This is my OC story that I'm posting probably on my birthday. Maybe sooner. Truth be told I'm not that familiar with One Piece but I'll try. And please do not roast me... too much. Romance won't be the main point of the story but I hope I'll manage to squeeze a lemon or two in here somewhere.

''So... wanna join my crew?'' he asked with that incredibly annoying grin of his. I was drawn towards him because of it, but at the same time, it stirred some unpleasant memories.

''Are you ready to begin?'' the man calling himself the Doctor asked with that annoying grin of his. He strapped me on to a chair, and before I knew it, my head was secured in place by a metal headband. The Doctor then brought forth a strange device. It had a tank of strange yellow-greenish liquid and two needles connected to it by some pipes, right in height and width of my eyes... NO! I tried to resist but the headband held my head straight. Before he could remember to close his eyes it was already too late. All he remembered after that... was darkness.

I opened my eyes and noticed that the world seemed... different. All the colors were... less clear, blander.
''Nate? Nate, are you awake? How many fingers am I holding?'' was the first thing I heard. I didn't answer immediately. I was hearing a strange thumping sound. Two to be exact. But he snapped his fingers and it echoed through my brain.
''Good. Now, read this note!'' he demanded.
''What note? You're just showing me an empty hand! It's too early for your stupid jokes Doc!'' I shouted, angry, thinking that he was making fun of me.
''Exactly. Now, what do you SEE?'' he asked with clear curiosity in his voice. I looked around.

I saw the room that was my home for my whole life. I knew every corner of it, every screeching board, every little crack. It was rather empty. I was lying on a medical bed and he was sitting on the only other chair in the room. There was also a shelf with only one book. '1001' mysteries of the world, written by Dr. Vegapunk. I read that book many times and knew her by heart. It was written by some guy named Vegapunk and taught about devil fruits, Grand Line, seastone, calm belt, electricity and other stuff. It helped me get a good grasp on basic principles of many fields but what did I care. I was trapped here. The only thing I didn't recognize about the room were the colors.

''What did you do with my eyes!'' I screamed and decked him on the nose. From behind the mirror in the room, I could hear a whistle of admiration.
''I've made you better. I enhanced your hearing, I gave you your incredible intellect and now I gave you the ability to see in the dark!'' he exclaimed and the lights switched on. All the colors returned to normal.
''You should be grateful to me, child. You are now a new human enhanced human being. With you as a success, I'm years ahead of Judge. He, and Vegapunk, they'll both be sorry for sending me away!'' and with a maniacal laugh of his, he was gone, but thanks to my enhanced hearing I could tell he stopped as soon as the door closed.

The facility has been my home ever since I can remember. I do not know who my parents are. I've never seen the sun, or the moon or the sky. Except in pictures. Since I knew the basic principles of electricity, I was always trying to open the gates to my room and after I succeeded, a few times to be exact, I was free to move around. People generally ignored me. But that was an advantage. Especially now, with my enhanced hearing, I was eavesdropping, trying to get any kind of information. But I never knew what would that bring me on THAT day.

''Marvelous work, isn't it?'' asked an unknown voice at the entrance to the Doc's office.
''It's made from Adam wood, the tips are coated with seastone and infused with a devil fruit. Vegapunk said that it's the Snake Snake fruit, Model Gorgon. A mythical zoan. After an extensive research, he concluded that it was useless for consumption because it carries a 'presence' that could take over the body of its user.''
''Cut to the chase. Why are you here?'' asked the voice that I recognized as Doc's.
''I can not activate the abilities of the staff. For me, it's just a really sturdy staff. You are the one who tamed a sea king. A devil fruit infused staff should be no problem.'' the unknown voice told him and I heard Doc's grunt of annoyance.
''Fine. I'll see what I can do.'' And with that, he stood up, while I hid behind the corner. I wanted to see what kind of thing he was carrying so I peaked.

It was majestic. Six feet long, one side covered in a carving of a snake, warping around from one end to the tip, covered with some kind of grey stone. Then there was the handle, wrapped in green silk (like katana handle) with golden trims on each side and in the middle. On the other end was the same grey stone and below him four rubies. I marveled at it, but then heard a thin voice.
''Help me, boy! SSSave me!''

I decided and ran to the small cabinet with fuses, before causing a short circuit. I used my eyes to quickly find the Doctor before tackling him to the ground and taking the staff. I ran in the opposite direction but then it hit me. Now what? I had the staff but had no place to put it. But suddenly I was scooped up by a tall man.
''Do not scream if you want to live. I know you caused the short circuit. Can you turn on the elevator?'' I thought about what this man was suggesting. He was going to take me outside. I could see all the thing Vegapunk wrote about. I gave a nod.
''Good. I'll get you out of here. I promise.'' After that, he grabbed my neck and knocked me out.

I woke up in a warm bed. It felt different than my previous one. But then I heard a snake and jumped up.
''Good to see you finally awake. That snake on the staff kept preventing me from touching you.'' I looked at the staff just as the snake transformed back into a carving. Then the stranger introduced himself.
''My name is Samuel D. Trac. I work for the government.'' That stirred something in my memory. In my book was something about some government. What was it about already?
''Now, care to tell me your name?'' he asked. I contemplated if I should tell him. I decided I owe him that much.
'' It's Nathaniel Lee. Or so I was told. Doc never called me anything else but Nate. He never even told me I was imprisoned there.'' I told him with anger in my voice. Even with his heightened senses, the boy couldn't notice a quick tense on the face of his savior when he heard his name.
''Is that so. Well, Nathaniel, you've got two choices. Either you go with me or we part ways. If you decide to go with me I'm gonna let you train at my dojo. it will be hard and you will curse my name at night but it will give you the power to one day look for those answers.'' a tempting offer. I was in. We boarded a navy ship and left the island. I returned to it after fifteen long and hard years.

As it turned out the man was in charge of a secret government dojo where they thought the six Rokushiki powers. There was Soru, the ability to move at neck-breaking speed. Geppo, the ability to move on air, Tekkai, the ability to tense up your muscles, making them as hard as iron. Kami-e, making your body relax and shift like paper, Rankyaku, kicking and swinging so fast to create air blades. Shigan, using your finger like a pistol and finally once you mastered all six you could access the ultimate technique: ROKUOGAN!
I've managed to master four. Soru, Geppo, Rankyaku, and Kami-e. I can use Tekkai and Shigan, but not nearly as good as other. I studied the art of the staff under a man named Kumadori and tried to master it's devil fruit abilities, but never could. For me and everyone else, it was just a stick. Only plus side where the seastone covered tips.

My mentor from time to time took me and made me spar with a weird guy with a zipped mouth. After we were done he always told a number. Doriki, a unit to measure one's strength. Mine stopped at about 3200. After that, I was officially accepted to CP9. My first mission: to pay back the Doc for everything he did to me. Oh, and some illegal shit as well.

I changed a lot over the years. I was now 6 feet tall, with a lean structure, aimed towards speed more so than power. but I had plenty of that. I was wearing the standard Chipper poll attire, consisting of black shoes, black pant, and black jacket, with a white shirt and red tie underneath. Since I was in control of my look I decided to grow my hair out, now reaching my waist, still being light brown with golden tips. Two bangs were framing my face, being blond too, creating a frame of blond around my hair. I decided to not let my beard grow, so my face was cleanly shaven. As my mentor said, the only thing that didn't change as my eyes, still being warm chocolate brown. But currently, a satisfied smile adored my face, since the mission I've been waiting for my whole life was finally given to me. To kill the man who made my childhood living hell.

A ride back was quite nostalgic. And finding the entrance to the facility was super easy. Causing a power fallout? Please, I could do that when I was TEN! I moved around, using my abilities to the fullest and finally reached that bastards office. I smiled and kicked the door open with a classic line.
''Knock knock MOTHERFUCKER!'' I yelled and looked around. Suddenly from behind the door, someone jumped me. I turned around prepared to fight, be HE stopped as soon as he saw my face.
''Nate... is that really you?'' he asked confusion and worry in his voice. He dropped n his knees and raised his arms towards me.
''My son... you finally returned...'' I was shocked. But then my training kicked in. I pointed my finger at his stomach and used Shigan to drill a hole. Then I used my staff and hit him in the head. And didn't stop. I COULDN'T stop. After I was done, he was barely alive. But he managed to spit some last words.
''Nate... I'm sorry... for... not being a father... you deserve. I did what I thought... was necessary to ensure your survival... I'm proud of you my son...'' he told me before I smashed his head with the staff. I stood above his body for about a minute before looking at the bloodies staff in my hands.
''I just thought of a name for you. I'll call you Scarlet Vengeance.'' I told it while smirking. For Kami's sake, I was talking to a stick.
''As you wish, Master'' said the same cold female voice I remembered from years ago. I smirked before taking off my red tie and black jacket and walking out. Of course, I hacked the control systems and set the self-destruct timer to 30 seconds, before using Soru to get out. I paid for a small boat with a sail, some provisions, and water, before setting out. And after almost thirty years... I FELT FREE.

Of course, my freedom only lasted for about a week before my face appeared in the newspapers.

Wanted only alive


6.000.000 BERRIES

''So much about you being free'' said a voice in my head and I just smiled sadly. Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder and I went face to face with a gay wearing shaders, short black hair, and kanji on his cheek.
''I am Johny, and over there is Yosaku. I suggest you do not resist. We wouldn't want to put all those civilians in danger now would we...'' that was as far as he got before I jabbed him in a stomach with Scarlet and throwing it against his partner. But instead of staff hitting him in the head, the staff turned into a giant snake and wrapped around him.
''So, what do you want me to do master? Choke him? poison him?'' asked voice, delighted at counting all the various deaths it could do.
''How about just knocking him out... or something?'' I asked uncertainly. As the answer, the snake opened her mouth and bit him in the neck.
''This paralyzer is very powerful. he will be able to move in about... a day or so.'' I shivered at the tone she used. A strange mixture of delight and annoyance.
''So... Now what?'' she asked as we entered our boat.
''I have no idea. Let's just see where the currents will take us. But while we wait... Explain to me how can you turn into a fucking snake?'' I asked as we drifted across the ocean.

After that it was moving from island to island, fending of bounty hunters and avoiding marines. After a while, we heard of an island taken over by Arlon and decided to hide there. We didn't really do much until you shoved off. Scarlet was keeping watch while I rested when I was disturbed by a scream. We saw an ugly ass Fishman chasing a guy with the longest nose ever. Decided to help, and he invited us with him. We arrived just in time to see Arlong fall and when long nose spilled the beans about what I did their captain approached me.

''Usopp told me how you saved him. Thanks, shihihihi!'' he grinned at me.
''Soo... wanna join my crew?'' he asked out of the blue with that annoying grin of his. When I looked at that man I could sense that he's gonna be big one day. And that he could give me what I want. True freedom.
''Sure. Sound's fun!'' I did not know what a deep hole I dug myself into.

And that's the end. Honestly, an idea of an OC rolled around my head for quite a while. As for the bounty, I know that its low, but that means that every hill billy will go after him. Let's be clear. WG know's no one in the East Blue can match him, they just wanna keep track of him. What is your opinion? I tried not making him too OP. But he has to have some skills. As for the powers of Scarlet, we'll discover them together. As of today, I am officially of age. In my country that's eighteen. Now I can drink, fuck and go to prison. Awesome! I hope you enjoyed this first chapter and we'll read each other next time. NPGamer out.