A/N: Vision's death hurt me more than I thought it would. So here's a thing. Also, I want to say thanks to Nay for putting this idea in my head. I'm sorry if you were hoping for something happy.


All color and sound bled from the woods. There was nothing left but that growing white light. Tears streaked Wanda's face but she kept her gaze locked with Vision's. His eyes held so much love in them, all of his trust, and she found she couldn't breathe. She was screaming his name but the cry never left her throat.

He'd made paprikash for her. Or at least, he'd tried. And when she'd tasted it and the myriad mistakes he'd made in the attempt, she'd liked it anyway, beyond its rather…interesting taste. Maybe that was when she realized that Vis meant more to her than a friend. He'd been so ignorant, but he'd tried.

Now Thanos was destroying that. He was destroying all of it. Was this war worth any single life? Was it worth Vision?

After Steve had freed her from the Raft, she'd fled. She'd taken all that pain and regret and she hadn't looked back.

She'd gotten a hotel room under an assumed name in Scotland. Those first few weeks had been hard. The Avengers had been her family and she'd thrown that away. She'd told herself to be fearless, to do what she believed to be right. And so she'd ended up defeated and so very alone, bound and monitored by people who feared her.

Wanda was reheating a slice of pizza when there was a knock at the door. She froze. Her heart beat in her throat. No one knew she was here, no one could know. She cast out with her mind, searching for hostility, searching for traps, but there was only one person on the other side of that door and she didn't know whether it would bring her more pain to ignore the knocking and go back to her life or to answer the door.

Finally, she made her decision and the door opened slowly with a creak. And there he was. Standing, not floating. But instead of his usual appearance, a human face greeted her.

"Vision," she breathed. "You knocked." It was a silly thing to say after so long.

"Yes, well." Vision bowed his head. "I know you value your privacy."

Wanda couldn't help it. She smiled. "Come in. How did you find me?" She closed the door behind him and went to sit on the bed.

"It took a bit of work," Vision said as he sat down next to her. "You hid your tracks well."

"Does anyone else know I'm here?" Her heart stuttered at the memory of her imprisonment.

"No, no one knows," Vision assured her. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

"Oh, Vis…" She almost said that was sweet of him, except it was so much more than that.

She was no longer alone.

And then Thanos arrived.

She sent her energy at him, trying to hold him back. Vision's life would be hers to take and hers alone.

"It's alright. You could never hurt me. I just feel you."

It was time to stop being afraid.

Wanda screamed as white light consumed her and in that instant, she felt his mind. There was no fear. There was no pain. There was only love.

Because all he felt was her.