[ Weiss]

Weiss watched as her father exhaled, the mist that formed every time he let out a breath seemed to be thicker than normal, or better said it was getting darker whiter, the temperature las lowering.

"We leave first thing in the morning," he said to everyone present, the servants as well as the guards they had brought with them stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him.

Weiss watched as her mother opened a folder and looked at a picture of her sister.

"There is one way for you to avoid marriage Weiss" she said to her before handing her the folder, her mother didn't have any ill intentions at least none that Weiss could see anyway.

"That would only be temporary, however, your brother and your sister will be married off to other families, like it or not we have no other choice but to form bonds with other houses." her father said to her as he handed her mother another folder.

Weiss watched as her mother opened the folder and her little brother's picture was in it, she could barely see his name, age and eye color written on the white sheet of paper behind the picture.

The wind began to blow stronger and Weiss listened to the flapping of wings as the firebirds began to fly around warming the surrounding lands keeping the people from freezing to death.

An uneasy silence settled in.

"How long do we have?" her father asked her mother.

"Five maybe six months worth of food, clothing isn't going to a problem anytime soon, but unless we either get one of those birds or secure means to repair the machines, the kingdoms power supply will shut down, the ice here is already making the devices malfunction." her other answered her father.

"Miss" Weiss heard her maid call out to her, she turned to look at the woman and found her sitting next to a nearby fire, the woman had gathered several pots pans, different kinds of meat and cooking oils.

Weiss walked yup to her and took a seat in front of her.

"Lesson number one, a woman that can cook will have a man turning her way, a woman that can cook well will keep her man always coming back to her."

"Miss its time for you to learn how to cook and make different kinds of dishes." her maid said to her as her mother walked up to them and sat down, her eyes were focused on Weiss, it was like if the woman was going to be judging her in everything.

Weiss watched as her mother took out a napkin and folded it in several different ways, yet as she watched her mother move her hands she noticed how she seemed to carry a form of grace and elegance, even as she did something so mundane.

"Your job as a wife if to maintain the family's image, your husband will have to carry himself in a certain way, how we aren't entirely sure at the moment. So it will be up to you to have the grace needed to speak with those from high society." Weiss listened t her mother's words, each word spoken were cold and uncaring, it was like if her mother was speaking to another servant.

The wind howled outside her tent, once in a while, it managed to pass through the walls of the tent-making the light of the fire flicker.

"Why?" Weiss asked her maid, however, the woman just smiled.

"Because all nobles can have servants cook for them, but not all of them can brag that they have eaten something made by their wife and have it taste good." the maid answered her.

Weiss graved the handle of a pan and placed the pan on the fire.

[ Character change Jaune]

The party had ended and everyone was still sleeping, do to the fact that no one was allowed to leave the tents everyone slept on the floor, the tents were large enough to have several rooms so it wasn't like everyone slept on the ground, but there weren't enough beds for everyone.

"Get up you have your first mission" he heard someone say to him.

Jaune opened his eyes and found Pyrrha sleeping next to him, she was still wearing her armor, but she slept peacefully, her red hair covered part of her head.

"I said you have your first mission, gather your team. Your destination is the Kingdom of Atlas, your finances homeland."

"Your job is to find out how many of the transport systems are still functioning and how many we can repurpose for civilian use, they are not necessarily the same thing."

Jaune turned to see who was speaking to him and he found Naotsugu standing beside him handing him a folder filled with papers.

Jaune sat up and looked around, he let a smalls mile form on his face when he noticed Scar sleeping, his servants were covering him, one would think that sleeping with several women would have been a dream come true, but from the way Scar was Jaune realized that wasn't the case.

It looked like if Scar had to fight off the combined attacks of the girls he had as servants or was it, slaves, while they slept, the man had bags under his eyes, Jaune somehow knew his friend hadn't slept all night.

"Your seniors have already gone beyond the wall so you won't be able to meet with them and the elder members of the guild are bout to head out in or own assignment, your team will be on their own."

Pyrrha began to move, however, she spoke almost immediately, it was like if she had been awake the entire time.

"What's really going on?" she asked Naotsugu, ash she sat down.

"There's no point in hiding any of this, so there is no problem if anyone hears this. The guilds are moving, look around you, right now everyone is being assigned their missions, the lands need to be mapped out and supplies need to reach those that need them."

"The Free Guard is being ordered to keep the city and the surrounding villages safe, as of this moment the lands of ice belong to us, so its time to claim wats ours."

"The Adventurers, your seniors will explore the uncharted regions, you recruits will meet with the cities and kingdoms. Your job is to look around, speak to the people and shake hands, we will be making decisions based on your reports."

"Make no deals, promises or agree to anything because you don't have that power. Kill whatever and whoever you have to, be they Monster, Kings, Queen, Bandit or insane people."

"You have your mission, do what you have to do." Naotsugu said to them before turning around and walking away, Pyrrha and Jaune were not able to see the man's pained expression when he turned around and walked away, however, Scar could see the pain he had as he left the three friends behind.

Scar had seen it before, a general or a captain that had no other choice but to give an order he didn't like but had to be followed, otherwise, the results would be even worse.

Jaune opened the folder and he nearly coughed, the first order was to not follow the path used by the travelers because that path was already known.

They had to walk in the same direction but of the makeshift road that already existed, it made sense because they still had to explore the area and deal with whatever danger was around, but doing this put them in unnecessary danger.

A small letter fell out as he took out the sheets of paper, Pyrrha picked it up and opened it, it was a letter from the guild leader. He was ordering him to choose, whatever choice he made the guild would side with him, take the girl as his wife or not the guild will accept his decision, but he had to make his choice before his mission was completed.

"Looks like they want to kill two birds with one stone." Scar said as he took the letter from Pyrrha.

Jaune looked at the muscular man, he wanted to ask the man for guidance but scar's eyes told him everything he had to know, this was entirely up to him and he had to deal with his own problems.

"One thing at a time, let's get something to eat and pack up everything we might need" Pyrrha said to him and she stood up and stretched out her hand to him, Jaune took it and she pulled him up.

Jaune handed Scar a sheet of paper and he handed another to Pyrrha, both of them raise their eyebrow when they read what was written on the papers he had given them.

"How are we supposed to hunt down as many creatures as we can and what does it mean that the collectors will get what we hunt and bring it back to the city." Scar said as he looked at Jaune.

"From what this says, there are villages and entire cities still lost and we are somehow supped to postponed our main mission and make diplomatic talks with the villages or cities we find."

"I thought Naotsugu said that we didn't have that kind of authority." Pyrrha said as she read what was written on the sheet of paper Jaune had given her.

"Let's head to the guild first and deal with everything later, let's get the last hot bath we will have in a while and get everything ready." Jaune said to them, his team agreed and they left the tent.

As they walked back to the guild, Jaune could see the Free Guar being ordered and warned not to overstep their limits while everyone was away.

People were already leaving some people carried loads upon loads of grains or meats, while others took furs or clothing with them, however, some people left with nothing and more people that stayed behind.

They finally reached the guild and found a girl waiting at the entrance she held an envelope in her hands when she noticed them approaching, she smiled and handed the letter to them.

Jaune took it and read what was written in the letter. '"Looks like shes our fourth member." Jaune said as he looked at the girl, almost instantly the women that followed Scar stood in front of him as if marking their territory.

Even Pyrrha gave a step forward and stood in front of Jaune.