Hey guys! I'm finally working on a story that is on the list of stories i'm going to be working on on my profile! I hope you have a great day today! And I hope you enjoy this story!

Chapter 1-The Invention

Kowalski was working on something in his lab. It was a new ray that was supposed to clone living and nonliving things.
Kowalski put some chemicals in the liquid that was supposed to active the ray.
And it's done! Kowalski thought to himself after he put the last chemical in the liquid.
He looked at the purple liquid, and he put it in the the tube that attaches to the ray.
He then puts the tube onto the ray.
Finally, he put an apple on the table, and Kowalski tested the invention. The apple managed to clone itself, but the clone of said apple is miniature.
That's weird, but at the same time, awesome! Kowalski thought to himself.

He ran out of the lab, holding the invention.
"Eurkea!" he yelled.
"What invention did you make this time?" Skipper, the captain of the team, asked.
"I invented 'The Cloning Ray'! It's supposed to clone living and nonliving things, which means that you can clone even a Winky, if you want to" Kowalski said.
"Winkies!" Private, the cadet of the team, said in excitement.
Rico, the weapons expert of the team, just stared at the invention.
"Meh" he said in disbelief.
Suddenly, loud music can be heard.
"Ringtail!" Skipper yelled.
He ran up the ladder.
Meanwhile, Kowalski, Rico, and Private were just standing there.
"When I cloned this apple, it became super small. Like, the size of a cherry" Kowalski said.
"Awww, so cute!" Private said, thinking about the cherry-sized apple.
"Does it work on ghosts?" Heidi, the ghost penguin of the team, asked.
"Although it can work on living and nonliving things, it does not work on ghosts" Kowalski replied.
"Aww" Heidi said in disappointment.
Skipper returned to the HQ just then.
"Men….and girl, how is the HQ going?" he asked.
"Good" Private said.
"Okay" Rico said.
"It's doing fine" Kowalski said.
"Great" Heidi said.
"Good" Skipper said.
"Who will be my test subject?!" Kowalski asked.
Rico, Private, and Heidi ran to different places in the HQ. Skipper just stood there.
"Okay. That answers everything" Kowalski said.
He fired up his ray.
"Are you sure this is safe?" Skipper asked.
"Of course it is! Why would it not be safe?!" Kowalski asked.
Skipper sighed.
Kowalski pressed a button on the ray. A beam shot from it, and it hit Skipper.
A baby penguin that looks like Skipper when he was a baby appeared next to him.
"It makes the clones of living things babies!" Kowalski yelled in a high-pitched voice.
The baby penguin looked at Kowalski. Then at Skipper. The baby cooed at him.
"There's a baby in our HQ!" Skipper yelled.
The baby penguin raised it's tiny flippers, and giggled.
"What have you done, Kowalski?!" Skipper yelled.
The baby penguin continued giggling.
"I'm sorry! This ray just makes the clones of living things infants! I don't know why!" Kowalski yelled.
The baby penguin continued giggling at the two penguins.
"Looks like we have to raise the baby" Skipper said.
He picked up the baby penguin. He looked at it. It had the same eye color, same flat head, and same body structure as Skipper himself.
"I actually like this cute and cuddly baby" Skipper said.
Kowalski smiled. He felt proud of Skipper's opinion.
About the other penguins' opinions? He's not sure, but he'll find out soon.

Whoa! Kowalski's invention made the clone of Skipper a baby! Now the penguins have to raise it. But what will Private, Rico, and Heidi think about the baby penguin? And how will they train now? This story takes place 2 weeks after the story 'Private's Imaginary Friend'. Also, now that the penguins know that Heidi is a ghost penguin, she finally gets to speak in this story. If you didn't know this, Skipper became a baby in the Penguins of Madagascar episode 'Rock A Bye Birdie'. If you haven't seen this episode, you should. Skipper as a baby is really adorable. I do not own the Penguins of Madagascar. That belongs to their rightful owners. I do, however, own Heidi and the baby penguin. I hope you all have a wonderful day today!