Anything you recognise isn't mine.

It was the incessant buzzing of the alarm on his phone that slowly roused Roxas Gremory from sleep. Yawning, and holding an arm over his eyes to block out the powerful sun-rays that just happened to keep finding their way through his bedroom windows (which also functioned as doors onto a balcony), Roxas reached out with his other hand, and groped around until he grabbed his phone, which was lying on his bedside table, and vibrating loudly, while on charge.

Yawning again, Roxas swiped on the screen of his phone, shutting the alarm off, and slumped back onto his bed, away from the window, and closed his eyes again, just wanting to go back to sleep.

He really didn't want to get up. His bed was so comfortable, like he could just melt into it forever, and he had the embrace of his literal Goddess of a wife. All was amazing with the world, and it was just the greatest thing ever.

Speaking of his wife and embraces, Roxas felt the bare, amazing feeling of Palutena's breasts pressing up against his back.

'Strange.' Roxas thought. 'I could have sworn that she was in a pair of underwear last night.'

Roxas then heard a soft moan, and felt Palutena moving behind him slightly, as his green-haired lover woke up.

"Hnn~ Roxas..." Palutena mumbled into Roxas' ear, just as Roxas realised that Palutena, rather than being beside/on top of him, like she was last night, was behind him, and had been spooning him. "Good morning, love."

"Morning." Roxas shifted himself slightly, but couldn't escape Palutena's embrace. "You're naked.

"Mmmhmm." Palutena replied. "I got really warm in the middle of the night, so I just decided to take my underwear off. Besides, it wasn't the most comfortable thing ever." She then adjusted herself slightly, so Roxas was closer to her as she hugged him. "You don't mind, do you~?"

"Oh, no way." Roxas replied, as Palutena shifted herself and Roxas around under the covers, so her naked body, in all its glory, was on top of her husband's, rather than behind him. The silver-haired Roxas certainly appreciated Palutena's long, green hair falling free in a pair of curtains around him.

"You know, Roxas, we've still got a bit of time~" the daughter of God whispered. "Before we go and meet up with the leaders of Heaven and Grigori, that is."

"That is something nice to hear." Roxas replied. Palutena gave a smile to her husband in return as she leaned forward, and pressed her lips against his in a soft, yet passionate and loving, kiss.

Almost by pure instinct, Roxas' hands made their way up, and caressed the smooth, white skin of Palutena's arched back, and slowly made their way down to her ass, which he squeezed, and slowly pushed onto his crotch, a certain part of which was throbbing unpleasantly in the restraints of his boxers.

"Hmm~" Palutena moaned, as one of her hands slowly moved to behind Roxas' head, and pushed him further into her, deepening the kiss into a pure make-out session. "Roxas~" she whispered, once she came up for air, before diving back into the kiss.

Roxas, getting a naughty idea, used his fingers to lightly tease Palutena's bare pussy under the sheets, which elicited a loud moan into his mouth from his wife, which the ten-winged Nephalem took as encouragement to continue his ministrations.

"Oh, my~" Roxas and Palutena both froze, mid-make out, as they heard another voice speaking, from his bedroom door. "Don't you two look like an amazing couple? Maybe I should join in instead of cooking breakfast~"

Palutena shifted herself off Roxas' body, and lay on her back in bed, letting both of them see Akeno Himejima, who was carrying a couple of plates of eggs and bacon, while wearing nothing but a black thong and white apron, that covered only the front of her body.

"You can come and sit with us, you know, Akeno." Roxas remarked, sitting up on the bed and shifting himself, leaving a space for Akeno. "You're not below me, you're not a part of a peerage."

"I know, I know." Akeno replied, as she walked forward, laid the plates of food in front of Roxas and Palutena, and then sat down next to Roxas as they ate. "Do you like it?" She asked, as Palutena and Roxas tucked into their food.

"It's as good as ever, Akeno." Roxas smiled, pulling Akeno into a kiss, while trailing his hand down to her ass and squeezing it. "Thank you."

"No problem." Akeno replied, kissing back. "Even though you're not my King, you still saved my and my mother's lives. I'm eternally grateful to you for that fact."

"And we're both all the happier for it." Roxas replied. "You get your parents, a boyfriend, and training to become strong, and I get a beautiful harem member with the greatest cooking I've ever eaten."

"Oh, stop it, Roxas." Akeno looked away. "You're making me blush~"

"Oh, am I?" Roxas asked, teasingly, as Palutena looked on, amused. "Oh, well." He backed off, suddenly. "You're hot, whether you blush or not. Speaking of your parents, aren't you going to see them today?"

"Yes, I am." Akeno replied. After Roxas and Palutena finished their breakfast, Akeno picked up their plates and took them away, remarking that she was going to go and get changed.

Once she was gone, Roxas and Palutena mutually decided that they would get dressed as well, and so they did. Palutena dressed herself in her white dress, complete with all the accessories that came with them, and Roxas dressed himself in his jeans, t-shirt (this time, it was a white t-shirt with the logo of the American rock band 'Skillet') and leather jacket. After lacing up his sneakers, Palutena created a transportation-circle for herself and Roxas, and after her husband stepped into it, the two of them left.

Line Break

At around the same time Roxas and Palutena departed for Heaven, it was an hour or so past the end of the school day in Kuoh Academy. Rias Gremory was sat at the desk in the main meeting room for the Occult Research Club (which was just a front for her peerage, which consisted of, including herself, six members, five of which currently attended this school), finishing off the homework that she had been set today, while Mirajane Strauss, Rias' best friend, Queen and third-year student of Kuoh Academy (just like Rias), sat on one of the sofas, and did some homework of her own.

Mirajane was a slim young woman of below average height, standing a couple of inches below Rias. She had long, white hair that curled slightly at the ends, with two bangs framing her face and reaching down to her chest. Her hairstyle's most distinctive trait was a short, upward ponytail at the front of her head. She had large blue eyes, and a curvy, voluptuous body, with large breasts. She, like her King, Rias, wore the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, though she did away with the black ribbon on the collar of her shirt.

"So, did Roxas just teleport away?" Mirajane asked to Rias, who had been telling her the events of the previous night. She wasn't there to see them, as she was away on a summoning.

"Yes, he did." Rias replied. "After asking me to tell my brother and sister-in-law that he said hi. I'm not sure why, but they got really worked up when I mentioned his name. Serafall also tensed up as well."

Mirajane gave a small snigger.

"Serafall? Becoming tense? Are you sure you're okay?" She asked, slightly teasingly. Rias silently glared at Mirajane in reply, but giggled herself.

"Yeah, I am. I'm sure I'm fine, Mira." Rias replied. "Though I'm not entirely sure that Sirzechs and Grayfia are, after I brought Roxas up to them."

Right as Rias said that, a silver magic-circle formed on the floor, and out of it came the maid-uniform-clad Grayfia Lucifuge, looking uncharacteristically urgent.

"Rias." Rias spoke to Rias. "On behalf of your brother, you need to take me to the Church where you saw Roxas!"

It took Rias a second or so to fully process what her sister-in-law had said.

"What?" Rias blinked, standing up, with Mirajane standing up as well. "What's going on, Grayfia? Is this about Roxas?"

All Rias got in reply was a sharp nod from Grayfia as she walked over to Rias.

"Come on!" Grayfia, her voice conveying simultaneous extreme hope and extreme urgency. "Let's go!"

"R-right!" Rias replied, creating a transportation-circle that would take them to the abandoned Church where the four Fallen Angels had occupied up until the night before, where she and her Knight, Yuuto Kiba, had killed three of them, and Roxas had killed the other one, while Isane tried to rescue a nun (whose name, she learned from her cute Pawn, was Asia) from being killed by them. She, Grayfia and Mirajane all stepped into the transportation-circle, and disappeared, coming out just outside the church, the door of which was still destroyed.

Rias, Grayfia and Mirajane all stepped into the church, and Grayfia spoke to Rias again.

"Well, Rias? Do you know exactly where he disappeared from? Or at least, an approximate location?"

"Yes." Rias replied. "I remember. He disappeared from around here." She walked forward until she was just behind the back pews, but in between them. "Around this spot."

"Very well." Grayfia said, stepping forward. "Step aside." Rias obeyed her brother's Queen's order, and stepped aside, while Grayfia stepped into that very spot, and began focusing her demonic power (which was vast) into the ground at that spot. "Hmmm..."

"What?" Rias stepped forward. "What's up? What are you doing?"

"Grayfia's scanning for the presence of a transportation-circle." Rias and Mirajane both jumped in surprise, and whirled around to see Sirzechs Lucifer himself standing in the doorway of the church, and walking in. "If luck is on our side, we'll be able to trace the transportation-circle that Roxas used, and possibly, be able to follow him using the same circle."

"You can do that with magic-circles?" Rias asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Rias, we're Devils." Sirzechs replied, looking at his little sister in slight exasperation. "As long as you put your mind to it, and have enough desire and demonic power, you can do pretty much anything." He looked to Grayfia. "Any joy, Grayfia?"

"Well, there is good news and bad news." Grayfia replied, turning around.

"What's the good news?" Rias asked, before Sirzechs could.

"Well, the good news, Rias, is that I AM able to sense a transportation-circle, with Roxas' magical signature." Grayfia replied.

"And... the bad news?" Mirajane put forward, tentatively.

"The bad news, Mirajane, is that... I can barely sense it at all." Grayfia replied. Sirzechs looked shocked.

"What?!" He stepped forward. "Grayfia, let me try!" Obediently, Sirzechs' Queen stepped aside, and Sirzechs stood at the spot Grayfia stood at, and pooled his demonic power into the spot Grayfia said she could sense Roxas' magical signature from.

After about half a minute, he came up, also confused.

"Strange." He muttered. "I can barely sense anything, either."

"Then what does this mean?" Rias asked. "Does it mean that we won't be able to find Roxas?"

The simultaneous looks that Grayfia and Sirzechs gave Rias were both enough to nearly make her soil her underwear. And that was something she really didn't want to do, as she was wearing her favourite set of lingerie under her school uniform.

"It means, Rias." Sirzechs replied, his voice uncharacteristically as cold as Grayfia's usually was. "That Roxas has learned how to cloak his own magical signature, and add that cloaking to his transportation-circle, in order to prevent us from doing what we mean to do: follow him."

"Oh." Rias replied. "Then, what can we do?"

"Well." Sirzechs created a magic-circle on the floor. "I do have one idea." A mid-sized lion with fur that seemed to be made of mythical blue fire appeared on the magic-circle, and looked obediently up at Sirzechs, who looked back, giving his familiar, a hellcat, a mental command.

The hell-cat nodded, and disappeared through a transportation-circle of its own.

"What did you tell your familiar to do, brother?" Rias asked, curiously. However, her question was answered almost as soon as it left her throat, as the hell-cat reappeared through a transportation-circle, with someone else accompanying it.

This someone was a bewitchingly beautiful and attractive young man, appearing to be in his early-twenties, with light blue eyes, and slicked-back green hair. He had a mysterious aura around him that gave Rias the shivers, and wore a green shirt, blue jacket, and blue dress trousers.

"Sirzechs." Ajuka Beelzebub, one of the Four Satans, Sirzechs' childhood friend and the godfather of both Roxas and Millicas, spoke, as Sirzechs' familiar disappeared. "What have you called me here for?"

"Ajuka, my friend, I'm sorry to bother you, but I need you to help me." Sirzechs replied. "I need you to try and scan this spot, here." He gestured to the spot he was standing on. "I have great reason to believe that Roxas- yes, Roxas, was here, and left through a transportation-circle, at this very spot, late last night."

"Hmm?" Ajuka raised a green eyebrow at the mention of his god-son, whom he cared for very much when Sirzech' first-born was a child. "Of course, Sirzechs."

Ajuka stepped over to the spot that Sirzechs was stood at (after he stepped aside, of course) and began pooling his own demonic powers (the raw amount of which was similar, if not equal to, Sirzechs) into the place where he stood.

"Hmm..." He hummed, to himself. "Yes, I can definitely feel something, here."

"Are you able to bring it up?" Grayfia asked. "We know that you're the undisputed best at this sort of thing."

"Yes, yes, I'll be able to do it. I'll be able to find your son." Ajuka replied. "Don't worry yourself, Grayfia." There was silence in the Church for another ten seconds. "Come on, come on... yes!"

A burst of demonic energy flared at Ajuka's feet, and he stepped away to reveal a transportation-circle, with the sign of the Astaroth Clan, a green capital 'A' with a curved trail-like design, rather than the sign of the Gremory Clan, in the middle of it.

"Sweet!" Sirzechs replied, rushing forward into the magic-circle, with Grayfia quickly following. "Thank you so much, Ajuka!"

"Anytime, Sirzechs." Ajuka replied, a slightly prideful smile upon his face, as he raised his hand and prepared to trigger the transportation-circle. "Make sure to give Roxas my hello when you see him."

Ajuka closed his hand, which activated the transportation-circle, and a green light enveloped Sirzechs and Grayfia, which, Ajuka thought, would take them through the transportation-circle, and to wherever Roxas came out.

However, that didn't happen.

The green light that was a signal of the activation of Ajuka's transportation-circle faded away, and Sirzechs and Grayfia still stood where they were seconds before.

"...What the hell?" Rias was the first to speak. "What happened?"

"Evidently, nothing." Mirajane replied.

"Hm." Ajuka stepped forward. "That's unexpected." Sirzechs and Grayfia just realised that they were still stood where they were before.

"Ajuka, what's going on?" Grayfia asked, light killing intent beginning to seep from her body, making Rias and Mirajane, a High-Class Devil and a Mid-Class Devil respectively, shiver. "I thought this was supposed to take us to Roxas!"

"One, Grayfia, that transportation-circle was supposed to take you to where that transportation-circle went, not directly to its user." Ajuka replied. "And second... I'm not sure. Step off for a moment, and let me try something."

Sirzechs and Grayfia stepped off, as Rias and Mirajane looked at each other, utterly perplexed at what was going on. Ajuka stepped into the spot Sirzechs and Grayfia were in, seconds before, rebuilt the transportation-circle within five seconds, and activated it.

The same thing happened. The green light, a result of the circle activating, faded away, and Ajuka stayed in the Church.

"Hmm." Ajuka hummed. "How puzzling. I was sure I did everything on this end right."

Ajuka tried for a third time, and got the same result. Or lack thereof, I should say. The green-haired Satan furrowed his brow.

"Yes, I did do everything on this end right!" Ajuka, slightly irritated, muttered. "But what the fu-" he stopped, and looked from the spot he'd been trying to activate the magic-circle on, to Sirzechs and Grayfia, and back again.

"What?" Sirzechs asked. "What is it, Ajuka?"

"I think I've got it." Ajuka replied. "There must be something preventing the transportation-circle from opening on the other end, wherever Roxas teleported to last night. That's the only reason I can think of that this isn't working."

"Something preventing the transportation-circle opening on the other end?" Rias repeated. "Do you mean... like protection wards, or something like that? Like the ones surrounding the Gremory Manor?"

"That's exactly what I mean, Rias." Ajuka replied. "Yes, there must be wards on the other side of this transportation-circle! Powerful ones, too, if they rejected my magic-circle."

"Or many-layered." Grayfia replied. "Or even both."

"Indeed." Ajuka replied. "I'll return to my lab and see if I can work on this. I'll let you know if there are any results, Sirzechs."

"Thank you very much, Ajuka." Sirzechs replied. "I'm indebted to you."

"Oh, you needn't be." Ajuka replied, opening another transportation-circle. "We are best friends, after all."

And with that, unlike with the three transportation-circle that he used in an attempt to get to wherever Roxas had teleported to the previous night, Ajuka left.

Line Break

In a striking white light, Roxas Gremory and Palutena appeared through the latter's magic-circle, in the meeting hall of Sixth Heaven, or Zebel, as others knew it as. Whatever the name was, it was where the Ten Seraph, the rulers of Heaven, resided, along with where they occasionally invited special guests, which Roxas and Palutena certainly were, along with two individuals that were already sat at a table, beside Michael, the current Archangels, official Leader of the Angels and the (presently) centre of the Holy System, that the Biblical God, Palutena's Father, had previously taken control of before He died, and Gabriel, Michael's sister, and the Strongest Woman in Heaven.

Michael was a handsome man in his mid-twenties, with long blonde hair and perpetually sad-looking green eyes. He was dressed in gold, red and white armour, over a white robe.

Gabriel was, in three words, jaw-droppingly beautiful. She had curly blonde hair that went down to her back, blue eyes, and a very voluptuous figure, with breasts bigger than Palutena's. She wore a white lily-flower in her hair, and a white robe around her body, that exposed very little skin, but showed off her figure brilliantly, which Roxas appreciated very much.

Michael and Gabriel were sat with the two present leaders of the Grigori, the organisation that 95% of the Fallen Angels were a part of: Azazel, the Governer-General of the Fallen Angels, and Shemhazai, the Vice-Governer-General.

Azazel was tall, appearing to be in his twenties, with an average build, black hair, gold bangs, and a black goatee. He wore a black trench-coat that went down to his knees, and a black business suit underneath.

Shemhazai also appeared also to be in his twenties, with silver-white hair and purple eyes. His outfit consisted of a purple beret, a purple trench-coat over a black vest, white pants and black boots.

"Hey, everyone." Roxas, the only individual of the six present with Devil blood in his veins, greeted the two Angels and two Fallen Angels. Azazel and Shemhazai both raised greetings to Roxas in return, as he took his seat at a table that had been drawn up, but Michael and Gabriel immediately rose, walked over to Palutena, and dropped to one knee in a simultaneous bow.

Roxas sniggered at the sight. He knew how much Palutena LOATHED it when people bowed before her, but he couldn't blame Michael or Gabriel for doing so. Palutena was the only individual left with God's holy blood running through her veins, which made her, for all intents and purposes, God herself.

"Rise, the pair of you." Palutena remarked, and Michael and Gabriel immediately rose from their bow. "I know I'm the daughter of your almighty Father, but... eh..." She trailed off. "You know what? Forget it." Palutena shrugged her shoulders, walked over to a chair next to Roxas, and sat down in it, as Michael and Gabriel resumed their seats.

"Greetings to you, Roxas Gremory." Michael bowed his head in a formal manner before Roxas. "I hope you're doing well."

"Very well, thank you, Michael." Roxas replied. "And drop the 'Gremory' part, please. We're all friends here."

"Understood." Michael replied, bowing his head again, before resuming his position. Gabriel, arguably the happiest and the kindest of the Seraph, smiled widely at Roxas, and waved.

"Hey, Roxas!" She chirped, her melodious voice as beautiful as ever. Roxas smiled, and nodded back to Gabriel, before Michael spoke.

"Now, Roxas. Palutena informed me that you'd completed the mission that Azazel asked you to do." Michael spoke. "Is this true?"

"Yes." Roxas replied, turning to Azazel.

"So, how did it go?" Azazel asked. "Any trouble with the Devils in Kuoh?"

"None." Roxas replied. "When I arrived in Kuoh and made my way to where the Stray Fallen Angels were said to be holed up, I sensed that there was only one left alive. Evidently the Devils of Kuoh must have caught wind of them, and moved to exterminate them themselves."

"That does sound like them." Michael nodded. "Go on."

"Well, I entered the church, killed the only Fallen Angel left, and found the nun that you heard they'd kidnapped, Azazel." Roxas continued. "She was dead."

Gabriel put her hands up to her mouth in horror. She, like Roxas, absolutely hated it when she heard that innocents had died during a mission.

"However." Roxas replied. "Palutena has brought her back to life as an Angel, and she's currently sleeping at my house."

"Oh, good." Gabriel replied, her tone as happy as normal. "I always felt sorry for that nun. Even if she was a threat to the system, I still feel uncomfortable with the idea of such a believer being excommunicated."

"I know." Michael added, his perpetually sad eyes looking even sadder. "We should have found another way." He looked at Palutena. "Palutena, I thank you for saving the nun's life. I have faith that you'll make sure that she has a good life, as an Angel."

"Thank you, Michael." Palutena bowed her head. "I'll do my best."

"And we have you to thank, ourselves, Roxas." Shemhazai spoke up. "Even though this matter had absolutely nothing to do with you, you still carried it out."

"Therefore, it's only right that we offer you a reward for your troubles." Azazel continued. "Name your reward, apart from my position as Governer-General of Grigori, and it's yours."

"Hmm." Roxas thought for a moment, and his mind came up entirely blank. "I can't really think of anything at the moment, but I reserve the right to choose later. When I think of something, I'll get back to you."

"Very well." Azazel nodded. "Come on, Shem. We should get back to the Grigori now." Azazel and Shemhazai both stood up, gave their goodbyes to Michael, Gabriel, Roxas and Palutena, and left via their own magic-circles, leaving the Nephalem, two Angels and Goddess alone.

Gabriel and Palutena stood up, walked over to a corner, and began talking, leaving Michael to walk over to Roxas and speak with him.

"Roxas?" The Archangel asked. "May I speak privately with you about something?"

"Go for it, Michael." Roxas replied, looking into the eyes of his father-in-law's current successor.

"Roxas, I'm going to be blunt with you." Michael spoke, his voice slightly more serious than before. "I'm not sure you know this, but I've been talking a lot with Palutena, and with your willingness, I believe it would be beneficial, both for all of us in Heaven, who I know you think rather highly of, on the whole and for yourself, if Gabriel were to become one of your wives."

"Yeah, I've heard." Roxas replied. "She told me, a couple of nights ago, that you were considering it. But... why?"

"Well," Michael replied. "You know that I trust you and Palutena, though the latter is unwilling to ascend to the Heavenly Throne, implicitly, but certain members of the Church, and even some low-ranking Angels are unwilling to trust either of you, under beliefs that you, a half-Devil, have infiltrated Heaven and wish to destroy it from the inside, and that Palutena is not the real God."

"Well, to be fair, she isn't." Roxas replied. "But she's the closest thing to God that the Church and Heaven have got, so why are they complaining?" Michael sighed.

"I honestly can't answer that." Michael replied. "But I feel that the best, simplest, and only way to settle the growing dispute between us, the leaders of Heaven, and the lower levels, along with the Church, is to hold a union between you, arguably the highest-ranked male member of Heaven, aside from the seven males of the Ten Seraph, and the highest-ranked female member of Heaven, Gabriel. Plus" he added. "Gabriel thinks extremely highly of you. She talks of you quite often."

"I'm honoured to hear that, Michael." Roxas replied, as he looked up to see Gabriel and Palutena still talking, rather animatedly. "But allow me to be blunt in return. If I and Gabriel are to get together, I'm worried that my more... carnal side, will get the better of me, and I'll end up taking advantage of Gabriel. I mean, she's the Most Beautiful Woman in Heaven for a reason, and I would hate to see her fall, which would doubtlessly devastate her. Not only that, but I'd rather not deal with 90% of Heaven and 100% of the Church coming after my head on a pike as a result of that." He took a breath. "It's for those reasons, Michael, that I'm not entirely sure that marrying Gabriel to me is the best option."

"Oh, I completely understand." Michael replied, holding a hand up. "However, for those exact reasons that you stated, I have faith that you can keep yourself under control, if not for Gabriel's sake, than for the sake of Heaven and the Church, or even for your own sake."

"Damn you and your boundless optimism." The silver-haired Nephalem muttered, before speaking out loud. "Okay, Michael. I'll give it some thought."

"Thank you, Roxas." Michael replied, bowing his head. "If you were to do this for Heaven, then we would be indebted to you as well."

Roxas chuckled lightly, then got to his feet. Around that moment, Gabriel and Palutena seemed to have finished their discussion. Palutena stepped forward and created a magic-circle, which Roxas stepped into.

As Gabriel waved at Roxas, Palutena and her husband disappeared.

Line Break

"We're baaaaack~!" Roxas called, as he and Palutena came out in the sitting room of his villa in Menorca, Spain. The living room was slightly more of a home cinema than a sitting room, as there were three large sofas, situated in an open square (as in three sides of the 'square' were filled up, and the final one was not, leaving it open), and all facing the 110-inch Samsung TV (BECAUSE FUCK APPLE!), which was currently turned off. "Anybody home?"

"In here, Roxas!" Roxas and Palutena both heard Akasha's voice coming from the kitchen, along with the light sound of munching. When Roxas and Palutena made their way into the kitchen, they saw Akasha sat on one of the stools, with the nun that Roxas had brought from the Church sat next to her, eating a chicken sandwich.

Asia Argento looked up at the sight of Roxas and Palutena, and immediately seemed to shrink at the sight of the two new people. Roxas noticed this, and just shook his head.

"I'll be in the shower." He muttered to Palutena. "I didn't have one last night."

"Sure." Palutena replied, watching her husband leave, and watching Akasha go after him. Before he could enter his shower, Akasha caught up with her husband.



"There..." Akasha paused for a moment, deciding on whether to tell Roxas this or not, but then deciding to. "I felt that someone was trying to get through the wards, some time after you left."

"What?" Roxas turned around.

"Yes." Akasha replied. "Three times, in quick succession. They were unsuccessful. Also, Penemue, Valian and Akeno have left, to go and spend time with Agrat, Azazel and their parents, respectively."

"Good." Roxas replied. "Nice to know that these wards hold up. And I see." He pressed his lips against Akasha's, and walked into his shower-room.

Shedding his clothes, leaving him entirely naked, Roxas removed his hair band, and placed it very carefully onto the sink, where he could view it at all times, and after turning on the hot water, stepped into the shower.

Grabbing some of his shower gel from the rack, Roxas poured some out, and lathered it into his hair, while idly singing under his breath.

"Mama, put my guns in the ground... I can't shoot them, anymore... that cold black down is comin' down... Feels like I'm Knockin on Heaven's Door~"

Line Break

"Hello, Asia." Palutena sat down in the place that Akasha was sat in, and spoke kindly to Asia. "Do you know who I am?"

Asia, who after getting a load of Palutena's appearance (particularly the hair) and matching it up with a description of her that the nice pink-haired woman had given her, tensed up, evidently unprepared to be addressed. "Y-yes, miss!"

"Oh, just call me Palutena." Palutena replied. "I might be the daughter of God, but I never saw the need for titles. It's nice to meet you. When you're alive, that is."

"The pleasure is... all mine, mi- Palutena." Asia replied, Palutena's words doing very little to reassure her. Palutena shrugged, and continued.

"Well, Asia, did Akasha tell you anything? Or did she just make you a sandwich?"

"She... told me some things." Asia replied, a small smile on her face. "That I... died, in that Church, someone called Roxas Gremory brought me back here, and that you brought me back to life, as an Angel."

"Yup. That's pretty accurate." Palutena replied, pointing her finger at Asia. On the spot, four pure-white, Angel wings protruded from her back, and then disappeared.

"She also told me about you..." Asia continued, after looking away from where her wings had been. "And that..." Her face fell. "Is it true?" The nun whispered. "That God... your Father... is dead?"

"Yes." Palutena replied, her face slightly falling as well. "I'm all that's left of God's bloodline."

"R-really?" Asia began to tremble slightly.

"Really." Palutena replied, putting her hand out and gently onto Asia's shoulder. "And Asia, I know how you feel, and I completely understand it. I felt the same way you do now, shocked, saddened, and... scared?"

Asia tentatively nodded.

"Well, I've felt those emotions before, especially when I heard that my Father had been killed in the Great War of the Three Factions, and by my husband's grandfather, no less! But that's besides the point."

Asia looked at Palutena, who gave her a sad smile in return.

"And I'd be lying if I didn't feel sad myself about it, at times." The green-haired Goddess continued. "However, when I was younger, there's something that my Father told me, about six and a half centuries ago, a few decades before the end of the Great War, that I always remember, even at the young age, by the standards of deities, that is, of three thousand and sixty two." Her smile became slightly more reminiscent now.

"Father told me that when He died, he knew full-well that I'd be sad, but he asked me not to spend too much time crying and mourning over His death." She told Asia. "Because, as cathartic as mourning and grief can be, it won't bring Him back. No matter how much you do it, no matter how many people do it, my Father isn't coming back from the dead."

Palutena shifted herself closer to Asia, and continued to speak.

"However, despite that fact, my Father told me that what He wanted, in death, was His believers to believe in Him, and in Heaven, no matter if He was absent or not." She took a deep breath, and smiled at Asia. "Does that help?"

Asia sniffed, and though there were tears in her eyes, smiled.

"Yes, it does." She replied. "If someone who knew God himself said it, then, well..."

"I'm not infallible like those in the Church claim my Father was, Asia." Palutena replied, in a rather deadpan tone, before she grinned. "Though I do like to pride myself on my intelligence, now that I bring it up."

"Yeah, you've got the nickname 'Professor Palutena', by everyone here, for a reason, love." Palutena and Asia turned, and saw Roxas standing in the doorway of the kitchen, his hair slightly damp, yet done up in his golden hairband, wearing the same Skillet shirt and jeans, but doing away with the trainers (going barefoot) and jacket.

Palutena pouted at the use of her nickname, but grinned.

"Anyway." She replied, to Asia. "Asia, let me introduce you to my husband, and the man I love arguably as much as my own Father: Roxas Gremory."

"Yo." Roxas pulled up a stood next to Palutena, and sat down, wrapping an arm around his Goddess wife and kissing her on the cheek. "Nice to meet you, Asia."

"N-nice to meet you too, Roxas." Asia replied, pausing for a second. "I-If you're Palutena's husband, and by extension, the son-in-law of God... does that make you like Jesus Christ?"

Roxas took a second to process what Asia had said, before he slammed his head into the counter.

Asia then realised what she'd just said, and covered her mouth with her hands, looking at Palutena with scared eyes.

"I-I'm sorry!" She whispered. "I didn't mean to say that, I swear! I-"

Palutena just laughed.

"Asia, it's fine!" She laughed. "You won't be punished for any blasphemy here. I mean this house usually has a half-Fallen Angel, a Fallen Angel/Succubus Hybrid, and a Vampire residing inside it, along with me and Roxas'!"

"Oh..." Asia replied, looking slightly more calm. Roxas slammed his head into the counter again, at the sheer... how the hell could he describe Asia's comparison to him? Stupid? Insane?

Roxas Gremory had no idea.

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