Shredding with Excitement for Festival Announcement!

Izuku is seen at his desk looking over his notebooks about the heroes he has seen and putting in some notes about their fighting style and their Quirks while their classmates are talking about the news of the USJ going about like a wildfire spreading in the forest.

"Hey, you guys! Did you watch the news last night?" Toru asked.

"About the USJ? Yeah." Mashirao answered.

"It was so cool that we got a few seconds of screen time!" Toru bragged a bit.

"Though I bet nobody noticed me hanging out in the background." Toru exclaimed, feeling that she didn't get much attention as the others.

"Probably not." Mezo said bluntly which made Mashirao gasp.

"I-It is difficult to stand out when you're just gloves." Mashirao pointed out, hoping to try make Toru feel a bit better to know this.

"We're totally big deals. Those news channels love us—we're basically celebrities." Denki believed.

"Yeah, it's kind of crazy, right?" Eijiro asked.

"Get over yourselves. The hero course that pumps out pros was attacked, and that's what they care about." Kyoka stated.

"Maybe so, but Midoriya was also part of the battle that helped save us. I'm surprise the news haven't mention about him." Mezo mentioned.

"That's because he's still technically a student and a first year as well. While he may have helped stop that strong villain with All Might, I don't think the teachers would allow the report of a student being involved against deadly villains, so they'll probably leave his name out." Momo stated.

"Huh, are you fucking real with me?" Katsuki asked glaring.

"I'm afraid she's correct, Kacchan. As much as a pain it is, I rather not have any reporters hounding on me in every corner on my way to school. Bunch of bitches." Izuku insulted the news reporters.

"I still think you were awesome when you fought alongside All Might to battle that brain-bird villain! Those attacks were insane!" Rikido commented with a smirk.

"Insane with awesomeness!" Mina smiled.

"Who knows what woulda happened to us if the teachers hadn't show up." Hanta said with a slight chuckle.

"Why'd you say that?!" Minoru yelled in fear.

"I'm gonna pee myself just thinking about it!" Minori said, fearing that he would've been overcooked by that Nomu villain.

"Oh, shut up! Grow a pair, loser!" Katsuki shouted to shut the little grape boy up.

"I still can't get over how both Midoriya and All Might fought that bird guy together! That dude was super strong, and they still destroyed him!" Rikido said throwing a few jabs in the air.

"Yes. All Might's strength is truly a thing of wonder and it's even more incredible that Midoriya was able to keep up with that kind of immense strength." Fumikage nodded.

"What can I say? I'm full of surprises since I inherited this power from my ancestor, Wolverine with a few other things." Izuku shrugged.

"You really like to brag, don't you?" Tsuyu asked.

"Attention! Homeroom class is about to begin! Everyone stops talking and take your seats." Tenya ordered, not noticing that everyone has already taken their seats.

"Uh, we're all sitting." Eijiro said.

"Yeah, you're the only one standing." Hanta pointed out.

"Dang it." Tenya cursed himself for underestimating his classmates for already being prepared for class as he sits down at his own desk.

"Don't sweat it." Ochaco said calmly.

"(I think Tenya is working too hard on things.)" Izuku thought commented.

"So, Tsuyu?" Mina leaned back to get closer to Tsuyu, and almost trip back as the frog helped her be steady.

"Who do you think is gonna teach class today?" Mina asked.

"No idea. Mr. Aizawa's still in the hospital recovering from his injuries." Tsuyu reminded her of their teacher's condition.

But then Izuku noticed something in the air with his nose, and his eyes widen in shock.

The door slides open getting the students to turn to see what hero teacher will be teaching homeroom to substitute Aizawa, but they were mistaken when they saw their homeroom teacher standing at the door with his entire face and both of his arms were completely covered in bandages.

"Hello, class." Aizawa greeted.

"Mr. Aizawa, what are you doing here?!" The students gasped.

"Holy fuck, it really is him!" Izuku shocked, the teacher's scent coming from the door alerted him but was still shock.

"Mr. Aizawa, I am glad to see that you are okay!" Tenya said, raising his hand.

"You call that "okay"?" Ochaco weirded out and scared for her teacher looking like a mummy.

"My wellbeing is irrelevant. What's more important is that your fight isn't over yet." Aizawa said.

This got the students to jolt up when their teacher just said that their fight isn't over yet, some are fearing that it's more bad guys suddenly going to show up to attack UA again, and this also gets Ryuko angry as she remembers her fight with them including Nui.

"The UA Sports Festival is about to start." Aizawa informed.

All the tension and worries that were on the students have now been washed away with utter shock.

"Ugh! Why would you scare us like that?" The students of Class 1-A screamed.

"But still… The UA Sports Festival!" Izuku smirked as the other students get excited.

"Let's go kick some ass!" Eijiro shouted.

"Wait a second." Denki said as he shaves his hand onto the spiky red hair boy's face.

"Is it really such a good idea to hold the sports festival so soon after the villains snuck inside?" Kyoka asked.

"They could attack once we're all in the same place." Mashirao added with concern.

"Apparently, the administration thinks this is a good way to show that the threat has been handled and our school is safer than ever. Plus, they're beefing up security compared to the past years." Aizawa explained which some can understand on the security part.

"This event is a huge opportunity for all students at UA. It's not something we can cancel because of a few villains." Aizawa stated.

"Uh, I'm sorry, but why not? It's just a sports festival!" Minoru said, looking very scared.

"Whoa, are you shitting me right now, Mineta? I'm pretty sure a fucked-up pervert like you knows who crazy important the festival is." Izuku said to the classmate sitting behind him.

"Of course, I do. I just don't wanna get murdered." Minoru said in fear.

"Our sports festival is one of the most-watched events in the entire world. In the past, everyone obsessed over the Olympic games, but then Quirks started appearing. Now, the Olympic have been drastically reduced in terms of scale and viewership. For anyone who cares about competition, there's only one tournament that matters. The UA Sports Festival." Aizawa explained.

""That's right. And top heroes everywhere will be watching. This is where you get scouted." Momo said with a strong look on her face.

"Sure, unless you're dead." Minoru gulped.

"But she is right about the heroes being there to see some potential fresh meat." Jen commented.

"I agree on that one! After graduating, a lot of people join pro agency as a sidekick to start up their hero careers." Denki explained, sounding a little smart just now.

"Yeah, but that's as far as some people go. They miss their chance to go indie and stay eternal sidekicks." Kyoka pointed out how some heroes ended up staying in the sidekick position.

"Actually, that's probably where you're headed. You're kinda dumb." Kyoka stated which really hurts Denki right in the heart.

"It's true that joining a famous hero agency can garner you greater experience and popularity. That's why the festival matters. If you wanna go pro one day, then this event could open the path for you." Aizawa stated all of this.

"Once chance a year. Three chances in a lifetime. No aspiring hero can afford to miss this festival. That means you better not lack off on your training." Aizawa said.

"Yes, sir." The students nodded.

"Class dismissed."

"(So, the UA Sports Festival, I used to watch it every year at home with mom and now, I'm going to play in that very festival.)" Izuku thought looked at his claws.

"This is getting me excited!" Izuku smirked.


Cementoss just left the Class 1-A with Modern Literature being over and lunch has begun, the students start talking about the Sports Festival.

"Man! Oh man, I'm so pumped for these games!" Eijiro excited.

"We put on a good show, and we're basically on the road to being pros!" Hanta said smiling.

"Yeah, this is why I'm even here in the first place." Rikido revealed as he pound his fist into his hand.

"We get so few chances. We have to make the most of this." Fumikage advised.

"Oh man, Ojiro, I'm getting kind of nervous about the festival!" Toru squealed standing in front of the tail boy.

"I have to come up with a way to get noticed! Maybe with a cheer!" Toru suggested on that.

"Uh, sure… Maybe you should be looking at a shinier costume or something? Otherwise, you're gonna have to try really hard." Mashirao advised, worried for the invisible girl.

"My, what's a boy to do? I stand out even when I'm standing still. That means the scouts won't be able to take their eyes off me!" Yuga bragged at Koji who was very shy to respond to this.

"Don't you agree?" Yuga asked, leaning closer to Koji who just nod nervously.

"You're so lucky, Shoji. People are bound to notice your unique Quirk." Denki pointed out how cool Mezo is.

"Sure, but what matters is that I show them how useful I can be." Mezo stated.

"No doubt, you'll make a scene too." Kyoka mocked, imaging Denki's stupid face of using his Quirk too much. This only made Denki growl in anger at the punk-looking girl.

"Figured everybody would be this hype for the sports festival, it is an important event." Izuku commented as he looks around.

"Well yeah, of course, we are. We enrolled at this school with the sole aim to become heroes. So naturally, we're all getting fired up." Tenya said while moving his arms and hips side to side.

"Iida, you're dancing weirdly." Jen commented.

"So, anyone else excited about the festival like Tenya is?" Jen asked, pointing her thumb at Tenya.

"Deku! Iida!" Ochaco talked in a deep tone.

Both boys turn to their friend to see what she wants to say, but they became very shocked of how suddenly Ochaco is looking dark with her face and there is a scary grin almost like she is out for blood as a vampire or a wild animal.

"Let's do our best in the sports festival." Ochaco said deeply again.

"Ochaco, what happened to your face?" Izuku asked, feeling a bit scared.

"Seriously, what's up? You're normally, like, the most laid-back girl ever." Mina asked, wondering what has gotten into this girl.

"Looks like someone has decided to let out her inner beast." Jen commented.

Minoru was about to say something perverted and gross, so Tsuyu slapped him on the face with her tongue to stop that from happening.

"Everyone! I'm gonn do my best!" Ochaco shouted with her fist in the air and determination, this got the four classmates to cheer "Yeah" for her.

Then Ochaco turn to the other classmates with the same fierce look. This looks is also scaring them a bit.

"I said, I'm gonna do my best!" Ochaco shouted which got the boys to nervously raise their fists too.

"You okay? You kind look like you're losin' it." Eijiro asked concern.

"I know she just needs a little massage on the shoulder." Jen walked over to Ochaco.

"One more from the top! I said I'm gonna do my… best…" Ochaco started to calm down when Jen starts rubbing and stroking Ochaco's shoulders, making her look peaceful now.

"There, there, now doesn't that feel better?" Jen asked.

"Oh yeah…" Ochaco chuckled.

"Looks like Jen was able to calm down Ochaco's shit, but I have a feeling that Ochaco is going to be like that again." Izuku said.

"Even so, I think Ochaco is putting some weight on her shoulder, probably a little more than we realize." Tsuyu nodded, with leaning her head on his shouder.

"Lucky fucker…" Minoru muttered to himself and crossed his arms.

"(Now that I think about it. There's something I've been meaning to ask her.)" Izuku thought hoped that Ochaco doesn't mind him asking her a certain question that's been on his mind for some time now.

Izuku with his friends walk out into the hallway and on their way to the cafeteria to get their lunch, but now he believes is the best time to ask Ochaco that one question before he forgets.

"Hey, Ochaco?" Izuku said.

"What's up?" Ochaco responded.

"Why did you decide to come to UA? What made you wanna be a pro hero?" Izuku asked the question. This causes Ochaco to flinch from being asked like that.

"Oh, well… Because…" Ochaco hesitated to answer that.

"Hey, no one here is judging you or anything." Jen assured.

Ochaco look a little deep breath and gave her friends the answer to Deku's question.

"The fuck?! For money? You wanna be a hero so you can get rich?" Izuku gasped. That was not one of the top guesses he had in his head for Ochaco's reasoning.

"If we're cutting to the chase, then yeah." Ochaco said, rubbing the back of her head rapidly.

"Bet you fans were also surprised to hear her answer like that." Jen whispered to the Fourth Wall.

"Who are you talking you?" Tenya was puzzled by Jen's behavior.

"I'm sorry about that! You three have such admirable motivations. I hope you don't think less of me now." Ochaco felt ashamed of having good friends while being greedy for some cash.

"It's fine. We don't think like that to you." Tsuyu assured with a gentle smile.

"She is correct. Your goal is to support your wellbeing which is a perfectly admirable ambition to have." Tenya pointed out that some have to look out for themselves, and the heroes are no different.

"Yeah, it just kind of surprising." Izuku nodded.

"You must have a pretty good reasoning for wanting so much green even though you already got me." Jen punned a little.

"Well, you see, my family owns a construction company, but we haven't gotten any work lately, so we're flat broke. Anyway, this isn't really something I usually tell other people, but…" Ochaco explained the reason for her goal.

"Construction, eh?" Tenya does some thinking on this.

"If she got licensed, I bet she could use her Quirk to bring costs down a lot." Izuku figured that out.

"And they could sell their heavy-lifting equipment. She could float everything." Tenya added this.

"That would definitely help a lot with the money problem that her parents wouldn't need to pay for anything else to get the equipment around. I even know a guy who had to go through a similar problem like this one." Jen remembered one of her cousin's friends having a company of his own.

"I know, right? I've been telling Dad that since I was a kid!" Ochaco said, glad to see her friends are agreeing with her.

"But…" Ochaco started to explain what her dad said back then.


"You want to work for us?" Ochaco's dad asked surprise.

"When I grow up all big and strong, I'll help you and Mommy out any way that I can." Little Ochaco expressed her goal for her parents with tears on the verge of coming down.

Ochaco's dad smile that his daughter wants to help them that much.

"I really appreciate the though, Ochaco. But as your dad, I'd be even happier if you achieved your dream. That's the way to make us happy and if you do make money, you can take us to Hawaii or something!" Ochaco's Dad smiled.

"Daddy…" Ochaco clutched onto her skirt.

(Flashback End)

"I'm gonna become a hero. I'll sign with a good agency and make plenty of money. Then I'll be able to let my parents have an easy life!" Ochaco determined to see this goal through to the end.

"Oh, beautiful! How noble! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!" Tenya clapped his hands, mood by Ochaco's noble goal. The others were also touched

"Ochaco, you truly are a good person." Tsuyu smiled making Ochaco blush a bit.

"(She's not here because of some hero fantasy. She's more grounded than any of us.)" Izuku thought amazed of how amazing Ochaco of caring for others.

"I knew there was a reason fans love you the most!" Jen smiled while bringing Ochaco in for a tight hug and pressing her face between her big breasts.

"Huh? I have fans?" Ochaco asked surprise.

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