A few years later. (Angel's P.O.V)

I look at greenhorne. Monsters and Miitopians alike live in peace. A few rebel monster outbursts nothing ddifferent.

"Greenhorne has really changed." I say.

"How so daddy?" My daughter Lizzy asks. She was on Lana's head watching cartoons on her tablet.

"Well back when your father and I were adventuring there was no technology here." Lana says.

We were heading into some restaurant by Gladion's place. We heard some rumor flying around.

"I heard the dark queen is Eric's Daughter!" Moon said. Of course my rumbling stomach overpowered me.

"Man I'm starvin!" I say. My hunger doesn't make me notice the charm drop out of my pocket.

"Oh dad. You dropped this." Lizzy says. "Oh! I wanna adventure I wanna adventure!" She chants.

"No honey. You'll worry me." Lana says.

"But mom!" Lizzy says.

"No buts you will adventure young lady!" Lana says angrily.


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Lizzy:Angel's purple hair.

Lana's hairstyle.

Mostly looks like Angel.

Future class:Warrior