20 years later, there was the wedding of the year between a lovely couple. They have been together since high school and and stayed together through college. They were Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng. They sure seemed like ordinary people that are getting married,but, when they were teenagers.. they became the world's super heroes, Cat Noir And Ladybug. Except..

While everybody was dancing and having fun, Adrien and Marinette had to give their miraculouses back to Master Fu because HawkMoth was still around. The. miraculouses might be even in more great danger if they still had them as adults. It was very hard to give them back to Master Fu, especially for Marinette,she was very sad to see Tikki go.

When Marinette was on the dance floor, her now husband,Adrien,said,"Don't worry Tikki and Plagg are going to be fine. Somebody else will maybe find them and take care of them.",said Adrien sweetly to Marinette as he touches her will be safe with him or her no matter who will find them.", said Adrien.

Marinette thought about it. Then,she nodded at Adrien. She started slow dancing with him,as wife and husband.