A trailer to my upcoming Looney Tunes fanfiction that is being released later this year.

This should've been an ordinary night in the animation studio, but Daffy had chosen this specific night to stay up.

He was usually the first to bed once Tex and the others leave. So what was he doing up, especially after that tiring meeting.

The meeting was something that turned everyone's lives upside down. A new character was in the process of being created. So preparations were made to make sure that this new toon felt welcome... and Daffy was the unfortunate toon who had to help out.

" C'mon Daffy! Think of this new character as the next step in your life. He's not just a coworker... he's your little brother"

Tex always finds ways to sway him. The promise of more time irked him as he felt the greed inside of his screwy heart grow bigger.

He tried to find someone who understood what was going on but no one understood, as they were all excited for their new 'little brother'.

" Daffy, don't be like that! For all we know... the kid could make even more famous"-Bosko

" G-g-g-give the new c-c-character a chance. M-m-may-Perhaps he m-m-might i-impress us"- Porky

It wasn't that he wasn't excited. He just didn't like the idea of sharing a room with the new guy.

Daffy walked amongst the many cells in the Termite Terrace. One particular cell on the table in the corner held his new little brother.

" Well justh look at you. Bathing in all the glory. Stho... I wonder if Uncle Benny gave ya a name yet", Daffy said.

He checked the board for any other concept art of the character and found one that had been labeled: Ben "Bugs" Hardaway's rabbit.

" 'Ben "Bugsth" Hardaway's rabbit'. Thatsth way too long for ya. I doubt Porky'll be able ta ever sthay your name", Daffy said unimpressed," Maybe itsth better with alliteration".

And so the name began to shorten as seconds went on:

Ben "Bugs" Hardaway's Bunny

Bugs Hardaway's Bunny

Bug's Bunny

Bugs Bunny

" Thatsth ya name. Bugsth Bunny! Sthortand weird. Justh like mine. Dad, Popsth and Unca Benny's gonna love it", Daffy said to the character.

What no one expected was the character to tilt its head and blink its eyes.

Daffy jumped back in surprise," You moved!".

The character started to move its limbs, looking surprised at the revelation of movement. It's eyes wandered around, as if it was looking for someone.

" PORKY! BOSKO! ELMER! HELP!", Daffy screamed.

A monkey-like toon jumped out from the darkness holding a frying pan above his head.

" Where's the perp? I got a frying pan", Bosko said.

" D-D-Daffy what is t-the meaning of this", Porky said annoyed.

" T-the rabbit's moving", Daffy said pointing at the cell.

" Wait, NOW! But no one's here!", Bosko exclaimed.

" L-l-let me see D-D-Daffy", Porky said moving towards the cell to find the character testing out his new mobility.

" O-O-Oh boy", Porky stuttered," D-Daff's right. He's moving".

" What do we do?", Elmer asked.

" Absolutely nothing", Bosko said," He has to get himself outta there. Neither of us can help".

" But how is he-GAH", Daffy felt a large weight fall on top of him.

" Alright buddy, ya got-", Daffy paused when he saw the character on top of him.

" Oh-oh my. Grandfather Leon's gonna be so disappointed not being able to see this", Bosko said.

" Get him off of me", Daffy said.

" C'mon bunny, let's get ya to your feet", Bosko said, helping Bugs up.

Daffy dusted himself off and then looked at Bugs, who at the moment seemed to recognise Daffy.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, the toons around them and the were soon to come, this was the beginning of the longest friendship filled with tears, laughs and most importantly: family pranks.

" Hi there. My name is Daffy Duck and... I'm your big brother"