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Underline: Communication

Story Continues.


Soumercan Dark Egg Legion base. The dungeon 1:10 PM.
Day 233.
Year 3237.

After being revealed as an undercover agent, Hershey was taken to her cell by two legionnaires. While walking, the two legionnaires started to talk about some new video game. Hershey rolled her eyes at their conversation, and looked around to see if she could come up with an escape plan. She started to think what her husband would do in this situation.

She then thought, she is not her husband, she is Hershey St. John, and she will do this her way. Her thoughts were interrupted when they came to a stop and one of the legionnaires said;

"Did you remember to put handcuffs on her?" The first legionnaire asked.

The other legionnaire's eyes widened in realization. "Ups, I forgot them in the control room." He said in embarrassment.

Handcuffs? That's it! Hershey finally had an option, and now she waited for an opportunity, and it didn't take long for that opportunity to arise. They were approaching a blind spot for the security cameras and no security guards, and best of all, there was a ventilation shaft where she could hide from the security. Hershey's plan was coming together, and all she had to do was to take out these legionnaires.

The first legionnaire waved it off. "It doesn't matter." He said. "It's not like she's gonna escape or anything in that matter."

The two legionnaires shared a laugh while Hershey only smirked, as they were unaware of what was about to happen.

Control room. With Drago and Razorklaw.

"We cannot let Dr. Eggman know about this incident!" Drago instructed a terrified legionnaire who sat at one of the many monitors. "He's got a lot of things to deal with as it is, got it?!"

"Yes sir!" the legionnaire saluted and turned his attention back to the monitor.

Razorklaw folded his arms over his chest. "We still need to find that scout for Dr. Eggman."

"I know that!" Drago snapped. "But these legionnaires are as useless as they look." He then gave out a frustrated sigh. "And why isn't he sending one of his robots to watch this Overlander?!"

"Because the Overlander destroyed the last one he sent out." Razorklaw reminded the bad tempered Wolf.

"Hershey shot Metal Sonic!" Drago growled. "You know that!"

"I know that, and even if we send out a robot, then it's likely the Overlander will destroy it." Razorklaw said in an irritated tone.

Drago growled in frustration and started to pace back and forth, thinking on how to properly deal with this Overlander.

While pacing, Drago saw a pair of handcuffs on a nearby table. He went over and grabbed them off the table. "Weren't these the handcuffs that..." Drago gulped and stormed over to one of the legionnaires at the monitor. "you there!" He pointed towards the legionnaire in question.

The legionnaire turned around in his chair "Sir?"

"Call the ones who are transporting Hershey!" Drago ordered.

"Yes Grandmaster!" The legionnaire immediately proceeded to get into contact with the two legionnaires.

D.E.L. 3-0377: D.E.L. 3-0365 and 3-0366 come in! D.E.L 3-0365 and 3-0366 do you copy! This is D.E.L. 3-0377; whats your status?

After a few attempts, legionnaire 3-0377 turned to Drago. "They are not responding."

Drago narrowed his eyes. "Are there other legionaries nearby?"

D.E.L 3-0377 checked the monitor. "There's just D.E.L 3-0352!" He responded.

"Then call him!"

"Yes sir!"

D.E.L 3-0377 then tried to contact his colleague, who is patrolling the dungeons. The grumpy legionnaire finally responded.

D.E.L 3-0352: What is it?

D.E.L 3-0377: The Grandmaster want you to check on D.E.L 3-0365 and 3-0366 as they failed to report in time.

D.E.L 3-0352: (Frustrated) Ugh... Fine... I'll check on those to idiots.

A minute went by, as Drago and 3-0377 waited a minute, before 3-0352 responded.

D.E.L 3-0352: 3-0377! Are you there?

D.E.L 3-0377: Right here! What is the status of D.E.L 3-0365 and 3-0366?

D.E.L 3-0352: They are both unconscious!

D.E.L 3-0377: And the prisoner?

D.E.L 3-0352: She has... Wait! What was that?! YOU THERE! STOP! ARGHH!

Drago pushed 3-0377 aside, so that he could get to the monitor.

Drago: 3-0352 come in!

No response

Drago: 3-0352 do you read me!

That's when Drago hear someone pick up the communicator.

Hershey: I'm sorry Drago, but he fell asleep during the job. Hershey out!

With Hershey.

Hershey shut of the communicator as she stood over the three unconscious legionnaires. She then took her D.E.L robe off, revealing that she wore a red west, a blue scarf and a pair of red boots.

"Hershey one, Drago nil." She chucked as she leaped into a ventilation shaft, that was above the hallway in the dungeon.

"Your move Drago."

Back in the control room.

Drago roared as he kicked a nearby chair in anger. "SHE'S ESCAPED!" He then faced D.E.L 3-0377. "FIND HER!"

"Yes sir!"

before D.E.L 3-0377 could get started, Razorklaw approached, and placed his robotic claw on his shoulder.

"Sound the alarm! And have the whole base on full lockdown!" Razorklaw ordered.

Drago grabbed another legionnaire by his robe. "I want every single legionnaire to search every inch of this base until you find her!"

"Y...Y...Yes S...Sir!" The legionnaire nervously replied as Drago let go. He left to carry out Drago's orders, but he tripped and fell on his face.

Drago facepalmed. "And can you please do it without falling on your faces?!"

The legionnaire got up from the floor. "Will do sir!" He then left the control room, but he slipped on his way out and again fell onto his face.

Drago saw what happened and placed both of his robotic hands on his face in a distraught manner. "I'm surrounded by idiots."

With Hershey.

Hershey was crawling through one of the many ventilation shafts. They were dirty, filled with dust, and old spider webs. Hershey wondered if anyone actually cleaned these regularly.

"These could actually use a good cleaning." Hershey thought, as she accidentally crawled into a spider web. "Eww!"

As she began remove the web from her face, she heard a loud sound.


Loudspeaker: Attention all units! A prisoner has escaped! Have the base on full lockdown, and wait for further instructions!

Hershey exhaled in frustration. "Great! This day just keeps getting better!" She thought as she continued to crawl through the ventilation shaft.

While crawling, Hershey passed a ventilation panel, and saw four legionaries search the hallways. She decided to approach the panel, and wait to proceed until they have left.

Dungeon hallways.

Four legionnaires were searching the hallways looking for Hershey, and so far, no luck.

"Any luck?" The squad leader asked.

The first legionnaire turned to face his leader, and shook his head. "I got nothing."

"Me neither." The second legionnaire said.

"I'm starting to think that she's not here anymore." The third legionary said. "Maybe we should look somewhere else."

The squad leader placed a hand on his face in frustration. "There's a reason why the Grandmasters made us search the dungeons." He growled. "Because the other search groups are searching the other parts of this base, and no more whining from you, Understood?!"

"Yes sir!" They complied simultaneously, as they proceeded to search for their escaped convict. The squad leader calmed down from his outburst, and began look for Hershey himself.

Ventilation shaft.

Hershey snickered to herself, as they were unaware of that she was right above them. She thought of the best way to ambush them, but her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a ticklish sensation in her nostrils.

"Oh no! Not now!" Hershey thought in panic. "AH-AH-AAAH..."

While looking, the leader looked at the ventilation shaft, and wondered if she was hiding somewhere in it. He was about to order his teams to search the ventilation shaft until...


The four legionnaires stopped at what they were doing and eyed the source of the sneeze, which turned out to come from Hershey, who was hiding inside a ventilation shaft.

"H-hi." Hershey sheepishly waved.

The Leader angrily pointed at Hershey, before he shouted; "THERE SHE IS! GET HER!"

The three other legionnaires complied and approached Hershey, but she quickly leaped out of the ventilation shaft and assaulted them with a barrage of punches and kicks. The first legionnaire tried to shoot Hershey in the back, but she quickly spun around and kicked the gun out of his hand, before she clawed him in the face. Another legionnaire made an attempt and wrapped his arms around Hershey, as the squad leader came up to her.

When he came close, Hershey kicked the legionnaire who held her in the shin, before she kicked the approaching squad leader in the face, making them both stagger back. Hershey then proceeded to claw both legionaries in the face, before she kicked them in the face, knocking them both out. A third legionnaire attempted to call for help with his communicator, but unfortunately for him, Hershey saw this and assaulted him with a roundhouse kick to his face, which knocked him out.

With all four legionnaires out, Hershey immediately fled the scene, while figuring out an escape plan.

With Drago and Razorklaw 1:20 PM.

Drago paced inside the control room in a frustrated manner, while Razorklaw stood with his arms crossed, waiting for an update from the search parties. D.E.L 3-0377 looked through the monitors in attempt of finding Hershey. So far he had no luck, until he saw Hershey running down a hallway on one of the monitors, while taking out any legionnaire on her way.

"Grandmasters!" D.E.L 3-0377 called. "We got a visual!"

Drago and Razorklaw stomped over to the control panel. "Where?"

D.E.L 3-0377 again looked at the monitors. "It look like she's heading for the cafeteria." he answered.

Drago pushed the button for the speaker.

Meanwhile at the cafeteria.

Hershey had just arrived at the cafeteria, when she heard Drago through the loudspeaker.

Loudspeaker: Attention all legionnaires!

Hershey turned her attention to the loudspeaker.

Loudspeaker: The prisoner was last seen headed for the cafeteria. STOP HER!

After the loudspeaker had shut off, two legionnaires came out of the kitchen, with their guns aimed at Hershey.

"Finally!" The first legionnaire started. "Some action!"

"Enough talk!" The second legionnaire snapped. "Let's get her before the others arrive!"

Hershey got into her battle stance. "Two against one?" Hershey mocked. "This won't be fair at all!"

The two legionnaires readied their guns and began to shoot her, but Hershey leaped out of the way just in time to avoid the shots. She flipped a table onto its side and hid behind it, but the table wasn't lazerproof, as lazers flew right trough it. So Hershey had to duck even further so as to not get shot by the bullets.

Soon after, Hershey heard something clicking. She got up from behind the table and saw that the legionnaires had run out of ammo. Hershey immediately seized this opportunity and assaulted the two legionnaires by clawing the first legionnaire in the face and kicking the second one in the guts, before she knocked them out with a roundhouse kick.

"Like i said, not fair at all." Hershey said as she dusted herself off, but her victory was short lived, as she heard footsteps from a nearby hallway approaching the cafeteria. Hershey quickly looked for an escape route, and was in luck. Not far from her, across the cafeteria, there was a ventilation panel that may lead her to the main hangar. She hurriedly approached the ventilation panel and opened it, before she crawled into the shaft that hopefully would lead her to her freedom.

As soon as she disappeared from the cafeteria, a group of legionnaires entered and began to search the cafeteria for Hershey, while others tended to the two legionnaires who were knocked out by her.

"Sir?" A legionnaire started, approaching his commanding officer.

"What is it soldier?" The commander asked disinterested.

"I believe that she has escaped through that ventilation shaft sir!" He responded, while pointing at the ventilation panel that Hershey forgot to put back into place.

The commanders eyes widened. "Get me the Grandmasters. NOW!"

Control room.

The Grandmasters had just heard everything that happened in the cafeteria from the commander.

Commander: ...And I believe she is headed for the main hangar as we speak.

Drago: Then tell your group to head for the hangar immediately.

Commander: Yes Sir!

Razorklaw: We'll order the other groups to do the same!

After the transmission ended, Drago turned to Razorklaw, who stood with his arms crossed.

"We'd better go as well." Drago stated. "Just to make sure that they don't screw up again."

Razorklaw nodded in agreement, and the two Grandmasters left for the main hanger.

Main Hangar 1:35 PM.

After crawling through the ventilation shaft, Hershey arrived to the main hangar. She leaped behind a wooden crate, so as to not get discovered by the many legionnaires patrolling the hangar. While behind the crate, Hershey began to look for an escape route.

"Dammit!" Hershey thought, frustrated. "I forgot that the base is on full lockdown. How am I supposed to get out of here?"

Hershey didn't have to look for too long, as she discovered the answer to her question. A flying saucer that the Dark Egg Legionnaires use to patrol the sky and airspace. With it, she could use it to blow a hole in the hangar gate. She was about to make a break for the saucer until...

"Hold it right there, Freedom Fighter!" A voice called.

Hershey yelped and immediately made a run for the saucer, but four legionnaires came out in front of her in attempt to stop her, only for Hershey to punch two of them in their faces, knocking them out. She turned her attention to the remaining two legionnaires. The third legionnaire tried to punch her, but Hershey took hold of his arm, using her momentum and threw him at the other legionnaire, knocking them both out. Hershey snapped herself back the the moment, as laser-bolts hit the ground adjacent to her. She remembered her plan and immediately sprinted towards one of the parked saucers.

While trying to avoid getting hit by incoming laser-bolts, Hershey managed to get to a saucer, and leaped up to it's control panel. She sat down on the driver's seat, and pushed the button to ignite the engine.

As Hershey took off, a legionnaire leaped on to the saucer, and held on for dear life. While Hershey attempted to steer the saucer, the legionnaire attempted to further climb towards the cockpit. Hershey saw a reflection of the legionnaire on the saucers windshield, and attempted to shake him off with some wild flying.

Meanwhile, Drago and Razorklaw entered the main hangar and saw the legionnaire trying to hold on to the saucer, but due to Hershey's maneuvering and wild flying, the legionnaire lost his grip and fell off the air craft. The poor legionnaire landed right on top of Drago and they both tumbled onto the ground.

Drago glared at the legionnaire on top of him and pushed him off of him. He then got up and eyed some legionnaires who stood at attention. "Open Fire! Shoot her down!" He barked. The legionnaires complied and opened fire on the saucer.

"And man the air crafts!" Razorklaw ordered. "Do whatever it takes to take her down!"

"Yes sir!" some legionnaires saluted and immediately manned the saucers, and took off after Hershey.

As Hershey maneuvered the saucer in attempt to escape the pursuing air crafts, She also had to avoid getting hit by the blaster shots from the ground forces.

Back on the ground, some legionnaires approached their designated saucer, but Hershey saw this and steered towards them and began to shoot the grounded air crafts. The impact of the laser-bolts from Hershey's saucer caused the grounded vehicle to explode. An explosion, powerful enough to send nearby legionnaires flying backward. Wounding, and knocking them unconscious.

Drago and Razorklaw shielded themselves with their arms, as to avoid getting hit by debris from the explosion, but were blown back by the explosion as well. The explosion even caused some of the supporting structures and ceiling beams to crack a little.

Now Hershey turned to the pursuing air crafts. She made a sharp U-turn, and began to shoot down the pursuers, while she maneuvered her own aircraft as to not get shot down herself. After some wild flying, Hershey managed to pick off every air craft until there was no one left. With them out of the way, Hershey steered towards the hangar gates and opened fire. The legionnaires who stood near the gates, jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit by the incoming shots.

Meanwhile, Drago and Razoklaw had just recovered from the explosion, when the Wolf Grandmaster spotted a pair of blasters on the ground. He quickly scooped them up, and threw one to Razorklaw, who caught it in his metallic hands. The two Grandmasters then began to shoot after Hershey, and landed a few good shots on the saucers' hull.

Hershey's air craft shook violently, and smoke began to come out of the engine, and to make it worse, the supporting structures began to crumble and the main hangar was about to collapse.

After shooting a few shots at the gates, Hershey managed to blow up a hole big enough for her air craft to escape through. Drago saw this and aimed his blaster at the renegade saucer, and landed some shots on the hull and the windshield, but it wasn't enough, as Hershey escaped through the hole towards her freedom. A legionnaire approached the hole and saw the saucer in the distance, flying towards the jungle.

The legionnaire saw Drago approach him and saluted him. "Grandmaster!" He started. "It appears that she has escaped."

In fury, Drago grabbed the legionnaire by the throat, and hoisted him from the ground. The Wolf Grandmaster was about to tear him to shreds until...




Drago cringed at the sounds of the main hangar's supporting structures were beginning to fall apart and collapse. The Wolf Grandmaster let go of the legionnaires throat and turned to Razorklaw and all of the legionnaires present, before he pointed at the nearest exit.

"EVACUATE THE HANGAR!" Drago barked fearfully, as he immediately ran for the hangar exit, followed by Razorklaw.

The legionnaires inside the main hangar began to scramble, as they all tried to escape the collapsing room. Some of the legionnaires were lucky to escape; while others weren't so fortunate.

Two hundred meters from the base.

A brown-grayish Wolf in his late teens, watched from a tree in horror as part of the D.E.L base collapse. This Wolf was ordered by Lupe to watch the Dark Egg Legion, and report back in case something suspiscious happened. Just a minute ago, he had to duck his head to avoid getting hit by one of their saucers. The Wolf decided that he had seen enough.

"I gotta tell the Grand Chief about this!" He said as he juped down the tree, and left in a hurry.

Authors Note: I am so sorry for the delay of this chapter. the writers block and the grammatical block made sure that I couldn't get this chapter done without difficulty. My promise to this if it happens again, I'll let you know.

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