Tribute: Few people became legends and unfortunately yesterday we lost one of those select few. Although I didn't grow up in the world of comics , I did know who Stan Lee was and what he and his work meant to people. Without him I wouldn't be writing this story and none of you would be reading it as well. So let us all remember what Stan Lee did and how his work touched our lives. May he rest in peace in whatever afterlife he believed in. This chapter is my tribute to a legend of this past century.

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A/N: Okay so some people have sent me a pm asking for me to explain the difference between Harry's mind manipulation and Wanda's. I thought I had explained that in the prologue, but if not than here it is.

Harry's version is more based around mind control either through Legilimency (the way he did it with Thor), through his version of the Jedi Mind Trick or through the Imperius Curse. To put it into perspective, even Voldemort and Dumbledore would eventually fall under his control though not immediately.

Wanda's version is more based around fear manipulation and illusions. She can also combine the two which is what she did to Tony Stark. Though it should be noted that neither Wanda or Harry are immune to a Dementor's aura it could even be said that they are both more sensitive to them since Harry and Wanda have a mental connection which would cause a unending loop between them.

Both Wanda and Harry have a weaker version of the other's version of mind manipulation because of the mental link.

I do have to give credit where it is due and say that the one mind both Harry and Wanda would have the most trouble with (even when working in tandem) would be the mind of Severus Snape. This is in part of how his mind would probably work to hide the fact he is working with Dumbledore, but has to act as if he is loyal to Riddle.

I hope this cleared everything up.

Also just a heads-up, no matter how much regret Lily shows in this chapter or in the future please keep in mind that Harry will NEVER forgive her. The only members of the Potter family who are on Harry's good side are his three sisters. Because they were born after the incident the three sisters are considered innocent even in Harry's twisted mind. Aiden and his family with Ginny though? Well that is for you all to find out.

Also as some of you might have guessed the Battle of Hogwarts did still happen, but there were some changes. Fred and George Weasley are still alive though one is still missing an ear. Both (Nympha)dora Tonks and Remus Lupin never were at the battle instead Andromeda was. She was killed as she took on both Bellatrix and Antonin Dolohov. While Andromeda did manage to kill Dolohov she was eventually killed by her own sister Bellatrix (who in turn was killed by Neville Longbottom)

"Hello" = talking

"Hello" = mentally talking

'Hello' = thoughts

§Hello§ = parsletongue

{Hello} = Ddraig talking

[Hello] = Albion talking

A Link Between Minds

Chapter 02: Revelations

Unknowing of the events that have taken place that day and the return of her firstborn son, Lily Potter was sitting in the living room watching the news. Ten years ago this would have been impossible, but together with one of her son's best friends named Hermione Granger they figured out how to let muggle devises work on magic instead of electricity. So here she sat watching the news when a reporter spoke "Yes that is correct Chris this afternoon the police got an anonymous phone call of some concerned people who heard a lot of screaming and shouting coming from Nr. 4 Private Drive. When the police arrived and investigated they found something shocking. In the living room they found two women who were later identified as Marjorie Eileen Dursley and Petunia Dursley née Evans brutally murdered and a man who was identified as Vernon Dursley holding a kitchen knife dripping with blood. The man was raving mad as he blamed everything on his nephew and his whore who he both called freaks."

Lily could only look in horror at the television as she was informed of her sister's murder. The news reader however had some questions and asked "Tom who exactly is this Vernon Dursley and why does his name sound familiar?"

The screen cut back to the reporter who said "I am not surprised that it does Chris, you see Mr. Dursley was the Director of Grunnings which is a drill company. At first he was only the Assistant Director, but that changed when he managed to get a contract with Stark Industries which of course is led by Tony Stark himself. However that is not all. Upon further investigation the police soon discovered a very dark secret the Dursleys were trying their best to hide from the outside world. The police opened every space they could find in search of clues, however when they opened a cupboard under the stairs they found a small matrass with traces of dried blood and the words that said "Harry's Room". Now I wouldn't be a good reporter if I didn't do my own investigation so I did just that and asked around the street if the Dursleys had lived alone and if they ever heard of the name Harry."

At this point Lily was near hyperventilating as her mind was trying to make sense of this situation.

After the reporter had taken a few sips of his water he continued by saying "At first most people just gave grunts of disgust once they heard the name Harry, but one woman who was visiting her mother told me quite a story. She told me that she and this Harry went to the same primary school and that all the children were warned to stay away from him by their parents since the Dursleys warned them that Harry was a delinquent. This woman who shall remain unnamed also told me that one of their teachers started investigating Harry's living arrangements before she suddenly disappeared. It was later discovered that the teacher alongside her husband and daughter were murdered. She also told me that although she had no contact with Harry she did noticed that he was very shy and drawn into himself."

The news reader seemed a bit impatient before he asked "And do you know this Harry's last name by any chance?"

Tom who clearly realized the blunder he made on live television said "Ah yes sorry about that. I do actually know Harry's full name and relation to the Dursley family. His full name is Harry James Potter and he was the nephew to Petunia and Vernon Dursley. And although Mr. Potter does seem to have a motive to be involved, the police does not think him to be a suspect since he disappeared eighteen years ago at the age of eight."

The rest of the report remained unheard by Lily as her world seemed to collapse around her. James Potter who had just arrived in the living room to collect his wife saw the tears in his wife's eyes and thought 'Shit she must have heard it on the television.' As he went to embrace Lily he softly said "Albus just informed me of your sister's passing. It would seem that some kind of magic was involved and so he called the both of us to meet him there. I am sorry Lily. I know that you and Petunia were never that close after you started Hogwarts, but she was still your sister."

Lily gave a sniff before she said "I will be fine James. I just want to find out what happened there. Remus can watch Jasmin while the twins come with us to see if we can find what happened." With that said Lily walked towards the stairs to call her twin daughters down and inform them of the situation mean while James contacted Remus Lupin to do the same. Five minutes later the four Potters arrived in Private Drive and walked towards number 4 where two people were waiting for them. One was a very old man with slivery hair and a very long beard and strangely colored robes, the other was a man who looked in his forties with greasy black hair, nearly black eyes, he wore black robes and finally a very prominent scowl on his face. These two man were Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledore and Severus Tobias Snape.

Dorea Potter a young woman with shoulder long black hair that ended in a fiery red, emerald-green eyes glanced at her twin and whispered to her "Great the grease ball is here as well. I wonder who is going to be the victim of his lustful stares this time."

Violet Potter the twin of Dorea was an almost perfect copy of her sister safe for the hair which was the direct opposite with red going into black. She glanced at her twin before she rolled her eyes and whispered back "Oh relax sis, he might be a lustful old pervert, but he is smart enough not to act as such around father."

Yeah to say that the second set of Potter twins hated Severus Snape would be an understatement. It had all started the summer before their fifth year at Hogwarts when Snape had offered both Dorea and Violet private tutoring in preparation for their O.W.L.S. Their mother Lily was all for it, while their father James was completely against it. When the twins asked why their father was against it James explained Snape's history with the Marauders and Lily. James explained that in the beginning of their time at Hogwarts that Snape had a crush on Lily which eventually became an obsession. James also explained that after he had married Lily, Snape would give Lily lust filled stares when he thought no one was looking. And finally James told them that they looked a lot like Lily did at their age and warned them to be careful around Snape.

From then on the twins also noticed the stares directed at their mother and worse at them. This became troublesome when they returned to Hogwarts and away from the protection their father. Snape would take even the tiniest reason to give one of the twins detention with him. And although he never touched them, he did give them more than enough unpleasant remarks. And since they knew about the fact that he was lusting after not only their mother, but them as well they noticed the pattern and hidden meaning. Others just thought them to be pleasant remarks and compliments. James was aware, but he never could do anything about Snape since he never touched the twins.

When the Potters arrived in front of number 4 Dorea asked "Why are we here exactly? Since we usually avoid this place, since the Dursleys hate anything that isn't normal."

Violet who was standing beside her sister noticed their parents tense up before James said "I will wait for Aiden and Ginny to show up before I explain."

Soon after everyone heard a harsh pop of displaced air and a shout of "Hey family! What are we doing in this muggle neighborhood?"

Violet who never got along with either her brother or her sister-in-law turned towards them before she whispered harshly "Could you at least for once in your life try not to break the Statue of Secrecy? Dad was about to explain it." She then turned towards James and asked "Dad again What is going on and why are we here?"

Now both Violet and Dorea noticed their father swallow before he said "Alright I will tell you, just promise me that you will let me finish." As the twins, Aiden and Ginny gave a nod James continued with saying "Violet and Dorea you are not the only twins in our family. Aiden you also have a twin, a brother in fact named Harry."

As the explanation started everyone moved inside the house before anyone noticed them. As the name was mentioned the second generation of Potters blinked before Dorea asked "And why have we never met this brother?"

Again James swallowed before he said "You never met him because after Halloween of 1990 we sent him here for his protection. Now we are here because Albus had placed wards around this home against people with hateful intentions towards the inhabitants of this house. Now as you probably know by now, Petunia and Marge were found dead and Vernon was arrested for murder. At the time Albus was in a Wizengamot meeting and only found out after he returned that the wards were triggered. Meaning that magic was used against those inside."

Everyone watched as Dumbledore pulled out his wand and said "I will try and see if we can see the echoes of what happened here. Prior Incantato" As the charm was cast by (unknown to everyone except Dumbledore) the Elder Wand, the room was enveloped in a blue light as ghostly images of the Dursleys appeared. Dumbledore turned towards the other and said "And now we watch and see what happened."

Everyone watched as the Dursleys sat on the couch and watched television when the doorbell rang. Vernon stood up and walked to the front door. After a short while three people entered the living room. Vernon who had returned with two people following him. The first was a young man who looked to be in his twenties, he had well-formed muscles, untamed black hair and the most striking emerald green eyes. He wore a black shirt and dark blue faded jeans with sneakers. The second was a young woman who also seemed to be in her twenties, she had long brown hair, forest green eyes and she wore a red with black top, a black skirt and black shoes. Everyone watched as the young man waved his hand around the room while he muttered something before he said "Hello dear relatives I have returned more freakish than before. Now just know that I just made the ground floor soundproof so please scream as much as you like."

James and Lily had their suspicion confirmed when Harry called them his relatives.

The twins however narrowed their eyes as they saw Marge stand up and shout "WHO IN BLAZES DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!"

Everyone grimaced at the shout and saw the young man sigh before he said "It is so nice to see none of you never changed after you sold me to HYDRA."

Two shouts of "THEY DID WHAT?!" came from the twins before they were silenced by their father.

Dorea and Violet glared at their father and the Dursleys and thus saw the realization hit before Vernon shouted "YOU FREAK! HOW DARE YOU TO RETURN HERE AND TAINT OUR NORMALE HOME WITH YOUR FREAKISHNESS!" Vernon seemed to look between Harry and the young woman before he continued to shout "AND WHO IS THIS? SOME FREAKISH WHORE YOU…" The shouting was cut off as Vernon seemed to choke on something.

Everyone turned towards Harry as he said with such a cold tone that it sent a shiver down everyone's spine "Never insult Wanda Maximoff in my presence again Muggle." No one missed the disgust Harry used when he uttered the word Muggle. The silence that had fallen was broken by a bark and everyone turned towards the source as Harry said "Ah yes Ripper how could I forget? You know I have something for you. Serpensortia." Everyone besides the twins (who looked curiously) looked on with a raised eyebrow as a massive anaconda appeared before them. Again everyone besides the twins gasped in shock as Harry started to hiss to the snake. Everyone could only watch in morbid fascination as the anaconda launched itself at the bulldog and strangled it to death before swallowing it whole and sent away by Harry.

Everyone watched as Harry turned towards the now named Wanda Maximoff before he whispered "I think it would be best for Petunia and Marge to experience their greatest fear don't you agree?"

Wanda seemed to give her best imitation of a smiling goblin before she said Oh I agree, but what of the male Dursley?"

Almost everyone felt a shiver go down their spine the Harry now had as he said "Oh I have something perfect in mind for him. Now please do your thing."

Everyone watched as Wanda gave a nod and seemed to gather red energy in her hands which caused her eyes to also turn a red color before she sent it to the two female Dursleys. Harry meanwhile stood in front of Vernon and had his left hand enveloped in purple energy. As the twins looked into Harry's eyes they saw that said eyes seemed to burn with purple energy. Everyone watched as Harry waved his hand in front of Vernon's face before the fat man walked into the kitchen and returned shortly after with a big kitchen knife. They all watched horrified as Vernon butchered not only his wife, but also his sister. After he was done Harry sent a silent stunner towards the man before he wrote something on the wall and placed a spell over it. As everyone went over to the wall, Dorea read out loud "What I am today. What happened here today. It is all on you. You made me into what I am today. None of this would have happened if you had only loved me and raised me, but instead you abandoned me at the first chance you got. Fine so be it, but be warned. I shall become the Dragon of Domination and I shall drown my enemies and any who stands in my way in Crimson Purgatory."

After everyone left the house Lily seemed the most shaken by the events that had taken place. As Lily walked a short a pair of white wings with a crystal like membrane appeared on her back. Without looking at the wings, Lily asked "So it is true than, my son is the one I have to ultimately fight till death?"

The membrane glowed as a deep voice said [Yes Potter your son is the Red One.]

Lily who sensed anger coming from the wings asked "Albion is something wrong?"


At that latest revelation Lily's eyes widened in shock before she asked "Surely there is something that can be done?"

If he could have done so, Albion would have given Lily a vindictive smirk as he said [Not unless you want to condemn the rest of your line to be kin slayers. Now stop asking stupid questions and get moving.]

Lily let out a sigh as she walked back towards her family only to stop as she heard her daughter Dorea shout at her husband "YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE. WHY WERE WE NEVER TOLD ABOUT OUR OTHER BROTHER?"

James glared at Dorea and said "Because is not important to us, because Harry is not the Boy-Who-Live or how about the fact that he is a Dark Lord in the making?"


After Violet said this, it dawned on Lily what they had done. James who didn't realize this yet said to Violet "It doesn't matter what happened to him, he killed the Dursleys and so he will spent the rest of his life in Azkaban so we can prevent the coming of another Dark Lord."

Lily let out a sigh before she said "It will not be that easy James, because he is the Red Dragon Emperor and he is my rival and opposite."

James didn't seem to get the clue, but Dorea, Violet and Dumbledore recognized the part of the Red Dragon Emperor and so Dumbledore asked "Lily my girl you are the White Dragon Emperor? If so than we can easily defeat this so called Dragon of Domination and stop his reign of terror before it can really begin."

The two sisters glared hatefully at Dumbledore before Lily sighed and said "And the rest of the Potter family will be declared kin slayers. The Red Dragon and the White Dragon always fight till death."

The two sisters glared at their mother, before Violet said "And we would side with the Red Dragon either way. We will take our stuff and leave the manor until everyone can once more see reason." With that said the twins apparated away leaving only silence in their wake.

Avengers Tower, New York

Tony Stark otherwise known as Ironman knew when he messed up and this was one of those situations. After Tony figured out that there was an enhanced out there who could have a personal vendetta against him, Tony did something he should have done years ago. Tony started digging for information about everything that involved one Vernon Dursley. What he found made him angry not only at the Dursley family, but at himself as well for not helping an eight year old. This anger caused Tony to direct his focus on the night of the dinner and more importantly the officer that convinced him to leave it alone. So when he found nothing at all Tony had JARVIS hack into the database of SHIELD and see what they knew. JARVIS found a man named Alastor "Madeye" Moody who came very close in appearance with the officer who talked to Tony. And Through Alastor Moody, Tony soon found references to Albus Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix, Gerald Grindelwald, Tom Riddle/Voldemort and even Steve Rogers.

Tony was not happy with what he discovered and decided to keep it to himself until after the party. Tony was quite angry at SHIELD and by extension Maria Hill for putting the blame for the Potter boy on him, while they themselves seemingly knew a lot more about what was happening than he himself did at the time. That didn't mean that didn't feel guilt for it. In fact he felt guilt and a lot of it since he should have been his usual stubborn self and just acted on what he thought he knew. What Tony didn't know, but would soon find out was that magic was involved with his change in character. 'In the meantime' Tony thought 'I really should continue with the Ultron Initiative and figure out where the scepter fits in'.

Novi Grad, Sokovia

After Harry and Wanda returned from Britain, they searched and met up with Pietro. There Harry explained the basics of his history and the revelation of him and Wanda being together. After having slept that night in an abandoned building, the Maximoff twins and Hadrian went into the city and helped the people as much as they could. In the beginning Hadrian was very reluctant to help, but after he had healed a little girl who had given him a hug as thanks, he was more willing. It of course helped that Wanda was promising a reward if Hadrian did good.

When it was around lunch time, Hadrian revealed to Pietro that he had a hideout for the three of them should they ever need it. When Pietro asked how he got it, Hadrian said "My godfather was Sirius Black who was the Lord of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black and through James Potter, I am the Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Peverell."

Wanda didn't know about the Peverells and asked "Harry how do you know if you are the Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Peverell and its connection to House Potter? When we were at Gringgotts, Riptooth never mentioned the Peverells."

Harry smiled at Wanda and said "Some of the books HYDRA gave me were on the History of Magic and the connection between certain families. Most of those family books are rather obscure, so I think not many if any people at all know about that connection between the Potters and Peverells."

Pietro who didn't know about magic being real up until that point shouted "WAIT MAGIC IS REAL?!"

Harry sent a small glare at Wanda for not informing her brother about magic being real before he whispered at Pietro "Could you be even louder? If you stay quiet and never mention this to anyone else I will tell you, otherwise I WILL erase your memory of the existence of magic."

Pietro who got the message just gave a nod before he said "Alright I will stay quiet about this."

Harry gave a nod in thanks and explained everything to Pietro including the reason behind the Statue of Secrecy. When Harry was finished, it was already around midnight and thus Harry and the Maximoff twins returned to the abandoned building to sleep. Harry and Wanda shared one bed and after Harry set up a simple Silencing Ward around their bed, he and Wanda made love until the early hours of the next day.

Avengers Tower, New York

It was around midnight when during the party the banter between the Avengers turned to Thor's hammer when Clint Barton said "But it is a trick."

Thor chuckled before he said "Oh no, it is much more than that."

Clint reacted to this by saying in a far deeper voice "Ah whosoever be he worthy shall haveth the power." Before returning to his normal voice and continuing by saying "Whatever, man! It's a trick.

Thor once more chuckled, before he said while he directed to his hammer "Please, be my guest." This was followed by a bit of silence when Thor encouraged by saying "Come on."

Clint wanting to be sure asked "Really?"

Thor acknowledged it by saying "Yeah."

Clint stood up and walked over towards the hammer while Rhodey said "Oh this is gonna be beautiful."

While Tony followed this up by saying "Clint, you've had a though week. We won't hold it against you if you can't get it up." The innuendo was very obvious.

While most laughed, Clint looked at Thor as he said "You know I've seen this before, right?" As Clint pulled as hard as he could he said "I still don't know how you do it!"

Tony remarked by saying "Smell the silent judgement?"

Clint looked at Tony before he said "Please, Stark by all means."

Tony never one to pass up a challenge, stood up and walked over to the hammer while some reacted to the look in his eyes. When Tony stood before Clint he said "Never one to shrink from a honest challenge." Before remarking that it was "Physics.". As Tony grabbed the hammer he asked Thor "Right, so, if I lift it, I then rule Asgard?"

Thor with a knowing look in his eyes replied by saying "Yes, of course."

Tony reacted to this by saying "I will be reinstituting Prima Nocta."before pulling as hard as he could at the hammer without actually lifting the hammer. Tony reacted to this by saying "I'll be right back."

What followed was a couple of minutes of entertainment for Thor as several Avengers attempted to lift the hammer. So had Tony returned with one of his Ironman gauntlets and was even helped by Rhodey with a Warmachine gauntlet. Next was Bruce Banner as he attempted in his own way. However when Steve Rodgers attempted to lift the hammer, Thor actually saw the hammer move such a small bit that only he and probably Steve noticed. Bruce directed to Natasha, but she declined which resulted in the Avengers coming up with their own theories as to how to lift the hammer.

Thor laughed out loud as the theory of Tony as he walked to his hammer and lift it before he said "Yes. It's a very, very interesting theory. I have a simpler one. You're all not worthy."

The laughs that followed were interrupted by a very high tone. Before one active and very damaged droid of the so called Iron Legion came into view who said "No. How could you be worthy? You're all killers."

Rodgers who clearly noticed the seriousness of the situation asked "Stark?"

Who in turn asked "Jarvis?"

The droid said "I'm sorry, I was asleep or… I was a dream."

Tony looked at the device in his hand as he said "Reboot."

Tony continued as the droid said "There was this… Terrible noise. And I was tangled in… In… Strings. Had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy."

The Avengers were now worried and Steve thus asked "You killed someone?"

The droid replied by saying "Wouldn't have been my first call. But.. Down in the real world, we're faced with ugly choices."

Thor who by this point was very much on guard as he asked "Who sent you?"

The droid in reply played a recording of Tony saying "I see a suit of armor around the world."

Realization struck Banner as he whispered in apparent horror "Ultron."

The now named Ultron replied by saying "In the flesh. Or- no, not yet. Not this… Chrysalis." As Thor tightened his grip on his hammer and Maria Hill armed her pistol, Ultron continued by saying "But, I'm ready. I'm on a mission."

Natasha asked the question "What mission?"

To which Ultron replied with "Peace in our time."

With that three more Ultron Bots broke through the wall and attacked the Avengers. Tony dismantled one of the bots without any weapons while Thor and Steve destroyed two others. A fourth Ultron Bots who didn't break through the wall took the Scepter and got away.

After the battle Ultron couldn't resist remarking on it by saying "That was dramatic. I'm sorry I know you mean well… You just didn't think it through. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it is not allowed to… Evolve." As Ultron picked up a destroyed Ultron Bot he said "Look at these… These puppets. There is only one way to peace: The Avengers' extinction."

With the threat clear, Thor threw his hammer at Ultron destroying his body. But before Ultron disappeared from the body he left a rather disturbing message by saying "I had strings, but now I'm free."

After Ultron was gone, Thor immediately grabbed Tony by his throat and demanded answers. After Thor let Tony go and Natasha brought up the Potter situation, Tony grew angry before he shouted for everyone to hear "YOU CAN BLAME ME FOR THAT SITUATION ALL YOU WANT, BUT IF YOU DO BLAME SHIELD AS WELL SINCE THEY CLEARLY KNEW OF MY MEETING WITH ALASTOR MOODY AND PROBABLY OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING!" With that Tony threw his file one everything he discovered on a table and stormed away to check on Jarvis.

As Natasha and Steve looked in the file, Maria paled as she said "Oh shit."

The Internet.

As Ultron's conscious traveled to the location where his new body was being build he thought to himself 'After I have dealt with the Avengers, I shall reshape this world into my image and bring forth a new age. The people shall see my as their savior… No their king and God. Ad like any king I would need a Queen. Odin has Frea, Zeus has Hera and Osiris has Isis, but I… I shall have my Queen in… Wanda Maximoff.

And there you have it guys the newest chapter of this story. I am sorry for the long wait, but to put it bluntly school has been a bitch this past year. Also for those who are wondering what Prima Nocta means, I have found the following Prima Nocta is the semi-historical legal right of a monarch to have sex with any female subject, particularly on her wedding night.

A/N-1: So while Tony has made an early start on his way to redemption, he will still make mistakes (like signing the Sokovia Accords), The Potters on the other hand are more separated than ever. Also for those who are wondering about the personalities for Albion and Ddraig. I picture Albion with the personality of Vegeta and Ddraig with a more serious version of Goku's personality.

A/N-2: Okay so to be sure everyone gets it, for the cleaning charm there is no known incantation so I used Google Translate and translated the words wide and cleaning into Latin and got Latum Purgato. As for the Contraception Charm, well there is none in canon. Just like the Contraceptive Potion the charm is only used in Fanfiction to prevent pregnancies. Most people just say it was cast, but they never show the incantation. So I once again went to Google translate and translated the words resist and pregnancy and got Resistite Graviditate. I hope this cleared it up.

As for Harry's and Wanda's wish to start a family together, well they are both 26 years old right now. They know each other for three years (one and a half years in a relationship) and know more about each other than most people will. So of course they would want to have the one thing they never truly had. Harry never really had a true family and Wanda was orphaned at ten and raised most of her life by her brother.

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