Dark lord's P.O.V

"I am the dark lord! I've come to wreak terror and misery on this miserable little world! And I'm starting with you people of greenhorne!" I say.

"Say goodbye to your faces!" I steal a few faces and fly off.

-Angel's P.O.V-

I run off unaware a few other heroes join me.

"Dark lord!" I say. "Give the child's face back!" I say.

"Is someone trying to be a big hero?" He asks. "How good are you in a fight?" He asks. He summons a jelly and attaches Austin's face. Us three heroes battle it and we won.

-Author's note-

there will be 12 heroes in all. Next: saving miitopia CH.3 saves by new recruit Great sage Lana.

Heroes: Great mage Angel

Chef: Gladion