Final chapter is up! What will Kowalski's De-Cloning Ray do to the baby clone? We'll find out in this chapter! Enjoy reading!

Chapter 3-Surprise Twist!

Kowalski took a deep breath, then pressed the trigger of the De-Cloning ray.
Skipper covered his eyes.
The baby clone of Skipper also covered it's eyes.
Skipper picked up the baby.
A beam shot from Kowalski's De-Cloning ray.
It hit Skipper and the baby clone.
Kowalski covered his eyes. Once he uncovered them, he realized that it had worked!
"Yes! It worked!" Kowalski said.
Skipper looked disappointed.
"Says who?!" he yelled.
Kowalski stared at him.
"Did it not work?" he asked.
"Well, instead of the baby clone just disappearing into thin air, the baby penguin got into me! Expect it's now way, way smaller than usual!" Skipper yelled.
"But I thought it worked!" Kowalski yelled.
"Well, it didn't!" Skipper yelled in anger.
Kowalski felt worried.
"Man, you're so moody right now" he said.
"Moody?! Who says i'm moody?! I'm just very angry!" Skipper said.
Just then, Kowalski got his Reverser Ray. He used it on Skipper, and the baby penguin appeared again.
"Well that failed" Kowalski said.
"Good thing you reversed it!" Skipper said.
"Yes" Kowalski said.
Just then, Skipper picked up the baby again.
Kowalski picked up the invention again. He used it, and the baby penguin disappeared into thin air.
"Okay, now it worked" Kowalski said, sighing in relief.
He wiped his sweat off his forehead. That was some hard work.
"Well…?" He said.
Skipper looked confused.
"I don't understand. Why do I feel cold?" he asked.
"I don't understand. Why do I NOT feel cold?" Kowalski said.
"I have the same question as Kowalski" Private said.
"Me too" Rico said.
"Me three" Heidi said.
"Wha?" Rico said.
Just then, Skipper noticed that his flippers were glowing ice blue.
"Uh, men…..and lady, can you tell me why my flippers are glowing ice blue?!" he asked.
"Oh boy…." Rico said.
"Oh my gosh. That's a bad sign…." Private said.
"Uh oh…." Kowalski said.
Just then, an ice blue wind was released from Skipper's flippers.
The wind hit Kowalski on the head.
"Doh! That feels cold!" he yelled before collasping on the ground.
He was breathing still, but one of his black feathers on his head got a small white streak.

End (really? This is the end?)

To be continued in Operation:Frozen Mountain

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