My first Trails Of Cold Steel story! After playing the first and second one, I immediately got hooked so it's story writing time! For this one, I have an OC and there'll be some changes here and there to make it interesting. As for possible pairings, that's gonna be kept a secret for now.

Welcome To Thor's

Dateline, March 31st, 1204

Destiny can be a unique subject and it has many, many meanings behind it. Whether it can mean a good thing or bad thing is always up for debate. The destiny that one guy in particular may not exactly be an exception, but perhaps there may be a reason behind it. That guy in question and what he may have me.

I am Alexander Lionhart, or Alex for short and since the days of my childhood, I have always wondered what I could do with my own mind and body. My appearance is nothing special, save for the fact that I have an interesting mark on the side of my head that can't be seen due to my fairly short brown hair. At least I can't complain about having blue eyes and also be around five foot nine.

Today was the day that I would be leaving Crossbell and enjoy a long train ride to Trista for one important reason. I was selected to enroll as a student as part of a new kind of class group at Thor's Military Academy. Working in something that's military related was my main study since I was introduced to it by my father who worked in the same kind of environment back at Crossbell. Of course, he gave me some advice, support and some funding before I left home.

I was also told that I would have to bring along an assigned weapon due to the events that were to come, whatever they were. I glanced down at the box between my feet that was under the seat. Inside it were a pair of large steel gauntlets. They once belonged to my grandfather before they were passed on to my father who then gave them to me. Saying that it was for the best if I had them with me, he also send me a few parting words.

Remember to never stray from your goals, son. Always fight on where it is possible and may your mother and Aidios watch over you.

" always show some pride in your speeches, don't you, dad?" I said to myself. "Still, if only my mother could see me grow into a strong solider."

I was also dressed in a uniform that was sent to me and I looked around, not many people were on board. Therefore, I assumed that Trista would not be as big as the capital.

*Ding, dong*

The Ministry of Railways wishes to thank all passengers for their patronage. The next stop is Trista, Trista. We will be stopping at Trista for one minute. When disembarking, please ensure no belongings are left behind.

"Wow...the train ride is ending quicker than I thought." I muttered.

I looked at the window and admired the view of the green fields before seeing a building with a large tower whilst the train was slowing down. The train pulled into a large station before completely stopping. I grabbed the case which had a handle and got up, making my way down the end of the carriage and towards an opened door, before stepping onto the platform. I looked up to see that I was on platform one...if there was one called seven and a half, I would grin.

This was the other thing about me, my personality was something I couldn't explain without taking it seriously, I love being an entertainer and a joker at best. But I'm not exactly dim, I always focus on what really goes on around me and if the time calls for it, I can be very serious. I left the station and entered a small village.

"So, this is Trista, huh?" I said as I glanced at the many stores. "Yeah, I could get used to this, least it's different compared to the city life back home."

I didn't know much about this place, but what I was told about however was that I would be spending two years, I pondered if this would end up being my second home. I walked slowly around the park and gave off a small smile. I then heard a few gasps from behind me. I looked back to see two people, there was a guy with spiky navy blue hair who was helping up a girl with long blonde hair. They were both wearing the same uniforms that I was, this led me to believe if they would be my classmates.

But I had no time to debate on that, I refocused and made my way up the path towards the academy building. Along the way, I took note of a few other students that were arriving. There was one girl with long blue hair and some kind of butler holding a long case. When I made it towards the main building, I heard a beep from a distance. I moved several feet away and saw a car pull in. The back door was opened by the drive and out came a guy with short light hair, he was also carrying a long case.

I then noticed a sign by the main entrance that all new attendants has to report to an assembly at the auditorium. I looked at the large building to my left where some of the students were going in. I was about to start walking when someone called for my attention.

"Yo there, excuse us." A guy called.

I turned around to see two people. There was a guy dressed as a mechanic, a little on the average side, but I wasn't going to comment on that. There was also a little girl with a uniform that looked completely different to mine and she was holding a clip board with a paper on it, she looked very cute.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Let's're Alex Lionheart, yes?" The girl asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, that's me."

"Great, welcome to the academy." The guy said before noticing my case. "Is that your weapon you've got in there?"

"Yep, why do you ask?"

"Oh, I'll need to hold on to that for the time being."

I then remembered this being mentioned in the guidebook that I got as part of the student package which came with the uniform.

"Oh I remember now. Sure, but be careful, it's kind of on the heavy side." I handed the case over to him.

He took it from me. "Woah, you're not kidding. But thanks, we should be able to return it to you before long."

"The entrance ceremony is at the auditorium, just head over there, you can't miss it." The girl said. "I hope you enjoy your time at Thor's."

"Yeah, I got it." I replied. "Thanks."

I walked over to the auditorium building and entered inside, there were many students already there as well as a group of teachers lining up near the stage. There were several empty seats, I grabbed one where there were two more students who had the same uniform as me. One was a guy with short orange hair and the other was another guy with short dark green hair with glasses. I had the feeling those two would also be part of the same class I would be in, whatever the class group would be.

As several more students turned up, I heard a large bell from the main building going off, it looked like the welcome ceremony was about to start. I listened very carefully to the man on stage, who addressed himself as Principle Vandyck. His speech sounded clear and motivating, mentioning what the military academy is about and how they make the most of thier aim towards many achievements. He then closed the ceremony with a brief history of Thor's academy.

The speech was then over and we applauded.

"Guess the winds continue to tell many tails." A guy said next to me. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Hm?" I looked at the guy, he was a well tanned guy with long brown hair. "Yeah, I think so."

"And that brings us to the close of Thor's two hundred and fifteenth entrance ceremony." A noble looking guy spoke near the stage.

'Wait, there have been two hundred and fourteen of these ceremonies before?' I asked in my head. 'Wow, I guess they love repetitiveness.'

"Next, please proceed to the class designated in your guidebook." The noble guy continued. "There, you will go over the school rules, as well as your class curriculum. That is all. Dismissed!"

All of us stood up and I watched as some of the other groups left the auditorium, the only ones left were the ones who had the same uniform as me. I counted up to least nine others, which included one more that I hadn't noticed earlier, a short girl with short silver hair and a grim expression. But anyways, designated classroom, that wasn't mentioned in the guidebook and it seems like two others had that idea as well.

"All right! Students in red uniforms, can I have your attention please?"

We turned our attention towards the one teacher that was still here, she was a good looking woman with pink hair and a good smile.

"By now, you're probably all confused. 'Where's MY class assignment?', you're probably thinking." She said. "That's perfectly understandable. Your situation is a little more complicated than the other students. But before I explain, I'd like all of you to join me for a special orienteering exercise."

"So an exercise where we learn to break the ice with each other, basically?" I asked, not realizing that I may had spoken out of turn.

She seemed impressed by me. "My, you catch on quick. Now then, right this way if you would." She walked out of the auditorium.

"Guess we'll have to follow her if we want some answers." I shrugged before leaving with the other students.

We left the building and walked past the main building and then took a right turn and down a grassy path before noticing a large building where the windows was boarded up. It looked like it hadn't been used for years, the woman I assumed would be our homeroom teacher or something, walked up the stairs and unlocked the door.

"What is this place?" The orange haired guy asked.

"Why is there a building this dilapidated on campus?" The spiky dark blue haired guy added. "It looks like it should've been torn down ages ago."

The woman unlocked the door and went inside, possibly signalling us to follow her in.

"What does she even want us to do here?" The blonde haired girl asked.

"Gah, is she even gonna tell us what's going on?" The dark-green haired guy added.

The blue haired girl hummed. "I suppose we'll just have to go inside and see for ourselves what awaits us."

That girl was right on the money, no other option except to go inside. We walked as a group, this confirmed that we would be part of the same class. I didn't know any of their names yet, but I had this feeling that I was going to be friends with each one. When we walked into the building, little did we know that this would be the first step we would take towards this destiny that would await us all.

As one would expect, this can be considered as an introduction to the story since every story has to start somewhere.

Next time! Alex gets stuck in to what the academy entails and meets everyone who will be part of Class VII.