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Day 5 part 1

Minako wasn't sure how long he expected her to be out, but she tried to figure out as much as she could before letting him know she was awake. She knew once she "woke up" there would be very little time to assess her surroundings. Either he was staying with her or he was teleporting in and out of the room. She never heard a door.

When she felt him get in the bed with her, she knew time was up. Slowly opening her eyes, it shocked her to see him shirtless. "Minako, sweetheart. You're awake. I was beginning to worry." He brushed the bangs out of her eyes, smiling. "You're so beautiful." He tried feigning he had been there all night, but she knew he had only been there a few seconds. Looking away, she saw a clock on the nightstand. 2:30 AM. Zoisite wouldn't have laid a hand on her except to move her. He wasn't interested in intimacy and if he ever was… it would be Endymion he loved, not her. However, if the man who avoided intimacy like the plague wanted to play this game, then so be it. She can play too.

Looking back at him, Minako whispered. "Zoisite…" He leaned closer. She slowly sat up. "I…" Carefully placing her hands on his chest, she felt him tense as she gently pushed him until he was lying on his back. She leaned forward, whispering in his ear as she straddled him. "I want you."

Anger burned in his eyes. "GET OFF!" He shoved her off the bed, breathing heavily.

Minako fumbled as she got up. "I'm sorry. I thought…" She ran out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Pulling her phone out of her back pocket, she smirked. He couldn't even bother to take her phone away. Quickly finding a place to hide, she knew Zoisite would find her, but she needed enough time to text Artemis.

"It's Zoi. Knocked Rei and I unconscious. Don't know where I am or where Rei is."

She looked around, waiting for Zoisite to appear. He didn't know they had their powers back. Unless Rei has woken up and confronted him. She wasn't sure. Had he found out? She had to be careful. If he did, then she should transform. If he didn't, then she could catch him by surprise. Then her phone vibrated.

"Rei is fine. Are you okay?"

Relieved Rei was safe, she replied. "Yes. What is the plan now?" She waited for a response while keeping an eye out for Zoisite. A few minutes later, the cat replied.

"As far as we know, he doesn't know the senshi have their powers back. We're working on a plan to get you out of there and to confront him. I already have your location from your phone's gps. Just try to stay alive until we can get there."

She replied. "Will do." Pocketing the phone, she carefully left her hiding spot to find a new one and hopefully figure out where he had taken her. Even though Artemis said they were on their way, she didn't like sitting around waiting. As she quietly searched the place, she passed by a grandfather clock. Looking at it, she noticed it was 3 AM. Had it really been thirty minutes? The clock seemed familiar. Looking around, she saw a table with a chessboard ready for the next game. Then she knew where she was. Kunzite's house. She had only been there twice, but she remembered when he had the blueprints drawn up. There was a secret passage… in the bedroom she had been in.

As far as she knew, Zoisite was still in there. She needed to get him out. Mamoru knew about the secret passage, and he'd probably suggest using it. Going back to the bedroom, she knocked. "Zoisite?" Slowly opening the door, she saw him sitting on the bed. She walked in, stopping near the dresser that was against the wall.

He looked up at her. "Minako, I'm sorry for pushing you. I don't know what came over me. Will you forgive me?" She leaned against the dresser, pretending to consider forgiving him. He stood, walking to her. "Please?"

Sighing, she faced the dresser, using the full sized mirror on it to keep an eye on him. "Why should I?" All she had to do was get him out of the room and buy time until everyone arrives. However, he moved swiftly and grabbed her. Minako looked at their reflection in the mirror as he held a knife to her. "Why are you doing this? Why did you kill Luna?"

Zoisite used the knife to brush her bangs aside. "She stuck her nose where it didn't belong." The blade trailed down her face, then followed her jaw line. He placed it against her throat. "Some people don't know how to mind their own business." Making eye contact, he smiled as he pulled the knife down to her shoulder, then further down, slowly moving it just above her chest. "Each one produced a unique sound. A melody so precious, they used their last breath to make it. They were so desperate for someone to hear their music."

The reflection of the clock on the nightstand caught her eye. 3:30 AM. The senshi should have been there by now. He didn't have a tight hold on her and his right arm was around her shoulders. Since her phone was in her right pocket, she eased her hand around to get the phone. She needed to call Artemis. Something wasn't right. Slipping the phone out of her pocket, she brought her hand back around. He had closed his eyes while he talked. Glancing down, she pressed the speed dial for Artemis.

Looking back up, she saw Zoisite's eyes open as a phone rang. Smirking, he pulled his phone out of his pocket. Her eyes widened as he chuckled. "You thought I didn't touch your phone?"

Minako was stunned. "So that was you I was texting?"

Nodding, he said. "Didn't you question why I didn't chase you?"

Sighing, she said. "I thought you were toying with me. How did you know I would contact Artemis? I could have contacted someone else."

Zoisite shook his head. "You think I only changed his number to mine? I changed them all. Go ahead. Try calling them." She didn't try calling anyone. Her phone was on, and Artemis would ping its location. Eventually they will be there. He tilted his head. "No? Okay, then. Now where were we? Oh yes…" She flinched as he plunged the knife down her shirt, cutting it, but managing to not cut her. She glared at him as he chuckled, watching her partially torn shirt fall open. He nuzzled her neck, then rested his chin on her shoulder. "So perky."

She blushed. He chuckled as he pulled the blade of the knife to her side and down to her waist. He smiled as he looked up, making eye contact with her while he slowly pressed the knife into her side. "What will your music sound like? I want to hear your melody. Sing for me." Zoisite stood straight, no longer resting his chin on her shoulder.

Minako bit her lip, refusing to give him the pleasure of hearing her scream. Tears stung her eyes as the knife went deeper. Looking down, she clenched her fists, whispering.


Zoisite chuckled as he pushed the knife a little deeper.


He stopped chuckling and leaned in. "What?"

Minako jerked her head up, head-butting Zoisite as she shouted "MAKE-UP!" He released her, staggering backwards, blinded by the light. Sailor Venus readied her love-me chain. "You didn't answer my first question, Zoisite. Why are you doing this?"

He sneered as he wiped the blood from his nose. "This world is rotten and those who are making it rot deserve to die."

Sailor Venus shook her head. "You are not God."

Zoisite chuckled. "It's divine judgment."

She scoffed. "Divine judgment? This isn't divine judgment. It's the work of some childish killer who's playing at divine retribution. That's all."

Zoisite said. "Can't you see? I'm making the world a better place." Smirking, he continued. "Don't you want to know why I chose you?"

Shaking her head, she asked. "Are you trying to make me feel special?"

Zoisite stepped toward her. "Well, I didn't get physical with the others." Glaring, she swung her love-me chain. He disappeared and reappeared behind her. "Now Venus…" Grabbing her hair, he yanked her head back and spoke in her ear. "...Goodnight." He slammed her face in the dresser and watched as she crumpled to the floor, unconscious. Frowning at how easily she went down, he watched her lose her transformation. He shouldn't have gone that far, but she had transformed. Now that she was back to her civilian form, he quickly got the rope he stashed there earlier. He tied her hands behind her back, and then tied her feet. Since she could transform by shouting a phrase, he taped her mouth shut.

Stepping back, he crossed his arms. He wanted her awake. He wanted to hear her scream. Deciding to wait for her to wake up, he went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. He made a sandwich and sat at the table, thinking of how to make her suffer and how beautiful her screams would be. Time passed as he got lost in his fantasies.

He looked at the clock. 4 AM "Tch" He returned to the bedroom, annoyed to see she was still unconscious. He couldn't wait any longer. Zoisite knew Rei would have woken up hours ago. Maybe she fried Jadeite out of anger before realizing he's innocent, but they had to be looking for Minako by now. He approached her as he pulled out a knife. "Time to wake up."