hurt!'.

'Then would you take him to war if you keep saving his sorry butt every time he screws up. Dame-Tsuna?'.

'Like hell I'm taking him to war! Guardian or not, Lambo isn't suited for this job! He's too young! Urgh! I shouldn't had bring him to Italy'.

Reborn simply smirk, he thinks Lambo should be hearing the words alright.

Lambo twitch, he wasn't a fool not to notice Reborn's plan. If he was five years old he would cry and run away, he will still do it. But what Tsuna had said hurt him. Lambo staggers to stand, he bit his lips sealing his cry of agony. With tears in his eyes he utter the oath he made as a guardian, his

ring crackling in the process. 'I'm Lambo. Vongola guardian of lightning. My job is to protect my family from harm. I know I'm young, useless, weak, annoying but being apart of your world is my dream Tsuna-nii. If you think you can take it away then think again. Thunder set! Version X!', upon his command the sky twist and turn, black clouds appearing one after another. Instead of green, red color lightning descend into earth with so much force it burn the ground.

'Wait lambo! You haven't perfected that attack! You're going to get hurt!', I-pin screech.

'That's a risk I have to take!. Gyuudon! Cambio forma!', lightning broke out, dancing around the ten year old. Causing mayhem and distortion. The Cerberus turn around, the chaotic scene amuse it.

'Lambo. That's dangerous, your electrico cuio isn't complete yet', Fran manage to stutter despite the pain in his head.

'Shut up. I know what I'm doing', Lambo hiss. Not wasting another second he parried forward plunging his horns into the Cerberus flesh yet again. This time red lighting spark ignites, causing smokes to dissipate in the air burning its flesh. The dogs growls, using their hind legs, it tries to push Lambo back or at least ramming him once again.

'Gah!', Lambo screech. He's done being belittle just because he's young. He's done dammit. 'Gyuudon! Electrico version X!'. The spark around him intesify creating two pillars of lightning resembling a bull's hind legs. Little by little Lambo manage to make the dogs loose it's footing thus slamming it towards the barrier.

The flame of green and red collide, Tsuna swear he sees something he wasn't suppose to. The color aren't repelling each other. Instead they are somewhat merging, birthing a new flame. What shocks him the most, out of all his guardians. Lambo is the one to create it.

'It seems that stupid cow have something more than you guys', Reborn deadpan as he tilt his fedora ignoring his gawking student. Fishing out his gun, 'You should find a way to save them now Dame-Tsuna. Stop gawking like a pervert', Reborn states, as he pulls the trigger.

'HHHIIIIIEEEEE!Alright. I get it', that manage to makes Tsuna scramble away leaving the hitman alone with his thoughts. Have you come to Aria? Reborn silently pray, what ever enemy they are about to face. He hoped it wasn't as horrid as the last one.

Lambo groan, his body is screaming for him to stop but his zeal speaks otherwise.

You'll die.

Lambo gasps, great he's hearing voices at the brink of death. Gritting his teeth, he plunge his horn deeper earning a howl from the dogs.

You're not afraid?

Like hell he is. Wait scratch that. He is afraid. Gyah! Should he even be doing this?! Lambo starts to question himself causing his flames to waver. Realizing that, he quickly recharge it once more mentally ignoring the soaring pain.

I hear your plead. I shall come to your aid. Be born. The sign of genesis, Electrico tempesta.

Lambo feel different, like something is courasing through him. Something new enters his body, deathly yet strong. Pushing the possibility of death to the back of his mind. Lambo channel what ever power he just receive. Lightning of green mix with red hit the Cerberus, peeling it's skin like a rotten decompose carcass.

Gokudera gulps, he knows that flame too well. It's one of his own. Does Lambo have his ability too? But it's different. Gokudera groan, he'll find answer soon enough.

With a last growl the creature sags limply onto the ground leaving only bones with very little flesh sticking out here and there. The sight is nauseating but feeling to tired to vomit, Lambo unconsciously pull down the barrier causing his brothers and sister tackling him down for a bear hug.

'That was awesome Lambo. You should teach me that trick', Yamamoto cooed, visibly proud of his baby brother.

'Kufufu, Fran. You took quite a beating there. Do you need help?'.

Fran groan as a response, a playful smirk adorn his monotone face. 'I win master. Now for our deal'.

'Oya? I never said I agree', Mukuro retort.

'Tch! Deny all you want master. I will make you wear it', Fran hiss, which by the way manage to sent chills down the pineapple head. Fran can be very scary when he wants something.

Tsuna on the other hand stand bewildered by the whole fray. His little brother manage to defeat the creature and birthing something new. Though Tsuna tries to ignore it, his intuition is screaming at him saying that something bad is coming. 'Lam-'.

'Tsuna-nii! Watch out!', Lambo cut his sentence in half when the boy push him away from an assault. A bullet, bright blue in color penetrate through the little boy's chest. Leaving his family to witness the scene is shock.

'Lambo!', Tsuna scream on top of his lungs. He plunge forward, cradling his brother in his arms crying out his name whilst his guardians stood frozen in fear. The bullet left no trail of blood in it's wake, there's no screaming no last word just silence.

'Lambo! Lambo! Wake up! Lambo!', Tsuna scream in between sobs. He desperately shaking his brother . Snapping put of his trance, Ryohei drop down to his knees. He pulls Lambo away from the hyperventilating Tsuna; he tries his best to revive the young lad with tears cascading on his face.

I-pin and Kyoko is in tears. Mourning their brother. Haru on the other hand seems to receive the biggest pang out of the most of them. Her eyes widens at the realization.

That bullet. I've seen it somewhere.


The gale blows her silveric braided hair menacingly as she stood with her hands behind her back. A clear pacifier dangling at her neck. Quickly, ahe store it inside her garments consist of millitary outfit with white skirt. Her boots stomping every step she takes towards the ruined mansion, her silveric eyes scan the perimeter as she awaits upon her turn.

Sighing, it seems her work will not be as swift as she thought. Thick black smokes taints the ground. Stench like death itself contaminates the air, after awhile the smoke clears revealing a group of humans with bandages wraping their bodies like a mummy leaving only one eye out for each of them. In the center stood the tallest of the figures with a mummy like baby standing on its shoulders with a clear pacifier latched on its neck. The group is none other than the Vendice.

'You know your task. Do I need to repeat them?', the baby asks.

'No need Bermuda. I fairly knows what I'm suppose to do.'

'Then I'll leave the Ex-Sun arcobaleno to you', the baby order with authority.


'Ah! One more thing. Don't you dare awaken a new fusion.'

The girl sent Bemuda a distant look before closing her eyes, turning around with her back facing the baby. 'That I can't promise. The time is nigh. We'll need as much help as we can', is her last statement before striding her way towards the glorious mansion.

'Tch! That girl. She never listens to anyone. No wonder, she's my other half', Bermuda mumurs before disappearing into thin air.