When the fans of Ladybug and Cat Noir were prepared to run in fear! They had seen the akumatized villain. Then, the fear came when they realized that Ladybug and Cat Noir were getting ready to fight the akumatized villain. The akumatized villain had a malicious smirk on his face.

Cat Noir made the first move, he was holding his stick in one hand running straight towards Sinsterlock.

The fans stopped themselves so they could cheer on the heros. They knew that the two heroes, yet again ,were going to save the day as always did !

"Ladybug, stand right there!",he shouted.

He leapt up into the sky so he could hit Sinsterlock with his stick. Sinsterlock shot Cat Noir with his hand. There was a beam of purple beam of lightening causing Cat Noir to be hit. The light flung him into a brick building.

"Cat!",yelled out Ladybug.

She ran to see if he was okay,and saw that after his back was hit the building, he fell face first onto the floor! She picked him up to check that there wasn't any bruises on his face

"You okay?",asked Ladybug.

"Yeah, I'm fine...",groaned Cat Noir.

He was trying to stand up, but, then, their attention was cut off between each other and was turned towards Sinsterlock, who was floating above air was laughing evilly,

"Oh..poor kitty cat.. your next ladybug!",shouted Sinsterlock.

Ladybug growled in frustration.

"Okay its time for me to use this.",said Ladybug.

She stared into her ladybug yo-yo and threw it up in the air yelling, "Lucky charm!"