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Chapter 5

Wyatt and Jiya reported in to Agent Christopher on the way back via cellphone. She told them to return the car to a CIA safe house and they would take care of the car. She would come and pick them up to bring them back to the bunker. They also enquired about the mission and were told the Lifeboat hadn't returned yet.

Once back in the bunker, Jiya and Wyatt took turns showering and changing their clothes. They both decided to take a nap as they had been on the road most of the night and looked forward to a reunion with their loved ones.

A few hours later, the atmosphere in the bunker began to change indicating the return of the Lifeboat. Everyone in the bunker hurried to the landing spot. Connor Mason slid the stairway to Lifeboat's door.

When Wyatt saw Lucy exit the Lifeboat he was relieved and then alarmed when he realized she was hurt. He flew up the stairs to Lucy and carefully wrapped his arms around her and helped her down the stairs.

Lucy, in spite of the pain from the stab wound, could only think about whether or not Wyatt was going to be there when they got back from Salem. Was he going to return or stay with Jessica? He promised me that he would come back to me and he said he loved me. When the door to the Lifeboat opened, Lucy unbuckled her seatbelt and shakily got to her feet, but her shakiness was not from the time travel. She was nervous and in pain. When she stepped on the stairs she was overjoyed that Wyatt was standing at the bottom waiting for her. She gave him a smile through the pain in her arm.

Flynn stepped out of the Lifeboat ready to help Lucy down the stairs and was surprised that Wyatt was already at the top with his arms around Lucy, helping her descend. Flynn wondered why Wyatt didn't go on this mission to Salem and Lucy was tight lipped when he asked her why. Rufus didn't know what was going on either. All Flynn knew was that Wyatt had a separate mission to go on and he didn't like being kept in the dark.

After going through his post flight checklist, Rufus exited the Lifeboat anxious to see Jiya. He smiled broadly when he saw her standing there next to Connor Mason. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs, he took Jiya into his arms for a long time and gave her a kiss. Jiya held onto him and wouldn't let go.

Agent Christopher announced "We have some important news to share and want a debrief about Salem. Meeting in thirty minutes."

Wyatt helped Lucy to her room she shared with Jiya and sat her down on her cot. He unfastened her 17th century dress and slid it down far enough so he could see her arm. The wound was infected and deep. "Oh my God Lucy, how did this happen?"

Lucy shook her head. "I was helping save Benjamin Franklin's mom and managed to get stabbed."

"You met Benjamin Franklin's mom? What was she like?"

"Very brave. We owe her everything."

Wyatt got up and gathered what he needed to clean Lucy's wound and bandage it. In the meantime Jiya and Rufus walked in to check on Lucy.

Lucy reached up and put her hand on Wyatt's cheek. Wyatt smiled at her and said "I love you."

Lucy looked up at him and mouthed back "I love you too."

By now Jiya and come to Lucy's side and started applying some medication to the wound. Lucy grimaced.

Lucy watched Jiya apply the bandages before looking back at Wyatt. "So, what happened on your mission?"

Wyatt gave her a tight smile. "Jiya and I went to San Diego…"

Rufus butted in "Jiya went with you? What were you thinking?"

Jiya looked at Rufus. "I volunteered to go."

"But why?' Rufus asked.

Wyatt said "She saved my life."

Jiya said "And he saved mine."

Both Rufus and Lucy were alarmed and said "Tell us what happened!"

Wyatt started "We went to the tavern where Jessica worked. I saw her and couldn't face speaking to her there. Jiya kept me from freaking out. So Jiya found her address and we went there to check out her house. After you left for Salem, I happened to look at my keys and noticed a key that wasn't there before. It was a key to Jessica's house."

Jiya finished bandaging Lucy's arm and added "We went in the house to look around. There was no evidence that Wyatt lived there at one time and it looked like Jessica had a boyfriend. Then it hit us that it was a trap."

"All the doors and windows were locked and bars went over the windows too. We discovered a hidden camera in the entryway so we know we were being watched."

"Wyatt discovered some loose floorboards and found some tools. Thankfully the house was on a raised foundation. We made a hole in the floor and crawled out just in the nick of time."

"Jessica came home while we were hiding behind a tree and another car with four men pulled up a minute later. I heard Jessica order them to kill me first and then Jiya. They didn't think we could escape the house."

"Wyatt had me go to the rental car while he waited for the coast to clear and unlock the car with the key."

Wyatt looked at Lucy with tears in his eyes. "I froze again until I heard your voice in my head Lucy, for me to come back to you. You saved me."

Lucy looked at Wyatt and smiled. She reached behind his neck with her good arm and pulled him down for a kiss. "You saved me too. When I was accused of being a witch and jailed I wanted to give up. But your promise to me kept me going. We need each other."

Wyatt leaned down and kissed her and smiled against her lips. "I will never leave you again Lucy."

Lucy smiled back "Better not."

Wyatt sat up and chuckled. Just then Agent Christopher stuck her head in the door. "Time for the meeting."

"Let me change real quick," Lucy said. "I'll be right out."

The two men left and Jiya helped Lucy get out of the old dress an put on her gray sweatpants and sweatshirt. Lucy laughed. "I'm glad I don't need to impress Wyatt with my snazzy wardrobe."

Jiya laughed with her. "You and me both."

The two women joined the rest of the team for the debrief. Lucy stood next to Wyatt and Jiya next to Rufus. Agent Christopher asked for and received a summary of the Salem trip and then turned to Wyatt. "We've also received some disturbing news. Rittenhouse brought back Jessica."

Flynn looked over at Lucy for her reaction and was shocked to see there was no surprise on her face. She knew. How did that happen? Instead of moving away from Wyatt, she moved closer.

"The reason Wyatt didn't go on the Salem mission was that I sent him and Jiya to San Diego to find out if the text message Wyatt received was real, that Jessica was really alive."

Flynn protested. "Why didn't you tell us this earlier?"

"Wyatt and Lucy told me and since the people that news would affect the most already knew, I felt there was no need to inform the rest of the team until the Salem mission was over."

Flynn scoffed. "So you're married Wyatt?"

Wyatt bristled at his comment. Lucy put a calming hand on his arm. "The woman in San Diego brought back by Rittenhouse is not my wife. My wife died six years ago. The woman in San Diego is an imposter. She sent the text to me to trap me and kill me."

Flynn glared at Wyatt, "You expect us to take your word for that?"

Jiya spoke up. "I went with Wyatt to San Diego. We were trapped in Jessica's house until Wyatt found a way out through the floor. Jessica came with four armed men to kill us. We were lucky to escape."

"You're okay with this Lucy?" Flynn asked.

Lucy looked at Flynn. "Okay with what? That Wyatt and Jiya made it back safely? That Rittenhouse changed history to try and kill us?"

Flynn shook his head. "That you're attracted to a married man?"

"What would you do Flynn, if you found out that Rittenhouse brought your wife and child back to kill you? Would that person be your wife, or an imposter?"

Flynn just stood there for a bit before finally responding. "This isn't easy, is it?"

Agent Christopher spoke up, "No it isn't. Wyatt and Lucy came to me before the mission to tell me that they were together as a couple and this is after Wyatt receive the text message and showed it to Lucy. I told them that is fine as long as it didn't interfere with the mission."

Lucy and Wyatt smiled at each other and interlaced their fingers. Conner Mason smiled broadly and said "Congratulations."

Flynn just shook his head. Any slim hope he had of have a relationship with Lucy was now gone. But if he was honest with himself, he always knew Lucy was in love with Wyatt, probably even before he was in love with her. Flynn walked over to Wyatt and stuck out his hand. "Congratulations. I'm sorry for my accusations and comments. Time travel sure makes things complicated."

Wyatt shook his hand. "Thank you. I hope we can help you get your wife and child back, as long as they aren't Rittenhouse agents. Trust me, that's the last thing you'd want."

Flynn nodded. "I appreciate that." He turned and walked away.

Agent Christopher came over to where Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and Jiya were standing. She said quietly "Since you're both couples now, it's okay with me if you want to change your sleeping arrangements. But I'll leave that up to you." She turned with a small smile and walked away.

The two couples looked at each other and laughed. Jiya looked at Lucy and said "Okay, which room do you want?"

Lucy smiled and responded "The one with Wyatt in it."