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It was just Isane Hyoudou's luck.

First she gets killed by a Fallen Angel on her first-ever date, then suddenly reincarnated by the number-one beauty of her school, Kuoh Academy, told that she's a Devil, and then she meets a nun, making her first-ever real friend, and then the Fallen Angel that killed her in the first place comes and kidnaps the nun, provoking Isane into coming to this church (which her master, Rias Gremory, had forbidden her to go near) in an attempt to rescue her.

And now the nun, Asia Argento, was dead, and the Fallen Angel, who had introduced himself as Apoge Evma, had stolen Asia's Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, and was mocking her viciously!

Apoge was a very attractive young man, a couple of years older than Isane, with violet eyes, and a lean, muscular body. He had long, silky-looking black hair, down to just below his shoulders, and he had four black, feathered wings extending from his back.

He wore a black leather jacket, over a plain dark-purple t-shirt, and ripped jeans, along with black boots that had spikes on the bottom of them.

"Ahh, isn't it wonderful, Isane?" Apoge asked, extending his right hand (which had a silver ring with a blue-green gem on it) out to his left forearm (where there was a small cut) and let a green glow emit from the ring, healing his wound. "No matter what physical wound it is, Twilight Healing, the Smile of the Holy Mother, whatever you call it, it does just that: heals everything. Wonderful ability for us Fallen Angels, as we no longer have divine protection. With this, I can truly assist Azazel and Shemhazai in any way they desire! I can make them see that I can be a powerful Fallen Angel, serving them as they please!"

"I don't care." Isane replied, her voice a low growl as she gently laid the corpse of Asia, a pretty young girl with golden-blonde hair, down onto a pew, and stood up. "She didn't have to die for your stupid cause!"

Isane had chocolate-brown hair, tied into a short ponytail that went down to her back, matching eyes, and, for her age, a rather voluptuous figure. She wasn't the bustiest woman in Kuoh Academy, but certainly not a washboard, either. She wore the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, which consisted of a white, long-sleeved, button-down shirt, with a black ribbon on her shirt collar, worn under a black shoulder-cape and matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents. She also wore blue trainers and black socks.

"Yes, she did!" Apoge replied, conjuring up a light-spear and pointing it at Isane. "That is the fate of those born with a Sacred Gear, especially one as useful as hers. "Sacred Gears, despite being created by God, are too much for humans to handle. They may be wonderful, but the unusual powers that humans like Asia were born with will be feared, and their wielders shunned. That little exiled nun would've been hunted her entire life, best case scenario! What I did was a mercy! And besides, it was an honour for her to die for my cause!"

"FUCK YOU!" Isane screamed, lifting her left hand up, and letting a red light overcome her hand. When it cleared, a red gauntlet with two golden spikes had manifested there, leaving her fingers uncovered. Apoge would've laughed in Isane's face, reminding her that when she tried to use her Sacred Gear against her, it only resulted in the persistent little Devil getting injured, and nearly killed.

However's Isane's rage was such that the gauntlet on her arm began to change. Dragon-like claws emerged on Isane's fingers, covering them up. The gauntlet also became bigger, covering up a majority of Isane's arm.

"What?" Apoge shouted, backing off, and creating another light-spear. "That can't be possible!" He made to throw the two light-spears at Isane, but one small thing happened to get in the way of that.

That one small thing being that Apoge felt a small, bullet-like thing travelling into the back of his head, through his brain, and out of the other side.

And that was the last thing that he ever felt, before falling to the ground, and fading away.

"...What?" Isane, shocked out of her extreme sadness and anger, cried, as she looked, and saw someone standing in the doorway of the church that Koneko Toujou, the Rook of her master, Rias Gremory (Isane was her Pawn), had destroyed earlier, with their hands in a gun-pose.

The person put the hand-gun up to their face, and lightly blew, imitating that smoke was raising from his fingers, and that he was blowing it away. The person then walked into the church, and Isane realised that this person was a man.

The man was very handsome, and looked to be rather young, looking to be in his early-twenties. His silver hair, which seemed to emit an ethereal glow in the light of the moon, as it was presently night-time, flowed down to his upper-back, and was tied up with a golden headband. His eyes, which were red (the same red, Isane mentally mused to herself as Rias' hair), surveyed the scene. The man wore a pair of black jeans with a silver chain drooping down over them, a white t-shirt underneath that had the logo and name of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold on it, a black leather jacket, similar to Apoge's, and a pair of red sneakers with white laces.

The man continued his casual walk, as if he hadn't just basically vaporized a four-winged Fallen Angel, and looked at Isane silently. The brunette seemed to shrink a little, as though the man only stood one inches above Isane, he seemed to stand with a cold elegance that just overpowered the young Reincarnated Devil, and made her feel barely three inches tall.

"Do not be afraid." The main said, speaking in a voice that, while calm, and rather quiet, still radiated power and authority. "I don't mean you any harm." As Isane stayed quiet, the man walked over to Asia, and carefully picked up her arm, and felt for a second.

"Fuck." He whispered. "Stone-cold dead. Oh well."

The man picked Asia up, walked over to where Apoge had fallen, and picked up Asia's Sacred Gear, the two rings that it took the form of having fallen to the ground.

The man placed the rings in his pocket, slung Asia over his shoulder in a fireman's lift, and made to walk out of the church, but his physical way was impeded by someone standing in the doorway, her arms folded.

Isane breathed a mental sigh of relief when she saw who the person was. That person standing in the doorway was her master and King, Rias Gremory.

Rias Gremory was a beautiful young woman with fair, white skin, blue eyes, and a very buxom figure, much more buxom than Isane's. The feature that seperated her from other beautiful women was her long, beautiful crimson hair, that reached down to her thigh with a single hair strand sticking out from the top. Her hair also had loose bangs covering her forehead, and side-bangs framing her face. She wore the same school uniform as Isane did.

"Hey." Rias said, her voice sounding cool pleasant, though Isane detected a small bite in her voice, a sign that she was serious. "Can I ask what you're doing here?"

"Oh, me?" The male replied, turning to look at Rias. "I'm just here, walking around, thought I'd see the scenery, saw shit going down here, and I decided I'd intervene." He then grinned. "What are YOU doing here, Rias?"

"This is territory, belonging to the House of Gremory, given to me by my older brother, Sirzechs Lucifer himself!" Rias replied, raising her voice slightly, as a crimson aura began to emanate around her body. "And I would like to know just who you are, waltzing into this church, and taking whoever you want! I can clearly sense that you're a Devil, or at least part-Devil, so don't try to hide it!"

"Ah, so Sirzechs gave you this territory." The man replied, nodding, while completely ignoring the aura around Rias, which became more and more intense by the second. "I see. Also, you can sense I'm part-Devil, Rias?" The man replied, raising a silver eyebrow, and "Dear, dear. I must be getting sloppy with my concealment." He shrugged, making Asia's dead body shake lightly on top of him.

"I'm just here on an errand." He continued. "That involves this cute little nun, here. I'll be off right now, if that's what you'd like." He turned to leave, but looked at Rias. "Oh, and Rias?"

"What?" Rias replied, glaring at the man, who looked back at her very calmly. The man walked towards the crimson-haired beauty, who stood her ground, and spoke softly to her.

"Speaking of Sirzechs, if you see him and Grayfia again, could you tell them that Roxas Gremory says hi?" He asked. Roxas took intense satisfaction in seeing Rias' expression of mixed anger and confidence totally shatter when she heard her own name repeated back at her, and the realisation that, if this territory belonged to the House of Gremory, then it was Roxas' territory as much as hers.

Roxas smiled at Rias, whispered "Good." back to her, and walked backwards, where he created a silver magic-circle, the symbol inside which being a crimson rose, spread ten bat-like Devil wings, stepped into the circle, and disappeared in a flash of silver light.

Once the light cleared, Isane looked at Rias, who looked even more shocked than she did before. She stood still, her mouth slightly open, and her eyes wide.

"R-Rias?" Isane asked. "What's wrong?"

"He..." Rias whispered. "His Devil wings... they were white."

Line Break

A silver transportation-circle with the symbol of a crimson rose opened on the poolside, and Roxas Gremory emerged from it, carrying Asia on his shoulder, and once he fully emerged, he took a deep breath.

"Ahh..." He whispered. "I love the seaside."

Roxas was standing on the side of the large swimming-pool, located in the grounds of his private villa, which stood on the sunny island of Menorca, which would just be a one-hour thirty-minute flight from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

The villa was large, and contained everything that Roxas (and the women living with him) needed. A pool, as mentioned already, a kitchen, dining room, living room, and four bedrooms, each with extremely comfortable, king-sized beds.

It was the pinnacle of luxury, and Roxas loved every minute that he spent here, after purchasing it from its owner nearly ten years ago.

The door to the poolside opened, and Roxas heard three separate female cries of surprise and happiness. Turning around, the silver-haired Devil looked upon three of the women that he presently lived with: Akasha Bloodriver, one of his wives, a Pure-Blooded Vampire, formerly of the Carmilla Faction of Vampires, Penemue Agrat, another of his wives, a Fallen Angel/Succubus Hybrid and the daughter of Azazel, the Governer-General of the Fallen Angels, and Agrat, one of the four Sex Demon Progenitors, and Akeno Himejima, a Fallen Angel/Human Hybrid, the daughter of Baraqiel, a Fallen Angel Cadre, and a former member of the Himejima Clan, Shuri Himejima. She was a woman who wasn't one of his wives, but still certainly loved by Roxas (ever since he'd saved both Akeno and Shuri from being killed by members of Shuri's former Clan), as well as the rest of his harem.

Akasha was a very beautiful woman, with long, straight pink hair and green eyes, along with a pair of vampiric fangs. She had creamy, pale-white skin, and a very voluptuous figure, as most female Vampires did. She wore a black, two-piece bikini, the upper-portion of which was tied around her neck, and both upper and lower parts of which had lacy white frills on.

Though she was a Vampire, and would usually be unable to go out in sunlight, especially not when the day was as sunny as this, she wore a special sun cream developed by Roxas himself, that negated the negative effects that sunlight had on a Vampire, and permitted Akasha to go out in sunlight, especially the pleasant mid-afternoon sun of Menorca.

Penemue Agrat, as a Hybrid of the two species that, it was told, the females of were the most sexually attractive, was also of incredible beauty. She had strong-looking, golden eyes, long purple hair that went down to her back, and large breasts, which were complimented by her equally large hips. She wore a light-purple bikini that strained to contain her incredibly large bust, which was the largest of his harem. And even then, it was so small that the young Fallen/Succubus Hybrid was practically naked anyway.

As there were magical wards around the villa that prevented any visual clues to the supernatural's existence from being seen by anyone outside them, Penemue had her Fallen Angel wings (all eight of them) and her Succubus tails, which all ended in the shape of a love-heart (all three of them) out.

Akeno was a beautiful young woman in her late-teens with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair, which hung all the way down to her legs (she usually used an orange ribbon to keep it in place) and violet eyes. She wore a white bikini with red trim, the upper part of which was tied in place behind her neck, and the bottom part of which looking a lot more like a thong than a bikini bottom.

Like Penemue, she also had her Fallen Angel wings out. All eight of them.

"Hey, girls." Roxas greeted Akasha, Penemue and Akeno. "You all been good while I was gone?"

"Oh, we were." Akeno replied, stepping forward and leaning forward, making to press her huge breasts into her boyfriend's chest. "Though we enjoy being bad girls a lot more. Especially with you, Rox~as~"

"Heh." Roxas replied, grinning, and delivering a kiss to Akeno. "Now. Has anyone seen-?"

"Aww, don't I get a kiss too, Roxas?" Penemue stepped forward, and placed her hands on Roxas' chest, massaging it gently. "You know how much I love your kisses, as well as your cuddles, and-"

"Yes, yes, Pen." Roxas replied, rolling his red eyes slightly, and kissing Penemue on the lips as well. Penemue made to wrap her arms around her husband and deepen the kiss into something more explicit, but Roxas pulled back before she had the chance to.

"What about me, Roxas?" Akasha leaned forward. "Don't you want to give your Vampire wife a kiss, along with maybe something else?"

"Oh, yeah." Roxas replied. "You need your weekly pint of blood, Akasha." Lying Asia on a deck-chair, he leaned forward, sticking his neck forward for Akasha, who bared her vampiric fangs and slowly sunk them into Roxas' neck.

Akasha gave a low groan of satisfaction as she, over the course of half a minute, sucked about a pint of blood out of Roxas' neck, blood that she, as a Vampire, needed to survive, and then pulled off him.

"Thanks, Roxas." Akasha whispered, pressing her lips against his. "I've got all the strength I need for certain, other activities we can do~" she licked her lips seductively, making Roxas chuckle slightly.

"What's going on?" Another female voice asked, as the door to the poolside opened again, and another female came walking out, rubbing her eyes. She was stunningly beautiful, and appeared to be her late-teens, just like Akeno, with long silver hair, tied into a ponytail, and hazel eyes, along with possessing a rather voluptuous figure, just like Akasha, Penemue and Akeno. She wore a dark green V-neck shirt, giving view to her generous cleavage, with a high-collared black leather jacket over it. She also wore burgundy jeans with a silver chain drooping down over them, and black leather chaps, with three bands encircling his right calf, and black shoes with black buckles. "Oh, hey Roxas."

"Hey, Valian." Roxas greeted Valian Lucifer, the Devil/Human Hybrid Divine Dividing-possessing great-granddaughter of Lucifer, the First Devil, and Azazel's surrogate daughter. "Just had a nap?"

"I was trying to." Valian replied. "But then SOME PEOPLE" she glared at Akasha, Penemue and Akeno, who all pretended to look innocent "Decided to make a noise and interrupt that nap." She then looked to her deck-chair, which Asia lay in. "Who the hell is that?"

Akasha, Penemue and Akeno then all noticed Asia, and turned to Roxas.

"Yeah, who is she?" Akasha asked. "Why is she back here?"

"I was going to tell you, but then you decided to try and seduce me into having a collective foursome." Roxas replied. "Your fault I didn't tell you earlier."

"What's going on?" Everyone heard another voice, and the door opening for a third time, and a fifth woman walking out. This woman was, arguably, the most beautiful of the five members of Roxas' harem. She appeared to be in her early-twenties, just like him, with very long emerald-green hair reaching down to her lower legs.

She wore a white dress with numerous gold ornaments to accommodate the dress. She wore a golden laurel crown, golden fibula with a red jewel in the centre, vine-like patterns on the hem of her dress, brown-coloured footwear, and various other accessories.

"Hey, Palutena." Roxas greeted his first wife, Palutena, the only known daughter of the Biblical God himself, as well as the daughter of Hera, the present wife of Zeus, and the Greek Goddess of Marriage. He walked over to her, and gave her a hug, a hug which she happily returned to her husband.

"Hey, Roxas." Palutena replied, planting a kiss on her husband's head, and pulling back. "How was your mission? I can go and tell Michael and Azazel about it right now, if you'd like."

"Nah. I'll do it myself." Roxas replied. "I guess you could say that the mission was a... half-success."

"Half-success?" Valian blinked. "What do you mean, Roxas?"

"What I mean, Valian, is that all the rouge Fallen Angels were killed." Roxas replied. "I only had to kill one of them, it's presumable that the other three were killed by someone else." He shrugged. "Anyway, as you can see, I was unsuccessful in saving the young nun's life. She was dead before I got there." He looked over at Asia with a slightly sorrowful look in his eye.

Palutena wrapped her arms around Roxas, and pressed her lips against his neck, gently.

"Don't blame yourself for this, Roxas." Palutena whispered. "You didn't have any hand in her death."

"I know." Roxas replied. "But-"

"We get it, Roxas." Akasha replied. "You have a thing for keeping the number of unneccesary deaths on missions involving you at a big fat zero."

"She seems freshly dead." Palutena walked over to Asia and looked carefully at her. "Want me to tend to her? Try and bring her back?"

"It'd do a lot for my conscience." Roxas replied. "Thanks, Palutena." The green-haired goddess picked Asia up, and silently walked back into the villa. Roxas looked after her, before Akeno pressed herself against his back, and kissed his neck.

"Roxas~?" She asked. "Are you going to come and swim with us, now that you're back~?"

"Oh, yeah." Roxas replied. "Might as well. It's an amazing day. Coming, Val?"

"Nah." Valian replied, walking back into the villa. "I'm gonna go back to sleep." Roxas shrugged, and retreated into the villa himself.

Five minutes later, Roxas was back outside. This time, he wore nothing but a pair of board shorts, which were as black as Akeno's hair, with a silver trim on them. His silver hair was still tied up with the golden headband, as he always did, and had always preferred.

His very strong, chiselled body, which looked, in Palutena's eyes, like he was meticulously hand-carved by Ishtar, Cliodhna, Aphrodite, Rati and Freyja (the Babylonian, Irish, Greek, Hindu and Norse Goddesses of Love, respectively) was also there for all to see, which Penemue, Akasha and Akeno all appreciated. Particularly Penemue.

"Rawr~" she gave a playful growl, and pressed her breasts, which were pretty much bare, against his own chest. "Let's have some fun in the water, Roxas~"

Penemue, a grin on her face, pulled Roxas into the water, and held him close to her, while pressing her lips against his in a passionate kiss. Akeno and Akasha were all too happy to join in as Roxas returned the kiss, and his hands automatically moved down to Penemue's ass.

Line Break

A crimson-coloured magic-circle opened, and Rias Gremory emerged from it, in the small, yet extravagant, house that was the personal residence of her older brother, Sirzechs Lucifer. Almost immediately upon entering the residence, he heard two voices coming from the lounge, and so she made her way there.

It was the day after the incident with the Fallen Angels in Kuoh, and after Roxas had shown up. As per his request (though Rias had no idea who this 'Roxas' was, though felt that she, somehow, had to fulfill his request)

When she reached the door of the lounge, which was closed, she knocked, and was told to enter from the inside. And so she did.

When she entered the lounge, she saw four individuals sat (or rather, three sat, one standing), on two sofas, each perpendicular to the other. The people sat on the sofas were Sirzechs Lucifer, her older brother and one of the current Devil King of the Underworld, Millicas Gremory, Sirzechs' son, and Serafall Leviathan, another of the Four Devil Kings and Millicas' godmother. The person who was standing was standing behind Sirzechs and Millicas, was Grayfia Lucifuge, Sirzechs' wife, and the mother of Millicas.

Sirzechs was a handsome young man, appearing to be in his early-twenties, with shoulder-length crimson-red hair, and blue eyes, just like Rias. He wore attire that one would expect to be worn by royalty, which wasn't inaccurate.

Millicas was a cute young boy, appearing to be around six or seven years old, with the same crimson-red hair as Sirzechs, though his was a lot shorter than his father's, and red eyes, inherited from Grayfia. He wore a white and red shirt, along with dress trousers and shoes.

Serafall Leviathan was a rather short, yet beautiful, girl, looking to be around the same age as Sirzechs (though one wouldn't have to be idiotically stupid to think that she was a lot younger than that, given her height), with long black hair, tied into twin-tails, and blue eyes. She had large breasts, despite her childish body. She was dressed in magical-girls' clothing, magic-wand and all.

Grayfia was also a beautiful woman, appearing to be in her early-twenties, with silver hair and red eyes. Her hair, which would, if left free, hang all the way down to her back, featured a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, whicl the rest was let down, ending in twin braids.

She wore a blue and white French Maid outfit, with long sleeves, and a white maid headband over her head, with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory.

All four of these Devils looked up as Rias entered the room.

"Oh, Rias." Sirzechs happily greeted his little sister. "What a pleasant surprise to see you here this afternoon."

"Hey, Auntie Rias!" Milicas greeted Rias happily, to which Rias offered a smile in return. Serafall also gave a smile to Rias in return, and Grayfia looked as emotionless as she did while on the job as a maid.

Sirzechs noticed that there was something rather... off, about Rias' smile. And that, in Sirzechs' mind, wasn't good at all.

"What's up, Rias?" He asked, immediately. "Is anything wrong? Has anything happened in Kuoh? Was it the Fallen Angels who you reported to me about yesterday?"

"No, no, brother. The Fallen Angels have been dealt with." Rias replied. "It was just... something happened while dealing with the Fallen Angels that I thought I should come to you about."

"Oh?" Sirzechs raised a brow. "Well, do tell. Come have a seat."

Rias nervously sat down, and looked at Sirzechs, who looked back with a concerned face. She then proceeded to explain everything that had happened, with Sirzechs, Millicas, Grayfia and Serafall offering exactly zero questions between them.

"I went to the church to see if my Pawn had done well with dealing with the Fallen Angel," Rias continued, inwardly happy that she was coming to the end of her tale. "But when I went there, I found that said Fallen Angel had been killed. Not by Isane, but by someone else."

"I see." Sirzechs replied. "And what did this person look like?"

"Well..." Rias replied, furrowing her brow. "He looked... well, he looked a lot like you."

"Really?" Sirzechs replied, interested. "Anything else? Any distinctive features?"

"Well, he had silver hair." Rias replied. At this word, Grayfia's face broke from the emotionless mask of earlier, and she began to look very hopeful. Sirzechs was also hopeful, though he kept it under wraps.

"Silver hair..." He muttered. "What colour were his eyes?"

"Red." Rias replied, simply. Grayfia widened her own eyes, and Serafall began to look interested.

'Could it be...?' She thought.

Millicas, wholeheartedly confused, looked from his father, to his mother, to his aunt, to his godmother, in very quick succession.

"Did this person say anything, Rias?" Grayfia spoke for the first time, leaning forward.

"Yes, he did." Rias replied, clearing her throat, which was starting to become dry. "He said to give you and Grayfia a message. He wanted to tell you... that Roxas Gremory says hi."

As fast as anything, Sirzechs quickly leaned forward, and grabbed hold of Rias' shoulders.

"Roxas Gremory, Rias? Are you sure that he said the name Roxas Gremory?" He asked, sounding urgent, and more hopeful than he'd ever sounded in his life.

"Y-Yes!" Rias replied, trying to pull away from her older brother, but finding herself unable to, such was his strength. "I'm sure! Why?"

Sirzechs, Grayfia and Serafall all shared a three-way look.

"Thank you, Rias." Serafall, the (strangely) one who hadn't spoken at all throughout this entire meeting. "You can go.

"I-" Rias started, but then chose not to speak. She silently left via transportation-circle.

Once she was gone, Millicas spoke up.

"Father, who was Auntie Rias talking about? Who is Roxas?"

"Roxas Gremory, Millicas..." Sirzechs replied. "Is the first child that I and Grayfia had. He's your big brother."

Millicas' eyes widened at this fact.

"I'm also Roxas' godmother~!" Serafall chimed in. "When he was a little kid, Roxas used to love me~"

Grayfia, for the first time that anyone had ever seen, was starting to get slightly tearful. She'd loved her son, who was named as the Gremory Heir before Rias was born, and took over the title, more than anyone could ever hope to love him, and when he'd left the family for some unexplained reason, just over two centuries ago, she'd almost shut down entirely, under the impression that Roxas must have hated her and Sirzechs, and had left the family, left her, for that very reason.

But if he had asked Rias to say that he 'says hi' to both and Sirzechs, then that must mean that he doesn't hate them... right? RIGHT?!

Well, no matter if he hated his parents and family or not, it didn't change the fact that Grayfia and Sirzechs had been spending every spare moment since the end of the War of 1812 looking for him.

Line Break

It was now late at night in Menorca, where Roxas Gremory lived. In his and Palutena's personal bedroom in his villa, he was lying on his bed, which he shared with Palutena, and wearing nothing but a pair of red boxers, and watching the movie Darkest Hour.

As he kept watching the movie, the door between Roxas' bathroom and the bedroom in which he lay, and his gorgeous wife, Palutena, who stood an inch taller than him, came walking into the bedroom. Palutena, in turn, wore nothing but a sexy white bra, and matching thong. Seeing her husband of nearly a century (who turned off the TV), Palutena smiled, walked over to the bed, climbed upon it, and gently wrapped her arms around her husband, giving a soft sigh of contentment.

"How's the nun?" Roxas asked. "Any joy?"

"Yes." Palutena replied. "I've managed to bring her back to life, as a full-blooded Angel. She's currently sleeping in Valian's room."

"Ah." Roxas replied. "Nice one. That'd be your first 100% successful Creation, would it not?"

"Yes." Palutena replied. "Third time's the charm, eh?"

"Indeed." Roxas replied. "Pit, as peppy and chipper as he can be, was still a defect when you created him. Thank your Father for the fact that Michael was able to stop him from dying with those Brave Saints."

"Yeah." Palutena replied. "And when I tried to turn you, you ended up becoming a Nephalem, rather than an Angel."

"Not that that's a bad thing." Roxas replied. "I'm much better off, and much more powerful, for the fact that I'm a Hybrid of a Devil and an Angel. Not that I wasn't weak on my own, or anything."

"No, you definitely weren't weak." Palutena replied. "When I met you, you were already Ultimate-Class, in terms of power, and now, it's pretty easy to compare the raw power, both Demonic and Angelic, in your body to the amount of raw energy in mine."

"Indeed." Roxas replied, turning his head and pressing his lips against Palutena's. "Power that you certainly appreciate, as my wife."

"Yup~" Palutena replied, yawning. "Anyway. Let's get some sleep, love. We're meeting with Michael, Gabriel, Azazel and Shemhazai, tomorrow. You can tell the how your mission went."

"Sure." Roxas replied, shifting himself into a more comfortable position, and letting Palutena rest her head on his chest. The silver-haired Nephalem closed his eyes, and fell asleep, with his gorgeous wife following suit.

Hey there, everyone! The biggest fan of the greatest guitarist on earth (followed very closely by Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold, to be fair) is back with another fic. Before I get into about my newest OC, Roxas Gremory, I should go over a few things to keep in mind regarding this fic, starting with the elephant in the room.

1) Akeno. She isn't in Rias' peerage and she won't be in Rias' peerage. She's a half-Fallen Angel, and a damn powerful one too (more powerful than in canon), as well as in Roxas' harem.

2) For those who've played Kingdom Hearts 2, you should recognise the name of Roxas.

3) Vali. She's a female. Those of you who've read my most popular fics, High School DxD: The Runaway Gremory (the piece of shit that it is), should know that I'm a HUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Female Vali. So, she's a girl here, and a member of Roxas' harem.

4) Issei. She's also a girl. Don't like it? You know where the door is. It takes the form of a little 'x' on your desktop, or the form of your lock-button if you're reading this on your phone.

5) The harem. So far, it's: Palutena (Main Girl (Kid Icarus: Uprising)), Akasha Bloodriver (Rosario + Vampire), Penemue (DxD), Akeno (DxD), fem. Vali (DxD).

More girls will come in, in the future. If you've read my other fics, you should know this by now.

6) Rias, Sirzechs, and whoever else I'm known for taking the absolute piss out of like I'm fuck-mothering Rick Sanchez whenever I get the chance. They're going to be good here. Sirzechs is a loving yet slightly goofy dad to Roxas (or he was), same as he is to Millicas, and Rias… well, you'll just have to wait and see.

7) Roxas himself. You'll just have to wait and see as to why he left Sirzechs and Grayfia (the reason may be more simple than you think it is), and as for why he's a Nephalem? Well, I've already given you the answer, but in case you didn't, the reason starts with a P, ends with an A, is my all-time favourite female video game character, and is a star of ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER FUCKING MADE!

As for power, as far as his separate Devil and Angel sides go, if he just chose to use one of them, he'd be able to go head to head with a Satan-Class Devil like Diehauser, Serafall or Grayfia, or possibly other Gods or God-Class beings like Sun Wukong (Victorious Fighting Buddha) and Mahabali (Prince of the Asuras in DxD), and probably win. But if he used them together, along with his ultimate weapon, which he keeps on him at all times… even a serious Sirzechs or Ajuka would be hard-pressed to stop him. I mean, those two individuals would probably win, but Roxas would give them both a good fight.

Also he doesn't use the Power of Destruction. Not because he wasn't born with it, not because he's scared of it, but just because * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * , * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. Spoilers, guys and girls.

8) He doesn't have a peerage. Why? He can't be assed to have one... yet.

9) Akasha. She's a Pure-Blooded Vampire in this fic. I know she isn't a Pure-Blood in Rosario/Vampire but in this fic, for the sake of simplicity, she is.

10) Apoge. He was a male Raynare. He is dead. End of story.

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Three Sizes of New Girls:

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Rias: 99-58-90

Akasha: 93-57-89

Penemue: 106-60-93

Akeno: 104-61-91

Valian: 98-59-90

Palutena: 96-58-89

Serafall: 96-57-87

Grayfia: 103-63-90

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