Theodore Nott was running through the halls of Hogwarts. He burst into the Room of Requirement, entirely out of breath.

"Luna got taken over the holidays! My father says she is being held in Malfoy's Manor."

Ginny's head shot up, her jaw had dropped. Neville and the other members of DA that were present froze in setting up the room.

"Is there any way to get in touch with Draco? See if he could free her?" Lavender Brown asked hesitantly.

Nott shook his head. "The Dark Lord operates out of Malfoy Manor, there's no way we could get in touch with Draco without alerting someone and causing them to become suspicious. Have any of you had any word from Potter?"

It was Ginny's turn to shake her head. "After Ron left, he hasn't been able to find them again. I wish we had thought to send them with the DA coins. We could probably help them!"

While they all listened to Potterwatch regularly, they never knew if the information being reported was entirely accurate. The group fell into an uneasy silence.

"The Sword!" Neville suddenly yelled. "We could get the Sword of Gryffindor and try to get it for Harry and Hermione. It's in the Headmaster's office."

He looked around excitedly at the other members, only Ginny seemed to mirror his enthusiasm. Nott looked at them incredulously. "What's a bloody sword going to do for them? They can't very well go around stabbing every Death Eater they come across!"

"Maybe not," Ginny offered, "But it's the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. It's bound to have some magical properties. It was even used to kill Slytherin's basilisk. It's another weapon in their arsenal."

"Alright, then. Let's get it."

They decided that only a few of them should actually break into Snape's office. There would be two other groups that would wreak havoc in different parts of the castle, far from the Headmaster's office, to draw attention there.

Soon, Neville, Ginny, and Theodore were sneaking into Snape's office. Theo knew the password since he was trusted by the Carrows and they feared and respected his father's position in the Dark Lord's order.

As soon as they walked in, they broke off to search. Neville finally found it, tucked away in a cabinet. They had been there for nearly fifteen minutes and were turning to leave, Sword in hand, when Snape burst through the door. They were caught!

Ginny and Neville cast a worried glance over at Theo but he stared down the Headmaster calmly.

"What do you think you are doing in my office?" Snape hissed. He caught sight of the Sword in Neville's hand. Outrage flashed over Snape's features before he grabbed it out of Neville's hand.

"A month of detentions, for stealing from the Headmaster," he said. "I don't know what you were hoping to accomplish here but you have failed. Nott, I didn't realize you were a part of this rabble. Your father would be most…disappointed, were he to find out. You will report to the Carrow's tomorrow after dinner for your detentions. Consequences will be more severe should you choose to not show up."

Neville and Ginny were magically pushed out of the door and Theo walked behind them. They were all too stunned at the lack of severity of the punishment that they did not seek back.

Theo turned in the doorway of the office and looked back at Snape.

"It was for Cassius."