Summary: After years of abuse and experimentation one Harry Potter has turned into a bitter and vindictive person. That all changes however when he meets Wanda Maximoff. While Wanda and her brother Pietro are although willingly yet unknowingly experimented on by HYDRA, Harry gets a new sense of purpose for his life which brings him not only in direct conflict with the Avengers, but also the Wizarding World.

Disclaimer: I have no rights to either Harry Potter or the MCU.

A/N: Okay so first of all before I start let me give a tiny rant about something which will contain MINOR SPOILERS for Infinity War.

Why would they place Wanda and Vision in a Romantic relationship yet have them talk about wanting a normal life. For Wanda it could be possible if Vision could take away her powers, Vision on the other hand could never have a normal life. Also is it just me or is Wanda as a character stronger without Vision rather than with him. Wanda is one of my favorite characters and except for Hawkeye the most human and the one character we can (mostly) relate to. Natasha is a former assassin, Tony was a weapons developer and now flies around in his own weaponized armor, Steve was a soldier a hundred years out of his time, Bruce was a scientist who got his second half thanks to gamma radiation and yet Wanda even with her enhanced powers she is still as Steve called her "just a kid." Like it or not Wanda is the most human of all the Avengers. So yes my points are as follows: I do not like Vision's character, I love Wanda's character since she is the most human of all Avengers and I absolutely HATE the so called romance between these two.

Now with that out of the way on with the story let it be known that the prologue is the only part from a characters perspective. Also in a HP/Avengers crossover Harry should only end up with Wanda in my eyes.

A Link Between Minds

Prologue: How It All Started

It all started when I was eight years old… no wait it started even before then. It all started when my brother and I were fifteen months old. It was the night of October 31st, of the year 1990 when HE came along. Our parents were away for some reason so our "father's" parents came to look after us. It was around midnight when Lord Voldemort showed up and caught our grandparents by surprise. Our grandfather tried to hold him of while our grandmother took us to our room where a portkey was located. Sadly it failed and in the end our grandmother sacrificed her life to safe ours when the Dark Lord tried to kill us with a beam of green light. The idiot tried to do it a second time, but failed to realize that our grandmothers sacrifice activated a very ancient and powerful ritual that was already prepared by our mother. An even longer story a bit shorter, a second beam of green light was redirected back to the Dark Lord and we both lived. Sorry have I confused you? Great! That is how I felt most of my life up until the point I didn't care anymore.

But back to where we were. Although my brother and I both survived, this was the end of my happy life. Yeah that's right after fifteen months my happy life went to shit all thanks to a manipulative old man by the name of Albus fucking Dumbledore! Okay Hadrian deep breaths they don't know who you are or what you are talking about. Okay so change of plans. I wanted to reveal my identity at the end, but I just thought that it would make more sense if I did it now. So without further ado, my name is unfortunately still Harry James Potter, brother to Aiden Charles Potter and son to James and Lily Potter. My grandparents were Charles Potter and Dorea Potter nèe Black.

In truth Dumbledore advised my parents to separate me from my brother to protect me. Saying that Voldemort's followers would target me. So what did the old fool do? He placed me in the middle of the night on the doorstep of my magic hating relatives. While there my life was a hell. While there I was treated like a slave with only the cupboard under the stairs as a place to sleep and heal. I had hope in two people while at my relatives. The first was a young teacher who had noticed my abused state and tried to investigate it and get me away. She nearly succeeded until she, her husband and daughter were brutally murdered.

My second hope came in the form of Tony Stark. My uncle was at the time the CEO of Grunnings which was a company that made drills of all sizes. Thanks to my uncle Grunnings had made a deal with Stark Industries which resulted in Stark actually coming over for dinner. When he saw me it was obvious that Stark noticed my state. So imagine my surprise that nothing happened. Either he ignored it completely for some reason or he simply didn't care. Two months later I went from a hell to the deepest parts of Tartarus when my relatives SOLD me to men from what I now know to be HYDRA. This happened while I was eight years old.

HYDRA did many experiments on me. Most of them resolved on their second version of the Super Soldier Serum. Unlike with the Winter Soldier who came before me they couldn't control me even through brainwashing. As it turned out the serum not only enhanced my body, but it also enhanced my magic including my Occlumency. After HYDRA found out they couldn't control me, they locked me up in a cell that was somewhere in their base. The base was located in a country called Sokovia. As the years went on HYDRA tested my limits more and more However they made one mistake, they gave me books on magic. After years of experiment HYDRA had lost interest in me, or so I thought. After the Battle of New York, HYDRA got their hands of a scepter that had belonged to Loki and could control people. At first they thought they could also control me with it. The test however proved otherwise.

As it turned the Scepter could also grant special abilities. In my case telepathy, telekinesis, something HYDRA called psionic energy manipulation and enhancement of my mind related magic to an even higher level and as I later found out, it also gave me the ability to learn the so called Mystic Arts or as Wizards and Witches called it, Sorcery. Another thing the scepter did was unlock my animagus form. Normally an Animagus is someone who could change into an animal at will. However there were two that were different. Those were the so called Red Dragon of Domination and the White Dragon of Supremacy. Their legend went all the way back to the time of Merlin and Morgana. The legend goes a bit like this. Morgana made a pact with Ddraig who was the Red Dragon in order to get her revenge on Arthur. Arthur seeing the threat his half-sister could pose sought out Ddraig's rival named Albion and made a similar pact. Both dragons bonded to their partners and choose a form to hold their power. Ddraig choose the form of a red gauntlet and Albion choose the form of a pair of white with blue wings. The pact however went a bit wrong, for you see after both Morgana and Arthur killed the other the dragons were supposed to be set free. However what really happened was completely different. After the death of Morgana and Arthur, Ddraig and Albion were reborn in new bodies.

I had gotten the red gauntlet that possessed the soul of Ddraig. Oh before I forget Ddraig has the power to double his partner's power every ten seconds and Albion has the ability to halve the power of everything his partner touches. During the months I trained my new abilities and grew my magical power, HYDRA had launched attacks of Sokovia and sent people to "deal" with it. This was all in order to see if they could create more enhanced. Two of these were Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. They were the only two that survived the experiments. Pietro had it the easiest with his enhanced speed and durability. Wanda however suffered the most as her powers were mostly the same as mine. Why was this a problem you may ask. Well you see I had something that Wanda didn't have and that was a way to protect my mind with Occlumency.

Wanda not only picked up on so called surface thoughts and some deeper thoughts, but normal speech was for her also louder. So to make sure that the only interesting person in the building didn't go insane, I made contact with her mind without her knowing I was even there… yeah the resulting scream, which by the way was both mental and vocal was not fun for my mind. If this was what she constantly felt, I could understand why Wanda was going insane. After she had calmed down I had introduced myself and told her that I was the very first experiment with the scepter. I also told Wanda that my abilities were almost the same as hers and that I had found a way to shut out all of noise if I wanted to and I offered to teach it to her which she accepted.

Over the months that followed I helped Wanda with her Occlumency and her so called Mindscape. Wanda's Mindscape turned out to look like the city Novi Grad which was the city she and her brother lived most of their lives. I explained to Wanda that the deeper you get in a Mindscape, the stronger and more complex the defenses should get. I then took her into my Mindscape and showed her one of the defenses. My second to last level of my Mindscape was a maze made of Vibranium that formed a cube around those that are in the mind. I also explained that I was the only one that knew the right way to proceed.

As the months went on Wanda's powers stabilized more than mine ever had. I knew there would be a catch and we found it one night while I relived some memories of my time before HYDRA. Wanda somehow picked up on my distress and tried to help and used the (at the time unknown) connection between our minds and managed to enter my nightmare and calm me down. The next day as we worked on Wanda's Occlumency she told me that she somehow felt my distress and asked how that was possible. I already had my theory and told Wanda as much and asked if she wanted to test it. Wanda agreed and I left her mind to test it. Once outside Wanda's mind I sent some mental questions to her to which she replied even more confused than before. When I once again entered her mind, I explained to Wanda that because we worked mentally together so much, a connection between our minds was formed. I also told Wanda that if she wanted the connection gone I had to stop helping her with her occlumency training before it became permanent.

Wanda's response was a solid no and she explained that because of the connection she didn't feel as lonely as before. Wanda also told me that she had developed a connection with Pietro, but this one was weaker and yet at the same time stronger than the one between Wanda and myself. I explained that the most likely reason for this was the fact she and Pietro were twins. As months turned into a year the connection between Wanda and myself became permanent and eventually our friendship turned romantic at least in our minds it did since I was still kept in a cell even though Wanda and Pietro were allowed to wander around the base.

At the start of our relationship Wanda and I promised each other to never keep secrets without a very good reason. And so I showed and explained most of my past. This however revealed another part of our bound as Wanda seemed to temper my anger at the world and calm me down far quicker than I would have alone. Wanda also promised me that she would help me get revenge against my relatives when we were released. This is not to say that Wanda was a shy and gentle young woman as my memory of meeting Tony Stark seemed to prove. Wanda explained to me that at the age of ten she and her brother were orphaned when a mortar shell hit the apartment they lived at with their parents. Their parents were instantly killed and the twins ended up trapped. When a second shell hit, but didn't explode Wanda was forced to stare at the words Stark Industries that was printed on it. Wanda explained that at every shift and tremor she thought that the shell would explode, until after two days she and Pietro were saved. Wanda told me of her hatred for not only Stark and the Avengers, but for America in general. Wanda also revealed her fear of being trapped in small spaces with no visible way out. I in turn promised Wanda that I would help her with her revenge against Tony Stark and any who would support him.

In the six months that followed Wanda and I discovered that our Mindscapes were also linked, but it was far harder to enter them without being invited, so we both decided to make a doorway of sorts in the form of a house that would make it easier to enter the other's Mindscape. In this house we also let our desire for the other flow free and slept together. And although physically we were still virgins, mentally it was a complete different story. Most of the time when Wanda and I mentally had sex together it was rough and wild since we were both quite aggressive in personality, yet sometimes we made slow and passionate love to each other just to show our love. Eventually my desire to see the entire world burn was diminished until it was nearly gone. Although my thirst for revenge against those that had wronged me grew even stronger. This was probably due to the fact that Wanda had the same thirst for revenge. For both of us this also included HYDRA after I explained that HYDRA was behind all those resent attacks on Sokovia in order to find test subjects. We both knew that as time went on we had to reign in our passion for each other and our rage for HYDRA the moment they let me out. And that moment came a year later when the Avengers would attack the base.

Closing Notes: The prologue will be the only chapter in a 1st person POV format. The rest of the story will be in 3rd person POV with the focus mainly being on Harry and Wanda, but sometimes also other people. Also to make sure everyone gets it Harry and Wanda are the same age in this story. That means that Harry has spent 18 years as a prisoner of HYDRA being experimented on. For anyone that think Wanda and Harry moved too quickly, let me remind you that they have a permanent mental connection with the other and they know each other for three years on a really close level (a year and a half before they mentally had sex) Also as you probably have guessed this story will start at the beginning of Age of Ultron. On a final note, yes I took Ddraig and Albion with their respective Sacred Gears from High School DxD and twisted their story a bit.

I hope you all like the start of this story and please review your thoughts. This is Dovahkiin1503 signing out.