A/N - I originally wrote this to be a one-off single chapter story. But I received enough requests to continue, so here is the next chapter. Hope you like it and please let me know what you think.

Chapter Two

Wyatt walked into the kitchen to get something to drink for him and Lucy. Flynn was sitting on the couch holding a bottle of vodka in one hand a half-full glass in the other. They nodded in recognition of the other.

"I know you don't like me being here," Flynn said. "I really am on your side to stop Rittenhouse."

Wyatt glared back at him. "You've spent the last year trying to kill us and I'm just supposed to forget that?" How can you expect me to trust you?"

"I wasn't trying to stop you. I was trying to stop Rittenhouse and you were just getting in the way."

"And that's supposed to make me trust you? Trust is earned. If it were up to me you would still be in jail."

"I'm glad then that it's not up to you."

Wyatt turned and opened the refrigerator, pulling out two beers. He turned to leave.

Flynn asked "What about your wife?"

Wyatt stopped dead in his tracks and glared at Flynn. Neither he, Lucy or Agent Christopher had said anything to anyone about the text message. "I tried to bring her back and failed, She's dead."

"I may have been wrong about who killed her."

"That's obvious."

"Before I was arrested, I came across a note. I didn't think anything of it at the time. It mentioned the initials JL and San Diego, 1980. There was no event listed."

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"I don't want Lucy to get hurt."

"You're pretending all of a sudden to care about Lucy?"

"What if your wife comes back?"

"Do you know something you're not telling me?"

Just then the alarm sounded that the Mother ship had jumped. They ran to the Lifeboat. 9-22-1692.

Lucy said "The Salem Witch trials." Lucy gave the background of what happened on that day.

Wyatt said "Let's go."

Agent Christopher called out. "Wait. Wyatt, Lucy, a word."

Lucy and Wyatt went with Agent Christopher out of earshot of the others. She said "Wyatt, I know you're not going to like this, but I want you to go on a separate mission this time to find out what Rittenhouse wants with Jessica. Flynn can go with Lucy and Rufus."

Wyatt almost came unglued. "No way! I'm not leaving Lucy."

Agent Christopher said in a soothing voice, "I agreed to you two being in a relationship as long as you don't let it interfere with the mission."

Lucy stepped up to Wyatt and put her hand on his arm. "I'll be okay. I'll come back to you. You just come back to me too."

Lucy's words hit him like a jolt of electricity. His mission to find Jessica had to be just as hard on her as her going to Salem without him. "I'll come back to you. I promise. Be safe." They gave each other a tight smile with worried looks on their faces.

Agent Christopher said "I know this is hard for both of you, but it will turn out for the best. You'll see."

The two love birds squeezed each other's hands before Lucy turned to go and walk up the stairs into the Lifeboat. Rufus wasn't too pleased that Flynn was going but after his initial protest, kept his mouth shut.

Wyatt, Jiya, Connor Mason and Agent Christopher watched the Lifeboat disappear. Agent Christopher asked Wyatt "How do you want to proceed?"

"Better go meet her to make sure it's really her."

Jiya asked "Who? What are you talking about?"

"Jessica's alive. At least I think she is. I received a text message."

Jiya asked "Does Lucy know?"

Wyatt nodded. "She was with me when I received the message. I showed it to her right away."

Jiya said "Somebody has finally learned his lessons. You did things right for a change."

Wyatt grimaced and nodded. "You're right. I'm a stubborn fool sometimes."

Agent Christopher asked "Do you want someone to go with you?"

Connor Mason spoke up "I'll go. It'll be good to get out of this bunker."

Jiya said. "No, I'll go. It will be less threatening if a woman went along in case things became…difficult."

Agent Christopher nodded. "Okay, you go with Wyatt. Fly down to San Diego so you won't be gone too long."


On the flight down from San Francisco they worked out a plan on how to initiate contact and ask her about Rittenhouse.

Jiya asked "Are you okay?"

Wyatt shook his head. "I thought this would be easier, facing Jessica. How I am supposed to face a dead woman that was my wife?"

"This is definitely something that no one has faced before." Jiya said.

Wyatt smiled. "When I joined this program I wanted nothing more than to bring back Jessica. Looking back, I think I was driven by guilt, that I was responsible for her death. But everything is different now. I am different. I believe in my marriage vow – 'til death do us part. Jessica died, so my vow ended. Does her coming back in a different timeline reinstate that vow?"

Jiya answered. "Only you can answer that for yourself. If it was me, the answer would have to be no. It's like the person who texted you is someone new, not the person you married."

Wyatt looked at her, deep in thought. He finally spoke "You're right. The person I made that vow to died. She's been dead for six years. I don't even know if the person we're going to see even looks the same, or acts the same."

"Do you love Lucy?"

Wyatt looked at Jiya. "With all my heart."

"Does she know that?"

"Yes, and she told me she loves me too."

Jiya smiled and gave Wyatt a hug. "Let's go take care of this Jessica imposter and get you back to Lucy."


Wyatt and Jiya walked tentatively into tavern where Jessica worked and sat down at a table near the door but had a good view of the bar. A waitress came to their table a few minutes later to take their order – beers for both.

When the waitress returned with their drinks, Wyatt asked "Is Jessica working tonight?"

"Yes, she's in the back. Do you want to talk to her?"

Just then a blonde haired woman came out from the back and went behind the bar. Wyatt froze at the sight of his late wife.

"Sir?" Do you want to talk to her?"

Wyatt thought he was prepared, but it was clear he wasn't. He finally said "It sounds like she's busy. I'll talk to her a little later."

The waitress nodded and Wyatt handed her a twenty dollar bill. "Keep it."

The waitress smiled and nodded. "Thank you," and walked away.

Jiya looked at him. "Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I feel like I just did. I'll be okay. It's just the initial shock."

Jiya nodded and both took sips from their beers. "We need to get her alone."

"Let's find out where she lives. Why don't you make good use of that smart phone."

Jiya laughed. "Piece of cake."

A few minutes later they had an address, not one where he and Jessica lived when they were married. Wyatt reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his key ring.

"When we got ready to go on this trip south, I picked up my keys for some reason even though I couldn't go back to my apartment, and noticed a new key that wasn't there before. I don't take my keys on the Lifeboat. I wonder if this key is to Jessica's house."

Jiya looked at him. "Do you want to go find out? It may be the best way to talk to her alone."

Wyatt looked over at Jessica behind the bar talking to the bartender and then back at Jiya. "Let's go."