-this is based on miitopia with a few twists here and there. Angel's P.O.V-

I was walking through a forest when I see a pair of mii eyes attached to a butterfly.

"Oh my gosh!" I say. It prepares to attack me when suddenlyI am hit on the head by a wand.

I became a mage.

"Let's end this!I I say. We fight I end up winning.

"Hoho!" A voice says. "Well done Great Mage Angel!"

"Great Mage?" I ask.

"Yes. You have the rare ability of taming monsters!" The voice says it's a gardian spirit.

I run into a town named Greenhorne I talk to everyone when...

-Author's note-

sorry for the cliff hanger but the dark lord will appear.

Great mages are random and Angel can tame monster.