Time skip the next morning after breakfast at Potter Manor

Harry walked to the fire place took a hand full of powder from a jar threw it into the fire and said "The Burrow"

Location switch The Burrow

Harry's face appeared in the fireplace "Mrs Weasley can I come through please?" He asked.

"Of course Harry dear everyone's at the table." Mrs Weasley replied.

Harry steped through the fire and saw Hermione, Draco, the Weasleys and to his surprise Professor Snape at the table "Professor Snape what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Draco is my godson I'm here to support him." Snape replied.

"Good that will let me kill two birds with one stone." Harry said and then see you in the confusion on everyone's face continued firstly Professor Snape you are mentioned in my parents will."

"W-what did they say?" He asked shocked.

"My dad apologised for his behaviour at Hogwarts, they both forgave you for leaking part of the Prophecy to Tom then they thanked you for warning them." Harry replied.

"Thank you Harry." Snape said with small smile on his face.

"The other reason I'm here is because with the Weasley's help I can get 3 of my rider forms." Harry continued pulling 3 different shaped boxes out from his robes each with the symbol of one of the Hogwarts houses apart from Hufflepuff.

"Your other forms are based on the founders gryffindor I can understand but how are we to help with Ravenclaw and Slytherin?" Ginny asked.

"Actually it's Gryffindor I need help with." Harry replied pulling out his wand "But first incarcerous." He said as ropes emerged from his wand and tied up Ron.


"I thought so too and I found out I was drugged with loyalty potions keyed to you and Dumbledore." Harry replied coldly, Ron went silent at his remark.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY did you know about this?" Mrs Weasley asked.

"Mrs Weasley we will find out soon, Mr Weasley Head of House Weasley I Lord Harry James Potter Head of The Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter and Peverell, The Most Ancient and Most Noble houses of Slytherin and Ravenclaw do request to hear the truth of Ronald Bilius Weasley's crimes against me by way of veritaseum will you allow this?" Harry asked Mr Weasley.

"I Arthur Marcus Weasley Head of House Weasley do allow this to betray a friend is one the worst crimes a Weasley can do potion master Snape I assume you have veritaserum on you." Mr Weasley replied barely managing not to gasp at the fact that Harry had a link to 2 of the founders.

"Yes I do." Snape replied "I will administer it now." He continued making his way over to Ron he pulled a Vial of a clear potion opened Ron's mouth and administered 3 drops once Ron was under it effects he turned to Harry and Mr Weasley and said "He is under the effects of the potion you may ask your questions.".

Harry walked up to Ron and asked "Name?"

"Ronald Bilius Weasley." He replied

"Did you know about any the potions I was under the effects of?" Harry asked.

"Yes." He replied

"Which ones?" Harry asked.

"Loyalty, anti-love and anti-knowledge."

"That will do administer the antidote." Harry said and Snape did just that.


"Now that Ron's out of the way it is time to get my other rider forms starting with Ravenclaw, now since I'm the lord of Ravenclaw by blood I don't need your help with this." Harry said opening the box with a diadem in it when he saw the diadem his face took on a disgusted look. "It seems first I have to cleanse it." He said as he drew a eye symbol and black smoke came out of the diadem. "That takes care of that now now for the eyecon." He said summoning his belt and during the eye symbol again, suddenly a Blue and bronze Parka ghost appears. "Rowena Ravenclaw I your humble descendant ask for your help, will you grant me your aid?" Harry asked, the ghost nodded and flew into the ghost driver that appeared around Harry's waist and turn into an eyecon with blue outlining. "Cool now for the rest."

Time skip creating the Slytherin and gryffindor eyecons (For the Slytherin eyecon it was the locket and for The Griffindor eyecon it was the sword)

"That's all of them all I need now is Hufflepuff and I can complete the set but I'll do that when we get to Hogwarts any questions?" Harry asked.

Hermione asked Harry "I can understand your lord Slytherin by right of conquest but how are you lord Ravenclaw?" Hermione asked so Harry answered them.