Tywin looked through each document and attempted to gain something, anything that made some sense and yet true as he might he was in able to find anything. Whatever brought about this change remained a mystery.

Like it or not the world had changed and not for the better.

A small bottle with blue glowing liquid was placed on the table beside him, it was a peace offering from a house only known as the Black Sword. According to them the liquid could heal injuries and remove poisons, regardless of the kind, plus it had the added bonus of repairing whatever damage the poisons had done.

His healers had tested the liquid on other people and they all agreed that the results were exactly what the house of the Black Sword had said, he needed to be in the best condition possible, so he took the potion and drank it.

The results were almost instantaneous, he began to cough so much that he felt he would chock on his own vomit, when he finally did vomit, he let out a strange blob of blood and something else.

No one present said anything, until one of his healers stepped forward.

"...My Lord, you will not like what I am about to say, but that blob has only shown itself when some sort of poison is present, depending on the amount inside the person the blob only grows or shrinks" the healer said to him.

Tywin processed the man's words, but the implications of what he had just heard meant that someone close to him was poisoning him and by the looks of it it had been a drawn-out process, for the size of the blob on the floor, was the size of a melon.

Under normal circumstances, Tywin would have been enraged, but he didn't have the luxury to be angry he was the lord of these lands and so be needed to keep his mind straight.

"Find out who" he ordered a guard that kept watch next to him, only a few people made his food and so they would have to be interrogated, he doubted any servant would even try, so it came down to people that had visited the castle.

He took another document and smiled, the people of the Iron Islands wanted a place to live and in exchange for some land, they offered their servitude.

Under normal times he would have dismissed the fools, however, he knew that in time he would need them, so he agreed, but they would be placed somewhere they could cause little trouble.

The realms of man, the Human Kingdoms and so on, it was funny how those things seemed so close to one another. He looked out his window and began to accept the fact that a new fleet and guard needed to be created, first it had been the creatures of the forest, then those from the lands beyond the north, now those that came from elsewhere.

Each one of those times humanity had to adapt in order to overcome whatever dangers came, now it seemed that they will have to do the same, the only difference between himself and everyone else, was that he could see the writing on the walls.

"I believe it's time we begin to expand outwards into the sea, we know that some people have boats for houses, so see what you can do with that" Tywin said to one of the men inside the room.

"My lord?" The man asked him.

"We need to expand our influence and discourage anyone from wanting to come into the mainland, what better way than building something out at sea" Tywin said to the man.

"Should I recruit some of the" the man began to ask before Tywin stopped him.

"Yes, begin recruiting the oddities as well" Tywin ordered the man before the man walked out of the room, he had his orders and knew what to do, the rest was up to him to figure out.

Tywin waved his hand dismissing the rest of the men, for the moment being the meeting had ended, whatever the other kingdoms didn't matter at the moment, right now securing his own territories safety was what matters.

(Character change Jaune Arc)

Jaune looked at the picture "At least it's someone that knew another me" he said to himself as he sat down on the side of the bed.

"Jaune Arc?" A woman said to him, she had long black hair and wore a red summer dress, which was odd considering the weather, but Jaune had learned that people in this world didn't really follow the conventional rule, so didn't question the way she dressed.

"Yeah" Jaune answered the woman.

"Can you walk?" She asked him and almost by instinct Jaune rose to his feet, he immediately placed the picture of Weiss into his pockets. The woman looked at him, her brown eyes searching for any signs of weakness.

"Where did the you I saw on the battlefield go, your full of openings" she said to him before regaining her senses and remember why she was there.

"Please follow me" she said to Jaune before walking out of the tent and waiting for Maine who simply stood there looking at her.

Before Jaune followed the woman he caught a glimpse of Pyrrha following another woman, immediately Jaune hurried behind the black-haired woman, until they reached a tent filled with men- women- animals and all sorts of people that had animal parts or some sort of ability that made them stand out.

"Good the last of the champions are here!" A man with a long beard said as he drank a mug filled with wine.

"Brothers, sisters and whatever you consider yourselves. Today we all made history, today we became the first official recruits of whatever we may be."

"Free Guard, Adventures, Soldiers, Knights and so on"

"Tomorrow we may be enemies, but today." He stopped to look around t everyone present and lifted his mug into the air.

"But today we drink!" He yelled out to everyone present. "So let's eat, drink, fuck and forget what we did today" he yelled out again and everyone present cheered.

Jaune could hear the voices of other people cheering inside other tents nearby and as he looked around the sides of the tent dropped, letting no one outside see what was going on inside.

"Magic to keep the outsiders from seeing or hearing what happens in here" the man said as half-naked men and women walked in carrying trays of food and cups filled with hot drinks as well as bottles of wine, several kinds of beer.

Jaune looked around searching for Pyrrha and he found the black haired woman looking at him, she graved his head and placed a firm kiss on his lips, a hand separated her from him and Jaune saw Scar looking at him.

"It's not good to cheat, in your first week of being married, go she hasn't seen you yet" Scar said to Jaune before pulling back the black-haired woman, letting Jaune run towards Pyrrha, the moment the laid eyes on each other Pyrrha nearly broke down crying.

She had noticed the woman's lipstick on Jaunes lips. "Let me guess someone stopped you and kissed you" she asked him, but Jaune could tell that she was trying to calm down her fears.

"Yeah, Scar helped me get rid of her" Jaune said to Pyrrha, as a woman passing by handed both of them a cup filled with wine.

"Jaune, we're both different, I don't mean either of us have changed, but" Jaune touched Pyrrha's head as he tried to calm her down.

"We have responsibilities the kinds only noble houses and company heads have now" he said to her.

"I'll always be your partner, I did it before with another you...What trying to say, is will you always be with me, because I'll always be with you" Pyrrha said to Jaune but she was already at the verge of tears.

Jaune just looked at Pyrrha and held her right. "Yeah, I'll always be with you" he said to her before the room full of people cheered, there was nowhere to run this time, this moment was to celebrate right now the two of them shyly tried to hide inside each other's arms.

But in the end, they shared a kiss and joined in the celebration, whatever happens outside the tent didn't matter, that was something for the Jaune and Pyrrha of tomorrow, right now they would drink, eat and dance to their heart's content.