Hi there. This story is loosely based on some of the core concepts of the PC game Tyranny. The basic premise is that the bad guys won. But not Voldemort and his army of mindless canon-fodder, but Grindelwald and his followers. Gellert Grindelwald rules magical Europe as its Overlord with an iron fist and the most powerful of his servants are his Archons. Men like Dumbledore, whose power is undisputed and who serve Grindelwald, some more willing than others. In Grindelwalds Empire the Archons serve different high ranking roles. Some are governors of provinces, other lead armies or important groups and orders.

Harry will play the role of a Fatebinder, a servant of the Archon of Justice. The Fatebinders are the judges and executioners of the Overlord's law. In their role, they often resolve disputes and see to it that the Overlord's laws are followed. It is, within reason, their duty to decide who serves the law and who doesn't.

The different roles of the Archons and Fatebinders will be explained in greater detail as the story continues. But except for the concept of Overlord, Archons, and Fatebinders, I won't add much else from the game, so it isn't really a crossover story.

So, have fun with the short prolog...

Thule 1981

It was a warm day in late Summer, as Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Archon of Secrets and Headmaster of Hogwarts arrived at the Arcanorum on the island of Thule, the center of the Grindelwald Empire.

A wistful sigh escaped the old wizard, as he stroked his beard and watched the young boy play in the gardens below. Such an innocent child, so full of lifeā€¦ yet he was already weighed down by a burden greater than himself. It was his fault that the boy was here. It was his fault that the child would see a dark future in the service of the greater evil in the world. But for the boy to live, there was no other choice.

His childhood, a precious time in his life, was about to end. A terrible fate for a boy that had just passed the age of three. But it was also necessary. At least the old wizard told himself this, to placate his burdened mind.

"Such a forlorn look of worry hardly suits you, Albus."

The old wizard turned around, to look upon the newcomer. It was a woman, youthful in her looks and easy with her smiles. She was a master at deception, one who had even cheated time and death itself in her many years on this world. Her husband's invention, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life had granted them riches and eternal youth, but Albus knew better than to believe that they have everything they could ever want.

"Perenelle," Albus greeted her cordially.

He had liked her once, but that had been in better times before he had come to see her true nature. The nature that had earned her the rank of an Archon in the Overlord's evergrowing army. The Archon of Justice they call her these days, but her actions are hardly just. Only the Overlord's will matters to her. Once upon a time she had been a good and gentle woman, a motherly figure in the time he had been her husband's apprentice. Those times were long gone now.

"Every time I see you it seems like you have aged another decade, Albus," Perenelle jested, "Next to me you are a child barely grown, yet you look old enough for people to mistake you as my grandfather."

"If I recall correctly, it's actually been almost twelve years now since we have last met," Albus told her, a thoughtful look on his face. "It was at the party of Celine Lacroix, her one-hundred and nineteenth birthday."

"Ah, yes. Celine, may her soul rest in peace," a pang of sadness had assaulted Perenelle, as she was reminded of yet another friend, long gone and nearly forgotten by time. "Her celebrations had always been so vibrant. She even managed to ensnare our overlord on more than one occasion. Oh well, she had been the Archon of Song for a reason. I only wish she had taken my offer and used the Elixir..."

"We both know she wasn't the kind of person to seek eternal life," Albus reminded her gently.

Perenelle chuckled, "I can still hear her chiding me. All good things must come to an end, Penny, and a life without death would be incomplete."

"Indeed," Albus agreed before he sighed. He had been given the same offer once, by Perenelle's husband, but he had declined for similar reasons. "But maybe we should get to business. I don't want the boy to remain alone for too long."

Albus and Perenelle looked down towards the boy, just as the child was about to pluck a flower from the perfectly kept garden. The flower, a white rose, seemed to draw his attention for reasons unknown. Her thorns were no deterrent and the flower itself wilted and turned to dust within moments of the boy touching it.

"So it is true, Iolanthe's cursed bloodline still exists in this world. I had hoped for so long that we would never see it again," Perenelle said. "Oh my dear friend, you would weep knowing that your descendants have to suffer your fate as well."

"He first awoke it two days ago," Albus explained, "Luckily he only destroyed the toy broom he had been sitting on. He could have hurt his little sister or some other person just by touching them."

The boy loves his little sister and used to carry her around all the time. She is just a baby and sleeps most of the day, but he loves her all the same. Had he carried her as his bloodline awakened, the baby might have died a horrid death. Albus didn't even want to imagine the damage this would have done to the boy and his family...

"So young..." Perenelle muttered, "Iolanthe first awakened this destructive power after her magic had fully manifested. I still remember the day. We had been riding, as this cursed magic made quick work of her horse. She had been so distraught at that time... It took her years to learn how to control this power."

"He has no control over it, either. I had no choice but to come here and involve you," Albus told her directly. He had no reason to hide his distaste of the situation and the repercussions that would follow.

Perenelle showed him a feral smirk, as she looked at him. "Oh, I almost get the feeling that you don't like me anymore, Albus. Still sore about that one time I had to spank you for blowing up Nicholas potion's lab?"

"That was entirely an accident, Perenelle," the old wizard replied stubbornly, looking flustered as he was reminded of that particularly embarrassing moment. He would rather forget about it, but Perenelle had found many inappropriate occasions to remind him of it.

"You did not follow Nicholas' instructions, such a bad student," she continued. An amused smile played on her lips and her pale green eyes sparkled with mischief that Albus usually only saw in the eyes of his most troublesome students at Hogwarts.

"Need I remind you that I was twenty-three at that time and very much capable of creating such a simple potion without Nicholas hovering behind me all the time?" he protested, "And your draconic punishment was entirely unwarranted."

"Admit it, you enjoyed it," she said coyly, "Or maybe you wanted someone else to do the spanking. Someone like dear old Gellert..."

"Don't even say his name out loud," Albus groused, "It is bad enough that you and Nicholas are so utterly devoted to him these days, I don't need you to jinx something and summon him here on accident."

"One day you will have to face him again, Albus," Perenelle told him, as she placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "He is not the monster you want to see him as. And to your information, he will likely be here later this week to see the boy. Who knows, maybe he will even arrive today. I forgot to have a look at his schedule earlier this week when I visited him."

"I had wished you could keep this as quiet as possible. I really don't want Gellert to be involved in the boy's life. Giving him to an Archon is bad enough as it is, but you are the only one who knows how Iolanthe Peverell controlled this curse," Albus sighed.

Again he watched the child in the garden. The little boy was looking around, searching. No one could really know what the boy was looking for. A new toy to keep his hands busy? Or maybe just something that wouldn't turn to dust at his touch...

"Gellert has done terrible things, Perenelle. Even you can't deny that. His crimes are inexcusable... and I..."

"You, Albus, walked away. Of all the people you are the last man who should dare to hurl accusations at our Overlord. You had your chance to stop him, but you just couldn't be bothered. You walked away from your chance to change the course of history. And you benefitted from his rise to power just as much as the rest of us. No one is innocent. Not you, not me, not even that little boy in this garden. We are both Archons now, so get down off your high horse and accept the world as it is."

Albus could only shake his head. So many regrets. Becoming an Archon in Gellert's new empire was not much of an honor, it was a burden and a stigma. He should have stopped Gellert before everything had gotten out of hand. He had not, though, and now the entire world would pay the price. Much had changed and these days Gellert had become nigh on untouchable even for him.

Suddenly Perenelle perked up. "Maybe you should leave, Albus," Perenelle said. "Gellert has just entered the wards of the mansion. Unless you want a reunion now, you should go home."

Albus shot the boy one last look. "I'm sorry," he whispered. His eyes lingered on the dark-haired child for one more moment, before he apparated away.

Perenelle closed her eyes and enjoyed the sudden presence of power near her. Like waves rolling onto the shore, the power of the Overlord rolled over hers. No one knew how Gellert Grindelwald had gotten this powerful, but one day she would find out. For now, she was content to bask in his power. The mere presence of him was overwhelming, intoxicating... if he wanted her to feel it. He was very apt at hiding it as well.

"So he ran again. That coward."

Perenelle turned around and bowed deeply before the man. Her long blonde hair fell around her face, hiding it like a curtain of spun gold, as she greeted her overlord.

And there before her stood Gellert Grindelwald. The conqueror of Europe's magical communities, the Overlord of the new magical world. Untouched by the ravages of time, proud and strong. The man who would one day rule the whole world, magical and mundane.

"My lord," Perenelle intoned, "Archon Dumbledore has just left the premises."

"As expected," the overlord muttered angrily, "Even leniency for the sake of past friendship has its bounds. One day I will have to address his lack of respect and decorum." He grumbled something more, but Perenelle had not been able to understand the words. It wasn't the heavily accented French that he would usually speak with her. Neither was it English nor German.

"I shall take him to task if that is what you wish," Perenelle said. Another spanking perhaps? No, better not. His old bones might crack and he might truly enjoy it more than intended. Maybe she would just turn his beard on fire as a last warning or something like that. Something amusing, so she would have a memory to show the Overlord, but no lasting damage. Despite everything, she considered his infractions too minor for lethal consequences. It wouldn't be just.

There was a hum from Grindelwald, but no certain answer, "Raise your head, Perenelle. I can't have my Justice blinded by worship."

"As you say," she raised her head again and looked at him. Her green eyes staring into his unyieldingly and cold blue. He didn't look at her for long, much to her disappointment, but instead, his gaze searched the young child in the garden.

"So this is the boy. A true descendant of the Peverell family," the overlord said, as she reached the balustrade and looked down towards the child.

Perenelle knew how obsessed her master was with this particular family. Gellert Grindelwald has the Elder Wand, one of the three artifacts that once belonged to the legendary Peverell family. To see a true descendant of their blood must be quite intriguing for the Overlord. To Perenelle it was a chance to fulfill the promise she had given an old friend who had died so many centuries ago...

"Yes. He has Iolanthe's bloodline. I would recognize it anywhere. It is the same cursed ability."

Grindelwald looked to be in deep thought, as his eyes followed the boy below. Perenelle could only guess what her master was thinking about, though deep down she knew that some of those dark secrets should better remain unknown.

"House Peverell will rise again and serve my empire. Make sure to train him properly, Perenelle. I will be watching," the overlord ordered before he turned around and disappeared into the mansion once more, likely to find Nicholas for some reason or another.

A small smile spread on the witch's face, as she began to make plans for the boy. "Looks like I get to keep you for myself, little Harry. We will have so much fun, that's a promise!"

A/N: That's all for today, more will follow soon.

So why is Grindelwald in power now? Because Albus Dumbledore did not face him. In the moment of truth, the great wizard walked away, unable to bring himself to fight his former friend. The consequences of this decision had been far more severe than anything Dumbledore could have foreseen. But his choice not to fight Gellert also earned him a place in Grindelwald's army, even though he is likely the most reluctant amongst all the Archons now.

I'm sure many have realized where I got the inspiration for Harry's bloodline. I am aware that Quirrell died because of the protective charm Lily had left on Harry, but I thought that it would also be an interesting ability to have. It would be both a boon and a curse, so I turned it into a bloodline that had been dormant for centuries.

As for the pairing, in the end, it will be either Fleur or Daphne. I had considered Tonks and Gabrielle as well, but I have different plans for dear old Dora and Gabrielle will remain her canon age, so she is far too young. And sorry, no Ginny or Hermione pairing. There are just too many stories for those pairing on this site, so I don't see the need to add another one. There are many great stories for readers who like those pairings.

So much for the prolog. Next chapter will start with the main story in the year 1994...