Right before their eyes, the world changed, no it should be said that one world was replaced by another, Akihabara the new home of the adventurers from the Japanese servers traveled with them. Just like the last time people were confused and calls for help were sent out, except this time the adventurers had already done this play before, so they set out to keep order among the people of the land that had traveled with them.

Combat guilds went out to find the villages and towns that were scattered, an endless field of white snow and from everything they had seen the only food was that, that traveled with them and that meant fighting monsters. The magical properties of the forest-fields-dungeons- ruined city's and few castles fended of the snow, yet even the magic of these lads seemed to struggle against it, it was almost as if something magical was present in the snow itself.

Soon one by one village's and small towns began to send word asking for help, they needed a place to stay or help travel to one of the kingdoms. It was mostly people asking for help moving- requesting food-medicine-warm clothing and some form of safety, nothing too extreme but nothing that could be produced in a short amount of time, so like it or not the safest place was with them the adventurers, the kingdoms were too far to get the people there and that left the city receiving a flood of refugees.

Word began to spread apparently it wasn't just the Japanese servers that were transported so were a couple of other servers, but how many weren't really known. Still regardless if they were a kingdom or adventurers city everyone was concentrating on getting things in order, feeding-clothing-maintaining the peace-taking in orphans and helping whatever sick and injured they could.

This meant there was little time to explore their new surroundings, so like it or not every adventurer was an asset that was needed to be put in action regardless of level, they were forced to fight off monsters and the occasional wild animal, that would become food for everyone.

Several things were found during this time, one the city's still had both running water and gas for heat, their powers and abilities still worked but they were heavily restrained like if something was holding them back. As things stood the only maps that could be relied on were those made by the guild teams and the hunters that set out to catch whatever they could, all in all, it really wasn't that bad of a situation.

The maps needed to be remade and spread around they needed to be something of a mixture the old Elder Tails maps and whatever this worlds lands were called. So just like that months would be passed fixing whatever buildings that could be repaired and putting people in letting them find shelter from the cold. Slowly a sense of normality began to set in, unfortunately, every adventurer and royal knew that it couldn't last, this feeling of normality would soon pass,crops couldn't last in this cold weather andthey all wondered when spring would come.


On a large mansion, a meeting was being held, several guild leaders along with the representatives which the villagers and towns agreed to represent them, the reason was what could be done this situation.

However the mood within the room could only be called mixed, for all of their legendary tales the adventurer were still just regular people and didn't really know how to deal with everything at once, admittedly even the situation did mirror what happened to them before.

The last time, they only had to worry about other players, now they had to worry about the people that looked to them for leadership and guidance. To the people, the adventurers were the heroes of their ancient stories passed down thru generations, a living memory, impenetrable forces that did not know of death, for if an adventurer were to die, the adventurer would simply come back to life.

The people themselves looked to them for teachings in acquiring new ways of making delicious food-learning how to build machinery and learn new things they never imagined possible.

The adventurers for their part stayed largely separated from the people only using their skills to make certain magical items when they reached the necessary level, in allhonesty, the items could still be made, but now it was more difficult.

So far the meeting simply discussed housing-employment and the food supply, all of which was being taken care of by the adventurers and the people, the combat guilds would go around dealing with any random monster, they also acted as peacekeepers, while the food supply and employment was handled by the merchants-hunters and engineering guilds and people of the land.

So far from what they head the nearby kingdoms had been doing the same thing but using their knights to maintain the peace, however, they wanted to strengthen trade relations and some lords had already tried to get an adventurer with some sort of recognition by a guild to marry their daughter\son.

This was a problem considering that the adventurers didn't have kings or queens, they were simply together because they wanted to, adventurers were free, this means that if an adventurer wanted to go off on his own and spend his life in the wilderness he was free to do so, this also meant that f that same adventurer wanted to start a business-start his own guild and so on, there was nothing stopping him from doing so.

Finally the last thing discussed were the new monsters encountered, unlike the goblin-trolls-dragons living plants and more that had come from the world of Elder Tails, giant wolves-a kind of mammoth- several types of giant elk-deer and other kinds of animals had been encountered here these monsters didn't simply vanish, like the ones from elder tails, no they were simply overly aggressive animals.

Three new kinds of dangerous monsters were found however giants, these were actually the friendliest of them all, the only thing people had to do was get out of their way and the giants were more than happy to leave them alone.

The second was a type of zombie that only died when set on fire or took a significant amount of damage, these were dangerous because even if you dismantled the body the thing still kept attacking, add to the fact that they attacked in large numbers and they became a major threat. If one added the fact that anything living could become one of these things, then the threat level increased to an extent that if one was found, an extermination force should be sent to deal with them before they became a real danger, to the city's\kingdoms.

D.D.D. one of the main high-level combat guilds had to whip out an entire army of them, their members all died several times before they managed to wipe out the zombie horde.

The last monster was a kind of demon or perhaps an upper-level ice monster, this creature looks human but was made of ice, had deep blue eyes that bore into your soul when it looked at you, could control large number of zombies, they had an ice touch that froz a person simply by hitting them and any fire unless it was high enough level would be put out by the creature simply being near it.

According to the Black Sword Knights, another high-level combat guild, o low-level adventurer should even try to fight these things, they had taken on four of them and the end result was the entire terrain had become a mixture of rubble-ice pillars and lava that was still burning. The stories told by the refugee group supported their claim.

Still with everything that needed to be discussed said, they all went their separate ways, unknown them however several eyes filled with fear saw their city and were both horrified and amazed.

What they had found were the stories of those that came before, cats -lions-tiger-dogs-wolves- all of which wore armor walked on two legs and talked in the language of man, the ancient Beastmen.

With them were short people with large guts-heavy bears and wore armor that seemed t be to be made of the strongest material imaginable Dwarfs, with them were creatures that looked like men but had extremely pointed ears and were both taller and thinner than any human, they could only be Elves.

However what shocked them all, even more, was the sight of both regular people and strange creatures they had only heard in stories and songs all living together in one place.

Within moments each pair of eyes set out to tell their leaders, however little did they know that they themselves were being watched by the adventurer\knights, who were scouting the surrounding areas.


The beginning
It is said that when one believes that nothing in life could ever change and that things are always the same, that same person soon finds himself looking around and realizing that everything around him has changed without him realizing it.

They all had heard the stories from their youth, beast men warriors that were part animal and part men, those who waged war with the first men, creatures that could see in the dark-breath fire-were faster than any man and their strength was something else entirely.

The Elves the people of the woods thatwaged an endless war with the Children of the Forest, for the Eves hated the Children's practice of blood sacrifice to the trees and the ever creative Dwarfs who dug into mountains and created large cities that spanned miles both underground and inside the mountains themselves.

It is said that if a man could get a Dwarf to forge a single sword or an armor that armor would rival the very scales of the dragons themselves and that the sword could rival or even surpass that of Valyrian steel.

But those were just stories, so when the Rangers returned saying that they had found an entire city full of them, understandably no one believes them, however, the Rangers were followed not by man but by beast.

Several Griffins had followed the rangers and set themselves right at home at the very top of the wall, they didn't attack or even show any hostility no they simply found a spot and laid down. Stl to see something that shouldn't exist right before your very eyes, still, he refused to believe not because of the lack of evidence but rather of the sheer implications, if they had returned and if they had their numbers restored, then the Night Watch as it was could not hope to stand against them.

However as Lord Commander it was his job to maintain the safety of the watchers and prepare for any threat that might come, so he set out along with a strikeforce and several rangers to either negotiate a peace treaty or deal some damage to the enemy and if the Gods were on their side eliminate it before it was too late.

But nothing prepared him for what he was seeing right before his eyes.

The land was torn apart as if something had forced it to rice unnaturally-fields of ice became lakes of water, which became pools of liquid fire and if his eyes aren't deceiving him the land even erupted with lightning. Someone had fought a war here and he hoped that whoever it was had killed themselves in the proses.

Still, he and his men soldiers on and were met by something far more frightening but at the same time breathtakingly amazing. Birds[Fenix] made of fire burned armies of dead, while beast that walked on two legs wore armor and wielded weapons as if they were men fought off the endless hordes, yet what caught their eyes was a knight with grey armor short light brown hair and a massive ax, being frozen by the ice touch of a White Walker.

Yet the knight smiled with a savage glee, strange glass-like things coved the man's eyes but the sheer thrill in them could be seen by anyone, the knight slowly graved hod of the White Walkers hands and with a large grin broke them with strength alone, the sound of the White Walkers bones breaking was deafening to the ears, it was as if the sound was carried by the snow itself.

None of his men dared to move for they feared getting the attention of any of the strange creatures would be their deaths, then they saw it magic as amazing and as frightening as the stories told and in some occasions, it was beyond their wildest dreams.

Right before their eyes the army of dead what wiped out in a matter of hours, from a nearby cover several people began to emerge when a beast waved its hand, men-woman-children-even babies still suckling their mother's breast, along with more beast men-elves and others all varying in ages.

''Hurry up, if you stay here you'll be left behind.'' a voice said behind them, immediately his men took out their swords but only saw a small girl with long purple hair.
''Really you hunters have got to stop doing that whenever I show up, now hurry before you get left behind,'' the girl told them as she made a showing motion with her hands.

So they joined along with the group.


They walked for several hours making stops from me to time either to allow the people to get some rest or to simply fight of any animal or creature they might encounter, during this time he and his men were able to learn a few things.

For one there were several cloaks with the sigils of various different houses proudly displayed on them, whether they were Beast men- Elf-Dwarf or Human none of them seemed to care that they were all of different species.

The second one was something his men were able to tell before he was, whenever one of the strangers put his hand on his ear or head they spoke and after a brief pause they seemed to answer someone, somehow someway the strangers were speaking to someone in a faraway place.

There were strange creatures that seemed to be outright evil that shows up from time to time, strange green beings that could only be called Goblins, they wielded stone spears and simple arrows with stone tips, alone a ranger could deal with them easily enough, but the creatures attacked in large numbers and were more than happy to throw themselves into the arms of death, just to hurt whoever they were attacking.

The land had changed.

Beyond the wall it would only be a brief patch of forest granted it was a rather large patch of forest but it was still minuscule compared to the rest of the land, there were several mountains- frozen lakes and giant open fields, however all of these places had one thing in common they were completely covered in snow.

The land was green.

Snow fell and little by little covering the green grass yet that same grass was somehow forcing back the snow, there was a blanket made of white snow and ice and right next to it by dirt and green grass a luscious green forest with animals making the sounds animals usually make.

Finally, they saw it deep within the woods a kingdom filled with Humans and Strangers all going about their lives without a care in the world, with them Wolves-Horses- Griffins-Pegasus and even a Fenix flying around.

He could see Others amongst the groups of people looking around with both fear and amazement, their primitive skins and furs didn't even seem out of place amongst the various strange clothing the Strangers wore.

Simply looking around one could tell that several tribes or classes were mingling about not caring they were near each other a muscular man without any kind of clothing only having a piece of fur or skin covering his crotch and barely covering his ass, the woman was the same a piece of fur or armor only covering her breast and cunt, with them a Knight in finely crafted armor spoke to them as equals and even woman dressed as high born nobles stood next to them.

However if one looked closer they would notice that the people open up some space allowing certain people to walk and that's where his men's eyes locked, no matter who it was people only did that when someone important was walking by.

[Speech change]
Shiroe leader of the guild Log Horizon sat at his table reading a letter the American players had sent the Japanese players, before they were sent to this world the American servers were plunged into chaos with everyone eventually killing each other Adventurer vs Adventurer and all the while the People of the Land were caught between them and the Monsters.

At the end a deal was made the most capable Adventurers put down the infighting and the People of the Land would go back to doing what they did before the whole mess started, it seemed to work and in fact they began to create new things mixing their Knowledge of Earth's technology and the magic of Elder Tales.

Well, when they arrived at this new world, their city ended up right next to a land in perpetual darkness, a city filled with magicians-twisted fish that tasted horrible and killed more than one Adventurer and the people in that land did Human sacrifices and experiments.

From what the letter said the calmest and most capable Adventurers tried to set a peace treaty, whatever they found in that city was enough to get the People of the Land, the Adventurers and nearly every Slave to unite and lay siege to the Land in Shadows.

Normally the siege wouldn't take that long, but the magicians had variety in magic and even had a large number of twisted creatures at their disposal. From what the letter said, the magician's city was made of an oil black covered stone that drank the light regardless of what it source was and that all of the magicians had anything in common, there was fire involved.

The American players had sent the letter not asking for help, but as a warning for whatever they might find in the city for the list of monsters was ridiculously long, from what the letter said they had a large number of refugees escaping from their enslavers.

The problem was that people wearing the faces of other people had assassinated more than one person and infiltrators had managed to enter their city, however, three things were learned one; the city's name was Asshai by the Shadow and the people that stole the faces of those they killed were called Faceless Men.

Shiroe rubbed his eyes understanding the hint the letter had, the Americans were hinting that they might actually lose this war and were asking to let the people be taken in by the Japanese Adventurers, a set of words did stand out however Thermal Nuclear Bomb.

They were fully prepared to deal with the situation permanently and call everything else collateral.


''So what does it say?'' asked Naotsugu, Shiroe's friend a knight whose specialty was more to defense but due to his level his attacks were equal to those specialized for attacks, people would normally refer to him as a Tank. The knights smiled his peach skin made people concentrate on his gray eyes if anything Naotsugu seemed kind to anyone that looked into his eyes, yet those that saw the mans gray hair would think that he was older than what he really was.

Shiroe handed Naotsugu the second sheet of paper that described some of the monsters the Americans had encountered, it was brief but it essentially gave the idea what exactly was out there and hat had the Japan Servers had managed to avoid.

''Woman that gave birth to shadow creatures after having sex, a library's filled with books that have to be kept in near complete darkness unless the dark magic written on them reacts to the light. Monsters from Elder Tales running around and need to be put down, people that don't stay dad as the Magy in the area can revive them, making the complete destruction of the body's absolutely necessary.''

''Any disease that could be cured but the method of doing so was extremely painful, the natives called it Grayscale, another that made a person bleed slowly with every minute becoming more excruciating than the one before, beast men that have never been encountered are causing problems in the borders forcing both Knights and Adventurers to have to separate and deal with them.''

''Do to the fact that the place was covered in perpetual darkness, the new green lands-forest-fields, and rivers filled with food are now being fought over by both beast and men, there is an ice of information the Adventurers and the Mages are looking into when they arrived at a large black tower\caste everything was made of the same oil like black stone, the dirt-rocks-gold-diamonds and so on.'

''Seems like they already tore thru the city and would have already won the war if the enemy simply stayed dead,'' Naotsugu said as he turned the page around and found a piece of information that rammed in why the Americans were having so many problems.

Freed slaves now saw them as Gods or children of God that had finally heard their prayers and decided to bring the heavens rage down upon the ShadowLands, people from different lads had different customs and religions, making some settle into the surrounding lands and like usual territorial disputes had begun to be fought.

''It seems that whenever a new leader shows up the faceless men either kill them or make them disappear, not only that the amount of poisons and chemicals listed here is actually pretty impressive,'' Naotsugu said as he turned to look at his old friend.

''Normally I would be against destroying a city or using Nuclear weapons, but from the looks of it, that whatever evil is there won the battle for those lands long ago,'' Shiroe said, his smile was strained as he knew the events that could unfold.

''If we replace the dark with snow and the fire magicians- with shadow creatures and the used blood spells all over, with the ice monsters and the zombies along with the human sacrifices we found near those white trees….. Looks like we dodged a bullet.'' Naotsugu said, his voice was devoid of his usual cheer.

''I know that the others have already received copies of the letters, so we don't have to worry about dealing with making them but we should really start going out on raids again and ut down whatever monsters might be out there,'' Shiroe said to Naotsugu.
Naotsugu for his part simply smiled while scratching the right side of his neck. ''We should but right now the People of the Land are still settling in and the few people we found native to this new ice land are starting to look at the surrounding lands to start settling in.''

''One thing at a time my man, if there is anything we Adventurers have is time, so don't let our situation get the better of you. Those guys sure aren't, the letter says to take in the people should the decision to just wipe the slate clean, meaning they think they can deal with this on their own considering they're not asking for help.'' Nyanta said as he walked into the room and reading the first letter.

''Which means that the Americans are planning on staying behind to clean up the whole mess.'' Shiroe finished his friend's words.

''Exactly, essentially they are just saying. Keep them safe while we clean this place up, shouldn't take to long but having to take care of them and deal with these things is trouble so help us with this would you.'' Nyanta said the cat am dressed as a noble said his voice was calm and reassuring.

Suddenly Naotsugu's armored hand touched Shiro's shoulder. ''So what do you say if we go see short and the new batch of people that came with the scouting teams,'' Naotsugu said, his voice was filled with joy and Shiroe could not help but close his eyes and smile at his friend's suggestion.


Akihabara had changed not in the sense that it was unrecognizable but in the forms of both people and environment, the growing influx of people coming in from areas that were too affected by the world shift had started airing and that meant that a lot of buildings needed to be cleaned out-repaired-filled with some furniture and rented out.

Unfortunately, this meant that the people of the land soon found themselves dependant on the Adventurers, those that had lost farmlands needed help finding areas they could settle and grow crops, people with animals needed protection from the various wild beat running around and the merchants soon found themselves competing with those that were already in Akihabara.

So the city went from having only a few people to actually having quite a lot and almost resembling its counterpart from Earth.

For this reason, the minor council had been formed, it was their job to both manage the security and events happening around the city and the people, with them the most capable of each group would help them and so on.

The Adventurers couldn't be everywhere and the people needed to keep each other in line, so far it worked those that couldn't handle living in the city started to build small villages here and there far from the city yet close enough that if they needed help they could simply send someone to ask for it.

This was one of the reasons the minor council existed unlike the roundtable that held the most powerful guild leaders along with representatives from some of the kingdoms who managed everything on a larger scale, they would handle simple things like the police-medicine and items of clothing things good right now the Adventurers were helping them out but eventually they would have to deal with that stuff on their own.

They walked past the merchants selling figurines of both magical girls and warrior maidens, some that were selling hot dogs and burgers while others were selling fish-clothes and jewelry. All around them people seemed to move out of their way just to let them pass until they arrived where the newcomers were being brought in.

Shiro's eyes instantly locked with two kinds of people the first was a group people native to this world, they called themselves Free Folk because they refused to follow any king and only followed those they voted into power.
So far three groups of them had been found and an agreement with them had been made, don't simply take men\women as wives people tend to frown upon that here, doe not simply kill animals if they belong to a farmer\sheppard and please don't attack anyone simply because they look different.

Up to this point, they all kept the end of the bargain, in exchange for them actually following the laws they would be allowed to hunt whatever animal they wanted in the forest, along with setting up their own villages if that's what they wanted.

Shiroe hopped this new group that was armored in skins and bones that rattled as they walked would both agree and listen to their words.

The second was a group of unknown men, they looked like hunters but they were far t well armed and looked as if they were ready to kill anyone that so much as tried to attack them.

''Welcome, anyone that is sick the Crescent Moon Alliance will be able to help you, the same goes for those with small children and injured the same goes for you. Everyone else please follow us.'' Shiroe said as he showed them to a large tent filled with food warm clothes and an assortment of wines and flavored waters.

It was obvious but instantly both the Free Folk and the new men hated each other and were only tolerating each others presence simply because they were being watched. The rest of the way was simply teaching the people how things were done and those that wanted to stay settled in, everyone else simply left to try their luck inside the forest.

The Free Folk choose to live in the forest and were somehow taken back when they were told what not to do, but nonetheless agreed, the men dressed in black chose to leave they walked out of the forest Shiroe watched them as they walked away, he knew what they were but in all honesty he wished he was wrong.

Far away from their location, there was a giant wall made of ice and if people didn't look closely they would have mistaken it for a mountain. The scouts and rangers had flown over it with their Griffins or Pegasus.

Why had Shiroe and none of the others stopped the men from the wall it was simple, they would have had to deal with them sooner or later.

Far from Akihabara and its calm but ever growing events a woman with long blue hair- thin glasses- she was covered in a white rove and held a long wooden staff.

She had arrived at an underground cave filled with the bodies of people held in stasis by the trees, however creatures native to this world tried to use her as a human sacrifice, unfortunately for her captors, she continuously warned them that they would not like what they saw.

A blade made of a glass-like substance met her flesh and her captors screamed, soon they began to tear out their own eyes and kill each other driven mad by what they saw.

''So you stupidly thought that by tampering with the shift of worlds you could bring back the worlds magic.'' the woman exhaled. '' Too bad for you and every God here you have brought both God Killers and their people over, not only that but you also brought people and things that shouldn't be here.''

'Well to bad for everyone here, all of the information here is now out for the Adventurers to see. The woman said as she smiled and bit into each one of the Children of the Forest draining away their blood.


Near Akihabara in the mountain regions Silver Sword another combat Guild was having its own problems dealt with, not by diplomats or by weapons brought against its enemies, but rather by simply allowing the leader of the Mountain Tribes and the leader of the Cave people to simply wear themselves out, by allowing two of the guild members strongest be attacked and leave themselves defenseless.

There were really two reasons why Silver Sword was doing this, the first it was to simply make the natives both fear attacking the kingdom and its cities while reducing the amount of Human life lost, while positioning the natives in a position where they would be more inclined to negotiate a peace treaty.

It was no mystery that the beast men were both feared and at times seemed almost hated by the natives, but the fact that both the Cave People and the Mountain Tribes practiced Cannibalism and took wives by stealing woman made it hard for them to actually listen if they thought they could get away with doing those things.

The second reason was one that was both silent and extremely problematic, there was a cave that led directly to the mountain lands on the other side of the giant ice wall, as things stood no one in the city or the kingdom had any time to go exploring or worry about more natives that were looking for trouble.

However should the cave people and mountain tribes agree to deal with any trouble that might come thru that cave entrance, in exchange to be allowed to both hunt and live in the nearby forest that came with the kingdom and city, then that would be incredibly generous of them.

The snow-covered mountains were cold and with every moment that passed every gust of wind made the simple fact that standing in the open became slowly unbearable, slowly warm drinks were passed around and even-handed to the native tribes, this both increased the natives frustration and weakened their resolve.

They stood there for over an hour, the natives stamina was impressive for normal people ,however the sheer fact that the two people they were attacking were high-level players they weren't really doing any harm and if they had it was so insignificant that both men didn't even feel it.

Finally, both native group leaders fell to exhaustion dropping their weapons unable to lift them anymore, at that moment all of the battle capable men lost their will to fight seeing their strongest fall to people that allowed themselves to be attacked.

''If their leaders couldn't even hurt the newcomers what hope did they have. They were fools to attack these people, that had food and magic that couldn't even be hurt.'' these thoughts and more went thru their minds.

For the Adventurers, however, this meant that the natives would now listen and their younger members wouldn't have to see or be forced to kill other people.

''Now are you willing to listen.'' said the Leader of Silver Sword.


[Speech change]
At the great wall the ancient defensive barrier that protected the land a meeting was being held to truthfully no one present knew what to do. The men had fought against Whites undead brought back to life by cold ice magic- wild men the people beyond the wall- beast from the times of old- the occasional giant, but this-this was something not seen since the first men.

The men had been placed in high alert, they were told to watch out for anyone-\anything that might fly or walk towards the wall, the rest were told to prepare for an attack or were sent to look for any story in the library about the creatures they had seen regardless of how infantile it seemed.

It was time to start believing in children's stories, for it seemed that they had entered one, the meeting was both loud and quiet some men wanted to invade, stating that the sheer threat of the strangers was far too great to ignore and if they mobilized, there was no way the Night's Watch could hold them off. Others simply stay away the strangers hadn't attacked and from what they had seen they had more than enough power to hold of the ancient enemy.

However the records either being too old or to worn made it almost impossible to find anything useful in those ancient records, the room remained silent and heavy with stress that is until a raven flew in carrying a letter tied to is leg.

The Lord Commander took the small piece of paper and silently thanked and cursed whatever chose to interfere. ''It seems Robert Baratheon is coming to the North and as Lord Commander, I am expected to be at Winterfell to greet him. Until I return don't do anything to start any confrontations, remain as wealways have'' Benjen Stark ordered his men.


[Speech change]
In a castle built upon a bed of ice that never melts an adventurer with long red hair, a light oil colored suit that almost looks black in color walked out after having a meeting with the king, the two lines and subtle wrinkles made him seem older than most, yet the man never seemed to slow, in fact he seemed to get stronger as time passed.

The adventurer had a small ball to a maid that just happen to pass by and asked her to give it to the king, saying that he would take it as a personal favor.

In reality, there was nothing remarkable about the ball, it was a simple blue orb that bounced when it hit the ground and nothing more. The maid knocked at the king's door and after hearing him say she could enter she walked in.

The old king whose hair and beard had long since turned grey from old age-his eyes seemed tired the years slowly catching up to him-he sat at a table writing whatever kings wrote.

''Forgive me my king, but Sir Isaac told me to give this to you.'' the maid said to the old king.

The king looked at her and for a small moment seemed to smile. ''Come with me and tell no one what I am going to tell you.'' The old king said.

They walked down the hall that had the portrait of the royal family and stopped at one that seemed the same to that of the young prince.

''When I was a boy, I was climbing up a tree for something I had lost, I fell back them I was my father's only son and he had no daughters yet. An Adventurer caught me and returned to my father, after that the same Adventurer would return from time to time and look up to the palace and I would wave at him.

As the years passed he would always return from time to time, one day we were attacked b some powerful monsters and knights bearing his emblem arrived to aid us. That day I fell off the tree I was trying to get a toy ball my father had given me.'' the old king said.

The mad let out a gasp as she looked at the ball the prince was holding on to in the portrait.

''To think that even after all these years, that old man had yet to forget that fateful day, even as I grew and became older he never aged yet he always returned to me and now I don't know if my old friend will ever return.'' the old king said.

''My king Sir Isaac is guarding your grandson and he will continue to do so, if what you say is true.'' the maid said as she tried to comfort the king.

The old king only smiled. ''Even before the apocalypse as the adventurers call it, Sir Isaac has always watched over my family and even after it he had protected my grandson,however, a small part of me wishes he didn't. How must he have felt seeing my mother and father die of old age and I the boy he saw grow now an old man that will soon pass on as well.'' the king said before pausing.

''Let no one know that an adventurer has always protected us, for they will try and seek the favor of one of them.'' the old king told the maid, before taking the old toy that looked exactly the same as the day he lost it and for a brief moment the maid swore she saw a tear fall from the old king's face.


In Winterfell the ancient palace of the Starks King Robert Baratheon arrived, he was a heavy man with a large gut and heavy red beard that covers most of his face, the King of the Seven Kingdoms as he was known walked passed each one of the Stark children briefly giving them a look and acknowledging their existence before asking\demanding to be taken to the krips where the woman he once loved was buried.

However as he and Eddard Stark walked they never made it to the tumb of his beloved for a conversation between the two old friends began one that demanded their full attention.

''Tell me, Ned, what do you know about Asshai?'' Robert Baratheon asked Eddard Ned Stark.

''The cursed place that has magicians and all sorts of demonic beings, not much I am afraid.'' Lord Stark answered his old friend.

''It was invaded, stories from freed slaves speak of a city where lights glitter at night and warriors that are brought back to life by the light of the stars live… The whole place is burning Ned, they say that you can see the fires color they sky long before you even get near the place, they say the sky turns orange-red and yellow and that the ground shakes as if t was being hit over and over again.'' Robert Baratheon said his voice sounding colder and harder as he spoke.

''There is a story no one knows who spread it but it's believed that more than one person has told it, the Dothraki were nearly annihilated. None of them were killed but nearly all of them were rendered unconscious, a group made of a woman with long black hair-armored green gloves and large breast accompanied by a woman who used two shields and was dressed as a servant and a man who wore a green suit that covered his entire body and used two swords fight them and completely crushed every last one of them.''

''The only Dothraki with braids left are those that weren't there the day the group laid siege to their city.''

''There is a war coming Ned I don't know who and I don't know where but it's coming.'' Robert Baratheon said bt as Ned Stark was about to say something he stopped his old friend as he continued to speak.

''There is something else Ned, the Ironborn say that they were paid in gold by a group of knights all wearing red armor, the knight heard the men speaking about Sothoryos and its twisted mysteries. The Ironborn simply left them in that cursed place…..the Southern Islands say that ever since then Sothoryos has shaken with the sounds of a massive war being waged.''

Ned Stark didn't say anything he simply listened trying to proses everything he heard.


The path they walked on was a simple dirt path that anyone could use, all that they had to do to see the walls of the castle was simply turn left or right and they would be met with the sight of century's walking back and forth ever vigilant.

Ned simply stayed quiet listening to the men training around them the sounds of metal hitting metal seemed to echo around him as if a distant warning, no that wasn't it, it was like a memory of time passed, the kind that was overwhelming on painful.

If Ned had to put it into words, it would be like marching into war with a complete army and seeing all of the men killed until he alone stood, wildly swinging away until he could no longer use his sword.

''...The reason I came here Ned is that I want you to become my hand Ned'' Robert Baratheon said.

''Me Hand?'' ned Stark began only for Robert to cut him off.

''I'm surrounded by yes men and skimmers, don't get me wrong I'm not honoring you. I want you to do all the work while I fuck and drink my way into an early grave.'' Robert Baratheon said to Ned Stark.

''...Can I think about it.'' Ned Stark said, Robert Baratheon only looked at him smiled and patted him on the back.

[Akihabara ]

A lot of people were now gathering at the edge of the city finally the results of the meetings were now starting to come to fruition simple things but things nonetheless, for example, today the higher level Adventurers that honestly had decided to dedicate themselves to their work in the city, they would use their summon skills to call upon several Phoenix and take turns both summoning them and providing them power.

The firebirds would keep the snow from gathering, plus their heat would help with crop growth, one or two would be kept near a river that already was starting to freeze over and keep it from freezing, that way maintain the cities and the forests water supply.

There was also an issue with the Free Folk that kept arriving at the forest, in fact a lot of them were just coming all on their own and it was rather surprising to see so many people in a land that was supposedly always covered in snow and had little if any plant life, so an agreement was made amongst the groups of natives that had already agreed to follow the rules.

They would deal with whatever group showed up and help them learn the rules and help them settle in, however, there was also the point that they should all have someone to represent them, that way they could have their issues heard.

Shiroe along with both his guilds junior member and senior members watched the firebirds take flight and begin to gently warm the air around them along with them several members D.D.D combat guild.

''We need to start checking out what's on the other side of the wall, I mean we know what's on the other side but we have to know what kinds of people there are over there.'' Said Krusty the leader of D.D.D.

''We still haven't finished dealing with everything that has happened since we jumped worlds and the consequences of the people from the wall aren't fully know.'' Shiroe answered Krusty.

Both men looked at each other but acknowledged the fact that like it or not they had to prepare ahead of time for what might come, it was an unspoken agreement but one that only those that could think several steps ahead understood.

''If we're going to do this we can't just stay in the kingdom beyond the wall, we will need to learn everything we can about those that surround it. From what I heard from the free folk the people beyond the wall are cruel and selfish, more times than not the free folk have tried to leave this side in search of a better life but the people beyond the wall have repeatedly forced them back.

From what they say even when the free folk walked up without weapons the people beyond the wall have attacked them.'' Shiroe told Krusty.

''My guild should be able to deal with any problems that might occur, but there is also the issue with money- food- our particular choice in clothing and so on.'' Krusty said to Shiroe driving the strategist to remember that unknown knights wouldn't be welcomed into any kingdom and that more than one particular choice of clothing the adventurers used was unusual.

''Money shouldn't be an issue every R.P.G uses gold as a standard currency so we should be alright with using it but we should use our flying animals and I'll ask the Americans what kind of clothing the people they have encountered wear.'' Shiroe said to Krusty.

Neither man said anything after that but they both knew far to well that whenever left would be on their own for an extended period of time, however both men were told by the free folk that if they wanted to start from a ruling house then they should begin with the lands ruled by a family named the Boltons.


[Jaune of Arc]
His warm breath turned into a white mist in the cold weather,he'd gotten by well enough …. Shure, he was forced to sleep outside more than he ever truly wanted and the only things he ate were what the Adventurers made when they fed everyone, but at least he had gotten by…. that was more than he ever thought possible for himself.

His grandfather had taught him what he could bout using a sword and shield but the old man was forced to stay in a wheelchair and he wasn't able to teach him anymore, he briefly looked down at his sheath that turned into a shield when he used it and remembered his grandfather's eyes when the old and told him he wanted him, his grandson to inherit their families heirloom.

That was the last time he saw his grandfather, he died the next day, but he died with a smile. That smile was probably the only reason he was still alive, how his grandfather looked at him and said that they would be in god hands before taking his late afternoon nap…

In all honestly, however, no one in his family had any faith in him, from eight sisters he was the only boy and the weakest, anyone worth their salt was already trained and had gone to one combat school or another.

He, on the other hand didn't, so why did she of the long years of war give him his weapons?

The sound of snow crunching underneath people's feet made him turn his head, it was a girl dressed in an outfit that made it seem she had chosen the wrong kind of clothing for this weather. She had long red hair and used a combination of gold for her sword and shield along with red for her clothes, there was some gold on the cloths too but it was mostly to show where the armor she wore was reinforced.

However as she approached Jaune could tell that her clothing was actually remodeled and he wondered if she had recently changed it, he was about to call out to her when more footsteps in the snow caught his attention.

It was an older man his eyes were fierce like those of a dog that had been kicked one too many times and now both mistrusted everyone and was willing to attack anyone, but that was the thing the way he moved was just like his grandfather had told him.

''You can tell when someone means harm just y the way they walk'' and this man he seemed to be there for the same reason he was, his long yellow coat was little help in the cold weather, but his grey cargo pants and black shoes seemed to be keeping him warm, even tho he only wore a white shirt underneath his yellow coat.

''Are we the last ones?'' the man asked.

''No no one has shown up yet.' Jaune answered him.

After that none of them said anything even as people began to gather around them and they were surrounded by people each one as different and as strangely cloth as the one before or after them.

Suddenly a voice began to be heard all around them. ''All of you have gathered here because you want to find a place-become Adventurers- heroes- Knights and whatever else. I'm not going to lie to you the road will be more difficult than any of you can imagine but if you stick to it, you will become greater than any of you could have ever imagined.''

''With that being said there are those among you they will find that this life isn't for you, good we need farmers-cooks-merchants and families, how can we eat without food- how can we have weapons without smiths and how can we have people without families.
To those of you that choose these or any other life thank you it is for people like you that we exist.''

''Your training starts now, even if some of you are already trained in the art of combat, you still need to learn how to work in teams with people you never met before, learn how to act in places and around people you have never encountered before like around a king or the house of a common man.''

''Your teams will be made of four people and each team will have an instructor. If that instructor finds that one of your team members doesn't do anything for the entire team, then that person will be removed.''

''Now your mission clearout the surrounding area around the city without causing harm to the people in the surrounding villages.'' the man said as his voice stopped echoing all around him.

Jaune felt his heart nearly stop, if he couldn't add anything to the team he would be removed from it, however, his thoughts stopped when a hand touched his head Jaune noticed a large heavy armored knight smiling at him.

''Alright you four you're with me, but before we start do any of you have a place to stay? If you don't take this.'' the knight said as he threw them a small shield that had an emblem on it.

''This is my guilds shield of arms, feel free to come over to the guild house. Now, why don't we all introduce each other, my name is Naotsugu.''


They all stood there not really knowing what to do and by all, well everyone around Jaune some people followed others which Jaune imagined was whoever picked them for whatever grout\team but other than that nothing else.

However the man, no his teacher just stood there smiling at them, that is until the man dressed in the yellow coat spoke.

''Why don't you help us break the ice instructor or should I call you Naotsugu?''

''Good idea, well my name is Naotsugu I am what you would call a Knight but people would call me a Tank for obvious reasons,''Naotsugu said as he pointed at his armor.

''Anyways just call me whatever you want, the truth is that a nickname is a badge of honor, hell you can be labeled stupid or idiot and it would still be a good thing.''

''And why is that '' the man in the yellow coat asked.

''Simple, no one expects an idiot or a stupid person to be really really smart in areas his team members aren't,'' Naotsugu answered the man with a rather savage smile.

The two looked at each other somehow contradicting their own natures, where the man who wore the yellow coat had a frown and eyes that seemed to pierce a person when he looked at them. Naotsugu had kind eyes that seemed welcoming and he wore a smile almost all the time he had been with them. Not only that the man had grey hair was in everyday clothes and had tan skin, while Naotsugu wore heavy armor- had dark black hair and light peach skin.

Finally, the two broke eye contact when the man closed his eyes. ''My name is Scar and I am from a place called Ishval so that would make me an Ishvalan, I can destroy anything I touch thru a process that would take too long for any of us to understand.'' Scar said as he introduced himself while lifting his right hand showing that it had a lot of tattoos with symbols in it.

''My name is Jaune and I can use both the sword and shield as you can see,'' Jaune said as he took his word out and made his sheath return to its shield form.

''You train with weighed down equipment.'' Scar said as he looked at Jaune.

''Yeah, t hey were a gift from my grandfather….. And I always wanted to be a Huntsmen like him so I guess that's why I'm here.'' Jaune said as he introduced himself, but if he was honest he was wondering if he would drag his team back.

''Can I see your sword?'' Scar asked Jaune.

Maybe no one else noticed it but JAune swore the Naotsugus had seemed to tighten around something, even tho there was nothing he could hold onto, it was almost as if he was preparing to draw his own sword.

''The smell of blood and regret, your grandfather fought in a war or some kind of greater battle, there are scars from the times it hit solid material. Your grandfather gave you his most prized possessions.'' Scar said tho, to be honest, Jaune didn't know if it was a complete or if Scar was just looking down at him.

''My name is Pyrrha I want to become an Adventurer, I originally wanted to be a Huntsman but they don't seem to exist here.I can use polarity to move metal objects I also use the spear-short sword and a rifle all of which are my weapon, oh and I also this shield.'' Pyrrha introduced herself.

Jaune didn't' know why but she seemed to look directly at him as she spoke, it was almost as if she was trying to introduce herself to him. Jaune noticed that her green eyes seemed to stand out, along with her red hair considering that Pyrrha had pale skin.

''Good, so now that we all know each other go out there and kill some monsters, I'll be watching you three. Sorry, there was going to be one more of you but we ran out of people so it's just you three.'' Naotsugu said as he made showing motions.

''Just like that with no training or instructions?'' Scar asked.

''No. I'll tell you three the truth in the old days we would send you all alone and those that made it back would form their own teams, everyone else would be brought back by us or would go home. Learn to work together and come back or come back alone, that is up to you.'' Naotsugu said to Scar but now, however, his voice was hard and Naotsugus smile was gone.

None of them said anything after that they all just walked into the nearby forest that was honestly just outside the city, their steps crushing the snow as they walked and that's how it was between the three of them, no one dared to say a word they all just walked with nowhere to go.

That is until Scar spoke ''...The smell of blood is in the air, it seems that someone is already fighting.''

''How do you know?''Jaune asked Scar.

''I've been around death long enough that I've learned how to pick up on the smell of both it and blood.'' Scar answered him before stopping ''We're being watched.''

Pyrrha immediately drew her sword from wherever she had kept it hidden, her shield was small but for some reason, it seemed that it was the perfect size for whatever she used it for. Scar took what looked like a boxing pose but his arms seemed to glow with electricity, whatever ability he had was no doubt active now.

And he well he did what he knew he used his shield to guard himself and prepared to swing his sword to whatever attacked. However no one attacked, nothing happened, it was like if the world had gone quiet Jaune couldn't hear anything not even the breathing of his teammates, he didn't know how but all of sudden they all began to walk forward slowly, like a signal was passed even tho none of them had really done anything.

Each step they took was slow but firm, almost as if they expected an attack that they hoped would never come, the rattling sound of something moving caught their attention and as they walked they were careful to make as little sound as possible.

They came to a small clearing where several natives were skinning a large bear, they wore bones on top of boiled leather that seemed to be some kind of armor, Jaune let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and noticed that both Pyrrha and Scar had relaxed a little.

That is until Scars hand ignited as he blocked a spear that had been thrown at his head, Scar spin around with the spear and when he stopped Jaune noticed that the weapon was already turned to dust.

Pyrrha turned her sword into the rifle she had mentioned earlier and prepared to fire at whoever had attacked them, Jaune noticed that she was about to pull the trigger and in all honesty he thought she would be doing the right thing but who knew maybe it was someone protecting their family, so he decided to try and talk things out.

''We are scouting out the area for monsters, we didn't know this village was here. We smelled the blood and heard the rattling, show yourselves so we can talk things out.'' Jaune said to whoever was out there.

''Then you should announce that you are coming, a simple hello would work.'' answer a man wearing a giant white skull on his head, somehow the thing made the man invisible hen he put it on.

''Sorry about that, we are.'' Jaune began.

''Checking out the area I know you just said that, there are no monsters here we already dealt with them…...tell me are you here to negotiate something or simply show that your dog can hurt my men when you give the order.'' the man said as he looked at Scar who had his hand stretched out in mid-air like if he was holding on to something.

''Tell your men to stop attacking so we can try and talk,'' Jaune answered the man.

''Stand down.'' the man said and immediately the sounds of snow moving away from them could be heard.

''Scar let him go, we aren't here to make enemies,'' Jaune said to Scar and silently hoped the older man would listen and it was only thru heavens grace that Scar obeyed him.

''Adventurers aren't really trusted around here so you can understand our hesitation with having you here, however like I said earlier we've dealt with the monsters in this area.'' the man said to Jaune.

''Okay then we will be leaving, oh there are more teams looking around so please try not to attack them,'' Jaune said to the man, the man however just looked at him and closed his eyes, everything about him from the way he stood to the way he lowered his head, hinted that he wasn't willing to continue the conversation.

So that was it they just left, none of them said a word, not to each other or the people ta had gather to see what was going on, Jaune was kind of taken back how they were able to get so close to them, but were able to keep enough distance that if they had to run there was enough space they would get away.

So that's how the rest of their day went just them walking around listening to the forest and running in to the natives, there weren't any monsters in the area, at least none that needed to be killed all that was left were the ones that knew that there was something dangerous and they decided to stay away.

As the sun began to set and they made their way back to the city Jaune saw Naotsugu smiling at them giving them a thumbs up, proved the Jaunes growing suspicion that this wasn't a test to see them in battle, no it was a test to see them react to each other.

As they walked up to Naotsugu Sacar suddenly said. ''You were following us.''

''I did say I was going to keep an eye on you three and you all passed with semi-pale colors but you scored just enough point to qualify as a your training made you notice whatever was around you long before the rest of your team, bt that stile, attack first needs some improvement.''

''Pyrrha the entire time I noticed that you were keeping an eye at anything that might attack both from a long distance and from your teams rear, Jaune you have an eye for positioning your team right where they have to be and being able to speak to people, however, you need a lot of training,'' Naotsugu said to them pointing out their flaws and strong points.

That night Jaune took the first hot bath he had since he first arrived, this new world was strange but he knew hunters trained in dangerous places, his sisters told him all about it, how their schools made them fight Grimm and spar with their classmates.

He closed his eyes and let the feeling of the hot water take him away, he didn't allow himself to wonder how his family would react to him missing or how his mother would break down crying, maybe his father would drink himself to sleep, like the day Jaunes grandfather died.

Jaunes dad never drank, not even when everyone else did.

''If you stay in here too long you will end up passing out.'' Scar said as he lowered himself into the bath.

Jaune didn't say anything he just kept his eyes closed for a long moment just enjoying the hot water,

''Scar we're in a guild house, a place only Adventurers are known to be able to own,'' Jaune said.

''Yeah and with it, we now carry a heavy burden, the people expect us to both protect and guide them through hard times…. You've seen the same thing as me, the Adventurers outright dismiss the fact that they are nobles and simply continue their lives along the people.''

''However this isn't true, everyone looks up to them, merchants look to even the lowest Adventurer as if he was some kind of noble or person with power and they should from the stories people tell, they can do just about anything'' Scar said.

''Not only that, we're all expected to protect kings and even be able to speak to princesses if we want to. Imagine the castles-balls -elegant dinners and special armors we will see.'' Pyrrha added.

Jaune slammed himself into the bath completely caught off by Pyrrha's voice.

''Relax I'm in the room next to you.'' Pyrrha said before adding'' and yes I'm taking a bath.''

''Would you like me to wash your hair?'' a woman asked Jaune.

Jaune nearly jumped, however, he quickly turned to look at Scar and saw that he already had someone washing his hair for him, he hesitated for a moment and tried to calm himself down, after all, he was completely naked and from where the woman was, she could see everything.

The only thing Jaune felt was a slightly cold shampoo touching his head before he melted into the woman's hands, she had the hands of an angel, if Jaune was honest he didn't know what to do anymore, the only thing he wanted to do was prove he could be a huntsman,but they didn't exist here and now he was training to be an Adventurer.

Adventurers fought monsters and helped people the same thing Huntsman did so maybe he could prove himself here, still none of that mattered right now all Jaune cared about was how good the woman's hands were.

However, when the woman stopped she kissed Jaune on the forehead and whispered to his ear that if he ever needed company for the night all he had to do was say so. Jaune felt his brain short circuit at that moment and the woman left giggling.

''Sweet words strong venom, that woman would have killed you if you were alone.'' Scar said.

''What do you mean?''Jaune asked him.

''No one becomes so physically weak in any woman's hands, the shampoo had pion in it. It seems that we are still being trained, tell me Pyrrha are you awake or do we have to kill whoever is over there?''Scar asked.

''So it just has to be a woman no matter who it is and he falls heads over heels for her,'' Pyrrha said her voice sounded irritated for some reason. ''But yes the shampoo has some poison in it, it's not a lot but enough that if you're exposed to it you'll develop resistance to it.'' Pyrrha answers Scar.

''We should leave, there is supposed to be a warm meal expecting us.'' Scar said as he got up from the water.

They walked into what seemed like a giant hall where a small table was set, the room was dark with only the area around the table being llt. There were four plates and enough food to feed them all three times over.

''We thought it was best for you three to get to know each other better and to learn how it is to b around one another, you'll meet the rest of the guild tomorrow,'' Naotsugu said as he sat down, he no longer wore his armor , now he was dressed in a gray shirt and black pants.

''So dig in.''

They did just that and slowly all three of them were throwing themselves at the food like it might get up and run away, Scar tore into the shrimp-fish-soda and every type salad around him. Pyrrha she was waist deep in ribs - she drank down both the yellow and pudding, while both the wine and turkey legs somehow vanished, one moment they were there the next they were gone. Jaune for his part he was eating all of the pizza-grape soda-cake-crawfish and burgers.

All the while Naotsugu smiled as he ate his soup and drank his beer smiling, thinking to himself this was his team.


One by one the three slowly walked into the living room and fell onto either the couch or on the floor, none of the three could or even dared to walk up the stairs to the rooms they all had waiting for them, they were just so full.

Naotsugu simply smiled and began to put blankets on all of them, the others weren't going to help him, these three were his problem. People would normally complain about him leaving a teenage girl with an older man and a teen boy, but the sad reality was that if she couldn't defend herself she wouldn't survive.

He looked at the three sleeping forms and wondered if Jaune would still have the same hopeful innocent look, if Scar would still be as arrogant and cold, Naotsugu looked at Pyrrha and briefly wondered what her story was, the girl looked at Jaune as if she wanted to throw herself at him, yet something was holding her back. The girl had a troubled look, yet she put her feelings aside when the moment of action came, this team if it held would be an alright one between Scar and Pyrrha, Jaune would eventually be better trained.

Scar was an ex-soldier and Pyrrha whatever she was, the girl was obviously heavily rained, the nea- perfect combination of experience and raw talent, however, neither one of them was a leader and that's where Jaune came in. The boy had what it took but it was covered in a wall of self-doubt and a lifetime of experience being the underdog, not to mention he wasn't really trained, he held onto his sword and shield, but that was it.

Still, he positioned his team where they needed to be, took advantage of their strengths, planned ahead even as things were happening around him and put himself in between his team and whatever danger was in front of them, whenever he did something that he himself didn't agree with.

Naotsugu looked at them and closed his eyes they were going to need the last member, someone that can attack in a long range or cult at least add something to the team, Pyrrha was both midrange and close range, Scar is strictly close range but he could be given a gun and that way taking full advantage of his experience as a soldier.

Jaune, it was easy to know what the boy would be in the future a close-range fighter ither a tank like himself or something else, either way, it would be something close range. The team needed a healer or someone that could use magic just in case.

Naotsugu rubbed his eyes he didn't think things thru, when he chose to mentor a team from where he stood none of them showed any skill of knowing how to cook anything, hell boiling water was needed if they were sleeping out in the cold and from what eye witnesses said all of his team was seen sleeping near areas where either lots of people were gathered, had a hot wall near had avoided this by simply erasing the wind and somehow didn't die from the lack of air, that must be because of his strange abilities.

Still, Naotsugu couldn't help but return to the dining room, the truth about this whole thing was in reality something….In all honesty Naotsugu didn't like it but it needed to be done, there were monsters running around and not the kind that had fangs and claws, people were running around somewhere simply living their lives, others they were trying to start their own empires, conquering already existing ones, hell some of them went as far as to start building kingdoms inside dungeons.

It wasn't that they were doing anything bad, but from what the Americans said the people of this world didn't match the Adventurers in power, that didn't mean that they were defenseless, there were magic swords and spells.

In essence, this new generation would be nothing more than a police force and search and destroy teams. Now even before the teams even began to form the various guilds decided to do something that was both cruel and effective.

A team that had no real understanding of how things were done by the Adventurers and the kingdoms, another team that was composed of adventurers, it was no mystery that a lot of people had already killed before, that was their job. The last team would be a mixture of the last two,however, this one would deal with people from the other side of the wall, they were meant for delicate situations.

I was cruel because they would be sending these kids out into the world with no real knowledge about how things were done, things were drastically different from city to city or village to village.

The new teams that would be sent out would have to be made of people that held morals similar to the Adventurers own, however that same team needed to be diverse enough that they all held skills that could help each team member, but it needed to be functional enough that if something happened the team members could rely on themselves to get out of trouble.

There were times that no one could ever reach you and save you.

The Adventure teams that would be sent out was meant to deal with any monster that might be running around, technology- magick and more were somethings that could be traded only the adventurers could make any kinds of deals that dealt with these things and should the new group promised anything, that was their problem they held no such authority.

The last group, the mixed group this was the dangerous one if Naotsugu had to put it simply his as an execution team. Naotsugu stopped himself as he found that somehow he was about to lift up the bottle of wine, he knew what the guilds were planning or better said preparing for.

There was no way that any group of people could be kept safe if a hostile group was near them and a lot of the Adventurers didn't have what it took to kill a person and live with that guilt, in essence, this was the beginning of an army.

Naotsugu looked at the wine bottle and took one deep drink and wondered who he had to add to the team, it would have to be someone that hadn't been able to function in one of the other teams and that was already a handicap, considering it spoke wonders about the person's character.


Brandon Stark, felt like he was falling... no he felt as if he was somehow flying, but he didn't understand how or why.

With every moment the lingering sound of the wind became louder and louder until they were an incomprehensible ball of noise that didn't leave and threatened to drive him insane.

Then just like that, the voices and the sounds were gone.

He remembered seeing a man and a woman, they were naked and seemed to be playing, but he couldn't remember what else.

"The things I do for love." Brandon heard and he felt his breath catch in his chess, in a way that stopped him from even screaming.

Brandon's eyes widened as he was pulled to the distant land in the shadows and saw a city engulfed in war, creatures and people fought of twisted monsters, all so a small force could kill whatever magical abomination controlled the monsters.

Brandon felt his eyes burn, as what looked like a star suddenly ignited itself and just like that, the city by the shadow was no more. All that stood was another city, still covered in war.

Brandon saw a crow with three eyes look to him and as the animal spoke, he felt himself be pulled by the world.

"Fly." It's said, as the animal opened its strangely formed mouth.

Brandon saw the ships of the Ironborn, sail back to their islands each ship held what looked like a small mountain of gold.

The world spun and he saw a small fight, between the Ironborn and a lot of strangely cloth people. The world spun again and the people told the Ironborn to stand on top of a scale made of two cut trees.

Every single person was eight and their weight was not equaled in gold, no they were repaid with twice the amount of gold. For they did this twice.

In the land of Sothorios, the wild man and beast men now worship, the strangely cloth people and red knights.

Brandon could see the corpses of several creatures that nearly made him scream, they were wrong, they were twisted informs they shouldn't be, but something told Brandon that this was they were.

Brandon realised that the world was nolonger spinning and that he was just falling a gain.

He flew past the great wall in the north and passed the various magical kingdom's that exited in it.

He saw how monsters of all kinds fought for control, he saw the White Walkers fight against green creatjres, that screamed waaaa,, as they charged at the army of the dead.

He saw the Giants sit and talk amongst themselves, in their ancient tung, he could not understand.

Finally Brandon found himself at the edge of the world and saw the crow call to him once again.

"Fly." It said, as Brandon saw the corpses of dead seers impaled by strange black spikes.

However even as the spikes came closer and closer Brandon could see that even in the heart of winter and in the edge of the world, something was fighting.

As a spike was about to pierce his heart, Brandon woke gasping for air.


The cold wind of the north clawed it's way into his room only kept away by the blankets he had on him and fire that was light nearby.

His pet wolf watched over him, like a knight protecting his Lord.

Brandon tried to remember what had happened and why did he fined himself in his bed, he knew he wasn't in it a moment ago.

He remembered his strange dream and for some reason, he could remember falling but that was it.

Brandon tried to get up, yet when he tried to move his feet he found that they wouldn't answere. Brandon's heart began to race, not fully understanding what was happening, he felt his vision blur, as tears began to fall from his eyes, as he slowly realized he could not move.

All of a sudden a ball of fur thru itself at him and it's warm furs- gentle breathing and weight somehow all convined in to a near perfect hug.

His wolf was comforting him.

Brandon attempted to think of something else, anything else just to not think or feel what he was thinking and feeling, just so he didn't feel so ...so crippled.

He remembered his dream and the sight of strange short harry men, with strong bodies, meatiolng others simellar to themselves.

They met on an island where the only light was that of lanterns that burned whale fat. They met with people their same size or shorter, be remembered how they set sail to the nearby lands and dug the precious metals from the land.

Brandon felt his heart slow and his tears slowly stop coming even if he was still breathing heavily.

He let his mind wonder just a bit, there was no one here to comfort him, no one human anyways.

He remembered the greate ships made of strange materials set sail into the unknown seas, whether they returned or not he did not know, yet he wondered if they would find anything at all.

Finally Brandon felt himself under some self control, that he finally stoped criying.

"Guards!" Brandon called, but there was no answere.

He called to.a servant again there was no and were, finally he called to his personal friend and waited however there was no answer.

Brandon felt himself break down inside, whatever walls he had eagerly set up were falling. However a thought came to him, he didn't like it, in fact he hated it.

The high king had come, there for everyone was attempting to him, no wonder his personal friend had ignored him. He was being forced to be the high prince's friend.

Brandon made sure to remind himself, to have the boy disciplined so he never left his side again.

Brandon exhaled and gently hugged his wolf, he would be left alone until someone decided to check up on him.

Unbeknownst to Brandon however events had occurred while he had been asleep, few people remained that were his relatives and those that did were far to occupied or to young to fully understand the events that had been set in motion.


A maidcame in after a while, she was old much older then the ones he knew. The woman carried a tray filled with warm water yet, the moment her eyes met his own she called several guards, telling them to get the master.

An old man walked into Brandon's room and checked to see how he was feeling, unfortunately the moment Brandon told the man that he couldn't move his legs, the man did not show any hint of surprise.

Brandon realized why just by looking at the man, they had expected him to die and if that wasnt the case, they never expected him to walk again.

The master told him about the events that had occurred, how his half brother John Snow had already left with his uncle Bejamin Stark in order to join the nights watch.

How his father and two sisters left with the high king and how his mother and two of her most trusted guards followed after them.

Right now the only family he had was a two year old younger brother and his older brother Robb Stark to a company him.

No he Brandon knew he was soon, the job of a Lord was a difficult one and the time his father spent with him was precious indeed but it was far between and his baby brother he was just an infant.

Brandon could only cry, even as he restrained himself so he wouldn't appear weak, something he ultimately failed at.


Shiroe the leader of the Adventurer Gud Log Horizon sat near his table copiying the various maps he had aquiered, updating and marking the various dungens-castles -kingdoms boarders - where the monsyers now made their homes and where the varius people now lived.

He rubbed his eyes, he felt exhausted he had been working almost none stop, his various friends and contacts had been equally ocupide stabilizing a decent echonomy and organizing all of the chaos.

It was obius that whatever had happened had brought them and others to this new world. Thankfully the Adventurers had done something like this before and that was way maid this situation even more painful.

Any hope for the Adventurers of ever returning to earth was gone, still more then half didn't want to go back and the other half had started making new lives and leaving their old ones behind.

He stopped writing when word had reached him from one of the Americans, they had whipped the slate clean.

According to him, they had found somethin ... Something evil, something that was better to never be spoken of, less it's mention somehow reach the abominations ears.

Shiroes tired expression hardened, what could cause an Adventurer to not want to fight, out of fear.

Adventurers could simply respawn, so whatever the Americans had found, must have been something best left behind undisturbed.

" I find it hard to belive,, that even after knowing and seeing what we can do, you would still try something like this." Shirley said as several bodies fell from the ceiling.

All of them were dead, all of them commited suicide when they realized they were about to be captured.

A single injured man? Stood in front of him.

"Devil behind glasses, I know of you and the power you hold. Your brothers in the land of shadows have done what should not be possible, we can not, we will not let you..."The man fell dead.

"It seemed we have made quite a few enemies." Shiroe said to a small figure that dropped from the ceiling, Akatsuki his friend and personal guard.

"My Lord one managed to get away..."Akatsuki hesitated to say something else.

"...My Lord he looked like you." She told Shiroe.

Shiroe simply felt his eyes harden with rage, if there was one thing no adventurer would forgive was the stealing of ones own face, their facial appearance was one of the few things that reminded them of who the once were.

It was almost by instinct, but Shiroe sent out the warning to every adventurer he knew, instructing to alert everyone else.


The alert was picked up by everyone Shiroe knew and spread to everyone they knew, it wasn't long before every adventurer was out searching for the injured assassin.

They found him a half an hour later, torn apart by a man who used twin swords attached to chains that were strapped to his arms.

A small boy claiming to be the man's son, said that the man had attacked them and that they had only defended themselves.

The corpses face began to change, no longer was it a broken bloody mess, no longer was it even male. It was a woman, a dead woman now, her body was nothing more than loosely held together peace of meat.

Like it or not, this incident sent out a ripple effect amongst the people. Even tho the monsters may not be able to set foot in the towns,, there were those that only wanted to do harm.

No one dared to attack the Adventurers, there was no reason to, however, that didnt mean some one something wouldnt try. This meant securety meeded to be strengthen and so many that held experience in the art of combat, the chose not to become adventurers began to patrol all on their own.

They called themselves the Free Guard, for no one payed them, they simply did this because they didn't want tho lose those they held dear. Perhaps it was their reluctance to lose what little of their worlds came with them, or the simple desire of being able to control something but the Free Guard members grew quickly.

Slowly a kind of normality passed, yet again humanity survived by adapting and overcoming it's environment

So just like that the days passed and the Adventurers organized a small event, it wasn't anything dangerous. ... Atleast by their standards.

All the participants had to do was reach a large tower made of ice, built by combining the environment with magic and reach the top of the tower, either from the inside of the tower , climing up the tower sides or simply flying to the top.

All the while overcoming any obstacles that had been set up to make things a little more interesting more than one Adventurer would act as a guardian stopping the participants from reaching the top.

The higher the participants went, the stronger the Adventurers they would encounter.

This would be a kind of team building experience, but it was also meant to test the teams nature. How, the teams were encouraged to stop each other from reaching the highest point of the tower.

This also helped anyone with a good set of skills, but hadn't fit in any team, find people they could work with, however loosely that might be.

Shiroe was left inspecting paperwork documents from several kingdom's had come in. Many simply wanted their products and get their respective territories known by the people.

Ever since the insedent two days ago, communication between the kingdom's had become a main priorwty and that meant he was once again stuck doing paperwork.

He read the report Silver Sword had sent in, an agreement between the Free people and the mountain tribes had been made along with the kingdomSilver Sword protected.

In exchange for the tribes not to tell anyone about the kingdom, aswell as not taking anyone against their will and providing help when times of war came. Silver Sword would provide food- water - warm cloths and shelter during the long winters and the tribes times of need.

It was a simple enough exchange, except just like every other place more town's and creatures had shown up and so the deal was stretched out to mean that any group protected by silver sword would all agree to the same condithions.

[][][] speech changed [][][]


Silver Sword was stretched thin in more ways than one, fortuanally the guild had some help, but in the grand scheme of things it wasn't much.

First there was the situation with the economy, primarily the fact that everyone had their own version of it.

Some used silver- others paper bills and the grand majority used gold. Then there was the thing that made the currency truly matter, it was the fact that it had to be usable in the other ares.

At the end things came down to a strange mix Silver would be the metal that was most expensive considering how rare it was, gold would remain the standard and paper bills were more like I owe you slips.

It was a confusing thing, some monsters that died left gold floating around them, but now the monsters corpses didnt simply vanish.

This meant that people could find gold just littering the forest or the sorrounding ice covered lands and mountain's.

There was one major issue now, however, with every new species came a new territory. People that just wanted to keep their families safe, flooded near the areas the Guild and the knights of the kingdom protected.

Some even had their own defense force.

For the most part people kept to themselves, but there are people that only live to do bad things... and even if the knights or the guild tried to stop them.

The people would eventually take matters into their own hands, a man that stole food was left to starve near the wall that separated the lands everyone showed up in, with the lands on the other side.

There is no food there for miles.

A woman that cheated on her husband was taken to a Brothel and. ...

The examples went on and on, the problem was that nearly everyone agreed tho some punishment were extreme, they kept the crazies in check.

Religion was a big issue every guild- town- kingdom and village had to deal with, however somehow an unspoken agreement was made.

Don't judge us until you understand how- what and why we worship and we leave you alone.

Things were going as smoothly as possible all things considering, the guilds now had apprentices from the many displaces people that came with them.

The only reason the Adventurers were handling things so smoothly, was considering they all had to do something like this before and that meant people looked to them for guidance and some even went as far to truly to a few adventurers.

Even tho those very adventures said they weren't Gods, people did it regardless, their reasons were simple.

Adventurers can summon creatures that even skilled mages have difficult controlling- no adventurer stays dead- adventurers repetedlt fight of creatures that even powerful beeings would die if they fought and so on.

More than once people would take deadly I'll family members and considering the amount of healing magic learned already, they left with a family member that was in perfect health.

More than once they considered simply not helping people, but those eyes filled with desperation, broke most adventurers hearts.

Now a new problem had come up, someone had attempted to assassinate Shiroe, the leader of the Guild Log Horizon, when word got out figures were pointed elsewhere.

Things were only stopped when a new guard was made with people of every village and kingdom, still this was only temporary tensions were rising and eventually there would be a confrontation.

Whether it was the cave people and the mountain men, against the Dwarphs that now inhabit the mountains.

The people on the other side of the wall that want access to the forest that have plenty of food and animals or the many kinds of species that now live next to each other.

Things were not going to settle down for a long time, not until people became comfortable with their new situation.


Inside one of the many Work Houses where the Adventurers- the Free people and other individuals gather to find work for the day week or month, the loud voices of several people could be heard.

Exitment filled the various occupants as they anxiously awaited for the chance to prove their skills and know their ranks.

The work houses we'e just old abandoned buildings that had been cleaned out and new furniture put in.

In all honesty it was amazing just how quickly the work houses had changed. They all had their own unique nature to them considering how people tended to gather, perhaps it was the kinds of people that gathered or simply the way people act around one another but the work houses now belonged to certain groups.

There was the merchant house, where merchants- farmers- knitters- fishermen and beast tamers gather along those that sold medicine- weapons- technology and magic tools that people used.

They all gathered to see what was the over all price of things and to secure contracts that gareteed them work for a while.

There was the pleasure hose, one could find everithing they wanted to simply enjoy themselves there. It was unique to the other houses considering it actually was several buildings loosely put together.

Sleeping/getting away from things- whores- drinks and foods of all kinds and so on was all apart of it. There was even a daycare that had several minatour and werewolf guards, no one would harm the children.

There were more of ours like the militant house where knights and all kinds of regimented groups gathered.

However the most common of all was the work house where all kinds of people gathered. The name remained simply because no one knew what to call it, so no one bothered to change it.

Scar drank from a large glass, his beer was as cold as the outside, he didn't care about all the noise , no his mind was consented on other things.

He and his team weren't able to greet the rest of the members of the guild considering the assassination attempt and just how cought up everyone was in tightening security.

Then there was the other thing, they were still one member short, supposedly a team is four people, so they were already handycaped from the beginning.

Cheers filled the room as a woman with long red hair, wearing an armored bikini defeated a centaur in an arm wresseling contest.

The woman raised her cup high, celebrating her victory before punching a man who have her but. The woman said something along the lines of. "If you want to have me, you have to beat me." or something.

Scar simply ignored it all and continued with his drink, to think that something like this could exist, almost seemed like a dream.

Looking around Scar finally let himself realize this was his life now and he needed to learn how to live it.

He saw a woman with long brown hair and pointed brown wolf ears drink her beer, as a man with silver hair counted his coins wondering how much he would end up spending.

A woman that was completely covered in fur hugged tightly a young man who tried to resist the urge to look at the cat woman's large, nearly exposed breast.

Small children ran around wearing odd armies, each of them use some form of magic.

The walls showed papers with work that needed to be done. There were several men and who had at their sides woman that were with child, the woman's bellies were large and showed that they were soon to be do, to give birth.

Still Scar could smell it, the combination of iron-milk and more.

Things around this area were peaceful, but that didn't mean it was the same everywhere else.

There was a reason why people were gathering to these areas and it's wasn't the food and warm houses.

Scar wondered if his two companions would someday have to kill, they were both so innocent,... no he couldn't think that way they were now adventurers in training.

One day they would have to kill...would they be hunted by their actions or would they jump head first into senseless killing, somuch so that they actually liked it.

Still Scar drank his beer and enjoyed thesounds of everyone loudly laughing.


The sounds slowly mixed in with one another, even as someone began to play their gitar lazyle at first like if someone had forced them to it.

Yet the music began to speed up and gain more rhythm as other instruments bound in with their own unique sounds.

Their owners enthusiasm seemed to mix in with the music itself and added to everyone's enjoyment.

Unfortuanally for Pyrrha she couldnt fully enjoy the situation, the reason was simple she somehow found herself in a drinking contest with her partner Jaune and a pair of brothers and their dates.

At first she thought they were drinking some strange flavored juice, then she realized her mistake or better said she heard her mistake.

A group of construction workers said how amazed they were, considering that everyone in the contest had drunken four cups each.

The drink was a kind of style alcohol, you didn't feel it while you were sitting down but the moment you stood up, it was lights out.

Finally the first cup was placed on the table and one of the two brothers, placed the mug upside down saying he had had enough, before he and his girlfriend went up stairs to the room they had rented for the night.

Pyrrha felt her heart grow in fear as her cup was filled again and again and again until the other one left.

Finally she could put this behind her she thought, atleast the drinks didn't have any effect on her she though, nothing would happen she thought.

She thought wrong, the moment she stood up, was the moment the world began to spin, the last thing she saw was Jaune stretching his hand out to catch her.

Scar heard the two bodies falling even before they stood up, stupid kids didn't know how to drink and yet they tried to drink Dwarphs under the table.

He managed to get people away from the two drunk idiots by showing his guild badge and showing theirs, somehow this granted him a room to put the two.

So he carried them upstairs, they both stank of alcohol, one room, one bed and two idiots, if anything happens that was their problem, they were at the age for thece kinds of mistakes.

Few know about the housing situation, primarily the fact that they have relent internal heating, the thing is people's body temperatures rise when drunk.

However, the armor Jaune and Pyrrha wore is weighted down for added strength, so from time to time people would hear the sounds of something hitting the floor.

One peace of armor at a time, until the only thing their owner wore was the cloths underneath and soon after not even that.

So the day went on until it was closing time, was it the fact that people didn't have anything better to do at the moment or the simple fact that gambling was easy.

Regardless, people began to place bets on who was making all the noise one by one, the rooms were left, until only those paid for the night or more remained.

For the rest of the night, no one would speak of the two teens that walked down the stairs with bright red faces that couldn't even look at eachother. Perhaps it was out of sheer respect for what was clearly the twos first time or the simple fact that many gave the young man thumbs up, for his conquest.

Regardless of what the reason was the results were the same, gossip spread like wild fire and a wise wolf ended up with a sack filled with gold and silver.


Speech change

A small council, or should it be said a small gathering of men, sat drinking, several fires light all around them pprovided the light for what would otherwise be a completly dark building.

They compared notes resent and ancuent, each man searched for words- markungs- actions and so on, jut to find any connection to the strange events that were occurring.

Sailors spoke of greate battles they borewhitnes to and a few who for whatever reason had even btought back drawings of what saw.

They said that the fidh men were at war with creatures that had the bottoms of fish and the top halfs of men.

They spoke of knights that lived for the thrill of battle, these very men armed the sailors with strang machines that spat lead. They jurnied into uncharted waters and fought of creatures that men have never seen.

They spoke of a mad captain, who started with but a single ship and bow controled thousands.

"They care not for land, for their kingdom is in the sea." They said.

As the men searched for whatever they were looking for, they spoke of the events currently going on.

Ned Stark had sent his two daughter's back to the north with their mother, only after he had killed his oldest daughters wolf. I was a small thing, more of a dog than a wolf.

The queen had not cared, infact she semmed to be amused, considering that the Lord of the North now saw his old friend the King with eyes of suspicion.

However the King Rober Barathean, had little choice, the youngest daughter had hurt the prince and that was a serious crime.
Even if the monster deserved it, it was ither kill the girl or kill the animal that did the deed or something far- far worse.

The creacks made by the wood breaking under the heat of the fire semed welcomed by the men, who somehow understood that this simple act of mercy would undoubtedly bring problems in the near feature.

Still the men worked and began to dig thru information brough in from other lands.

The Dothraki had been attacked by a group of five people, a woman that wore a servant atire and fought with two shields- a man that wore a strang green colored suit, tgat covered him drom head to toe and fought with two swords.
A woman that used a pair of metal gauntlets and wore almost no cloths, a girl with a massuve hammer that seemed to have an over welming amount of energy and a young man that used a pair of small daggers that shot fire.

This news was interesting, for they had attacked the Dothraki main city and had emerged victorious.

What could wield shuch power, that even some of the most feared savages would be defeated by simply five people, no five monsters.

The mens eyes turned to the shadow and remembered what their spys had said, a city where half beast- men and magical creatures had suddenly comeforth.

They spoke of peace, but when they saw what was happening in the city by the shadow, they brought diwn a star and eraced everithing, no trace was left of the acursed city, not even the oily black stone.

The new city that glittlers like a star now stands betwen the lands where the light touches and the blacknes of the shadow.

The men spoke of how the Iron islands had suddenly come into power of somuch gold that they now had the metal simply laying around, some even whent asfar as to decorate their ships with it.

Its said that the Lannisters now turn their eyes to the lands of the south, to the cursed lands, wgere a city has suddenly comeforth. The queen there is said to be very beuriful, yet she is also said to have long black hair and on her head a pair of fox ears and a long black fox tail.
Her eyes are said to glitter, further adding to her elegance and beuty, but most of all, it is said that more of those strange creatures call that strange kindom home.

Something the men seached, they could not they would not accept that they had failed, there had to be something,.

Yet the one thing that they came up with was the twin tailed comet, tgat now flew in the sky and the strange dreams they all now had, whenever they slept.

Gods of a kinds, fought eachother for dominion of the worlds and if any tried to force the mortals of the world strang beings stood against them.

Finally the men were all exausted, they could find nothing and atlast they looked to the last peace of information. The lands beyond the north had suddenly become green and all sorts of animals now ramed the lands, aswell of several other creatures that now held their own kingdoms.

Sadly it was their closest place to investigate, so the younges and one of their more trubleing members would be sent to investigate, if he died then so be it, if he lived even half baked information was better than nothing.