Cullens POV:

Arriving to a flurry of rumors and excited students, Isabella Swan paid no attention to any of it. Unlike most children who would eat up the attention and talk nonstop about their life before moving to a new town, the Swan girl kept her head down and refused to speak to anyone. At first, he thought it was for attention. Mayhaps she enjoyed having people hound her, bother her, try to gain the information by being worthy. However, he quickly learned -even without the ability to read her mind- that she was simply a hermit.

Preferring to stay locked up in her home, Bella Swan didn't venture out to meet new people. She grocery shopped, cooked for her awkward father, and kept the house clean. It was odd to every one of the Cullens that this girl preferred sanctuary over company. Since Edward couldn't read Bella's mind, his family made it their mission to find out everything they could about her. With Charlie Swan being such good friends with the Chief of the Quileute tribe -their sworn enemy- they had to be sure this human didn't know their secret.

It only took a vision and a week to realize that not only is Bella mature for her age, she is also mentally disturbed. She's attracted to her father. At first, Edward had been determined to have her as a mate. She's innocent, sweet, quiet, obedient, and mature. Never mind the fact that her sweet blood calls to him like no other blood on the whole planet but after Alice had a very vivid vision of Charlie Swan and his precious, innocent daughter -who was thoroughly enjoying everything the older man was doing to her- Edward quickly realized she was no mate of his.

Jasper had laughed it up at the eldest Cullen child. He thought it was absolutely hilarious that Edward had fallen in love with a girl who wanted to fuck her daddy senseless. And boy did she! Since Bella Swan was Edward's singer, Jasper took it upon himself to scope out the young human. His powers worked on her, much like Alice's did. It was up to him to figure out whether or not she was suspicious of the Cullen Coven or just another ordinary human. The difference meant moving up roots or staying peacefully in Forks for another 2 years. Carlisle says the reason Edward's power doesn't work on Bella must be because she's a shield of some kind and can fend off some mental attacks whereas Alice and Jasper's gifts work physically.

The first night he'd spent hanging around the large oak tree outside her bedroom window had him squirming on his tree branch with an erection bigger than Texas itself. The amounts of lust she was putting out from the depths of her dreams was enough to have him coming in his pants within moments. Alice hadn't been pleased about that one bit and had looked at Bella in disgust ever since. The next time Jasper had been able to hang out around the Swan house, he'd been shocked as shit to learn that she was sleeping in her daddy's bed. Charlie Swan was filled to the brim with lust also but he was conflicted. Having his daughter share his bed made him happy but also he berated himself.

While Bella relished in sleeping next to her father, Charlie dreaded it. Jasper could tell that he was fighting the attraction every step of the way, though he knew Bella wasn't letting that go very easy. He saw the clothes she paraded around the house in, tempting God himself as she cooked dinner or cleaned the house. And don't even get him started on her dreams. Those fuckers are so potent that he cannot help but either jack himself off or run away to find Alice.

After relaying his findings to the entire family after the first week of recon, Rosalie Hale was intrigued. She was relieved that the Swan girl didn't seem to be suspicious of the Coven at all and was wondering how the hell a human could be attracted to it's sire. Perhaps it was the same sort of thing as a vampire mating? Though Carlisle sired Edward and calls him his son, he also sired Esme -who should be his daughter- and yet they are a mated couple. Sure, age could be a factor but the end result is the same. Rosalie shrugged it off as human mates. They can't help that they were fated to be related.

Edward found Rosalie's thoughts disturbing and often fought with her, causing ire between his best friend, Emmett and him. Emmett wanted Rose to be happy and so long as the human wasn't a threat to his Rose then he didn't care who the human fucked. She was no more harmful than a butterfly. Such was the life for Emmett Cullen. Not much got him down at all.

Alice, however, had taken it upon herself to keep track of the mahogany haired girl. She didn't like that the amounts of lust she gave off gave her mate erections and ejaculations. If she realized her power over the empath, what was to stop her from abusing those powers? She was blinded by the fact that none of that would happen. Jealousy did that to a person. Jasper had eyes, of course, but he only loved and wanted his perky little pixie.

Esme and Carlisle tried getting their children to back off. It worried them how invested they seemed to have become in the Chief of Police's daughter. Who cared who she screwed? So long as they didn't get the wrath of the Volturi rulers brought down on them, nothing mattered to them but their family. Esme cupped Carlisle's cheek as she stared lovingly into her husband's ocher eyes. She worries that they must keep eyes on their children or they will have to move away. Something none of them wants to do.


Try as she might, Bella couldn't keep her eyes from wandering to her father over and over again as they sat in the 30 foot fishing boat out on the ocean with Billy and Jake. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt paired with navy blue cargo shorts, lounging at the bow, looking as relaxed as could be. His dark brown hair ruffled in the breeze, the thick silky strands glinting. Every now and then she could see a grey hair and she relished in the thought of raking her fingers over his head. She loved seeing him so carefree. The smile that lit his face and crinkled his crows feet did funny things to her lower belly. Shifting to press her dampened pussy lips against the seam of her shorts, Bella pushed her nose further toward the pages of her book.

The anchor was down and the boat rocked gently to the beat of the waves while Billy and Charlie sipped their Vitamin-Rs, keeping an eye on their fishing rods. Jake sidled up next to Bella on the port bench, vying for her attention even though her nose was stuck in a book. It had gone from polite disinterest to almost rudeness but she couldn't help it. The boy wouldn't take a hint.

Each time she looked up, she met her father's eyes. Each Swan would blush before looking away. The sexual tension was palpable, though thankfully, Billy seemed oblivious.

Jake, however, was not.

Nudging her slim shoulder with his beefy one, Jake whispered in Bella's ear. "You got the hots for your dad or what?" He'd meant it as a rhetorical question but the emotion that passed over his would-be friend's face before she smoothed it out gave him his answer. So did the telltale blush that started at the tips of her ears and sunk down to her exposed cleavage. Jake couldn't help himself as he watched that blush extend. She was so beautiful in her black bikini that was dotted with bright red cherries and her cutoff short denim shorts.

Bella didn't bother defending herself or answering Jake in any way. He eased away from her a bit, taking her silence and blush as his answer and pretended he never asked that question. It was obvious something was going on between dad and daughter and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out what it was. It would taint his image of the beautiful innocent girl he had a crush on. The looks Charlie was shooting Jake when the older man thought he wasn't looking was enough to make him keep his mouth shut anyway.

Unsure how to react outwardly to Jake's question, Bella kept her eyes on her novel. She worried how he would react and she knows that when something happens between her father and her, no one could ever know. It hurt her heart to know that but she also knew that the small town of Forks would never accept them having a relationship. There was also the hope that when -not if- something happened between them, Charlie would actually want a relationship with her. The depth of her love for her father went way more than familial. It was a soul-deep connection they shared, she just knew it.

Arranging her long hair from one shoulder to the other so the little sun that kept peeking from the clouds would keep her minute tan even. When she glanced up, she noticed her father's stare burning into her body. As if in slow motion, she watched as his dark, expressive eyes traveled from the tips of her painted toes slowly up the length of her legs. His eyes settled on the apex of her shorts for just a moment before lingering on her bare torso and exposed cleavage. Once those eyes met hers, she gave him a cheeky grin and blew him a kiss. Innocent enough, since Billy was watching them as well, to be seen as a sweet gesture from daughter to father. The elder Black smiled at her before his fishing rod bobbed and the men's attention was no longer focused on her.

Jake's though was bored into her and she squirmed again, feeling uncomfortable around the large Native boy. She could see the questions lurking behind his eyes and refused to keep eye contact with him, handing him a root beer from the cooler at her feet. Shooting her a happy grin, Jake took the cool can, being sure to rub his fingers against hers. When she jerked away as if she'd been burned, he felt angry but stifled it quickly. He reluctantly admitted to himself that this crush would get him nowhere and sighed heavily before leaning back against the side of the boat, tilting his head and closing his eyes. He was determined to finish this fishing trip asleep.

"Hey Bells." Charlie called over the sounds of the wind and water.

Placing a bookmark in her book and setting it inside a large ziplock bag before stuffing it in a tote, Bella stood and wobbled awkwardly over to her father. Just those few feet made her unsteady and she tripped over her own two feet, landing in her father's arms. She gasped when he wrapped her up, catching her securely before holding her arms until she was steady.

Smiling up at him she shrugged, unapologetic for her klutziness. "Yeah?" She asked, an amused lilt to her voice.

Chuckling at her to cover up the arousal at having her lithe mostly exposed body in his arms out in public...well, semi-public...Charlie handed her his fishing rod. "Wanna fish with us old men for a bit?" As if an afterthought, he looked over to Jake who was peeking at them from under his 'sleeping' lashes. "You too, Jake?"

Bella nodded, excitement lighting up her eyes at being able to sit closer to her dad. He leaned his hip against the starboard side of the bow and allowed her to take his seat.

"Can you show me how to use this? I've never used this kind of reel before." She questioned as she checked out the oddly shaped contraption she held in her hand.

Unable to help himself, Jake walked over and settled himself next to his father's wheelchair, leaning against the port side of the bow, directly across from Charlie. While he fished, he could keep a close eye on their interaction to learn for himself what was going on. Again, though, he questioned himself. Did he really want to know?

"You never used a spinner before?" Billy asked, almost incredulously. Bella shook her head, looking at him perplexed.

"What have you been using?" Her father wanted to know.

Shrugging one shoulder, she looked at the reel again before meeting her father's gaze. "I didn't go fishing much but Phil taught me how to use a baitcaster reel."

That took some maneuvering and teaching before she got the hang of it, ending up wrapped in more fishing line than she could get in the water. Eventually she'd gotten the hang of it and now it was her preferred fishing reel.

Charlie looked from Billy to Bella with his mouth hanging open. It had taken him a long time to learn how to use a baitcaster and Phil has only been apart of Bella's life for 6 months. So either they spent every damn day fishing or she was a quick learner. He was almost jealous. Billy chuckled at his friend's gobsmacked expression as he took a long gulp of his beer, finishing it off and tossing it into the 5 gallon pail.

"Jesus, Bells. This is gonna seem like a cakewalk to you, then." He said as he rounded the driver's seat to stand behind her.

He was a little bummed out that the seat had a back and vowed to replace it with a backless one just for instances like this. He longed to feel her back pressed against his chest. However, the seat would provide the necessary coverage for hiding the erection he was sure to get from helping his little girl learn how to use a spinner wheel.

Wrapping his arms around her and placing his hands in the appropriate spots on the fishing rod, he spun the reel, slowly proceeding to teach her the very easy basics of using a spinner. He took his time because each breath they took pressed their bodies together and he found himself biting the inside of his lip to keep from moaning aloud. Her fingers brushed against his over and over again, causing him to freeze. He kept his eyes off of his friend because he wasn't sure how he would react if he saw judgement in his gaze. Instead, he focused on the feel of her against him, the soft brush of her skin against his, the scent of her hair as the wind tossed it into his face.

Bella seemed awed as she was able to use it immediately with no issues; no fish hooks or line tangled in her hair. Her nether region was throbbing with anticipation, feeling the soft caresses of her father on her tingling skin but she kept her eye on the fishing line, determined not to give Jake any ammunition. She was thankful as it was that he had kept his mouth shut thus far. He may not know for sure but even voicing his suspicion could ruin everything she's been working toward for the last month and a half.

By the time they docked the Bayliner, their catch was plentiful and Bella happily opted to clean and filet all the fish for both families. Jake offered to help and reluctantly, Bella accepted. She could tell he wanted to talk to her and hoped that if it was handled privately then she could deter him from making a spectacle or starting rumors in La Push and Forks. Charlie Swan was a respectable man and though incest wasn't illegal, it was looked down upon...Taboo.

Back at the house with the fish unloaded and sat in pails on the kitchen floor, Charlie kissed Bella's temple, letting his hand linger a moment too long before following after Billy to the living room to watch the game. He really wanted to be by her side, fileting and cleaning their catch together but he didn't want to be rude to his best friend. Instead, he left Jake to help and hoped to God the little punk kept his hands to himself. Pretending to be engrossed in looking over the fish in the pails, Jake didn't let on that he witnessed the intimate way father held daughter. His kiss and touch both lingered a bit too long and made Jake's skin crawl.

Hauling out some Black Rockfish, Bella proceeded to lay them on the newspapers that were lined in the kitchen sink. She hummed with a smile as she started the cleaning process and Jake sidled up beside her, gutting and fileting some Pacific Cod. Amazingly enough, there was even a Chinook Salmon and one Rock Sole. That would make an amazing meal and she was proud that it came from the Swan pail so she selfishly didn't have to give it to the Blacks.

Avoiding Jake's piercing stare as long as she could, Bella stopped humming and dropped all pretense of being happy. She had been ecstatic that her dad touched her the way he had today in front of others but she did not like the inquiring looks and nosey stares from the boy beside her. It irked her to no end that just because he had a crush, he thought it meant he could insert himself into her life. They weren't even friends.

"Enough please." She murmured as she fileted the salmon with expert precision. Klutz she may be on her feet but in the kitchen, Bella was almost an artist. When Jake opened his mouth to speak, she shook her head sharply. "Don't. You know and I know you know and I don't think it's your place to judge or give a damn. Please don't make a scene and please don't tell anyone anything." Her voice never wavered from calm and cool, never shook, even though her hands had started to. She couldn't help but be nervous.

She'd never said the words aloud.

"But it's not right, Bella." Jake said, an earnestness to his voice as if he was pleading with her.

Glancing at him quickly, she tried to hide her nerves and squeezed her fingernails into her palms before exhaling a deep breath slowly. "It's right in my heart. That's all that matters."

Even just that quick glance that she spared him, Jake could clearly see the love she held for her father. She wasn't ashamed of her feelings. She was proud of them. Clenching his jaw, his brows furrowed over his eyes and he kept his gaze on Bella for a long moment as he tried to decide how he should react. In all reality, she'd never given him the time of day. He had a crush on the pretty pale girl who was the daughter of his dad's best friend. His crush had dissipated almost instantly when he caught on to what really attracted her and now that he's witnessed her real feelings? Her passion for what she felt? There was no way he could destroy that. He just didn't have the heart.

It was Jake who inhaled deeply this time before letting it out slowly. "You're right. That's all that matters." He muttered to the counter. In his peripherals, he could see Bella's shoulders slump from their tensed position. Turning to face her, he pressed his fingertips into her bare shoulder as she was still dressed in her bikini and shorts. "Friends?" He asked when she met his eyes.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad having a friend around here. Someone who knew how she felt about her father and was determined to push judgement aside. Jake kept his eyes on hers the whole time she weighed her options. Her eyes lingered on his long black hair that was draped over his shoulder before she reached up and let her fingers touch the silky tresses.

"Friends." She murmured with a small smile.

What neither teen noticed was that Charlie was in the hallway. Too far away to hear their words but he could clearly see the connection between them. Jake's fingers touched his daughter's shoulder affectionately as Bella played with the ends of Jake's hair with a smile on her face. The fish lay in the sink, forgotten. Jealousy raged through his gut and he looked down the hallway back toward the living room before gritting his teeth and heading into the kitchen. He couldn't very well go back to the game without fresh beers for him and Billy. And now he didn't want to. He needed the ice cold lager to get through the evening.

When he entered the kitchen with a grunt, Bella's hand dropped and she smiled widely at her father. He avoided her and brushed past her briskly causing her to gasp. Charlie was afraid that if he made eye contact with either Bella or Jake, his emotions would be seen for what they were so he kept his head down, grabbed the beer then walked quickly back into the living room. Billy was too engrossed in his game to notice the change in his friend's demeanor but Jake and Bella looked to each other completely confused. It only took a moment for Jake to realize what happened.

Relaying the situation to Bella, who groaned painfully and put her head in her hands, he shifted from foot to foot awkwardly. Learning that Charlie seemed to feel the same way about Bella that she did for him was a hard pill to swallow. Now he really didn't have a chance with the girl, ever. He rolled his eyes behind his closed eyelids. Not that he ever did anyway, he admitted to himself.

"Wanna go sit on the porch?" Bella asked after they cleaned up the fish entrails and packaged it for travel and freezers.

"Sure, sure." He replied as he watched her grab some cola from the fridge. Following her out to the porch from the back door off the kitchen, they sat side by side on the back step and leaned against opposite banisters.

It was silent for a long time. The sun was well behind the trees and it was getting chilly so Bella went inside to grab her leather jacket and two fresh colas. They chatted quietly about mundane things and just got to know each other as friends. Jake desperately wanted to ask about her relationship with her father but he didn't think that would be okay. Bella worried about Charlie. She didn't want him to think she was into Jake at all. Though sitting outside with him for hours wouldn't help her case, she couldn't very well do what she wanted to do. If they were alone she would go in there and declare herself, proving to him that he had nothing to worry about when it came to anyone other than him. He was the only person she wanted to be with. That she was attracted to.

But they weren't alone.

Charlie sat stewing in the recliner, drinking beer after beer, while Billy watched the game oblivious to the tension. He couldn't very well berate the boy for touching her when she was reciprocating the touching. It made him sick to his stomach and though he knew that would be a better relationship for her, he didn't like it one bit.

Jake kept up his idle chatter, making Bella laugh at his carefree, happy demeanor. It seemed that the young Native boy didn't let anything get him down. Not even a destroyed crush. She found herself really enjoying her time with him and was glad that she allowed him into her life. It was nice having someone to talk to. Hours later, when Billy and Jake had gone home, Bella hopped into the tub after checking on her father. He had passed out in the recliner, drunk, so she draped a fleece blanket over his shoulders and kissed his temple. Then his cheek and the corner of his mouth. He didn't move and she knew he was completely obliterated to the alcohol. Resigning herself to sleeping alone, she took a long bath, shaving her legs and armpits and dressed in her normal sleepwear of panties and tank top. She fell asleep instantly in her father's bed but her dreams kept it from being peaceful.

Charlie woke around 2am with a headache and a dry mouth. After swallowing some Aspirin and water, he took a piss and stripped in the bathroom. Seeing Bella's bedroom door cracked open, he threw a glare its way before heading to his own room. Maybe her having a boyfriend would help rid him of his shameful feelings, even if the thought of said boyfriend left his skin crawling with jealousy. He growled under his breath, angry at himself for his feelings toward his innocent daughter. He was a sick, sick man. Disturbed. Maybe he should seek help from a professional. He didn't care for the Cullen kids but he had heard good things about Doc Cullen. Pushing his bedroom door open, he bent over to peel his socks off his feet before he twisted to sit his ass on his bed roughly. Raking his fingers through his hair, he laid down on his pillow without checking out the bed, yanking the sheet up over his shoulder.

A quiet 'oomph' reached his ears and he stilled. He figured Bella would be sleeping in her own bed now that she so clearly made eyes with Jake. However, when he gathered the courage to turn and look over his shoulder, he saw his beautiful daughter, staring at him with sleepy eyes. Dressed only in a tight tank top and tiny panties with her nipples on full display for his greedy, perverted eyes, she blinked at him.

"You okay, Dad?" She whispered into the night.

Letting his brows fall over his eyes, he glared at her. "What are you doing in here?"

Hurt filled her features and she blinked back tears. "You don't want me…" She couldn't finish her sentence as her throat closed up.

Desperately wanting to tell her no and end this game his mind was playing, Charlie cleared his throat but the moment a tear leaked from the corner of her eye, dripping on her pillow case, he caved. Rolling over and pulling her into his arms, forgetting that he was clad only in a pair of loose boxer shorts, he murmured an apology.

"Please don't cry, sweetheart. I'm just shocked is all." He said quietly, rubbing his large palms over the expanse of her smooth back, before moving his hips back to keep his erection from poking her belly.

Bella gripped onto her father like her life depended on it. In her sleepy haze, she'd forgotten that Charlie was angry, possibly thinking that she and Jake were becoming an item. Now that he was hugging her and her mind cleared, she remembered. Inhaling his calming scent, she pulled her face back, careful to keep clutching to him.

"I want to be here with you. Only you."

Charlie's eyes widened a bit before he ducked his head. He felt like a schoolboy with his first crush. Taking a deep breath, he solidified his resolve to continue this now before he lost his nerve. Careful to keep his eyes on the mattress instead of her so he wouldn't waver, he spoke.

"You think that's wise now that you're with Jake?" He hadn't meant to sneer his name...Really.

Bella's giggle drizzled over her father's skin like melted caramel and he felt some of the frustrated tension leave his shoulders. "Jake and I are only friends. Like I said…" She said leadingly before putting two slim fingers under the hair on his chin and tilting his head up so she could see his gorgeous eyes. "Only you."

Wide, chocolate eyes pleaded with him to read between the lines. Her lips were parted, little panting breaths escaping as her anticipation ramped up. She wanted him to figure it out for himself. She knew he was attracted to her. Knew that he wanted her as much, if not more than, she wanted him. He had to make the first move. She just wasn't brave enough, unsure if she'd be able to handle the rejection.

Questions swirled in his brown eyes before they darted to her lips. His cock had been at full attention since he'd realized she was in his bed and now that she'd confessed the words he'd been hoping to hear, he wanted to kiss her.

"Bella." He started before a finger touched his lips to quiet him.

"Shh. Don't think." She directed.

So many scenarios about how this could end badly flew through Charlie's mind but it was after 2 in the morning and he was still riding a buzz. Just enough that his usual inhibitions were lowered and a little voice at the back of his head was pushing him to seal this deal.

"Oh fuck, Bells." He murmured before leaning forward and catching her welcoming lips with his. A long, low moan left his throat a second before Bella's moan reached his ears. His hands pulled her body into his, letting his cock press against the soft flesh of her abdomen.

Whimpering, Bella clutched at her father's shoulders before letting her hands run through his thick hair and then down his spine. She couldn't get enough of him. She couldn't touch him in enough places. His rock hard dick pressed into her and she undulated instinctually against him. Pebbled nipples skimmed across his bare chest and she could feel his coarse chest hair tickling her even through the thin fabric of her top.

Sliding his hands under her tank top, he divested her of it quickly before pressing languid kisses over her jaw and throat, making his way toward those perfect stiff peaks. Pulling one nipple into his mouth, Charlie opened his mouth wide, suckling on as much of her breast as he could, using the back of his tongue to press the peak against the roof of his mouth. The noises erupting from her pretty little mouth was almost his undoing and he groaned again, sending vibrations of ecstacy through Bella's blood.

"Oh God, Dad." She breathed. "More. Please, I need more of you."

Just hearing the words come from her desire filled voice tightened the coil in his belly. Pre-cum leaked from the head of his cock, coating his boxers, causing them to stick to him but he wasn't sure if he should strip. Bella made that decision for him when he pushed her onto her back so he could ravage her other breast. Her tiny hands pushed at the waistband of his underwear until they were mid-thigh, where she used her toes to finish the job. Kicking the useless fabric to the floor at the foot of the bed, Charlie wasted no time in pressing the length of his aching shaft to his succulent daughter's weeping slit. A stream of constant moans and whimpers left her mouth as she writhed underneath him, coating his dick in the sweet juices of her arousal.

He was almost in pain, he wanted her so badly. His cock pulsed against her slick opening and he wanted nothing more than to plunge straight into her but he held back. Caressing her lips with his own, their tongues battled passionately before he kissed his way to the shell of her ear and placing loving kisses behind it. Bella's hands wandered over the strong muscles of her father's back to the curve of his heart shaped ass, pulling him closer to her. The coarse hairs that covered his body proved to her that he was a man and she relished with delight over the sounds she forced from his lips.

Just as the tip of his bulging cock pressed against her opening, she stiffened without meaning to and Charlie stopped. Holding his breath with his jaw clenched and his eyes tightly shut, he didn't move.

He was going to hell.

How had he allowed this to happen?

A warm hand on his stubbled cheek brought him out of his own thoughts and he opened his hooded eyes.

"I've never...I've never had sex before." She whispered.

Making a move to get off of her, he was shocked when she wrapped her legs tightly around his hips and clutched at his shoulders.

"Bella, sweetheart, this is wrong." He said weakly. His resolve was hanging on by a frayed thread. Sweat beaded on his brow and the back of his neck as he tried to gain control of his twitching dick.

Each pulse of her father's cock resting against her swollen pussy lips sent tendrils of electricity through her body and she hummed in pleasure. "It's not wrong. It's love. I love you, Dad and I want you to make love to me." She cooed sweetly.

It was obvious to Charlie that Bella was nervous, though she kept the emotion out of her features, he could see it in her eyes and feel it in the slight tremor of her hand on his face. Images of all the ways she'd acted around him since she'd moved in -hell, since she was 14- entered his mind and he breathed deeply the scent of their shared arousals. She wanted this. She wanted him. Bella didn't think that this was wrong. She didn't find it morally reprehensible. She found it alluring and she wanted it.

So did he.

"I'll be gentle with you, Bells." He whispered as he lowered his face once more to kiss the corner of her mouth. His large hand smoothed the side of her head before cupping the back of it so he could slant his lips over hers.

She opened her mouth, welcoming her sexy father into her soul at the exact moment her body welcomed him inside. His cock barely fit, stretching her to her limits and she moaned loud and long in her throat. First in pain.. Stilling when he had finally pushed himself balls deep, he waited as he continued to kiss her and caress her body with his hands, relaxing her. Coaxing her to open up to him. When the tension left her thighs, he moved just a fraction and when she didn't tense up again, he pulled out gently only to push back inside. The liquid nectar that seeped from her hot core coated him, lubricating his throbbing, thick cock for easier access. Her moans spurred him on while her nails clawed at his back and she bucked up into him.

"Oh Bells. You're so tight. So hot. So beautiful." He sighed as he continued to thrust inside of her. "My beautiful baby girl."

There was no part of him that felt like a dirty old man now. Not one iota of him felt that this was wrong or disgusting. He relished in the feel of her clenching pussy, the feel of her soft fingertips against his skin, her hot breath against his neck.

"Harder! Please." She moaned.

"So close." Charlie panted as his lips trailed over her sweat slickened skin.

"Oh yes. Oh yes." Bella gasped as she felt his cock expand impossibly further before his hot climax coated her inner walls. "Oooh yes." She hissed as her own orgasm slammed into her intensely.

Still lying on top of his daughter, panting into her neck as she clung to him, both of them sweaty and sated, he grinned sleepily. There was no part of him that could regret this.


"So what are we going to do now?" Charlie asked the next morning as he sat at the kitchen table with a fresh cup of strong coffee. He was thankful it was Sunday so they'd both been allowed to sleep in and wake up at their leisure. When he'd ambled down the stairs close to 10am, Bella was in the midst of cooking pancakes and bacon with scrambled eggs.

He could get used to this.

Wrapping his arms low around her hips so his hands spanned the width of her lower belly, Charlie pressed a kiss to the back of her exposed neck, making her hum in contentment. It was so nice to have someone special in his life again after so many years of lonesomeness. Perhaps it wasn't society's 'right' way but it was his right way.

Once the meal was plated and they sat to eat, he voiced his concern. Sipping the hot liquid, he used his bottom lip to suck the dripping remnants from his mustache, making Bella smile fondly.

"I'm not sure exactly. Obviously Forks won't accept this." She said with a roll of her eyes and a wave of a hand between the two of them. "But who's to say that behind closed doors we can't behave how we want?" Smiling, she took a bite of syrup covered goodness.

"And what exactly is this?" He asked tentatively. He didn't want to push her too much but he was hoping this wasn't just about sex to her.

Biting off a piece of crunchy maple bacon, Bella chewed thoughtfully. Treading lightly, she also didn't want to push her father into something he wasn't prepared for. Screw it, she thought. Setting her fork down firmly, she caught Charlie's eye and held it.

"I'm just going to tell you what I want. Let's go from there." After he nodded, she continued. "I love you, Dad. And not just as my dad but as a human being...A person. Everything about you and I have for years. I knew from the time I was 14 years old. It tore me to pieces when I couldn't see you every summer but now that I'm here, I never want to let you go." Her face was flushed with embarrassment and she fidgeted with the napkin on her lap as Charlie watched her carefully.

Long minutes later after a contemplative sip from his coffee, Charlie let himself smile. He felt giddy inside. His daughter, confirming out loud his own feelings, had him over the moon. The smile stated slow at one side of his mouth before he couldn't contain it anymore and it became a full blown, tooth showing grin. Bella found herself smiling with her father automatically.

Leaning forward, Charlie grasped his daughter's hand across the table. "We are an us, then?" He could barely contain the happiness seeping from his tone.

Stifling a giggle of her own, Bella nodded. "Yes please." She whispered, her throat tight with emotions.

Unable to contain their mutual excitement, they leapt up from their chairs at the same time to round the table and meet halfway. Their embrace was firm, comforting. Charlie's strong arms wrapped around a slim waist as Bella's rounded his neck, her fingers dug into the thick hair at the back of her father's head. She had to stand on her tiptoes to hug him rightly and he slouched just a little to help but none of that took away from the extreme torrent of solid loving emotions. They inhaled the scents of each other, vetiver mixing with cherry blossom, and sighed happily.

When Bella released her arms from around Charlie's neck and made to move away, he captured her lips in a searing kiss that had her toes curling. The immense passion that he exuded had her almost overwhelmed and she moaned embarrassingly loud. She couldn't get close enough to him, she would never be close enough. After a long makeout session beside the kitchen table, they contently sat down to finish their food.

A chuckle caught Charlie's attention and he looked up to see his daughter's amused face. "What's so funny?" He asked as he finished soaking up the syrup on his plate with a folded pancake and stuffed it into his mouth whole.

"Well now I'm laughing at you stuffing your face." She laughed outright as she passed him a napkin. "I was just thinking that I declared myself to you and you haven't said much back." She kept her voice light to hide the uncertainty that lie beneath her smile.

Charlie's face fell into a serious mask and he pushed his plate away to lean his elbows on the table, meeting her eye much like she had met his earlier. "You are everything I could ever want, Isabella. Not only are you my own flesh and blood -which I admit, I had issues with at first- but you're kind, caring, beautiful and holy hell are you sexy. You've had my attention for longer than I care to admit, sweetheart." He paused, carefully taking in her innocent, shy demeanor. Grabbing her hand and running his thumb over the top of it, he smiled bashfully. "And yes. I love you too. More than my own life."

Charlie meant that more than she would ever know. He loved her as his daughter, as a person, and as a lover.

To hell with propriety.


Cullen POV:

After keeping a close eye on the Swan household for a few more weeks, Jasper determined that not only was Bella Swan not suspicious of the Cold Ones but she was definitely head over heels in love with her biological father. The strength of their mutual feelings for each other was so strong it was like Jasper was witnessing the mating bond of vampires. It amazed him as much as it amazed the rest of them.

Rosalie was the most smug, having called it immediately and Emmett was just happy that his mate was happy. He also was happy to have a new reason to pester the mind reader. Edward was completely disgusted. He had thankfully decided not to pursue a relationship with the Swan girl and was now doing some serious self exploration. He thought something was wrong with him for having chosen, not only a human mate, but one that was in love with her own father.

His victorian values would not let him wash this away easily. He felt dirty.

Alice had stopped giving Bella nasty glares in school now that Jasper was using the lust he gained from her and her father's coupling to do some coupling of his own with his mate. The little pixie vampire was benefiting more than she usually did. She'd attempted to befriend Bella a few times but the human had dodged her too much and she knew that she would only attract attention to her family if she kept pushing the envelope so she backed off, wisely.

Carlisle and Esme kept an eye on their children, happy to know they weren't going to have to move over some inconsequential human who happened to have an oddly interesting life. The treaty was in tact with the new wave of Quileute wolves that recently started phasing and there were no other issues for them. It was exactly the peaceful, happy life the vampire Coven wanted for themselves.

Wanting to do something nice for the weird mated humans, Rosalie took it upon herself to finagle a website full of 'sales' and promoted Isle Esme, simply misspelling the name so it wouldn't be a 'coincidence'. Alice helped her get everything just perfect and Esme made sure the human housekeepers they employed would have the bungalow up to snuff and ready for their guests. It would be a beautiful get away for the stressed couple, giving them time to really get to know each other without the worries of the townspeople.


The weeks after Bella and Charlie's confessions and coitus had been blissful. No one was the wiser and they kept their affections appropriate when out in public together on 'dates'. What they knew was a date, the towns of Forks and La Push thought were just father/daughter outings. Each kiss to the cheek or happy wink was misconstrued by the single minded townies as playful familial happenings. It was fun for the couple to know that it meant more.

It was now spring break and Charlie had taken the week off of duty to spend with Bella. There were enough deputies to run the small town and on top of that, he had recently hired Jared Cameron from the La Push reservation. Jared had shows such great potential as a La Push Protector of the Tribe's security unit, that Chief Swan appointed Jared with Chief duties while he was on vacation. Any and all emergencies that deputies couldn't handle would be directed to him. The tall Native had been as eager as a dog and happy to help.

Bella wanted to get away, to go someplace they could be more than politely affectionate in public without worrying that someone knew they were related. She didn't know it yet but just that passing comment had had Charlie booking a flight to surprise her. They would have 8 long days on the small islands near Rio De Janeiro, South America. It was much cheaper than he thought it would be, all told.

Two coach tickets from Seattle to Rio would normally be an arm and a leg but he had come across a site boasting about super sales as long as he booked the nearest island's only bungalow. There wouldn't be any shops on the island, nor other people actually, but the mainland was only a short 4 mile boat trip and they had 8 days to learn the lay of the land and express their love in public. The website stated that Isle Emes was surrounded by clear blue waters with a coral reef, sharks, and dolphins. The white beaches were raked to pristine glory and the bungalow -if he could call it that- was an enormous one story home with plenty of windows for natural lighting and mosquito netting strategically placed for decoration.

He knew Bella would worry about the pricing but he would deliberately leave the printout lying around so she could see that he really did spend hardly anything at all. They would spend more money on their souvenirs and food for the whole trip than they would on the trip itself.

Wrapping her slim arms around her father from behind, Bella pressed a kiss to the center of his back. She had just returned from La Push after spending the day with Jake and his new girlfriend. The beautiful Makah Native had long inky hair and flawless skin with wide hazel eyes. Her bright smile put Jake's sunny grin to shame and Bella immediately liked her. She had gone to say goodbye and that she would see them both at the end of spring break.

Jake wished her well with a kiss to the top of her head and she pouted. He'd laughed at her and when he asked her what that face was for she had claimed to miss tugging on his long hair which she had taken to doing before he suddenly started working out more and sliced it all off only a month ago. She was glad that their friendship had solidified the way it had. There was no more crush, Bella was glad to see. Not even a hint of it in his gaze. He was her best friend and she knew that Brooke would quickly become one as well.

Enjoying his daughter's arms around his body, Charlie hummed before placing his hands over hers on his chest. "You all packed and ready to go, sweetheart?" He asked as he looked over the documents on the kitchen table, all laid out precisely how he wanted them.

Rounding him, letting her hand trail across his back as she stood beside him, Bella peeked at the paperwork. Her eyes widened and then one eyebrow lifted as she saw the numbers before her. Looking up at her dad, she said, "Is this a joke? How did you get all of this for that price?" She asked dubiously.

Chuckling, he draped an arm over her shoulders and showed her where the discounts were. She choked on a breath and then giggled.

"That's amazing. I don't know how you did it but thank you! I can't wait. Oh and yes I'm all packed." Reaching up on her tiptoes, she pressed a kiss to his mouth and giggled again when he slithered his tongue between her lips playfully. Tugging on the chin of his goatee, she nibbled his bottom lip to end the kiss. "You're all packed?" She asked as she headed toward the stairs with him trailing behind her.

"Of course I am. All we gotta do is load the luggage and hit the road."

Locking the front door to the house after gathering everything they would need, they climbed into the rental car -which he'd also gotten an amazing deal on- and shared a loving look between them.

"This is it." Bella murmured with a happy twist to her lips.

Quirking a brow, he asked, "What's it?"

"The beginning of our lives together."

Grabbing her hand over the console, he rubbed his thumb over her fingers and brought it to his lips to kiss her knuckles. "Sweetheart, it's already started."

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