Night started taking over the light from the sun slowly decreasing. The Winchesters drove in silence. Rick sat at the back also silent replaying the conversation over and over.

The conversation back at the ship did traumatized him because it felt unreal sitting in this car felt unreal everything in this world felt unreal it was too perfect.

Ok it wasn't perfect for the Winchesters but a world without the dead walking the earth, that's paradise in Rick's opinion.

The conversation started when the youngest out of the brothers Sam said these two words.


"I'm sorry"

Rick goes puzzled .Why is he apologizing? Has something bad happened?. Dean the older brother helps Rick up. He stumbles but Dean catches him.

"Take it easy." Dean says to him.

Rick gestures Dean to get off him. He quickly looks round. He frowns.

"Where are we? " he asks.

"On a ship." Dean answers.

"On a ship? How did we get on a ship? And where is he where's Negan? "

Dean glances at his brother. Sam sighs looks like his doing the explaining.

"Rick something happened back at the house with Jack."

Rick did remember that Jack was trying to do something he didn't know what though but he also remembered getting knocked out after confronting Negan. The last thing he heard before blacking out was Dean shouting cover your eyes. Now his woken on an abandoned ship.

"What did the kid do?" Rick asks his arms folded.

"Remember we told you about rifts." Sam says.

Rick nods.

"Yes I remember you mentioning it."

"Well...that's what Jack was doing. He was opening the rift. The rift to take me, Dean and mom home. "

"Why was he doing it? That's bad timing."

"Because after what he did to Negan, he wanted to get away because now everyone knew what he was."

Rick nods slightly.

"Ok I see his point...but why are we on a ship?"

"Opening the rift didn't go to plan." Dean answers.

"What do you mean?"

"Jack he did open the rift but...He and mom never made it through." Sam says.

"What about you two?" The Winchesters waited for Rick to figure it out. Rick's eyes widen " No"


"No. I haven't jumped into another world."

"You didn't you got blasted we all did." Dean says.

"Why isn't your mom, Jack, Negan why are they are not here?"

"Like I said not everyone made it through the blast only sent some of us through." Sam says.

Rick looked like he was going to stumble back again with shock. Dean goes by his side.

"I know it's a lot to take in." Dean says.


"Rick don't panic." Sam says.

"Carl is going to wonder where I am, Michonne is going to worry, Alexandria is now left with no leader. Negan is still there...I'm not there to stop him. "

"Jack will." Sam says. "Hilltop, The Kingdom. They will fight to stop him."

" But Alexandria need me. I have to go back. Take me back. "

"We can't...not yet anyway."

" But we're running out of time. "

"Me and Dean we're gonna find a way to get back because we wanna go back as well to rescue mom and Jack. "

"But if you wanna go back you have to stick with us." Dean says.

"Then what while you two are trying to find a way back, I'll be doing nothing. Alexandria might be in a war but I will be doing nothing to help them. I'm useless now."

"No you are not useless. You can help, you can help us. The more help we get the more chance we have on getting back to your world." Sam says.

"What can I do? I don't do what you do. I don't hunt down monsters, angels, demons."

"As long as you are with us. You will be fine .We won't let anything happen to you." Dean says. "But first." He glances through the window "We gotta go back to the bunker."

Rick's furrows his eyebrows

"The where?"

"The bunker. That's where we live." Sam answers.

Rick still looked uneasy. Dean places his hand on Rick's shoulder and gives him an ensuring look.

"All you need to do is stay with us."

So that's what Rick has to do stay with them. Part of him felt relieved that he wasn't in this world alone. At least he had people he knew. People that sworn they were going to do everything they can to get the rift open.

After the long, intense journey, the Impala stopped.

"We're here." Dean says.

The Winchesters get out. Rick remained put. He was weary going to places that he has never seen or been before. Sam opens door. Rick looks up at him and sighs heavily.

"Come on Rick. You can't sit in the car all night." Sam says with a chuckle hoping to try to brighten up the situation.

Rick raises his eyebrow at him and frowns. Sam frowns as well. That failed miserably. Rick gets out of the car and follows the brothers to their home.

"This is where we live." Dean says as he opens the door and walks in.

Rick walks in his eyes going in all directions. The bunker didn't look like any welcoming home, it looked like a place where meetings were held and it looked secretive.

"Why live here? " Rick asks .

"It's a Men of Letters bunker. We are Men of Letters." Sam answers.

"Is that the name of your hunting job?"

"Uh no this is different but we'll explain later at the moment I think we will need a shower." Dean says.

"Rick you wanna go first?" Sam asks.

"Um..." He had to admit he is filthy and his shirt is covered in blood. Maybe he should have a shower. But the brothers needed a shower they looked a mess. "You two go first."

Sam shakes his head.

"No it's ok you go. You need it. Oh and..."

He looks down at Rick's stomach where it was bleeding the most. Rick waves him off .

"It's fine. I'm good."

Both brothers had a look of concern. Rick didn't like it. He didn't like people worrying about him. It is nice to have people looking out for you but not all the time. So Rick decided to have that shower he wanted to get away from the awkward situation.

The Winchesters sat down. Dean folds his arms.

"So now what."

"I...I'm not sure . Dean we just got in."

" I know but we need to get that rift open as soon as possible. "

" We'll research call Cas explain what's happened and hopefully we'll find a way to get mom and Jack back. "


" Like I said back at the ship he can help. "

"That wise Sam?"

"He won't want to do nothing. He wants to get back as much as we do."

"We are putting an innocent life at risk."

" Dean, Rick has survived in a zombie apocalyptic world. If he can survive that I'm sure he can survive this. "

"As long as he doesn't get in the way and mess it all. "

Sam sighs.

"I'm gonna get him some clothes. Hopefully he might for into your clothes."

Rick comes out feeling fresh after having that wash. He sees a flannel shirt and jeans.

They must have brought it in. He thought.

He tries it on. Luckily it fit. He comes out. What a surprise the Winchesters are outside.

"Oh good it fits." Sam says.

"Uh yeah thank you." Rick says..

"You wanna beer or something to eat?" Dean asks.

"Uh I think I'm gonna go and get some rest."

Sam puts on a small smile .

"Good choice. I'll show you the guest room."

Dean goes off to get a beer. Sam led Rick to the guest room. Rick comes in.

"Thank you."

Sam smiles.

"No problem. Are you sure you don't want anything."

" I'm good. "

"Ok well um...sleep well."

Sam closes the door. Rick heard his footsteps going down the hallway. Rick lies on the bed. It felt weird not having Michonne next to him. He felt lost without her company.

Alexandria was still in his mind. It is worrying him a lot.

They must be going frantic. Without me there is no plan. No plan means no fight, no fight means giving the Saviors the chance to fight back. They would take over again or worse kill everyone. I will lose everything. I'll lose my family

He runs his hands down his face.

I don't even want to imagine it. It must be so bad now .

He rolls to his side and closes his eyes and eventually falls asleep.

Its been a few hours since all the communities agreed to going to war against the Saviors. It felt a fresh breath of air has swept across Alexandria. The fear, the worry, the tension. It is all gone and it felt amazing.

King Ezekiel insisted that they should all celebrate the victory they got today. Although Jack wanted to go straight to war, Ezekiel had a point. They have done a lot today and they should celebrate because that was one hell of a fight. So Jack decided to push it out of his mind and planned to focus back on the mission tomorrow.

Jack happily walked down the road smiling at people as he went past them. At least people won't scared of him now. There was a few that were still wary of him but Jack took no notice of it.

Just give them time He thought.

A ball rolls out in front of him. A kid came running out running towards the ball. The kid then paused when his eyes set on the nephilim. The kid went shy and started playing with his hands nervously. Jack looks at the ball.

" Is this yours?" He asks .

The kid nods still looking shy.

Jack picks up the ball and holds it out.

"Here you go." He says with a smile.

The kid takes the ball.

"Thank you." The kid says.

"No problem."

The kid smiles a little then runs off with the ball. Jack went back to his walking. The church got his attention. He remembered reading about the church being a holy place and is known as the house of God.

Jack peered in. It is a room full of chairs and at the front is the cross. Father Gabriel was sitting in one of the chairs praying. Jack didn't want to just walk in. He tapped on the door. Father Gabriel looks round. A smile appears on his face. He raises to his feet and bowed slightly to the priest really had respect for this kid.

"Ah Jack please come in."

Jack came in and looked round.

"This is a church?"

"Yes one of the Lord's homes. One of the most holy places. "

Jack nods.

"So does God come and visit his homes?"

"I suppose you could say that but I believe his everywhere. The Lord watches over us all."

Jack sits down. He is curious to know more about his grandfather.

"So have you ever seen him?"

Father Gabriel sits down and shakes his head.

"No but I believe he gives out signs."

"What kind of signs?"


" Me"

"You have come to save us all. I know it. It's funny before you came along, I prayed to the Lord for luck and well we have our luck. You are our lucky charm Jack. You are our miracle. I have faith that you are gonna help us win this war. "

"But I wasn't sent by God, I came here by mistake."

"Or maybe you came here for a reason. That is reason is you helping us to defeat the Saviors once and for all."

"What were you praying before I interrupted you? "

"I prayed for you and Mary. "

" Why? "

"Although I have faith in you, just in case I prayed that you received good luck and strength to help you fight and rescue Mary. I prayed for Mary to be ok and stay strong. "

"Thank you.

"You don't need to thank me. I the one should be thanking you. " he sighs "I also prayed for Rick. I prayed hoping he will come back to us."

"He will. His with Sam and Dean. They are good people. "

"I know and I believe you. "

"Not everyone has accepted me."

" Jack it has only been a little while .You got to give them time . They will accept you. "

"Even Daryl?"

"Don't worry about him. Trust has never been a thing for him. He just needs time." He then stands up "We are all planning on having a feast. We don't have much but it's better than nothing. You should join us."

"I don't know."

"You should no you must. It would be an honour to have you here Jack." Jack smiles. Father Gabriel smiles back " I'll see you there."

The priest then left the church leaving the nephilim. Jack looked up his hands clasped together. He is going to pray. He wasn't sure if this world had a different God or if he really was everywhere. But God is God.

" don't know if you can hear me but...I have some things to say. I know I'm the son of Lucifer but I don't wanna be like him. I don't wanna know him. Lucifer is bad. Bad is one thing I don't wanna be. I wanna be good. I wanna do good things but when I try, I end up messing it up. All I have done is mess up. I was responsible for Castiel's death...before he came back, Mary getting sent to the other world with my father Lucifer, killing that man when trying to stop the ghoul, open the wrong rift sending the Sam and Dean here, opening the wrong rift again when trying to get Mary home, now when I finally got them all back together to get them home, I open the wrong one again and now Mary is with the Saviors, Sam, Dean and Rick they are probably worrying sick."

Jack blinked back the tears that were starting to form.

"I just can't seem to get it right. Was I suppose to be bad. Am I suppose to be like my father because I'm telling you I don't want that. Although I am helping these people, I'm scared I might mess that up as well. The choices I make, that puts people's lives at risk and that does put pressure on me. One wrong choice someone may get killed. I really want to fight for these people I can't turn my back on them. I do want to take down Negan. I need guidance. I know the priest has already said this to you but I really do need that luck. Not just for me but for everyone. Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom they all need it. Mary she needs it the most, she's been through a lot and I don't want her going through anymore suffering. So please God if you are listening please help us or at least give a sign. Help me be the leader they want me to be. Please..."

"Jack" Jack turns. Carl made his way in. Jack quickly looks away hoping the kid didn't hear anything he said. "You ok?" Carl asks.

"Yes I'm fine."

Carl chuckles slightly.

"You are not a really good liar."

Jack sighs.

"No I'm not."

"Everything is nearly ready for the feast. You should come."

"That's what the priest said."

"You should. You have given us hope. You have given Alexandria a boost of confidence." Jack smiles sadly. Carl frowns "You miss your friends?" Jack nods. "Jack I miss dad I really do but I know his in a safe place and I know his safe with Sam and Dean. Mary we'll get her back. You are helping us so we help you to."

"I'm grateful for that." Jack says "I really am but I'm scared."

Carl went back with surprise. This kid is powerful more powerful than them and yet his the one who's scared.

"You have powers how can you be scared?"

" Having these powers, comes with a lot of responsibility. I always have to make decisions. I'm scared of making the wrong one putting you guys in danger. "

"It's ok if you make mistakes .My dad has made mistakes in the past and me. Everyone makes mistakes that's what it is to be human."

"You really think that?"

"Yes. Now come on I'm starving." Jack stands up. Carl grins causing Jack to smile. They both walk out to join the others.

Negan started pacing up and down the room trying to process everything Mary was telling him. When Mary finished, he pauses and looks at her.

Mary shrugs.

"That's all." She says.

"I felt I just been on some fucking acid trip." Negan says.

"It's the truth."

"That kid is half fucking halo."


"You and your sons are from another planet."


"Michael is from another fucked up world where you and Jack came from."

" Yes"

This sounded crazy. Even higher than Negan's level of crazy. Yet it made sense. They didn't know where any of the boys were and Negan had no idea what to do with Mary. He couldn't let her go she might go and join Rick. He was going to have to keep her here.

"You are staying put." He says to her.

Mary looks at him. She shakes his head.

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not. I need to find my boys "

"I'll happily look for them. Bring them back here with the freak and we'll see how it goes from there." He says with a grin.

Mary stands up.

"I'm not looking for them you stay away from them."

Negan sighs and pushes her on to bed . Mary nearly went off the bed by the force of his push.

"Stay put" he hisses.

Before Mary can answer, Negan goes out and orders two Saviors to guard the door.

"Why don't you just kill her." One of the Saviors says.

Negan narrows his eyes at him giving him a glare. He then turns and walks down the hallway.

"Everyone is relieved to see you back boss." Simon says with a smile.

Dwight folds his arms.

Not everyone Simon he thought.

"You all decided to leave me." Negan says his bat now inches away from Simon's face.

"We had no choice. I tried to look for you but it was too smokey and our men were getting killed. That's why I did the order to retreat."

"We were just trying to do the right thing." Dwight says.

Negan shifts his eyes at Eugene who so far hasn't said a word.

"How did she die?" Negan asks him.

"Sasha. It must have been suffocation boss. She was in there for a while must have run out of oxygen. " Eugene answers.

However that was not true. Before they all left, Eugene gave Sasha pills, water and a MP3 player. He played a part in her death. She killed herself to help her people and Eugene had a part in that. Negan could never find out by that. If Negan found out, Eugene would get killed. It would definitely be a painful death.

Negan furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't look convinced. Eugene remained straight-faced. Dwight steps in between them.

"Um everyone wants to know what you are doing about the other communities."

Negan focuses back to Dwight.

"Get everyone together. I'll tell you what we are doing."

Later on everyone was gathered outside the Sanctuary. Negan ordered the two Saviors who were guarding the door to go as well. He went in and took Mary out with him. Mary didn't bother to fight back. She knew she had no chance not with all his people with their eyes on her.

Negan goes out on to the baloney with Mary by his side. Dwight, Simon and Eugene stood behind. Mary glances at Dwight. Dwight quickly looks away. He couldn't look at her. If he looked at her then he would start feeling bad and guilty. Mary frowns and looks back at the crowd.

Although Mary's story was still going on his mind, Negan had other things to worry about. He steps forward and raises his bat. The atmosphere is quiet. All eyes went up as their leader made his presence known.

Negan clears his throat and puts on a grin.


Everyone began cheering. Negan raises both of his arms enjoying the cheers he was receiving. Eugene had his head down. Dwight remained silent. Simon joined in clapping to his leader.

Mary's eyes widen.

War. If Sam, Dean and Jack are still here .They will be dragged into it. I need to find them. I need to find them as soon as possible.