The Midnight Adopts a Wolverine

"Ummm, man, today sure was intense running class at UA." Said a woman walking home as the hero school end some time ago.

The woman is a curvaceous woman with long black hair and blue eyes. Her clothing is very similar to one of a traditional dominatrix. She wears a black breast-less leotard over a white bodysuit, which emphasizes her breasts, body, and legs along with translucent black thigh-high stockings and black knee-boots. She has a small mask outlining her eyes, a handcuff on each wrist, and a utility belt around her hips. She sports a red domino mask. Breasts sizes: G-cup.

Her name is Nemuri Kayama and she is one of Pro Heroes in the world full of heroes, about 80% of the population, she is also known by her hero code name: the 18+ only Hero "Midnight" who enjoys dominating villains and others through her sexily charm and her Quirk.

Nermuri looks up to the sky seeing how it's all crimson red thinking how beautiful it is, then she suddenly begun to look sad.

"I hope All Might is doing okay." Nermuri worried. It has been two days since the epic fight the Symbol of Peace Hero, All Might after he defeated the most dangerous and powerful villain in the whole world, but he majorly injured as a price for his victory. He's been sent to the top-best hospital though in secret.

All Might want to keep this battle in the dark so that everyone can still believe he's the Symbol of Peace of the world and always smiling on his face whenever he faces danger. Although, this worries the female hero and some other heroes who knows the battle and his condition that he'll still be the same.

Nermuri look at the sky some more and seeing a big puff of black smoke rising to the sky before looking away.

Wait, smoke?

She quick looks up again to see that it ism definitely smoke coming from somewhere in a apartment building and sprint towards to where the smoke is hopefully to find nobody is hurt, but she'll prove to be wrong.

Once she made a sharp turn in the corner of the street, she saw that only one apartment room is set on fire seeing as the rest of the building seems to be unharmed, she ran again into the building reaching the smoking room. She made it to the door immediately opening it, instantly knowing that something has happened here, rushing in to see some holes and almost everything is broken into pieces. There are flames all around burning mostly everything it touches, but she didn't care.

"Hello! Anyone here?" Nerumri called out hoping to find any survivors here.

She heard nothing at first and called out again for a few times, after a moment of silent her finally heard something aside from the burning sounds; a soft groan coming from one of the rooms probably the nearest one closest to Midnight. She was about to run towards that room until she suddenly trip on something which happens to be a fire extinguisher, lucky, huh? Nermuri use this to take out some of the fire around even though she knew one wouldn't be enough to clear out the whole room as the fire keeps spreading, she just needs to get to that person. Once she reaches that room with the door open, she found a woman laying on the ground on a small pool of her own blood. Midnight quickly went to the victim's side checking it she's alright.

"Hey, you alright, talk to me." Midnight said seeing if the woman would respond.

"…My son… They took… him…" The woman said heavily like she's dying.

"They? Who took your son, did 'They' started this fire?" Midnight asked, but the woman couldn't speak much due to the state she's in, but she nodded.

"They came… for him… for his Quirk…" She answered.

The sexy hero then notices her wounds to be deep; one bullet wound to the stomach. To Midnight's fear, this woman was beyond saving.

"Damn it, whoever those bastards are, they're gonna pay!" Midnight declared clutching her fists in rage.

The dying woman look towards the bed and reach her hand at it, something floats from under the bed and onto the palm of her hand. She held it up to Midnight gesturing her to take it.

"…It's one… of the men's… phone… took it… without them knowing." The woman panted as her arm begins to shake like jelly.

"P-Please, save my son… all he ever wants is… to be a hero like… All Might…" The woman pleaded as tears flows from her eyes.

"Don't worry, I promise I'll save him and I'll see to it that he'll become a great hero." Midnight promised, grabbing the hand with the phone.

"What is your son's name?" Midnight asked.

"…Izuku…" She spoked her final word.

The woman smiled knowing she can trust the hero woman as her arm became limp and her eyes close for one last time, the life within the woman is gone forever, dying in the arms of a pro hero as Midnight begun to shed tears feeling regret for not saving her sooner and maybe her son too.

Midnight carries the body out of the room while noticing some loud noises coming from below, looking down to see the fire department has finally arrived with some Pro Heroes as well.

(3 Months Later)

Nermuri stands in front of the grave of the woman who died in her arms two months ago, learning her name to be Inko Midoriya who was a lovable and caring mother. She attended her funeral a week after her death with some people who knew her and were closest to her, offering their prayer and respects to her, wishing her a safe journey to heaven. She comes visiting the grave whenever she can, standing there feeling the guilt of not saving her then she heard footsteps coming from behind.

"What do you want Aizawa?" Nermuri asked, feeling no mood to talk to anyone right now.

"Just came to see how you're doing." The man "Aizawa" walked up to Nermuri's side.

Aizawa, also known as his hero name Eraserhead, is a slender man of average height with messy, shoulder-length black hair that partially hangs in front of his face and often half-opened black eyes. sports a ragged black outfit that consists of a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants that tuck into his boots. He also wears a utility belt and his signature scarf at all times. He hides a pair of yellow goggles underneath his scarf for when he needs to use them in battle.

"To think, this sort of thing happened right after All Might's big battle." Aizawa said, though he may not show it but Aizawa too feels guilty for the loss of an innocent life.

"I will find those bastards and save Izuku, I'd made a promise to her, even if it takes me a life time." Nermuri determined to fulfill that promise.

"Well, life time maybe sooner than you think." Aizawa mentioned confusing his fellow hero, he held up his phone in Nermuri's face showing her an image of a suspicious man.

"The owner of the phone from the crime scene, we found him, and we managed to get some info out of him including where the boy is." Aizawa informed.

Midnight's eyes widen in shock then quickly change into the looks of determination with a hint of anger.

(Snowy Mountain, Canada)

A helicopter flies over the side of the snowy mountain with the Pro Heroes Midnight and Eraserhead preparing themselves in case a fight breaks out, along with some soldiers by their side. The copter lands and the door slide open as the heroes and soldiers step out, looking around making sure the area is clear.

"According to my spy, the entrance to the secret lab should be close by." Eraserhead said.

"What exactly is this lab for?" Midnight asked.

"Probably a little inhuman; they're doing experiments on young kids or teens with Quirks seeing if they can evolve further and make them in living weapons for their own needs." Eraserhead recalled of what the guy told him.

"Well, they'll be bagging for mercy when I'm through with them." Midnight threatened whips her froggy-style whip while looking both sexy and scary at the same time.

"What Quirk did Izuku has that they wanted him so bad?" Midnight asked as they started walking to find the secret entrance.

"Well, about that, do you remember the hero Wolverine?" Eraserhead asked which made her confused.

"Wolverine, as in the Vicious Hero that has killed some bad guys with his metal-claws and has a healing factor like he has two Quirks? I've heard stories about him. Midnight said, remembering some of the stories she was told when she was younger about the Wolverine. Though what this has to do with Izuku.

"Well, apparently, when the kid discovered his Quirk; he accidently cut himself with a knife and it healed almost instantly then later he found bone-claws coming out of his knuckles." Aizawa explained further, shocking the sexual hero.

"Wait, are you saying he's related to the Wolverine?" Midnight asked.

"Probably, could be his descendant." Aizawa said.

"What, his descendant, you sure?" Midnight asked gasp of this.

"Don't know, all I DO know is that Izuku did inherited Wolverine's power somehow and they must've took him because of that." Aizawa explained.

Before Midnight could ask any further, one of the soldiers called out of them.

"Eraserhead! Midnight! I think I've found it!" He shouted.

The two Heroes quickly went to the soldier who shows them a large metal door as they also see another soldier doing some computer hacking to open the door.

"Alright people, I hope you're all prepare because we may have to fight our way to save any people inside that were forced to be here against their will." Eraserhead stated readying his scarf.

Seconds later, the soldier cracks the security system getting the door to open and everyone starts running in but staying close together so they won't get separate unless either Eraserhead and Midnight says so.

It seems easy to enter the place without any guards standing at the door, in Aizawa's case it seems too easy. Getting worry that something is wrong here. He also saw claw marks and from the looks of it, something was dragging away from the door.

"Everyone be on guard and prepare for the worse!" Eraserhead ordered.

Everyone saw a light up ahead at the end of the hallway, they enter an open space area then their eyes widen of the horrible sight they're seeing: there were dead bodies all around, some were scientist, and most were soldiers of the place, the wounds look fresh that this scene had happened not too long ago. Some blood staining on the floor and the corpses, and some electric stuff and equipment have all been shredded, as Eraserhead thinks they're from the same guy who made the claw marks he saw earlier.

Then on instinct, one of the soldier pointed his gun at one of the tunnels getting a weird feeling that something or someone is coming this way, then a man carrying something on his back step into the light.

The man has white hair with blue eyes, wearing the same uniform as the dead soldiers.

"Hold it, let me check." Eraserhead ordered the troops to stand down as he walks up to the man.

They stare at each other for a moment or two until Eraserhead spoke.

"Does the carpet much the curtains?" Eraserhead asked.

"Nope, and it never will." The Man said smiling as Eraserhead smiled too as they shake hands. Eraserhead turns back to his group.

"It's okay guys, this is the spy I was telling you about." Eraserhead informed, the soldiers lay down their guns.

"Hey, man, glad to see you're okay." Aizawa said.

"Yeah, and glad to see you're still grumpy on life." The Spy joked making his friend feel annoy.

"So, mind telling us what happened here?" Aizawa asked referring to the destruction here.

"Well, believe or not, this little guy right here was the certain of it." The Spy showed them a boy sleeping on his back.

The boy has dark green hair with black highlights and four symmetrical freckles underneath both cheeks.

Midnight instantly recognizes the boy, being the son of the dead Inko.

"Izuku!" Midnight gasped running to the boy, taking him off the Spy.

"Don't worry about searching for others, he was the only one here in this lab." The Spy informed. Surprise to hear that such a large place is for one kid.

"I'm just glad he's safe, now his mother can rest in peace." Midnight commented.

"That is… IF his remembers his mom." The Spy mentioned.

"What do you mean?" Midnight asked. The Spy signs, knowing she won't like what he's about to tell her.

"Well, first off; the scientist did the most inhuman thing ever, coating his whole skeleton even his bone claws with vibranium." The Spy said, shocking the two Pros as they gasp.

"After that, they brainwashed into forgetting everything about his past, he went on a blind-by-rage rampage and as you can see did quite a mess to the place, probably killed everyone here." The Spy continued on of what he saw here.

"I tried calming the kid down, it was tough at first but succeed in the end… only for someone to fire a vibranium bullet to the head and knocked him out cold, but I'd dealt with him." The Spy smirked.

Midnight look down at the sleeping Izuku, feeling sad that the boy has lost everything including himself. However, that will not stop her from keeping the promise she made to Inko to watch over and see him become the greatest hero in the world. Even greater than All Might. As she now set herself a new duty of becoming this boy's mother.

She stands up with Izuku in her arms and walking back to where they came in with a stronger determination in her eyes.

KO new story is made and hope you all enjoy it!

I know I said I wouldn't make anymore new stories, but there was this though in my head about My Hero Academia with a couple crossover ideas like Izuku inheriting the Wolverine's power as he'll also get All Might's One for All.

Midnight as taken the role as Izuku's new mom as he lost both his blood mom and his memories of his life, hope she's up to the task. And will be a harem for Izuku. I also gave him vibranium coating instead of adamantium since it was originally made from vibranium.

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