The early morning was cold and if one was to call it freezing they wouldn't have been wrong, still, Pyrrah found herself walking through the rapidly growing town, there was no reason for it, not an important one at least., yet her mind was filled with thoughts about the night before.

"What had happened?" "Had they really done the act?" And "How should the two-act around each other?" But her mind always returned to the same question over and over again. "Should I tell him about, the him I knew before?"

These thoughts ran circles inside her mind, so much so that Pyrrah was completely unable to get a single moment of sleep the night before, so she ended up simply laying on her bed for the entire night, just staring at the ceiling of her room. At the end she decided to walk around the town, simply to try and clear her mind.

It was amazing but the town was perhaps truly becoming a city, not just in name but in actual size and shape, the city had not stopped people continued to arrive following the many lights that looked like stars from far away. Wagons that had entire families sleeping inside them, taking advantage of the heating built for the people that recently arrived.

Merchants had taken turns in order to maximize profit, those that had their stores open during the day closed allowing those that wanted or had the means to take advantage of the fact that not everyone slept or had the luxury to sleep during the night.

As Pyrrah walked and listened to the world around she noticed that right before her eyes ice began to form around several of the building roofs, then she began to hear a woman's voice singing a song she had never heard before and Pyrrah found herself walking towards the direction where the woman's voice came from.

(I do not own this song and yes it has been changed "All around me are familiar faces, worn ought places, worn ought faces. Bright and early their daily races, going nowhere their tears see filling up their glasses. With no expression, I want to drown my sorrow, for there's no tomorrow, no tomorrow."

The voice belonged to a young woman that had long brown hair a fluffy long brown tail and a pair of would ears with the same shade of brown fur covering them. She had a thin figure and compared to the man with silver hair she looked almost like a child in comparison to his elder looking appearance and hight.

She wore a black coat over a long green dress and as for reasons Pyreah could or better said would never understand, the young woman seemed to almost sparkle last the sun began to rise in the background.

The woman ears moved at the sound of Pyrrahs armored boots crushing the snow as she walked. "My my, if it isn't the maiden who's lovemaking shook the tavbern ceiling. I have to say your sex calade made me quite a bit of money." The woman said as she looked at Pyrrah.

Pyrrah felt her face heat up at the woman's remarks but don't the less she looked at the woman's small figure and noticed something few people would ever see. The woman had positioned herself in a way, that if the matter was needed, the would be able to throw herself into battle in a second.

The fact that she had done so, in the time Lyrrah had walked up to them and she had greeted Pyrrah, spoke about the woman's experience and the incredible amount of danger she presented at the moment.

"Ah, I smell the sent of a maiden in love and the sense of doubt with a hint of shame mixed in." The woman said as her bare feet touched the snow, how Pyrrah hadn't noticed the woman was on a wagon was perhaps sighs of how distracted she really was.

"Now what? Does he like me? Will, he bore of me? Am I just a loose woman and such thoughts perhaps? The woman said as she began to circle Pyrrah like a would looking for an opening to strike at its prey.

" Perhaps it's a carefully guarded secret you wish to keep from him? A husband to be? A lover or is it something that happened because of the night before, heavens only knows how many different kinds of people are in the world now."

"Those from the past, others from other worlds, some from the future and people that never were." The woman's said as she walked back toward the man was with her, he remained seated in the wagon, not really bothering to care about their conversation.

"How?" Pyrrah began only for the woman to cut her off.

"I'm Holo the Wise Wolf, a simple case of dimensional transfer won't frighten someone such aas me, however this one, on the other hand, was scared of his boots, but for reasons that don't involve dying." Holo said to Pyrrah.

"I'll take a while guess, that boy you slept with, you wanted to be with him but he died and after you found yourself in this world, you became close and fulfilled your desire to be with him. Now you're wondering if you should reveal the past you two had or never had."

"Something around that line?" Holo asked Pyrrah.

"I...I died and then I was here, but the him now, is the him who... Who I met before we started to know each other." Pyrrah struggled to speak her mind, but for some reason, the words wouldn't come out properly.

"I see." The Holk said as she walked up to the silver hair man state don the wagon, oddly enough she had begun to mover her hips seductively, while her tail and hair made her every move seem as if they were graceful, somehow all of this made her feminine nature come out more.

"The him you speak of is mother man that isn't the man you know now, they may have started the same but they have different roads. One you learned and fell in love with, the other you are beginning to know and have slept with."

"The question here isn't which is the real him, but which man do you stay with. The man you died in front of or the man you are projecting your feelings towards." Holo said before the silver-haired man, placed both hands on her waist and carried her on to the main.

Holo gave a playful scream and her face covered in a bright smile but the man began to speak long before she had stopped laughing.

"I'll ask you a few questions, is that okay with you." Tha man said as he looked at Pyrrah who just looked at him.

"What do you feel for this man? The truth is we might never go back to our worlds and if what you say is try, well your dead in your original world. The you from there is gone."

"Second, do you think you can live with the memory of the man you left behind and in turn leave the people you cared about, because in the end he had the face of someone you knew"

"My last question, why does he have to know. No man cares about a woman's past lovers, as long as we don't know and we never find out. We don't care."

"Listen, the sun is up and we have to start getting ready to sell our merchandise, but try and find some answers to help you with your thoughts." The silver hair man said before uncovering the wagon, revealing several furs of different kinds of animals Pyrrah had never seen before.

(Character change Jaune of Arc.)

It was a free day meaning that they could do whatever they wanted, the reason being was that an argument had started between the Elves, Humans, Fanus and Dwarfs working in the main building for the Adventurer exams."

Apparently, no one had any trouble with building the rod leading to the tower and filling it up with all sorts of dangerous creatures, but when if came to the tower itself the arguments began.

No one had any problem with making the tower resistant but breakable. The problems began with all of the traps and mechanisms with the parts of the tower that each group worked on. The issue was that when one group made something great, another group would try to outdo them and somewhere along the way, the tower was actually almost indestructible now.

Normally this wasn't an issue, but this was an exam for people that might be adventurers, apparently, the adventurers who were the strongest of the entire group had effectively told everyone that enough was enough and that the tower needed to be completed.

Everyone said no. The dwarfs argued that because this was the first exam to ever be made, the tower needed to be made to last for years to come, the elves argued that elegance and secrets needed to be built in, so surprises would keep the new adventurers always on their feet.

The Faunus made all sorts of statements that the tower needed to be able to grow and shrink depending of the skills of the people going up the tower. As for the Humans they were simply fed up with everyones arguing, a time limit had been given and that time limit was growing to close soon.

Unfortunately, Pyrrah had gone somewhere, early in the morning so it was just him and Scar walking around, seeing what was going on around town.