Authors note: This is gonna be my first crossover. It's gonna be about my OC Sean Dontor, a Jedi knight who crash-landed on Sonic's home Planet, Mobius after the events of Order 66. The story is gonna take place in a similar yet different community than my previous story "New recruits." Without spoiling the story, I'll give you "Jedi on Mobius."

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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in this story, they belong to their respective owners and companies but, i do own Sean Dontor (My new OC)

Italics: Thoughts

Underline: Communication

Story begins

Somewhere beyond the Outer Rim "Three months after Order 66"

In the vast space, we see a green Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor Jedi Starfighter being chased by two Tie Fighters. The Tie Fighters tried to shoot the Starfighter with it's lasers but, the Starfighter evaded with a barrel roll to the left. The Starfighter then tried to evade the Tie Fighters by cutting to the right but, the Tie fighters stayed on their pray.

Meanwhile in the Starfighter, we see a male Human Jedi in his late teens with blond colored semi-short hair and brown stubble wearing a light-grey Jedi uniform. This Jedi's name is Sean Dontor. He fiddled with the buttons on the control panel while he steered the ship to evade the Tie Fighters. On the outside of the ship, an astro droid in red, black and white color was monitoring the damage on the ship. so far, there were no severe damage on the ship. The Droids designated name was RB-1N. through the communicator, Sean called the droid.

"RB! See if you can find a hyperspace route to a non-Imperial system."

"Beep-Beep-Bob!" RB responded.

"Nothing?!" Sean asked. "Okay then, scan again..."


The whole ship shook as it was hit on the long-range communicator, completely destroying it. Sean breathed out in frustration.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me!"

"Bob-Bob-Bob-Beep?" RB asked.

"No! My insurance doesn't cover the communicators!" Seam responded. "How am i ever gonna get it repaired?" Sean calmed down from his outburst. "Easy Dontor, easy."

"Bob-Beep-Bob." RB suggested.

"No RB, I am not doing that." Sean responded. Sean then focused on the task at hand. "Now, let's see if we can do something about those Tie Fighters."

Sean then made a sharp U-turn so the Starfighter was facing the Tie Fighters. Sean aimed at one of the Tie Fighters and blasted some laser shots until he hit the Tie Fighter. RB beebed with delight.

"Yeah! Got one!" Sean cheered. "Now to deal with the other one..."


Sean was interrupted as the ship shook from the impact by the laser of the Tie Fighter.

"Oh! Come on!" Sean groaned in frustration. "Can't a Jedi catch a break?". He then called out to RB. "RB! Check for damage!"

RB beeped in response as he started to scan the ship. After RB had scanned the ship, he reported back to the Jedi.

"The left exhaust port is destroyed!?" Sean asked. RB Beeped in confirmation.

"Well we will have to take care of that Tie Fighter if we are to survive." Sean stated. RB rotated his head and saw an asteroid field and beeped his findings back to the Jedi.

"An asteroid field?" Sean asked. "Alright RB, lets head in, we might lose him there!" The Jedi turned the ship so they were heading for the asteroides. The Tie Fighter followed them in as well.

The Tie Fighter chased the Starfighter inside the asteroid field, and had to maneuver due to the asteroides were very compact and hard to navigate through. The Tie Fighter tried to shoot the Starfighter down but, the Starfighter avoided getting hit by barrel-rolling to the right. The Starfighter then maneuvered through a small line of asteroides and the Tie Fighter kept itself locked on the Starfighter. Inside the Starfighter, Sean saw a giant asteroid ahead of him and came up with a plan.

"RB! Let's head for that asteroid!" Sean said. "And turn off the autopilot!" RB Beeped in confusion.

"Trust me on this RB!" Sean assured the droid. I got a plan!"

RB complied and turned off the autopilot as Sean steered the ship directly on course for the asteroid. The Tie Fighter kept pursuing the Starfighter as the pilot inside was unaware of the Jedi's intentions.

"What are you up to Jedi?" The Tie pilot mumbled to himself.

"Just a little longer." Sean said to himself.

"Just a little longer." The Tie pilot said as he tried lock onto the Starfighter.

Meanwhile, inside the Starfighter, Sean still waited for the perfect timing to pull his move. When he was close enough, he pulled his move, the Tie Fighter on the other hand, had locked it's laser cannons onto the Starfighter and commenced the fire.

"Gotcha!" Sean and The Tie pilot said simultaneously.

The Tie Fighter fired it's laser cannons at the Starfighter but, before the laser could hit the Starfighter, Sean pulled his ship up in the nick of time but, the Starfighter scraped it's underbelly on the asteroid. The Tie pilot didn't have time to react as the Tie Fighter collided with the asteroid, destroying the Tie Fighter and taking the Pilot with it. Sean sighted in relief of the Tie Fighters destruction. The Jedi and the droid navigated safely through the asteroid field. After they exit the asteroid field, RB saw something on his scanner.

"Beep-Bob-Bob-Bob-Beep!" RB Beeped in worry.

"A black hole?" Sean asked. RB beeped in confirmation.

"How close?" He asked again. RB gave his answer in which worried the young Jedi.

"That Close!?" Then suddenly, a Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace. Inside the bridge of the Star Destroyer, a tall figure, wearing black and a black helmet stood and looked out of the front window with his arms crossed. The Admiral of the Star Destroyer approached the dark figure.

"Lord Vader! We located the Jedi near the black hole." The Admiral said. Vader turned to face the Admiral and spoke in his cold metallic voice.

"Ready all cannons to fire on that ship! If we don't destroy him, we will draw him into that vortex." Vader ordered.

The Admiral nodded and turned to the personel on the bridge.

"Commence fire on that ship!" The Admiral ordered. The personel complied and readied all cannons to fire upon the Jedi's ship.

The Star Destroyer then commenced it's heavy bombardment upon the Starfighter, many of the bolts missed while few hit the Jedi's ship as it was drawn closer to the black hole.

Back in the Starfighter, Sean saw how hopeless the situation has become both for him and RB. He only had two options, either get destroyed or... An idea formed in Sean's head.

"Alright RB, Listen!" Sean told the frightened droid. "That Star Destroyer is trying to draw us into that black hole, and if we stay here we are gonna be annihilated!" Sean sighted at their inevitable fate before he continued. "RB! Let's head for that black hole!" RB beeped in panic and confusion.

"You'd rather tangle with that Star Destroyer?" Sean asked. RB Beeped in response after which, Sean continued. "That's what i thought, let's head in!"

And with that, while the Star Destroyer fired it's laserbolts at the Starfighter, Sean guided his ship into the black hole. The ship shook violently as it entered the black hole.

"RB! I want you to go into standby mode in just in case the worst should happen!" Sean ordered. RB complied and went into standby mode. "Now it's all up to the black hole."

The Starfighter whirled around in the black hole before it disappeared into nothingness. Meanwhile inside the Star Destroyer, Darth Vader saw everything unfold, before he felt the Jedi's presence in the force vanish. The dark lord's breathing upheld the silence on the bridge. The Admiral then spoke after the long silence.

"My Lord?" The Admiral asked nervously. "He escaped?"

Vader turned to face the frightened Admiral. "No! He met his own end by the black hole."

"My lord!" An imperial officer called as he approached the dark lord. "We have just received an important message from the Emperor! He want's us to return to Coruscant.

"Admiral!" Vader ordered. "Set a course for Coruscant!"

"Yes my lord!" The Admiral complied.

The Star Destroyer turned and went into hyperspace, leaving nothing but the black hole.