Italics are killers POV or a flashback

He had her pinned to her kitchen counter. One hand covered her mouth while the other held the knife to her throat. He smirked as she struggled just as the others did right before he ended their miserable existence. A flick of his wrist and she went limp. He teleported away; her body falling where he had stood.

Standing in his room, he looked at his hands. They were pristine as always, not a drop of blood on them. Initially, he wanted to believe the urge to kill was because of Beryl. He was one of the Shitennou! He should protect people, not kill them. The satisfaction had to have been from eliminating an enemy. However, Beryl was defeated and he still desired to kill. Maybe it was Mio, but the desire remained after she was gone. His powers remained too, and he was glad. It made satisfying the beast so much easier.

He looked at the clock. He still had enough time to get there. Grabbing his jacket, he left to meet the others.

Kunzite's house

Kunzite stirred his coffee. "We're leaving in a week." Jadeite said. "Not to be rude, but I don't want to have a room near Mamoru." Nephrite scoffed, crossing his arms as he leaned against the counter. "I don't think Mamoru wants to be near you either. You sided with Beryl even after you were no longer under her control. Probably should have kept that bit of information to yourself." Jadeite looked down. "I'm not proud of that."

Zoisite poured a cup of coffee. "Why don't we let the girls and Mamoru choose their rooms and then we pick ours." Nephrite said. "That is an excellent idea." Jadeite said. "It will be nice to get away from everything for a while. Especially after what happened." The four shitennou looked solemn as they remembered the recent event. Kunzite said. "I never thought it would happen. I always thought it would be one of us to go first." Nephrite said. "They prevailed. No matter what was thrown at them, even turning one evil. They came out on top. They kicked butt." Zoisite shook his head. "I never thought we'd say goodbye this soon."

That night

Artemis nudged Minako awake. "Queen Serenity is here." Minako bolted up as the cat gestured to the desk in front of the window. They stood in front of the desk. Queen Serenity spoke. "Minako, Artemis, I am so sorry. If I had let the senshi keep their powers, this wouldn't have happened." Artemis said. "It isn't your fault. Whoever it is, has been going undetected for years. Recently, we've concluded the culprit is a shitennou."

Queen Serenity nodded. "It would explain how he avoided the senshi all these years. I am giving the senshi their power back. Permanently. Please find whoever did this." Queen Serenity disappeared. Minako said. "We need to call a meeting now." Artemis said. "Now? But Minako..." She said. "It's best to tell everyone as soon as possible. If we wait, someone else could die. I will not risk losing another senshi."

Makoto entered their karaoke room. "You too?" Rei nodded. "Minako asked to meet me here." Ami said. "Same here." Makoto sighed as she sat down. "I wonder why?" Ami said. "Whatever it is, must be important. She asked to keep this meeting a secret." Rei asked. "Do you think she could be planning an intervention?" Ami blinked. "Intervention?"

Rei nodded. "Has anyone spoken to Usagi since the funeral?" Makoto said. "A couple of times." Ami said. "I've noticed she seems more distant since then." Makoto said. "Luna and Usagi were close. It isn't surprising that she has withdrawn some." Rei looked at her. "But as much as she has? She wants nothing to do with her Sailor Moon days. She even stopped wearing her hair in its signature style. When we tried to cheer her up with her speech and pose, saying in the name of the moon, we'll catch Luna's killer, she refused to do it too." Minako and Artemis entered and sat at the table.

Makoto yawned. "Why are we meeting so late?" Artemis said. "It is urgent and can't wait." Makoto said. "But at 1am?" Rei said. "What is so important for all of us to gather here at this hour?" Everyone glanced at the two empty seats. Artemis spoke. "There is a new threat. Initially, Luna and I suspected it was Mio, but it continued after we defeated her." Minako said. "Whoever this is has increased his activity since her defeat." Rei said. "His?"

Minako nodded. "He has been able to go almost completely undetected for years. That combined with the fact he increased his activity after Mios defeat suggests he was somehow hindered by her." She glanced at Artemis then continued. "And Beryl. His activity increased after Beryl's defeat, then decreased when we battled Mio and has increased again after her defeat. We know he can teleport, but we don't know the full extent of his powers. His activity coincides with several unsolved murders." Ami said. "A serial killer?" Artemis nodded. "It appears so."

Minako looked at the empty seat, then back to her friends. "We pinpointed a location and split up to search the area." Makoto said. "That was the night Luna..." Minako nodded. "She was able to find out that he knows the senshi lost their power and got it back to transform one last time to defeat Mio." Makoto said. "How? No one knows except..."

Rei said. "...A shitennou?" Ami said. "Are you sure? Could it be someone wanting us to think it's one of them?" Artemis said. "Then why not disguise as a shitennou? Even then, it wouldn't explain how he knows the senshi lost their power and got it back one last time to battle Mio." Ami asked. "How are we going to deal with this if we don't have power?" Minako said. "Artemis and I spoke to Queen Serenity. She's giving us our power back, permanently. You can use your cellphones again to change outfits."

Standing, they each said their transformation phrase and transformed. Sailor Jupiter looked down. "I never thought I'd transform again. I never thought I'd have to fight again." Sailor Mercury said. "None of us did." Looking at the pink seat, she said. "Should one of us tell her?" Sailor Venus shook her head. "No. Right now, he doesn't know we have our power back. If she were to find out, she'll go over there and confront them. We'd risk dealing with Princess Sailor Moon." Artemis nodded. "Let's keep this within this room." They nodded, de-transformed, and sat back down.

Makoto asked. "What do we need to do?" Minako said. "We're going on vacation in a week. It was planned to get away from everything for a while, but now it will help us figure out who is behind this." Artemis said. "I will stay and monitor things from here. You will need to be careful discussing this. I will check in with Minako every night and get an update from her."

Ami shook her head. "That will raise suspicion. If the killer is a shitennou, he will know Minako and Artemis tend to take the lead on these things. He might even watch her to see if she communicates with Artemis. I suggest the first night, no one checks in unless something happens. After that, we alternate who checks in to give him an update."

Makoto said. "I like it, but what order do we check in?" Rei said. "Since it's risky to discuss this, what if we each text Artemis an update every night?" Artemis nodded. "That will be easier, then each one of you can update when you can. Each one of you will monitor a shitennou."

Minako said. "I will watch Zoisite." Rei said. "I will investigate Jadeite." Ami said. "I guess I can keep an eye on Nephrite." Makoto said. "That leaves me to watch Kunzite. Okay, what about sleeping arrangements?"

Minako said. "Let's try to get a room close to the shitennou we're supposed to be monitoring. If not, then we need to at least keep them from being clustered together." Artemis said. "Do not do anything out of the ordinary. I know it will be difficult, but please refrain from confronting them." Minako said. "We cannot assume anything. All four are suspects." Rei said. "I tried to access the police report, but they told me it was sealed." Ami said. "Mamoru probably didn't want Usagi to know the details." Rei said. "If that were the case, then he would know the details of her death. Mamoru knows nothing. It was you, wasn't it? Minako, you had the file sealed."

Minako sighed. "Yes. Luna had called me to say she found the person. While we were on the phone, the person found her. She dropped the phone when she ran into him. The connection stayed, so I was able to hear what was happening. Luna loudly asked how he could teleport. The man said some things that narrowed our suspects down to the shitennou. That is how Luna got the information to us."

Ami asked. "Minako, why didn't you tell us?" She replied. "How would you have handled the shitennou being at the funeral?" Makoto said. "I wouldn't have wanted to see them." Minako said. "Exactly. Then Usagi would have found out a shitennou murdered Luna. He didn't hesitate to kill her, we need to assume he won't hesitate to kill Usagi or any of us." They nodded.

Makoto slammed her hands on the table and stood. "Let's catch this bastard."

The clock said 1:30am. He pulled the cover over his head and tried to sleep. After a few minutes, he tossed the covers aside. The beast was begging to be released. He got out of bed and dressed. He teleported to a spot near the Crown Karaoke.

Looking around, he saw someone looking just like her. Upon carefully getting closer, he discovered it was her. He wondered what she was doing out at this hour. As much as he wanted to end her right then and there, he couldn't. They were going on a week long vacation and she couldn't die before then.

So, he searched for someone else.