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''You do know we are pirates, right? Why are you celebrating our arrival?'' asked Nami with her last shred of reason.
''Because you passed through the Reverse Mountain, and survived to your first island! Not everybody makes it!'' he explained and all doubts she had vanished. But before they could all jump on the pier, they were dragged back by Zoro and me.
''We really appreciate this wonderful party you prepared for us. Could you give us a minute to change into something more formal? We would feel embarrassed to come dressed like... Well, pirates.'' I said while Zoro just nodded furiously. The mayor looked confused for a moment, before smiling again.
''But of course! A-a-anything to make our guests feel more comfortable.'' We immediately dragged the rest of the crew below the deck while Scarlet was hiding in a corner guarding the deck.

''What's the deal Marimo, Hebi?'' asked the enraged cook.
''I was just about to woo the local beauties, and you cock-blocked me!''
''Calm down shitty cook. Me and Nate both think this is way to suspicious. Civilians cheering on pirates?'' said Zoro with a serious tone. That got the rest serious, except Luffy, who looked like he was thinking about something.
''What's cock-blocking?'' he asked out of the blue. All of us fell down on the ground anime style.
''That's not important. Scarlet said that she got a faint smell of those two whalers from Twin Capes, so we should be on high alert. I'm afraid we might bit off more than we can chew. And before you ask Luffy, it's a metaphor. If you don't know what that is, I'll tell you later. Now, dress in something nice, but comfortable, if we need to fight.'' after I finished talking we split and went for a change.

We met on deck 10 minutes later, mainly because we had to wait for Nami. Sanji was dressed in his normal attire, except with silver buttons and a red tie. Usopp was still wearing his overalls, except he was also wearing a dress shirt over them. Zoro surprised me the most. He was wearing a black kimono with a purple sash and all three of his swords strapped to his him. Luff was wearing a white shirt, black jacket, and a black bowtie. He was also wearing black knee-length pants and his usual sandals. Nami was wearing a navy blue collar shirt with a light blue tie and white miniskirt with golden rings on her hip. I myself was wearing my suit from the time I was in CP9 but changed it a bit. Instead of the black jacket, I wore a black trench coat and switched the black tie for a white one. We were ready for anything this island had to throw at us.

''O-O-OUR GUESTS OF HONOR HAVE ARRIVED! LET'S GET THIS PARTY S-S-STARTED!''yelled an over-enthusiastic Iggarapoi and the whole town cheered. We were sat down behind a giant table full of delicious food, which Scarlet could smell was full of sleeping drugs, but one of the worst kind so all of us could eat and not worry. After about an hour and a half when everyone (except Luffy) has had their fill, Nami and Zoro got into a drinking contest against the locals. Usopp was asleep at the table, but Scarlet told me that he was only pretending. Sanji was dragged off to somewhere by a few girls and the rest of them was gathering around me and listened to some stories of how I fought Wicked Dick, declined to join Krieg pirates and tricked a marine ship to give me a ride across East Blue. TWICE. After another two hours, Luffy slumped down on the table, and I decided it was time to go with my plan. Because most of the gathered were already intoxicated by the drinking contests, they did not notice a slight sting in their foot, where Scarlet bit them. One after another they slumped down, but then I saw Iggarapoi and pink haired nun leave the building. I nodded to Zoro and he went to wake up Luffy and Usopp. As per miracle, Sanji came back from somewhere, his clothes a little roughed, and he looked a bit tired. but ready for action. Nami went to loot the houses and the rest of us went outside.

''We heard that a princess and the captain of the Royal Guards infiltrated our organization. At first, we couldn't believe it, but after looking at you now, I can see it... Nefertari Vivi.''
''We heard a soft gasp and a scream of someone to run. As we turned the corner, we saw the now named Vivi run in our direction, while Iggarapoi stood against four people, and a fed dozens of bounty hunters behind him. As soon as Vivi saw us she dropped to her knees and bowed to us.
''You're pirates, right? You fight for your own gain. I beg you. please help Iggaram! I'll pay with everything I have.''
Seeing a beautiful lady in distress, Sanji heard her plea and attacked the bounty hunters. The rest of us looked towards Luffy, but he was gone too, picking a fight with the 'nun' who revealed to be a woman with a statue of a bodybuilder and pink hair split into two thick braids on either side of her head. I guess it was on me now.
''We'll arrange for payments later. Wait for our navigator, and when she comes, say you would like to hire us. But unless you want to pay a debt till the rest of your life, don't agree or say anything until I get back. I'm serious, she is a devil.'' out of some house a small statue came flying hitting me in the back of my head and I mouthed ''You see?'' to Vivi before heading towards the brawl.

We walked past Iggaram just as he was preparing to face off 4v1. He looked at us in confusion.
''What are you doing?'' he asked, his stutter gone.
''We are going to fight these men. The princess over there convinced us to help.'' I said while pointing behind my back. He took a good look at me.
''W-w-wait! You're Shi no Tenshi Nate! But that would mean... That would mean...'' he paled like a ghost, and for a moment it looked like he was going to pass out.
''Yes. Our captain is Strawhat Luffy, the man with 45.000.000 berri bounty. The one who beat up Don Krieg, Saw-Tooth Arlong, and bested Marine Captain 'White Hunter' Smoker in combat.'' that last one wasn't completely truthful, but who cares about small details. We walked forward, leaving the once again stuttering 'Captain of the Royal Guard' behind.
''Soo... Anyone want to call dibs?'' I asked with uncertainty.
''Since you asked, I want the sunglasses dude,'' said Zoro.
''And I'll take the weakest one!'' said Usopp while his knees were trembling.
''Great. So I get the umbrella chick.'' I sighed and we dashed towards our opponents, or in Usopps case the roof.

Sanji dashed in the biggest crowd of bounty hunters he could find before immediately dashing out kicks left, right and center. The sound of Mutton Shot and Pollier resounded through the streets. But since fodder wasn't a challenge he began thinking. 'Since Nate can make air blades and walks on air and runs fast, he must have some crazy strength in his legs. I wonder if I can try some.' With those thoughts, he started swiping his legs in an arc attempting to create an air blade, but to no avail. He simply couldn't do it fast enough. He'll probably have to ask for some advice. When he broke out of his thoughts he noticed that all the fodder was unconscious, so he decided to go check on the ship.

USOPP vs. Mr. 9
Usopp climbed on the roof and immediately started to unload on Mr. 9, overwhelming him and keeping him at a distance. Until he threw a knife towards him and Usopp fell on the roof, red oozing from his chest. Mr 9 climbed up to the roof to relish in his victory and turned away from the corps to announce the great news, rallying his friends, dishearten his enemies. But before he could do that, he was put down with a mighty yell: ''Usopp Hammer!'' which repeated a few times, to make sure he's really down. Usopp sighed in relief, praising himself for inventing the infamous 'Ketchup Star'.

Before Luffy could really get going with the fodder, he was stope when the pinkette grabbed one of his outstretched arms, and pulled him towards her, grabbing his head and slamming him into the ground. Since he was rubber he was OK, and he proceeded to punch the wrestler in the face, making her fly away. But she got up. They walked towards each other and started circling.
''You're pretty strong for a scrawny kid.'' said the girl. Luffy just smirked and punched her, and she meets his punch with her own. Staying in a stalemate for a second, Luffy's fist soon overpowered hers and he slammed her into the face, knocking her out. He thought of going after fodder again, but then saw a table with food and decided it was more important.

ZORO vs Mr 5.
''Roronoa Zoro. The Pirate Hunter of the East Blue. We sent one of our agents to recruit you, but he never came back.'' said the man with sunglasses, as he started to pick his nose. Zoro just smirked, tying his bandana around his head.
''Me and him had a disagreement. I said I'd join if they let me be the boss, and he... Well, he was in too many pieces to answer.''
''Figures.'' with those words Mr. 5 flung a booger from his nose directly at Zoro. Swordsman just tched and sidestepped the booger. But as soon as booger touched the ground it exploded, engulfing him in the smoke.
''How do you like my fruit? I ate the Bomb-Bomb fruit, making me a Bomb man. I can make any part of my body explode.'' with those words he turned around thinking he won. But as soon as he showed his back, a tremendous killing intent was felt, and Zoro dashed out of the smoke, all three swords undrawn, slicing through Mr. 5, before landing, with an annoyed look.
''I didn't mean to slice that deep. He'll die now. Damm Kitetsu. Sword only cuts what his master tells him to cut!'' He swiped his swords, cleaning them of blood before re-sheating them and walking away, while Mr. 5 stood behind him, not reacting, before splitting into two, falling dead on the ground.
''I need some more booze.''

NATE vs. Miss VALENTINE (3rd person view)
''Hah! So the famous 'Angel of Death' will be my opponent? Tell me, boy. What good is an angel, if it can't fly?'' she asked with a sickening smile, before opening her umbrella and flying up to the sky, laughing.
''You do know I can see your panties from down there?'' asked Nate with an amused smile on his face. She just pouted and tried to hold down her skirt. But as she looked down, she saw that her opponent was nowhere to be seen. She also didn't see that mean kick coming towards the back of her head. But she felt it. Ohh, boy did she felt it. She started plummeting against the ground barely conscious, but enough to realize... She fucked up. But before she could land, she was caught by her throat, and looking up, she saw a brown and green eye, boring into her soul.
''Who do you work for?''
''Baroque Works.''
''Who sent you?''
''Mr. 0, but we received our orders from Miss AllSunday.''
''Because Miss Wednesday knows his identity.''
''Are they any more of you around here?
''Not that we know off.''
''Good. Now sleep.'' And then she felt a small sting in her neck and blacked out.''

1st person view (Nate)
As me and Scarlet finished with our fight, we went towards a ship, and could already hear Nami's screeching about why won't the princess strike a deal with her.
''Seems like we're right on time,'' said Scarlet as we boarded the ship. We followed the noise to the kitchen7dining room and found Nami and Vivi each sitting on a different side of the table, while Iggaram was standing, looking exhausted. I decided to announce my presence.
''Alright, princess Vivi. I am here and negotiations can start.'' Nami looked at me in rage and yelled how everything was going perfectly and how she was about to get one billion berri before I showed up. I sighed and looked at Vivi.
''Your country is on the brink of civil war, right?'' She just nodded quietly.
''And you joined Baroque Works because you think they're behind it?''
''I KNOW they are. Me and Iggaram have been investigating for months, and we finally found out the identity of their leader,'' she said with hatred in her voice.
''And who is it?''
''WHAT! I can't tell you that!'' she went on and on how it would put her 'saviors' in danger and put a target on our back. She didn't even notice the rest of the crew walking in.
''...so no. I can't tell you that the Boss of the Baroque Works is Sir Crocodile of the Royal Shicibukai!'' Six pairs of eyes blinked at her. She suddenly realized what she said and covered her mouth., as various remarks flew across the room, raging from 'Idiot', 'Vivi-chwan' and 'Hah, funny princess'.

That's when I heard Scarlet crying and screaming 'Stay away from me' and she slithered as fast as she can.
''WHats wrong? I asked her.
''That mayor guy walked out of the room and I decided to follow him so he wouldn't do anything stupid. But he... He... I WON'T SAY IT! DON'T MAKE ME SAY IT! I'LL KILL YOU!'' Suddenly the door of the dining room opened again and I could understand her feelings. All of us felt the need to scratch our eyes out and spend the next three hours drinking and repressing memories. In walked Iggaram, his hair made into a ponytail, wearing a crude version of Vivi's dress and a few dummies under his arm.
''Princess, I ask for our Eternal Pose to Alabasta. I will act as a decoy, to draw their eyes on me. You take the longer route to Alabasta.'' he then looked at me.
''I am relying on you since you seem to have the most brain on this crew. Bring her to Alabasta unharmed and we'll repay you as best as we can.'' I gave him a nod and we went to see his departure. But before he could even sail out of the cove, his boat exploded. Nami had to hold Vivi, so she wouldn't run into burning remains of his boat, while I urged all to move back to the ship and sail as fast as possible. We boarded and set sail breathing a sigh of relief.

''Good job shaking off your pursuers. Watch out for the shallows, you do not want to hit the hull.''

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