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Ketch decided to not go after Dean. The Englishman knew the hunter will not go far. He wouldn't leave his mom and the nephilim behind. Also they are on a time limit Dean is going to have to come back soon otherwise they will be trapped. Ketch did not want to stay in this God forsaken place any longer. In the meantime Ketch had to find something to do.

He can't talk to Mary. He would more likely be punched in the face. As much as Ketch enjoyed her feisty side he really didn't want go back home with a black eye.

Jack, Ketch didn't feel comfortable to talk to him at the moment. Let's just say the nephilim's warning has made feel Ketch uneasy.

Ketch could talk to the civilians, get an idea on what this place is about but after meeting Daryl Ketch was reluctant to approach these people. If they are all crazy like Daryl then honestly Ketch would rather stay away.

The Englishman then thought about Rick. He didn't seem so bad. From what Ketch has seen the Alexandrian leader appeared to be the most sane and the most approachable out of them all. Maybe Ketch should stick with him until Dean gets back.

It's not that Ketch is scared oh no he just wanted some company it's not good to be alone in these types of places..especially a place where the dead walk the Earth.

As Ketch goes towards the Alexandrian leader he is suddenly pulled to the side.

The Englishman turns round and sighs.

"It's you."

Daryl narrows his eyes at him.

"What are you doing?"

"You know if you wanted to talk you could have just asked." Ketch again sighed. Daryl circles the Englishman like a predator circling his prey. Ketch started to become annoyed by the other man's behavior. "You heard the boy." Ketch nods in the nephilim's direction. "I am not going to cause any trouble." When Daryl continued glaring at him Ketch places his hand on his chest and raises his other hand in the air. "I swear I will be on my best behavior. Scouts honor."

Daryl ignores him and looks round. His suspicion quickly turns into confusion. He looks back at the Englishman.

"Where's the other one?"

"Who Dean? He went for a walk he needed to clear his head."

"Uh huh." Daryl went back to looking over the crowd. He couldn't see no sign of the hunter anywhere. "Where exactly did he go?"


Daryl spun round. Fury flashed across his eyes.

"You let him go out?"

"I couldn't stop him. The Winchesters are stubborn. You can't talk them out of anything."

Daryl runs his hands through his hair and sighs with frustration.

"Does he wanna get killed? "

"He will be fine." Ketch assured him. "Dean is a hunter he knows what he is doing he can take care of himself. I wouldn't worry about him."

" Why the fuck did he go out there in the first place? " Ketch went blank. Daryl saw through the Englishman's mask. He goes up to Ketch's face. "You know something."

He clenched his fist looking like he is ready to attack. Ketch notices and does a 'Really look'.

"Does every conversation with you have to involve violence."

"Answer the question!"

"You want to know what happened? Ask them."

Daryl follows Ketch's line of sight. He then frowns.


Daryl looks back round.

Ketch is gone.

Daryl stares at the spot where the Englishman stood just a second go.

How did he...What the fuck?

Daryl scans the crowd. He couldn't find the Former Men of Letters anywhere.

"Fuck." He cursed.

He then spots Rick coming towards him. The Alexandrian leader had his hands on his hips and he looked worried.

"Something wrong?" Rick asks.

"Dean left."

"He's gone back already?"

"He left the Brit here."


"And Mary and Jack. I think something happened. The Brit said Dean went off to clear his head."

"That doesn't sound good."

Rick grits his teeth and looks at the gate.

"You want me to go?" Daryl asks.

"He can take care of himself." Rick sighs. "But..."

"I get it." Daryl nodded "New world he will not know where the fuck he is going. He will get lost out there. I'll go and look for him."

Rick smiles.


"I better get a story out of this." Daryl smiles. "Your trip to their world."

"Oh. Well there is a time I fought against a Goddess."

The smile immediately fades from Daryl's face.


"I'll tell you about it later. First find Dean." Daryl scoffs at the order. Rick frowns at his response. "What?"

Daryl chuckles.

"It's like you never left."

Rick laughs and claps his friend's on the back.

"See you later." Rick nods to him.

Daryl nods back. Then he walks off.

Suddenly arms wrap around the Alexandrian leader. Rick chuckles and grasps on to her hand. He brings her hand up to his lips and kisses it. She laughs. The sound of her laughter warms his heart. He turns round and cups her cheek.

"Somebody is getting clingy." He teased.

" I'm not clingy. " Michonne teased. "You're the one that's been away."

"So it's my fault huh."

Michonne pressed her body against his.

"Say now that everyone is busy should we..." Her eyes roam over his body. Her lips form into a devilish smirk. "I mean it has been a while."

Rick wanted to say yes. He really did. The thought of Dean out there alone and the possibility that something bad has happened between the Winchesters and Jack worried the Alexandrian leader.

He let out a sigh.

"Now is not a good time."

"Not even a quick one?"

Her hot breath hits his neck. He let out a groan as she leans on to his chest. She looks up at him with wide, pleading eyes.

How can he say no to that face?

Dean will be fine. Rick assured himself Once Daryl brings him back we'll question him and the others. Find out what happened. For now...

He looks down at Michonne and smiles.

"Alright." He wraps his arm around her waist. "A quick one it is." The couple walk towards their house. "Carl!" Rick yelled. "Watch over your sister. Me and Michonne have important business to attend to."

"There is a meeting?" Jack asks looking concerned. "Is it about the Saviors?"

"It's not that kind of meeting." Carl smirked.

Carl looks at the house and sees Michonne getting Rick through the door. She gasps as he reaches out and pulls her in. The door then slams shut behind them.

"What type of meeting is it?" Jack frowned.

"Umm... Best to not discuss it in front of Judith." He goes down and lifts her up. "It's eighteen plus."

"Oh." Jack smiles being completely oblivious to what Carl is referring to. "Ok."

"They are having sex." Tara shouted out as she walked past them.

Carl nearly drops his sister in shock. He glares at Tara. She gives him a shrug.

"What? We can't talk about it in front of halo boy. I thought God encouraged it. You know to...procreate."

"There is a child present Tara."

"Using the kid as an excuse." Tara chuckled. "You are too embarrassed to talk about it."


Carl's pink blushed cheeks told the opposite.

"What's wrong with talking about sex? It's a natural thing. My mom had sex with my dad to..."

"Ok." Carl cuts Jack off. "Ok...Come on Judy." He walks towards the house with Judith in his arms. He pauses halfway remembering what is currently happening in the house. He quickly spins round. "Um... Actually let's go and play."

He quickly walks off eagerly wanting to get away from everyone.

"Did I do something wrong?" Jack asks.

Tara shakes her head.


She grins and claps him on the back.

"You did good."

Dwight watched as everyone started loading the vehicles up with weapons. A few people push a box on to the back of the truck. The Savior had to close his eyes at the sight. Negan kept walkers locked up in case he ever needed them. Now he did need them. Knowing that the Saviors planned to release death into the community scared the Hell out of Dwight.

Negan joins the Savior's side. He grins and surveys the scene in front of him.

"It's finally happening." His grin widens. "We are gonna burn Alexandria to the ground." He looks at his companion. "You excited?"

"I just can't wait for this to be all over." Dwight sighed.

"You and me both." Negan agreed. "We'll get them to comply. When they see their loved ones die they will blame themselves. We will forever remind them that it is their fault. They wanted a war this is the consequences."

He puts his arm around Dwight and turns him round. They both walk inside. Negan glanced over his shoulder making sure no one is following them.

"You remember your job?"

"I do.' Dwight answered. "Get blondie, bring her back here, keep her safe."

"I have faith in you." He places his hand on Dwight's shoulder. "That you will bring her back in one piece. If she is hurt...or dead." He leans forward. His bat ends up being inches away from Dwight's face. "You..." He looks at Dwight's damaged side. "You will have no face left."

Dwight quickly nods.

"Ye...Yes sir. I understand. I will protect her." Negan straightened up. Dwight caught the slight hiss that escaped Negan's lips. " Sir, I don't think it's a good idea for you to go. You are still hurt. Maybe you should rest up and let us handle it. "

The Savior shuts up when Negan glares at him.

"You don't tell me what to do."

"I'm not. I'm trying to help you."

" I don't need your fucking help. " Negan hissed. "I'm not staying behind. I have to be there."

I have to see her.

Negan didn't say it out loud. Dwight knew the main reason is Mary. His boss wants to see Mary. Negan has struggled. His need to see Mary got stronger by the day. Being away from her this long it hurt him. It was like a piece of him was missing. She is the piece that would make him whole again.

"She will affect your judgement." Dwight says. The Savior knew he should shut up right now Mary is a touchy subject. To his surprise he continued. "Sir whatever this is you have with Mary it's not normal. Her husband wore your damm face I mean..." Dwight had a thought. "What if this is supernatural related."

"Excuse me?"

"Some weird soulmates."

"Soulmates?" Negan snorted. "You believe in that bullshit?"

"Angels are real." He looks up at the ceiling. "Heaven is real. You only got to look at Jack. The boy can do some serious shit."

"Yes yes yes but soulmates. " The Savior leader looked amused. "So what Cupid been flying around in his fucking diaper shooting his arrows?"

"I..." Dwight sighs. "I don't know. I just thought maybe the connection she had with him might have passed on to you given that you um are his Doppelganger." Negan's eyebrows immediately shot up in surprise. Dwight shakes his head. "Forget it. Forget I ever mentioned it. It sounds stupid I know." Negan narrowed his eyes at him. Dwight started to look uncomfortable. "I'm gonna...I'm just gonna..." He clears his throat. "Excuse me."

Negan reaches out and grips Dwight's arm. Dwight looks at him. Negan noticed a hint of worry on the other man's face. The Savior leader lowers his voice so no one can hear him.

"You are gonna stop with these fucking fairy tales and get your head back in the real world. What I have with Mary is none of your fucking business. If this so-called bond was real then I'm pretty damm sure she would be here by now having her hands all over me." He taps his bat. "Lucille is my true love. That's never gonna change. Don't you dare question my relationships again. Do you understand?"

"I understand. It won't happen again." Dwight lowered his eyes. "I'm sorry."

The familiar smirk is back on Negan's face.

"Get out of here." He ordered. "And get ready. We're moving out."

"Got it boss."

The smirk drops as soon as Dwight went to help the others. Negan looks at his bat and frowns.


Was that really a thing? Is it fate that brought him and Mary together? Has her relationship with John transferred to him? Does that mean these feelings he has for Mary are not his own?

Am I cursed? He thought to himself.

That could explain the sudden feelings for her.

He twists the bat in his hand. If Dwight is right and this is some cruel trick from Cupid, God or some other fucker from Heaven then Negan needed to show them whose boss. To do that he needed to kill Mary.

He thought back to the moment before everything went haywire. The moment he had his gun on Mary. If he did shoot her he would have regretted it. If he uses Lucille on her...

"Kill me!"

Negan frowns and looks down.

Mary is on her knees in front of him. She looks at him with hatred in her eyes. Negan's face screws up in confusion.


"Kill me!" She repeated. "Give it your best shot you bastard."

What the fuck?

When he looks round he sees that the everyone is here. The Alexandrians are in a circle and they are on their knees. The scene brought Negan back to the night when he killed Glenn and Abraham.

Only difference is Rick is missing and Jack has taken his place. When Negan looked at the young nephilim he nearly went back in shock.

The kid is splayed out on the ground. His face is beyond recognition. His eye is hanging out of its socket, his face is covered in blood, his nose is broken and his mouth hung open. His skull is crushed and bones stuck out.

The scariest thing out of it all is the kid is alive.

Jack turns his head towards the Savior leader. He twitched and coughed. Blood splat out of his mouth. The blood lands on Negan's boots. Negan grimaced at the sight. Jack's good eye flickers gold. Negan cringed when he heard the nephilim's bones sliding back into place.

Jack raises his twisted finger.


The finger snaps back into its original position.

Negan takes a cautious step back as the nephilim slowly rises off the ground. Jack's shoulder snaps back into place followed by his arm. The kid cups his eyeball and he pushes it back into the socket.

Negan froze when Jack faces him. His brain is exposed and his skin is hanging off his face. Jack smiles. The smile is twisted and quite terrifying on his disfigured face.

Negan turns away not wanting to see this freak of nature. He finds Mary standing next to him. She reaches out and removes Lucille from his grip. She runs her fingers along his bat.

"You can't kill me." Mary meets his eyes. "You can't live without me. You need me. We belong together."

She tosses his bat to the side. He pulls her in and wraps his arms around her waist. Suddenly everything else didn't matter. Having Mary in his arms it felt so right. They really did belong together. He tucks a stray of her hair behind her ear. She smiles. The hatred she showed towards him is gone. He smiles back. He leans forward ready to kiss her.

Suddenly the huntress is gone and Jack is standing in front of him. His face is still disfigured and his eyes are wild.

Negan stumbles back in shock. His eyes widen with horror.


"You lost Negan." Jack raises his hand. His eyes glow and he grins showing his bloodied teeth. " I win. "

Gold light shoots out of the nephillim's hand. The blast hits Negan in the chest.

The Savior leader screams as the bright, burning light consumes him.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Simon yelled.

The Saviors crowd around their leader as he tossed and turned on the ground. The Savior leader screams and clutches on to his chest. Tears roll down his cheeks.

Dr Carson kneels down and checks Negan's over.

"What the fuck is wrong with him?" Simon asked.

"Heart rate increasing. Blood pressure going up." Dr Carson turns to the other Savior. "I think he is experiencing side effects from the meds. Most likely hallucinations. I did warn him to take it easy." He shakes his head. "He wanted to get better."

Simon cursed.

"Get him up." Regina ordered.

The Saviors help Negan up to his feet. As they are doing that Dwight quickly goes round the corner.

Dwight had no idea what happened. One minute Negan is up and talking then the next minute he is on the ground having some sort of panic attack.

Dwight didn't care. Now that everyone is distracted he can finally do what needed to be done.

Don't screw this up.

He puts his hands together and he closes his eyes.

Jack. I have something important to tell you.

He waits a few moments. Then a voice comes through.


Dwight laughs. He actually laughs. He finally made contact. There is still a chance this can be stopped.

Jack. Negan...

"What about him?"

He's...He's alive.