Hello everyone! How are you?

The reason for creating this challenge is because its kind of like a story that use to be up, but the author for some reason took it down. I really liked the story and was sad that it was taken down. I had thought of writing a variation of it, but unfortunately due to other stories and life, I do not have a lot of time. So, I thought about issuing this challenge.

The challenge is basically starring Hagoromo Otsutsuki, who I feel doesn't get a lot of spotlight, and the nine Tailed Beasts as well. With that said, here are some rules:

MUST HAVE: In the author's story, Yasaka is the daughter of Kurama whom he had with Tamamo. This is what I really liked about that story, as it was original and personally I think there are too many stories where Kurama is either Yasaka's husband or Yasaka is paired with Naruto. This must be in your story if you accept this challenge. You can have Yasaka's mother be Tamamo as mentioned before, or maybe Inari, the goddess of foxes.

Ranking in Strength: after seeing their powers in the anime and manga, Hagoromo and the Bijuu should be ranked up high in the "Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World" list. Meaning they are stronger than most others, such as Sirzechs.

Yokai Faction: Due to their power level and long lives, I envision them having a strong influence in both the Yokai and maybe the Shinto Faction, worshiped as gods perhaps. The tailed beasts can even be the progenitors of Yokai if you like, whatever is fine.

Reincarnation: Neither Hagoromo or the Tailed Beasts are to be reincarnated as Devils or Angels. First since their powers are on par with gods so that would be impossible, and second because I find that annoying where a Naruto character becomes a Devil.

Hamura: I also think Hagoromo's brother should at least be mention. How you do it is up to you!

Hagoromo's abilities: He possesses the Rinnegan but can also use the powers of the Byakugan and Sharingan since the former was wielded by his mother and the latter past onto the Uchiha clan, his descendants. He can thus use the abilities of all three dojutsu and possesses all the elemental chakras. Due to his pacifist nature, though, he rarely fights unless in self-defense or if something or someone truly angers him. He is also immortal.

Hagoromo's appearance: I would like him to look like how he was in his young adult years shown in the anime.

Harem: Seeing how Hagoromo is, I don't think he should have an actual harem. Perhaps an unofficial one, but nothing definite. If you do decide to have females attracted to him, they should be the older ones, such as Gabriel, Serafall, etc. Grayfia cannot be included, she is Millicas's mother and Sirzech's wife. Nor Venelena and especially not Yasaka, the relationship between Hagoromo and Yasaka is like grandfather and granddaughter.

Tailed Beasts' status: The tailed beasts have all their powers, no changes to them like lost memories, being sealed, etc. Also, they can have a humanoid form since Yokai also have that too. If you want to give them other abilities, like being able to use ninjutsu and genjutsu, be my guess.

Naruto Universe and DXD Universe: The author's story had the world that the Elemental and Nation become Earth that the DXD takes place. Apparently, humans were being born without chakra and shinobi faded after countless centuries. How you wish to do it is up to you, I'm just letting you know what happened.

There you have it. If you're interested, either leave a review or send me a message. I hope you people become interested.