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It was a pleasant feeling that greeted Roxas Gremory as he woke up from sleep.

As the muted light of the sun shone through the master bedroom curtains of his Kuoh apartment, giving the entire room's interior a dark blue glow, his eyes adjusted to the sight of his bedroom almost immediately as a yawn escaped his lips. A quick flick to his left and right via his eyes told him that Esdeath and Akeno lay to his respective right and left, as stark-naked as he was, and also asleep.

Finding the effort necessary to pull himself up into a sitting position, Roxas let out a yawn as he recalled the sensual events of the previous night: how his second Rook, first Bishop and second Pawn had so enthusiastically competed to see who, out of the three of them, were the best at pleasuring him. The fact that Esdeath had been the one to get him to climax the fastest (via exploiting changes in temperature to her advantage) seemed to give her enough clout in the bedroom for her to suggest that she was the best, a point that Akeno and Kuroka had no real answer to.

Though Roxas personally thought that Akeno, Esdeath and Kuroka were all equally amazing at pleasuring him (and each other) in the bedroom, in their own way, and that he didn't care about such competitions between the members of his harem as long as they didn't turn violent... they didn't need to know that.

Speaking of Kuroka, though, he didn't notice any clue as to where she was until he felt a small movement close by his crotch, underneath the covers of his bed. When he lifted them up, he saw the black-haired Nekoshou in question, curled up between his legs and resting her head on his left upper thigh, which she was using as a makeshift pillow.

Roxas let out a short, quiet chuckle, and reached down to gently rub Kuroka's hair and scratch behind her cat-ears, which drew out a soft, sleepy purr from the Pawn in question as she opened her eyes.

"Nya~" Kuroka yawned, just as Roxas had done. "Morning."

"Morning." Roxas replied, smiling as he watched Kuroka shift into a slightly more comfortable-looking position (or rather, watched as her impressive bust bounced and jiggled as she shifted herself). "I don't remember you falling asleep next to my junk last night."

"Well, I didn't see Akeno's or Esdeath's names on it." Kuroka replied. "So, I thought I'd see how sleeping next to my mate's milk-giver worked out." She rubbed some sleepdust out of her eyes and giggled, as she slowly crawled up Roxas' body, moving closer and closer to him. "It worked out great~"

"Heh. Good to know." Roxas replied. He reached down and caressed Kuroka's perfectly smooth skin as she reached the point at which she was pretty-much completely on top of her King's body.

"Yeah, nya~" Kuroka grinned, lowering her face to the point she was inches away from Roxas, and pressing her bust up against his toned chest. "So, you fancy picking up where we left off last night? Somehow I doubt the amount of cum you gave me was enough to make me a litter of kittens~" Kuroka then lowered her face the last few inches that she needed to and pressed her lips against Roxas' in a passionate kiss, one that Roxas was all too happy to return. One that lasted for a good moment or so, before a giggle to his left sounded.

"Oh my, oh my..." Akeno's semi-tired voice sounded, through the giggle, as she pulled herself up and stretched soon after waking up. "Looks like someone's trying to get a head-start on our dear King while we're asleep, Esdeath."

"Damn." Esdeath's voice sounded to Roxas' right, as she did the same. "Well, that won't do, now will it?" Though every other part of her body gave off an air of tiredness, the stare that she suddenly fixed Kuroka with via her ice-blue eyes was so intense that it came off as slightly jarring.

"Morning to you two, too." Roxas remarked to Akeno and Esdeath, both of whom greeted him with a kiss before re-focusing their attention on Kuroka, who simply smiled.

"I simply wanted to make sure that my mate was sufficiently well-pleasured before he left for Kyoto today." Kuroka explained. "And to see if he was able to give me any more- hehe- seed for our future babies, nya~"

Esdeath rolled her eyes, while Akeno let out another giggle as she slid off Roxas' bed, her incredible bust bouncing all the while with every movement she made.

"You wouldn't be the only one here who's interested in children with Roxas, Kuroka." She remarked, with a grin. "But at least I'm not putting that over more present matters." She let out another yawn. "Like how the video comes out." She added, before opening a transportation-circle with one hand.

"Video?" Roxas blinked, rubbing sleepdust out of his own eyes. Akeno turned around.

"Yeah." She replied. "I used the cameras that Venelana had set up in here to record what we did last night. And I'm paying Penemue to edit the whole thing together into a super-hot porno. That we can watch whenever... we... want~" she finished her sentence with a seductive giggle and a wink, before stepping into the transport-circle she had made, and teleporting out of the apartment.

"A porno?" Esdeath looked slightly embarrassed at the thought, before shaking her head as she stood up.

"Pretty sure the only people that'll be allowed to watch it are me, and everyone in my harem, Es." Roxas remarked, as he stretched. "It was the case for the other few dozen pornos that've been made featuring me and the girls I fuck."

"Hm." Esdeath shrugged, opening a transportation-circle for herself. "I'll take your word for it, my love." She then stepped through her transport-circle, and disappeared just as Akeno had done, leaving Roxas and Kuroka alone together.

"So what do you think of being in a porno, Kuroka?" Roxas asked, as Kuroka slid off the bed and stretched, before bending down to pick up the kimono that she had discarded at the beginning of the fuck-session the night before. After picking it up, Kuroka turned around and shrugged.

"I don't really mind." The former Stray Devil replied, before turning around to look at Roxas. "Though... a porno with me and Shirone coming onto you would sure be nice."

She then turned away from her King and disappeared through a transportation-circle, just as Akeno and Esdeath had done, leaving Roxas alone in his bedroom.

The silverette Nephalem stifled another yawn, slid off his bed and walked towards the en-suite bathroom next to his bedroom, and spent around ten minutes in there showering off the dried sweat and smell of sex that had been built up via the foursome with Esdeath, Akeno and Kuroka. After that and after grabbing a quick breakfast with Rias and Mirajane (Asia and Xenovia were still in bed and sleeping in), he retreated to his office and answered a couple of emails on his laptop, a portable rig built to his personal specifications by Kirnk.

An hour of relative peace and quiet passed for Roxas, as Rias and Mirajane left for school several minutes after breakfast (the train to Kyoto that the second-years were catching didn't leave for a couple of hours, which was why Roxas was allowing Asia and Xenovia to sleep in).

As he reeled off the last of his replies to emails that he had received, Roxas' laptop began quietly blaring with a sign that a call was coming in, with the caller ID telling him that he was being invited into a group call with Dr. Strange, Integra, Steve Rogers and Integra.

"Hey, all." Roxas greeted the four beings as he answered the call. "What's up?"

"Oh, you're up, Roxas." Strange remarked. "I figured that you'd be asleep. Or busy doing... something else."

"If you'd called last night, you'd probably have caught me in the middle of something else." Roxas replied, with a small snigger, as he looked across the screen and saw Steve, who had a funny look on his face. "Stunned, Steve? How are the guys we rescued from Millennium doing with you, by the way?"

"I think 'fascinated' would be a better word." Steve replied. "Before going in the ice, I never dreamed that I'd be able to communicate this effectively with my allies. I mean we've got magical calls, but it's just not entirely the same as something this... physical, you know?"

"I can understand completely." Integra spoke up. "Magical comms sure take some getting used to. Not that calls of this nature don't, but you know what I mean."

There were murmurs of ascent as Steve continued.

"Bucky and Pietro have pretty much fully recovered." The blond super-soldier spoke, a smile breaking out across his face. "And we're beginning to train them as the newest members of the Avengers team."

"Welp, that's good." Roxas replied. "So why bring me into this call?"

"Steve, Integra and I decided to let our Chairman and Vice-Chairman know how the reconstruction of the three cities that were attacked in the Zeppelin Incident is going." Helena replied. "Moscow's going fine. Donations from the Orthodox Church has helped things go smoother than they certainly could have, and no-one seems to be aware of the truth of what happened, as far as I'm aware. Which is... good, though there are people questioning the official story that was put out."

"As people do." Roxas replied. "At least things aren't any worse than that. I mean it's one thing to question the official story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that there's a group of supernatural beings behind the scenes trying to keep knowledge of their world from spreading to humanity out of fear that such knowledge would cause World War Three."

There were chuckles from Strange and Integra, though Steve and Helena did not laugh.

"You sound like Tony, Roxas." Steve muttered, before clearing his throat. "I've been told that the situation in Washington D.C. is similar to Moscow. Reconstruction is going quickly, and donations from the Catholic Church have helped things along. And the overall reaction by civilians... hasn't been great."

"Oh, well." Integra replied. "Take what you can get, and all that." She let out a yawn of her own. "Let's get this over with quickly, I'm tired. Reconstruction of London is going fine. Most of the nation's in mourning over the loss of most of the city's most famous landmarks.

"What do you mean?" Steve asked.

Buckingham Palace, laid to waste." Integra replied. "Big Ben, toppled to the ground. The Houses of Parliament, eradicated. The Tower of London, obliterated. London Bridge, down. Whoever did the deed on that one probably sang the song, too."

"How about the Holocaust Museum?" Roxas asked, suppressing a snicker.

"Strangely, left entirely untouched." Integra replied, her eyes narrowing at Roxas' actions. "I guess even the fucking Nazis were sick of Holocaust-deniers, and left it be to make a statement of some kind."

"Probably." Roxas replied, forcing down the snicker entirely and clearing his throat. "Sorry."

"It's fine." Integra replied. "Reconstruction's going fine, and I managed to secure monetary assistance from the Protestant Church."

"Right." Strange nodded. "Well, Steve, Integra, Helena, you're all free to go. I need to quickly discuss something with our Vice-Chairman."

There were agreements and goodbyes from the representatives of the USA, UK and Russia before they all left the call, leaving Strange and Roxas as the only ones left on the call. A few seconds of silence passed before Roxas spoke up again, after adjusting the position of an earbud he'd plugged into his ear.

"Let me guess. This is about the Morningstar Initiative, right?"

"It is." Strange replied. "With the Zeppelin Incident being the closest that the supernatural's ever come to being revealed to humanity, I figured that it'd be a good idea to revisit the little initiative that you initially cooked up. During the next proper meeting, that is. In three and a half months' time."

"Makes sense." Roxas replied. "Might as well let the other reps have a say in an initiative that's gonna affect the entire goddamn world if it ever gets put into effect."

Strange nodded.

"Exactly my line of thinking." he replied. "Although..." he trailed off for a second.

"Although what?" Roxas asked. Strange sighed, and began talking again.

"I've been having doubts about whether or not the initiative will be a success." he spoke. "Especially in the draft-like stage it's in now, where the only reasons we really have to make any revisions to the initiative in any way are instinct-related, and not based on any kind of sample from smaller sects of humanity. Samples that would be extraordinarily risky to even attempt to attain."

Roxas let out a short exhale through his nose before leaning back in his office chair.

"Yeah, I can see your point." he replied. "There's pretty much no way to get evidence on how humanity would react to the reveal of the supernatural, without actually revealing the supernatural to humanity. Which would just defeat the whole purpose of gathering evidence in the first place." The Nephalem sighed. "This entire project is a goddamn shot in the dark."

"It is." Strange nodded. "I said that myself when you first pitched the idea of this initiative to the SSPCH. I recall you replying something like 'a shot in the dark is better than no shot at all', right?"

Roxas let out a chuckle.

"Yeah, I did. I remember that pretty well." he replied, before shrugging. "Anyway, thanks for letting me know, Doc."

"No problem." Strange replied. "Anyway, I won't waste anymore of your time." He then ended the call.

After closing down his laptop, putting it aside and checking the time, Roxas left his office and, after meeting with Asia and Xenovia (who had now gotten up and dressed), began the walk to Kuoh Station, while also meeting up with Isane, Irina and Kiba along the way.

Line Break

"Heh, this'll be perfect." Azazel muttered to himself, looking up at a hologram of what looked like a humanoid being. "Now, what weapons to equip her with?" he thought for a second. "How about swords? No, wait, how about rockets? Or lasers? Fuck it, let's have all of them."

As the all-too-familiar sight of a cross of light began appearing in his office, Azazel quickly swiped the hologram away with a flick of his hand as the cross of light grew in size and intensity, before fading away and revealing Michael, who had a slightly amused look on his face.

"What was that you were mumbling about?" The leader of the Angels asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Just a little project I was working on." Azazel replied, stretching as he stood up from his desk. "Nothing major. Hello to you too, by the way."

"Hello." Michael nodded. "How are Pit and Dark Pit?"

"Straight to the point." Azazel shrugged. "They're good. They're sparring in the training arena I've got set up for them if you want to come and watch." He opened a transportation-circle and gestured towards it with his hand.

"I would very much like to." Michael replied, stepping towards the circle. Azazel did the same, and the leaders of both the Fallen Angels and Angels were warped into an observation deck-type area, which was situated above a gigantic, plain-looking room (which was mostly black, with a light blue grid on the floor) that was empty, apart from a certain Angel and his edgy doppelganger dashing around and firing shots at each other, occasionally coming together for clashes that they both proved to be evenly matched in.

Presently, Dark Pit was floating up high, seeming to fire rapid-fire sniper-shots from the same rifle-like weapon he used against Millennium, while Pit ran towards him on the ground, rolling out of the shots he could dodge, and doing his best to deflect those he couldn't with the twin blades that made up his bow. Once Pit got close enough, he spread his own wings and flew up towards Dark Pit, and the two clashed in the air.

Dark Pit tried to punch Pit in the face in order to daze him, but Pit dodged out of the way, grabbed Dark Pit by the arm and swung him around a couple of times to build up momentum before flinging him into the ground, before flying down to attempt to knock him out. However, Dark Pit rolled to the left, dodging Pit's attempting attack-landing, and fired a close-range bolt of light at Pit that forced the regular Angel to take to the air in order to dodge it.

Pit then formed his dual blades into his signature bow, and fired several powerful homing arrows down at Dark Pit, who switched out his rifle for his bow, where he then began to fire powerful homing arrows at Pit. Dark Pit's arrows clashed with Pit's, cancelling both out, as both Angels flew at each other and clashed again.

"They've been at this nearly non-stop." Azazel explained to Michael. "Had to step in a couple of times to stop the fighting when things got a little too intense, but their stamina is admirable."

"Indeed." Michael replied. "Have you been able to figure out anything else about Dark Pit? Things that come as a result of his... unique, physiology?"

"I've got a couple of theories." Azazel replied, looking down at Dark Pit. "But remember what you said Dark Pit's incomplete loyalty-switch not being the only thing incomplete about him?"

"I remember." Michael nodded, as Azazel summoned a couple of cups of tea with a wave of his hand, taking one and taking a gulp out of it.

"Well, given what I've seen out of him over the past few days, I'm 99.9% sure that you were right." the husband of Agrat replied. "There are no absolutes, but it's extremely likely." he took another gulp of tea and turned back to Michael.

"When your Queen and his clone weren't slugging it out with each other, I ran a couple of tests on them." Azazel continued. "And don't worry, none of the tests hurt your precious Queen. But they did reveal some pretty interesting stuff."

"Do tell." Michael, legitimately intrigued, took a gulp of his tea as Azazel continued, with the muffled sounds of Pit and Dark Pit going at it down in the training room serving as the background noise for their conversation.

"Well..." Azazel looked back at Pit and Dark Pit for a second, before looking back at Michael. "I've come to the conclusion that Dark Pit is... linked, to Pit. As in their life-forces are linked. I've had a look into Dark Pit's memories, and caught some glimpses of stuff that he... wasn't meant to see."

"Does this mean what I think it means, Azazel?" Michael asked, raising his eyebrow again. He might be an Angel, but he wasn't blind to Azazel's more... carnal, tendencies.

"No, it doesn't." Azazel replied. "During some time when Pit was having dinner, the kid eats more than Dulio by the way-"

"I know." Michael chuckled. "Sometimes I wonder if his wings have ever flashed black because of his gluttony."

"Heh." Azazel chuckled in reply. "Anyway, some time when Pit was having dinner, and while Dark Pit was in the bedroom I had set up for him, he apparently saw a vision of what Pit was eating. It was gluten-free waffles, in case you were wondering."

"I wasn't." Michael replied. "But that's still quite interesting. Something to do with his incomplete cloning, right?"

"My thoughts exactly." Azazel nodded. "But that's not all." He jerked his head back towards Pit and Dark Pit's battle. "Though his pain tolerance seems to be a good mile and a half above Pit's, Dark Pit seems to suffer the same injuries as Pit attains during battle, to some extent. Pit gets shot in the foot with a light arrow and feels the pain that goes along with it, Dark Pit feels a lesser form of that pain. Even though he didn't get shot at all."

"I see." Michael replied, as he looked back at Pit and Dark Pit's continuing battle.

Dark Pit had summoned a pair of small devices that projected long claws made of light before dashing at Pit, who had drawn what looked like a rapier made out of pure gold, and the two clashed with each other for a couple of seconds. Dark Pit jumped backwards and fired shots of light at Pit, forcing him to roll out of the way as Dark Pit landed on the ground, and dashed backwards as Pit swung his rapier, sending a curved wave of light at Dark Pit. Pit's clone jumped over the wave of light and landed in a roll as he rushed towards the original, switching out the light-claws for his bow.

"Is there any way to fix the link between Pit and Dark Pit?" Michael asked, turning back to Azazel. "I can't imagine that Dark Pit is too happy with being linked to Pit like he is."

"Pretty sure I'll be able to do it." Azazel replied. "I doubt it'll be too difficult."

"Good." Michael nodded. "Though once you're done with that, what then?"

"I'm... not sure, actually." Azazel replied. "Though I do have an idea." He added, reaching into a magic-circle and pulling out... a set of cards. A set of cards that were missing the Jack, 10, 9 and 8 cards.

Michael recognised the set of cards that Azazel pulled out almost instantly, and let out a short chuckle.

"You've already used some of your Fallen Saints, I see." he remarked. "More than I have."

"Shemhazai and Baraqiel have already used up almost all of their Fallen Saints." Azazel replied. "As you can see, I haven't yet. Though I'm pretty sure you know what card I want to use on Pittoo over there- damn it, now I'm using that nickname!"

Michael chuckled some more.

"It is quite catchy." He replied. "And I'm sure you want to use the Queen on Dark Pit, right?"

Azazel grinned.

Line Break

Roxas, Asia, Xenovia, Isane, Kiba and Irina strolled into Kuoh Station, making casual conversation with one another as they noticed a large group of students milling around the platform, with Raven Branwen amongst them. Rather than the tracksuit she generally wore while teaching PE lessons at Kuoh Academy, or the battle-dress that was her usual attire when outside of school, she was dressed in a crop top and pair of shorts that really did a good job of showing off her toned thighs (to the visible delight of two certain perverted pricks... and the non-visible delight of Roxas), with a pair of half-finger gloves completing the look.

She helped a couple of students with getting their luggage onto the train, before looking over at Roxas and the five students that he had arrived with.

"Better late than never." She remarked. "Train's about ten minutes away from leaving."

"Less time to wait." Roxas replied, as he strolled over to Raven. "Also got their luggage in a pocket-dimension." He added in a whisper, jerking his head at Asia, Xenovia, Isane, Kiba and Irina. "So you don't have to worry about hauling their stuff onto the train."

Raven nodded, and stepped away from Roxas before calling out to some other students, asking if they would like help getting their luggage onto the train. Roxas did the same, helping several students with pulling their suitcases onto the train (and having to fake having a hard time lifting some of the 'heavier' suitcases).

Once everyone was on the train, it set off, and everyone, students and teachers alike, settled down a little, with Roxas and Raven settling into their own private train-car, which looked more like a semi-luxurious lounge than anything resembling a regular train-car.

"Hopefully this trip won't turn out to be a massive shitshow." Roxas remarked, lounging back on his seat, which was the size of a sofa. Raven, who was sat in a seat directly across from him, pulled out a flask and took a couple of gulps from it before putting it back in her pocket. "I thought you didn't drink like Qrow does."

"Just because I like certain alcoholic drinks doesn't mean I'm a semi-permanent drunk like my little brother, Roxas." Raven shot back at her former student, though a small smile played around her lips as she said it. "But yes, a part of me does hope that this trip turns out to be just that: a school trip. Though I like getting wrapped up in fantastical battles as much, if not more so, than you do, it is nice to have a break once in a while."

Roxas chuckled.

"Funny that, taking a trip to Kyoto with a group of teenage brats is considered a break for the pair of us." The silverette Nephalem replied. Raven's smile increased in volume by a slight amount for a couple of seconds, before she imitated Roxas and lounged back in her seat, pulling a book out of a magic-circle and beginning to read, while Roxas pulled out his Switch and booted up some Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Both teachers sat in relative silence for twenty or so minutes before Raven stood up and walked out, saying that she needed the toilet, as well as to check on the second-years, which Roxas acknowledged with nothing more than a hum, so invested was he in his game.

After five more minutes, Raven returned, muttering something about retarded perverts, and sat back down on her seat.

"What happened?" Roxas asked, a slightly knowing smile forming on his face.

"The pervert duo." Raven replied, bringing a hand to her forehead and sighing. "Straight-up openly talking about what porn they'll watch in their hotel room tonight. Not even you were that bad, Roxas."

"Well, I'd guess that about half of the porn they watch comes out of my porn production company." Roxas shrugged. "So, take that as you will, I guess."

Raven narrowed her eyes at her former student for a second before shrugging and taking a breath.

"By the way, Raven?"


"I wanted to ask if you'd be able to repair something for me." Roxas remarked, remembering something that he'd said to a certain Star-Spangled Man with a Plan during the whole Millennium fiasco. Raven blinked.

"Depends what that something is." Raven replied. "Is one of your guns not working?"

"No, it's not about that." Roxas shook his head, opening a magic-circle, reaching into it and rummaging around for a second, before pulling out the shards of Steve's shield, which Raven raised an eyebrow at, recognising what the shards were supposed to be within seconds as she put down her book.

"When and where did you get your hands on that, Roxas?" she asked.

"About two and a half weeks ago, and in Washington D.C, during the Zeppelin Incident." He replied. "Yes, I was involved in that, by the way. I know the owner of what used to be this shield, and told him that I knew a certain Devil MILF that was good with weapons of an... abnormal, nature." There was a few seconds of silence between Roxas and Raven for a couple of seconds, as Raven delivered Roxas the most deadpan expression that she had ever seen.

"Did you actually use those exact words with Steve Rogers?" she asked.

"Nah." Roxas replied, doing his best to not acknowledge the bead of sweat that had formed on his forehead as Raven continued fixing him with that same deadpan look. "Besides, I'm pretty sure the only woman he's ever had a thing for is like 95 and has Alzheimer's, so I'm pretty sure topics relating to romance and sex would be a sore spot for him. Either that, or the truthful remark that you're a MILF would have gone over his head."

Raven shook her head at the silverette in front of her before extending her hand, silently asking to see the shards of Captain America's shield. Roxas silently passed them over, and Raven took a couple of moments to look them over.

"Pretty clean breaks, all things considered." She muttered, running a finger over the edge of one of the shards. "This is vibranium, right? How did his get broken in the first place?"

"One of the Millennium operatives we were fighting had a robot arm." Roxas replied. "She used it to make some psionic field that the shield got caught in, literally tearing it apart. The same almost happened to Cap himself had I not stepped in and finished the Millennium bitch off."

"Cap?" Raven raised an eyebrow again, before shaking her head and re-focusing her attention on the shield. "Well, I'll be able to fix this easily enough. Maybe upgrade it, too. It'll have to wait until after we leave Kyoto in a few days, though."

"Yeah, I was gonna ask that, too." Roxas replied. "And that's fine. I didn't expect you to open up a mini-repair shop during our Kyoto trip, anyway."

Raven nodded, opening a magic-circle of her own and tossing the shield-shards into a pocket-dimension, before closing it with a wave of her hand. As the Branwen Clan's Head relaxed back in her seat, and reached for her book, Roxas' phone began buzzing in his pocket, indicating that he had a call.

"Hello?" Roxas asked, after pulling his phone out of his pocket and answering it. "Hey Ven... what's up with it? ...Oh, shit. That sucks. ...Really? If he's sure... how much does he want for it? ...No fucking way, that's way too much. 2 billion at most... Alright, then. Make that offer to him... No, it's fine, it's fine... yeah, see you in a few days. Bye."

He then hung up.

"What was that all about?" Raven asked, looking up from her book.

"Jude Heartfilia's business basically burned to the ground during the Zeppelin Incident." Roxas replied. "And he can't afford to rebuild, so he wants to sell the entire thing to me. For 10 billion Souls."

Raven raised an eyebrow, yet again, before going back to her book.

"Good for him, I guess." She remarked. "Heard the Heartfilia's business was on the decline for a while, so it makes sense he'd want to sell it. For 10 billion Souls, though?"

"I know, right?" Roxas replied, lying back in his seat. "I mean, I can afford that asking price, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to pay it."

"Good." Raven nodded, putting down her book and getting up from her seat. She then headed over to where Roxas was sat, and sat next to him. Roxas didn't even notice such an action until Raven placed a hand on Roxas' thigh and began gently rubbing it. Roxas blinked, and looked over at Raven, whose normally-neutral expression had shifted into a more... sultry, look?

That was the only warning Roxas got before Raven swiftly leaned in close to him and pressed her lips against his.

"Hmm!" Roxas tried to express his surprise, but Raven's momentum was such that she managed to push Roxas onto his back, and hold him there with one hand as she reached for his shirt with the other, pulling it off with ease and revealing his toned chest to the Branwen Head. A couple of seconds later, that same hand got Roxas' pants, and pulled them down with the same ease as his shirt, with his underwear following a second after that.

"R-Raven?" Roxas asked, his voice a slight stammer. He was used to this kind of horndog-tier behaviour out of the rest of his harem, but Raven?

"Shh." Raven replied, her voice a low, harsh whisper as she took in the sight of Roxas' rapidly-expanding cock. She pulled off her gloves and took a firm hold of it with both hands, drawing out a loud moan from Roxas. "Don't talk. Just lie there."

Roxas moaned some more as Raven moved to semi-roughly massage his balls with one hand while continuing to stroke his cock with the other. After a couple more seconds, she lowered her head and slowly licked up the length of her former student's member. She flicked her tongue around the very tip of Roxas' cock, making him moan harder and louder.

"F-fuck, Raven!" Roxas moaned from Raven's actions, with his moans becoming louder and more incoherent as Raven lowered her mouth around a good portion of his foot-long manhood, and began lightly sucking on it. "That's g-good...!"

Raven let out a short hum as she continued sucking on Roxas' cock, while beginning to bob her head up and down on him. As Roxas' cock slid into the top part of her throat, Raven did her best to hold back her gag-reflex, but eventually failed and lifted her head off of Roxas' cock, panting slightly

"N-not used to deep-throating someone as big as me?" Roxas asked, his voice a slight pant. His pants turned to a loud moan of slight pain, as Raven harshly squeezed his balls for a second.

"What did I say about not talking?" Raven asked, fixing Roxas with a glare for a second or two, before her look softened and she returned to jerking Roxas off with both hands, delivering light licks to the tip of Roxas' cock via her tongue every couple of seconds. "But no, I'm not used to deep-throating someone as... well-endowed, as yourself. Fafnir barely clocked in at seven inches compared to your twelve."

Roxas chuckled before he moaned again, as Raven wrapped her mouth around the tip of his cock and began sucking, her mouth a miniature vacuum as she did so.

"That's ni- ahh, fuck!" Roxas moaned, his eyes rolling slightly as the pleasure in and around his crotch rose to new levels, as he felt a climax coming. "R-Raven, I-"

"We will be arriving at Kyoto Station in five minutes." A voice over an intercom stated, cutting across the session. "Please remember to bring your luggage off the train with you when you disembark."

"Oh, shit, we're out of time." Raven remarked, lifting off of Roxas almost as quickly as she came onto him, eliciting a loud moan of frustration from the Nephalem.

"Aargh, goddamn it, Raven!" Roxas moaned, his boner already softening. He began to pull up his boxers and jeans as soon as it became apparent that Raven wasn't going to finish the job on his cock and bring him to climax. "You couldn't have kept going for, like, five more seconds?"

"We can continue when we have time in the hotel, Roxas." Raven replied, rubbing her hands on her shorts before pulling her gloves back on and readjusting her clothes. "Plus, I didn't fancy cum on my face and clothes."

She then walked out of the room that she and Roxas had spent the majority of the train-ride in, leaving Roxas alone until he, after a couple of frustrated breaths, followed.

After a couple of minutes of walking, the second-years (plus Roxas and Raven) made it to the hotel that they would be staying at for the duration of their trip: incidentally, it was one of the hotels owned by Roxas' hotel branch. A four-star hotel, to be precise.

"Alright, everyone!" Raven called to the approximately one hundred students that were gathered in front of her and Roxas (who had recovered as best he could from the mild case of blue-balls Raven had given him on the train). "Pick your jaws up off the floor, stop gawking at how great this hotel looks, and listen up! I've already told you all what number rooms you'll be sleeping in during our stay. You got them written down, or do I need to remind any of you?"

No-one asked for a reminder. A few students waved their phones in the air, indicating that they had used them to write down a reminder of which room they would be staying in.

"Well, make your way to your rooms as soon as possible." Raven continued. "Anyone in Rooms 1-100, you're on the first floor, Rooms 101-200 are on the second floor, Rooms 201-300 are on the third floor, Rooms 301-400 are on the fourth floor, and Rooms 401-500 are on the fifth."

"Make yourselves at home as best you can once you get to your rooms, okay?" Roxas remarked to the students, scratching a small itch that made itself known to him on the back of his head. "And meet back down here in half an hour, as we'll be going out into Central Kyoto for the afternoon. Also feel free to order something from room service for lunch: I'm old friends with the owner of the hotel, so I was able to get a deal for all of you."

There were light cheers among the second-years as they all trooped off upstairs, with Raven and Roxas heading into a secret elevator reserved for the use of the owner (and anyone else that said owner allowed), which took them straight up to the top floor of the hotel. While on the ride up, Roxas fired off texts on his phone to Asia, Xenovia, Isane, Kiba and Irina that he would deliver their luggage to their rooms within half an hour, before returning his phone to his pocket.

"So, what's our room gonna be like, Roxas?" Raven asked, as she stepped out of the elevator, followed by Roxas, who simply smirked as he walked towards the only door in sight, and pressed his hand on it. Roxas' personal magic-circle then appeared, glowed for a second, then disappeared before the door swung open and he walked inside, with Raven being the one to follow.

"Personal suite." Roxas replied, as Raven reached into a magic-circle, pulled out her suitcase and deposited it by a couch. "Living room, full kitchen, dining room, spa bathroom, two bedrooms with king-size beds, yours is the one through that door on the right-" he indicated as such. "-Personal balcony and separate Wi-Fi from the rest of the hotel. Password is 'OMGTH3YKILL3DK3NNY', by the way." he finished.

"Got it." Raven nodded, pulling out her phone and typing in the password as Roxas pulled out his own suitcase and set it down next to Raven's.

"I'm gonna head downstairs, by the way." Roxas added. "Give the luggage to the five I brought via pocket-dimension."

"Got it." Raven replied. "I'll unpack my stuff and meet you in the lobby in half an hour."

Roxas nodded, and walked out of the suite, shutting the door behind him and leaving Raven alone.

Line Break

"So, you're pregnant?" Aphrodite asked, taking a gulp of tea before adjusting her gown slightly. "That's wonderful news, Palutena."

"Thank you." Palutena, who Aphrodite was sat across from in the dining room of Roxas' Greek villa, replied, looking down at the pronounced baby-bump in her chest and rubbing it tenderly. "I was overjoyed when I found out. Nearly a century of trying with Roxas, and I finally have his child on the way."

"That must have made for a lot of sex~" Aphrodite winked, giggling and rubbing her legs together at the thought for a second. "So how's pregnancy going for you? If you're having any problems, I'll be happy to help you out as best I can."

"I must admit, it's not been as excruciatingly painful as I've heard pregnancy can be." Palutena replied. "That and the occasional cravings of more unhealthy stuff than I'm generally used to eating have been kind of annoying."

"Oh, yeah. Can relate." Aphrodite replied. The Goddess of Love stretched as Katerea appeared, dressed in her regular sexy-as-hell maid outfit, with lunch on a plate for Palutena. Aphrodite's eyes flicked over Katerea's huge bust, slim waist and wide hips for a couple of seconds as she set the plate down on the table in front of Palutena.

"Thanks, Katerea." Palutena smiled up at Katerea, who inclined her head to the green-haired Goddess.

"Will Miss Aphrodite want anything to eat, Mistress Palutena?" Katerea asked.

"Nah, I'm good." Aphrodite replied, stopping her stretching. "I had something to eat before coming here."

Katerea nodded and silently left the room. Once she was gone, Aphrodite let out a short giggle.

"Looks like Roxas trained her well." She remarked. "I hear the other two Old Satan Faction leaders met the same fate."

"They did." Palutena replied. "And Roxas did a damn good job breaking them in. Pretty sure taking over the Underworld and installing themselves as the new rulers hasn't crossed their minds once since my husband got his hands on them." She let out a giggle of her own.

"And I thought I was the best at bringing people to my side through sex." Aphrodite muttered, shrugging. "Anyway, Palutena, I'm really happy for you and Roxas. Really hope that whatever kid pops out in several months time turns out to be a powerful Nephalem/God Hybrid. Although..." she mused, a grin forming across her face. "Now that you're pregnant, I wonder if I'll be lucky enough to get in on the baby-making storm that's bound to start around Roxas, hehe-"

"You'll have to get in line." Palutena replied, letting out a small giggle of her own. "Because there are a hell of a load of women that were interested in getting knocked up by my husband way before you. Plus, I'm pretty sure that at least 80% of the reason you want a kid with Roxas is because of the copious amounts of sex that would go into it."

"Hey, that's not remotely true." Aphrodite replied, feigning offence. "It's only about..." she paused for a second. "30%? Maybe 35%?"

"35%?" Palutena blinked, before shaking her head. "Huh. That's way less than what I'd claim it'd be. What about the other 65-70%?"

"Hmm..." Aphrodite replied. "I'd say about 10 to 15% is about actually wanting yet another child. I mean I've had 16 already."

"True." Palutena replied.

"Though I can't deny that the happiness that comes with raising a child of my own never goes away, so that must be where that 10 to 15% comes from." Aphrodite continued.

"Fair enough." Palutena nodded. "So, if you high-ball it and say that it's 35% sex and 15% desire to raise a kid, how about the other 50%?"

"Probably the fact that I've been interested in Roxas for... a while." Aphrodite replied. Palutena, who was lifting up a mug to take another gulp of her drink, lowered it slowly as she blinked.

"Really?" the green-haired Goddess asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah." Aphrodite replied, looking into her empty mug of tea for a second before back at Palutena. "I know. Me of all people showing prolonged interest in a guy? Sounds too good to be true, right?"

"Yes, it does." Palutena nodded. "So, what is it?"

"What?" Aphrodite blinked.

"What's caused you to be so interested in Roxas, for all this time?" Palutena asked. "Before we moved to Greece, you hadn't met with Roxas in about... two decades? So you were probably interested in him for that long?"

"Around that, sure." Aphrodite replied. "And... well, it's kind of hard to explain why I've been interested in Roxas for a while."

"Well, I've got time." Palutena smiled. "Quite a lot of it."

Aphrodite looked down, taking a breath as she brushed some of her blonde hair out of her eyes.

"It's because... he treats me like a regular person." The Goddess of Beauty spoke. "Far more like a regular person than the divine aspect of love and sexuality that everyone, from semi-regular people to other Gods, have treated me at for... as long as I've ever existed. Even when Roxas knew the whole story of who I was, he still treated me like a regular person."

"I see..." Palutena nodded. "I can imagine that you're practically a celebrity among Gods?"

"That's putting it lightly." Aphrodite replied. "From the beginning of my existence, it's been near-constant proposals, gifts, offerings and even the occasional sacrifice from everyone who knows the truth of who I am, even humans. Not Roxas, though."

"I can imagine that the occasional sacrifices must creep you the hell out." Palutena giggled. "And I get what you're talking about. Roxas treated me pretty normally when we first met, too. Even after I confessed to him the truth of who I really was."

"Oh, really?" Aphrodite raised both her eyebrows. "That's... interesting. Also, about what I said-"

"About you being treated normally by my husband being a major breath of fresh air from everyone in your life sucking up to you?" Palutena cut across the blonde Greek Goddess. "That's decent enough reasoning. And I can tell you were being genuine when you said it. I know you already know this, judging by everyone else who lives with Roxas, but if you want to go after him, I won't try and stop you. Just don't try and assert yourself as the top woman in his harem, okay?"

"I can work with that." Aphrodite giggled. "I'm not so cruel as to try and keep you from your position as the alpha of Roxas' lovers. Anyway, can I ask you something else?"

"Didn't you just?" Palutena smirked. "But sure, you can."

Aphrodite took another breath, before posing her question.

"...How did you and Roxas meet? I'm curious."

Line Break

It was the evening over in Kyoto, and Roxas had just gotten done having dinner with all the second-year students down in his hotel's restaurant. The irony of being served in his own hotel, and with absolutely no-one the wiser for it, was not lost on the Nephalem.

After everyone had finished their meal, and after Roxas paid for it, Roxas gathered the students in the hotel's lobby.

"Alright, all, that was a damn fun first day if I do say so myself." he remarked, stretching. "Head to your rooms and try to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Either myself or Raven will come wake you up when it's almost time for breakfast, so be ready for that. Good night."

"Good night!" most of the students chorused, as they all began heaving for the elevators and stairs that would take them to their rooms. Once no-one was looking, Roxas slipped away to his personal elevator, that took him straight up to the suite that he and Raven were staying at (Raven had retreated to the suite almost immediately after finishing her meal, citing a need to take a shower). Upon entering the suite, though, Roxas saw the clothes that Raven was wearing during the day lain across a chair in the dining room, but he didn't see Raven herself.

He didn't hear the shower running, either, so he just figured that Raven had had her shower and headed off to bed. Shrugging, Roxas walked through the door on the left, to the master bedroom of his personal suite. As he used magic to unpack his suitcase (which he had tossed into the bedroom when he and Raven had first arrived up there), and began pulling off his clothes so he could get into bed, he heard someone pushing the door shut behind him.

Blinking in surprise, Roxas turned around. Any expectations of what he figured he'd see died in his mind as he saw what was actually in front of him, which made his eyes widen.

Raven was standing in front of him, wearing what could only be described as an absolutely gorgeous set of lingerie: black leather corset, heart-shaped patches (coloured red) that covered her nipples, a hardcore thong that only did the absolute bare minimum in covering her pussy, and a set of lacy stockings with a bird-feather pattern on them, that went all the way up to her ass, with a pair of black high-heeled shoes on her feet and elbow-length black gloves on her hands and arms completing the image.

The fact that Raven's arms were folded underneath her Scathach-sized tits and pushing them up only added to the sexy image she created.

Roxas blinked, holding back the blush that came with seeing Raven (who was, incidentally, the first woman he ever remembered having a full-on boner for) in such sexy clothing, with immense difficulty.

"So... were you just waiting behind the door for me to show up, or-?" Roxas tried to ask, but he didn't even get to finish the full question before Raven stepped forward, closing the distance between herself and Roxas in a single pace, and pushing him backwards onto the bed.

Raven joined him on the bed in an instant, and began crawling up the bed while removing Roxas' clothes: pulling off his shoes and socks before tossing them aside, then undoing his pants, yanking them off and throwing them into a corner as well, with his boxers meeting the same fate seconds later.

Roxas tried to back up into a more comfortable position on the bed, but Raven was quicker, placing a hand on his chest before he could even start to move. It was a non-verbal indication that she didn't want Roxas to move from where he was, and Roxas felt himself inclined to obey, so he stopped moving. Raven then shifted herself further up the bed, to the point that her crotch, covered only by the thong she wore, rested inches above Roxas' face.

The Branwen Clan's Head then reached down and shifted her thong aside, revealing her pussy to her former student, saying only five words.

"Yes, I was. Now lick."

Roxas let out a "mmph!" of surprise from the feeling of Raven's body weight descending directly onto his face, but he did as he was bidden. After wriggling around a little to adjust the position of his head, he stuck his tongue out and began feeling up Raven's pussy (which looked freshly-shaved, and tasted lightly of strawberries) with it, drawing out a low, quiet moan from the woman using his face as a seat.

Raven looked down and behind her, noticing how quickly Roxas' cock had risen to full attention. She shrugged, and reached down with one hand, extending two fingers out and beginning to slowly rub up and down his shaft, drawing out a much louder moan from Roxas than the one she had given out a moment ago, even in spite of the fact that his was muffled by Raven sitting on his face.

Raven had to suppress a giggle as she continued her work, moving her rubbing up to around the tip of Roxas' foot-long manhood, eliciting an even louder moan from Roxas, who still continued to lick at her pussy. Raven smiled as she held down another moan of pleasure. Though Roxas was certainly doing a better job of pleasuring her with his tongue than she could do to herself with her fingers when dildos and other sex toys were unavailable, she wasn't planning on openly sharing that fact with the silver-haired Nephalem beneath her... not unless he earned it.

Raven then switched from rubbing the tip of Roxas' cock with her glove-covered fingers to wrapping her whole hand around it and squeezing for a couple of seconds, before beginning to slowly jerk him off. However, she only got a couple of slow jerks in before Roxas' cock exploded in a powerful orgasm, squirting out cum all over his own lower chest, with a few drops landing on the bed on either side of him and Raven. Underneath her, Raven could feel Roxas thrashing around and moaning hard, but still delivering licks to her pussy.

After blinking at the sight of how much baby-batter Roxas sprayed out of his cock under her ministrations, Raven mentally shrugged and just continued giving Roxas the handjob, without even stopping to let Roxas recover in any way from his first climax, only acknowledging her student's loud, muffled moans with a small smile. She also began slowly rocking her hips on top of Roxas' face.

Raven was then forced to let out a slightly louder moan than before, as Roxas began sticking his tongue right inside her twat and licking all around, sending powerful waves of pleasure through her body that caused her to shudder slightly. Roxas seemed to sense this, and only stuck his tongue deeper into her in reply, further increasing the pleasure that Raven felt.

"Ahh~" the dark-haired Devil moaned, increasing the pace that she jerked Roxas off at, both in reply to her own increased pleasure, and as a way to try and re-assert dominance over the situation that she and Roxas were in. However, as she suddenly felt Roxas reaching up and groping at her impressive bust, Raven felt herself caught off-guard again and letting out another, louder, moan. Now Raven was on the back foot, with all she could do to keep Roxas beneath her (metaphorically, that is) being increasing the speed of which she rocked on his face and jerking him off faster and faster.

Roxas, in return, groped Raven's tits even harder, managing to get the patches off her nipples in the process, opening them up to being pinched and tweaked by him, which only drew out more moans from his fellow/former teacher. That, in conjunction with how hard Roxas was flicking his tongue around her cunt, was bringing Raven closer and closer to an orgasm of her own with every passing second.

"Sh-shit..." Raven moaned, her eyes rolling around slightly in their sockets as she did her best to drive Roxas to a swift second orgasm before, or at the very least at the same time as, she would inevitably reach her first. She was now jerking Roxas' cock as hard and fast as she physically could (she could feel it violently pulsating in her hand, a clear sign that he was coming closer and closer to climax, just as she was), and positively bouncing her entire body on and off his face. She let out small growls of pleasure with every passing second, which increased in volume as she came closer and closer until... it happened.

Raven Branwen let out an unrestricted scream as she hit her climax, squirting femcum straight from her cunt all over Roxas' face beneath her, and shuddering hard all the while. At around the same time, Roxas hit his own, second, climax of the night, and let loose another load of his cum all over the bed. His second load wasn't as large as his first, but that matter was just about dead-last on either his or Raven's list of priorities.

Raven felt herself panting as she lifted herself off of Roxas' face and shifted further down the bed, with Roxas sitting up and adjusting his position on the bed for the sake of comfort, panting slightly harder as he recovered from his former teacher being sat on his face for the extended period of time that she was.

"M-man, Raven." he remarked. "I-"

Raven swiftly turned around and moved back towards him, pulling her thong off her legs.

Quite literally OFF her legs. She didn't even both with pulling the underwear down, she just yanked it off herself to the point that it snapped, and tossed the remains of the thong aside. If that wasn't an indicator to how horny the Branwen Head was, Roxas didn't have a damn clue what did.

After that, she reached into a magic-circle and pulled out a length of rope, which she swiftly used to tie Roxas' hands together and to the bed, before reaching into the magic-circle again and pulling out an object that Roxas recognised as a cock-ring (specifically, a rubber one that was of the stretchier variety).

Restrained as he was, Roxas was in no position to physically stop Raven from moving herself downward and lowering the stretched ring over his shaft and behind his scrotum, before letting it go. Roxas could only let out another moan as the ring settled in around his cock and balls, an action that drew out another small smile from Raven.

"There." Raven remarked, her voice a low, sultry whisper. "Perfect."

Raven then straddled Roxas, reaching down to his now-restrained cock and pulling it up so she could guide it more effectively into her pussy, moaning loudly as she and Roxas' bodies were joined together. Raven only took a couple of seconds to adjust to the feeling of Roxas' huge prick inside her before she began to bounce her hips on top of his, resting her hands on Roxas' chest for the purposes of keeping herself balanced.

"FUCK...!" Roxas moaned hard, barely able to do anything except lie back and take it as Raven made his hips into her personal sexy trampoline. With her tight, warm cunt enveloping his cock, he could do very little except lie there and take it as Raven rode him.

All the pent-up lust that Raven had so expertly kept under wraps ever since Fafnir had left her half a century ago seemed to spill out as she watched Roxas' body begin to lightly rock around in tandem with her own bounces atop him. Her short, quick post-orgasm breaths returned as she settled into a moderately fast bouncing rhythm, and adjusted the position of which she rested one hand on Roxas' chest, as she felt them slipping slightly from the shared sweat that was building up between the pair of them.

The other hand reached up to pinch one of her own nipples, as she wanted the feeling back from when Roxas pinched her nipples while he was eating her out.

Roxas, on his end, felt his balls and cock begin to swell up slightly: something that made him grit his teeth in slight pain, given the ring around his cock and balls. Through the pain he let out a moan, and began thrusting his hips up to meet Raven's as she bounced down onto him.

"Oooh, that's good!" Raven moaned, the second time that her cool façade of not showing much positive emotion in bed cracked in front of Roxas. She bit her lip in a vain attempt to suppress another loud moan as Roxas' thrusts up into her cunt continued, the sounds of their bodies slapping together being the main sound that permeated the room.

Roxas was full-on clenching his teeth from the ultra-intense mixed pleasure and pain that came with being at the edge of climax, yet being denied the ability to go over the edge by the ring around his cock and balls. That mixed feeling made for the perfect fuel for the Nephalem to find the energy to thrust up even harder into his former teacher, driving her closer to her own second orgasm in turn.

As the ever-present tight feeling down in her core began to grow in intensity, Raven leant down and reached behind Roxas' head, clenching tightly onto a hank of his hair and pulling him towards her to capture his lips in a searing kiss as she continued rocking her hips on top of his, in conjunction with Roxas' thrusts up into her. The kiss was only slightly slower than the one that Raven had given him on the train, but it lasted far longer and was far more passionate- particularly on Raven's end, as she easily dominated.

She shoved her tongue into Roxas' mouth almost as soon as she locked lips with him, and was all too happy to lick all around in the warm cave that her mouth had just joined up with. Their moans mingled together, muffling each other as the Nephalem and the Devil both drove each other closer and closer to their climaxes.

"Oh, f-fuck!" Roxas moaned, his eyes rolling slightly as Raven pulled back from the kiss. His cock, and now his balls, were now throbbing and pulsating so violently that he was pretty sure that either of the two external organs were going to explode. "R-Raven, gonna c-cum soon-!"

"Do it!" Raven shouted, not even trying to ride Roxas anymore, instead deciding to just rest on top of his hips and let him drive both of them to their climax. "C-coming close myself, I- oh, God! FUCK!"

And Roxas and Raven both hit their respective third and second climaxes, at the exact same time. Both teachers let out screams of pleasure as Roxas fired the largest load he had fired all night straight through Raven's pussy and into her womb: while Raven's climax, and subsequent squirting, was so powerful that Roxas' torso and lower half was positively DRENCHED in her femcum within seconds of her climax.

Panting hard, Roxas felt himself slipping into a semi-conscious state for a moment or two, just basking in the Everest-tier high that his most recent climax had brought him. He didn't even process Raven (who was in a similar state to him) flopping down and landing on top of him right away: ay there and panted, allowing full consciousness to return to him.

"W-wow..." Roxas panted, shifting himself as best he could (which was difficult, considering that his arms were still tied up). "I haven't busted that hard in... a really goddamn long time."

"Me neither..." Raven replied, pulling herself up above Roxas and reaching above him in order to untie his arms. Once that was done, she pulled the cock-ring off his cock and balls, and tossed both objects back into her pocket-dimension. "Hope you're not spent, though, Roxas."

"N-no way." Roxas chuckled, massaging his hands to get feeling to come back into them as he sat up. "Why? What way are you planning to intensely dominate me this time?"

"None." Raven replied, stretching. "I've done what I can do. Now..." she lay back on the bed, her exposed breasts bouncing enticingly with every movement she made. "I'd very much like to see what you can do."

Roxas blinked, barely able to process what Raven was saying for a full five seconds, with said five seconds ending with Raven speaking up again.

"I'm waiting, Roxas~"

After a couple of seconds, Raven felt herself being pulled down and off the bed by Roxas. Though the Branwen Head easily landed on her feet, she felt herself being spun around and shoved back down against the bed, while her legs were forcibly spread as well.

Roxas leant down, resting his body on top of Raven's for a second or two.

"You want to see what I can do, huh Raven?" he asked, his voice low and slightly husky. "Well, you asked for it!"

Raven gave an unseen grin as she felt Roxas lifting himself up and off her, quickly followed by a part of the bed sinking a little bit behind her and to her left, indicating that some weight had fallen onto that particular part of the bed.

Raven's unspoken question of what was going on was interrupted by the feeling of the tip of Roxas' cock (which was sufficiently lubed up by the mixture of his cum and her own femcum) pressing up against the opening of her asshole. With such a foreign feeling making itself known to her for the first time, Raven was forced to let out a small gasp of mixed surprise and pleasure. Said gasp grew louder as Roxas slowly pushed the first one-and-a-half to two inches of his cock into her asshole... and was fully replaced by a scream that would have shattered most regular windows when Roxas shoved the remaining ten to ten-and-a-half inches of his cock straight into her asshole at max speed.

"FUCK!"Raven screamed, her eyes as wide as dinner-plates while Roxas, not even bothering to stop and let her get used to the feeling of his enormous Nephalem cock stretching out her tight Devil ass, half-pulled out of her asshole and thrust back into it again, and again, and again, working into a rapid thrusting rhythm within seconds of starting up.

Roxas let out a dark chuckle as he snaked one hand between Raven's body and the bed, harshly groping her squished-up tits and eliciting a mewl of pleasure from Raven.

"You're not the first MILF to scream like hell when I first got into her asshole, Raven." Roxas remarked, raising up his other hand for a split-second before letting it descend onto Raven's ass, delivering a hard smack to it that drew out yet more loud moans from her.

"And I d-doubt I'll- ohhhh~- be the l-last." Raven stammered out in reply, not even bothering to hold back her moans anymore as Roxas screwed her ass, stretching and shaping it out (at least temporarily) into a nice, tight sheath for his cock.

"No, you won't." Roxas replied, taking his hand off Raven's tit, using it to deliver another, harder, smack to her other ass-cheek, before leaning down so his body was resting on top of hers and groping both of her tits with both hands. The sound of Roxas' body slamming against Raven's was a good ten times louder than when Roxas thrust up into her cunt earlier, but that fact was literally nowhere in either Roxas or Raven's minds as they either continued thrusting into their former teacher or let out more pleasured moans, their crimson eyes rolling around in their sockets some more as their former student so easily dominated them.

"G-God damn it...!" Raven moaned, as she felt the bed itself beginning to rock from how hard Roxas was thrusting into her asshole. "R-Roxas... f-feels like you're splitting me apart at the ass...!"

Roxas could only smirk in reply as his thrusts further increased in speed into Raven's asshole. Getting a particularly naughty idea, he bodily lifted Raven off of his bed, so both of them were standing up while Roxas thrust into her. The Nephalem then took one hand off of Raven's tit, and reached down to her pussy, focusing a small amount of ice magic into one of his fingers to cool it down, and a small amount of fire magic into another of his fingers to heat it up.

Roxas then used both fingers to rub at and tease Raven's sopping wet cunt, with the mixture of temperatures on such a sensitive area causing Raven to scream in pleasure, yet again, and climax almost instantly on Roxas' fingers, giving his fingers the same drenching that she gave Roxas' torso when she came the first time.

"FUUUUCK!" Raven howled, thrashing around wildly as her orgasm crashed over her. "SHIT! FUCK! YESSS~!"

Roxas was unable to catch Raven as she slipped out of his grip and landed back on the bed, though once she landed, he managed to hold her down as she continued thrashing around, doing her best to ride out her orgasm while still receiving the ungodly intense pleasure of Roxas' cock ploughing her asshole faster and faster, with said cock also beginning to pulsate violently, a telltale sign that Roxas was reaching a climax of his own.

Roxas' outward reaction to climaxing for the fourth time that night was far less loud than Raven's, but that didn't take away from how intense it was. Or how much cum he let fly straight up into Raven's butthole (nearly as much as his third orgasm, the one with the cock-ring). However, once Roxas had firing into Raven's ass, he slowly pulled out, and gave a smirk as he watched his fresh cum leak from her butt, just as it was still doing from her pussy.

Raven, in her post-orgasm state, could do little more than shiver and moan incoherently as Roxas delivered another smack to her ass (or rather, pair of smacks, as he smacked both cheeks, one with each hand, at the same time), and walked around the bed. After getting back onto it, he reached down and pulled Raven towards him, with the Devil in no position to offer any resistance as he did so.

The Branwen Head was jolted out of her post-orgasm stupor when she felt Roxas' cock pressing up against her lips, and she opened her mouth to allow Roxas' cock inside. That was quickly followed by Roxas grabbing the back of her head with one hand and holding it in place as he began thrusting up into her mouth, with his cock bashing the back of Raven's throat triggering her gag reflex and fully waking her up.

Once she fully realised that she had Roxas' still-erect dick, covered in a mixture of his cum, Raven's own femcum, his sweat, Raven's sweat and some of her butt-juices, in her mouth, Raven could only let out a "Hmm!" of surprise and pleasure as Roxas face-fucked her.

She moved her hands to hold onto Roxas' hips for the purposes of her own stability as Roxas thrust up into her mouth (while letting go of the back of her head), doing her best to take his cock into her throat as the face-fucking continued. Though just as she began to get comfortable with being the subject of a face-fucking via her former student, she felt something that felt a lot like a cock pressing up against her pussy, which made her gasp in surprise.

Raven lifted herself up and twisted her head around to see what was going on behind her, and saw... a second Roxas, who had rested its hand on her ass and was using the other to guide its cock into her pussy, eliciting a moan out of her. She turned back around to see Roxas with his hand raised, a smirk on his face.

"Surprise." was Roxas' only word before he grabbed Raven's head and forced his cock back into her mouth, resuming the face-fucking that he had been doing before while the clone of him (at least Raven could only assume that it was a clone. She had heard, via her daughter's girlfriend's mother, that Roxas was beginning to learn how to create clones of himself) began thrusting into her pussy from behind. Not as hard or as fast as Roxas had done into her ass, but the fact that she was being double-penetrated right now probably overruled that fact in Raven's mind.

She moaned hard from the extra pleasure that being both facefucked and vaginally fucked at the same time gave her, and began bobbing her head up and down on Roxas' cock of her own accord, while subconsciously moving her ass back and forth in conjunction with the Roxas-clone's thrust, moaning hard when the clone delivered a hard smack to her ass.

Roxas (the real Roxas) grinned at the results of his lessons with Kali: ever since he'd seen Esdeath create clones of herself during their fight during the Kokabiel incident (fuck, that seemed like years ago now), he'd always found the idea of creating clones of himself to be an attractive one. Not just for assistance in battle, but for... exactly what was going on right now.

It also helped that, during sex, he felt at least part of what the clone of himself was feeling. As in while the clone thrust into Raven's cunt, he felt the tightness of Raven's pussy on his cock, though it was fainter than how it felt when Roxas' dick was actually IN Raven's pussy, back when Raven had tied him to the bed.

The combination of that feeling, combined with the actual feeling of Raven sucking him off, added up to a sensation that was something like 0.5% weird, and 99% insanely pleasurable.

Grinning through said insane pleasure, Roxas began moving his hips in tandem with Raven, who increased the speed of which she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. She even began taking his cock into the vice-like confines of her throat, little by little every time, until after a minute she was almost deep-throating him.

"Hmm, that's it." Roxas moaned, reaching down and running a hand through Raven's hair. "By the way, I'm not planning on letting you blue-ball me like you did on the train, Raven."

"I- ahh~- didn't expect you to, Roxas." Raven replied, lifting her head off her former student's cock for a second or two in order to reply, before returning to her pleasuring, creating a vacuum with her mouth to suck on the top few inches of Roxas' dick while adding her sizeable tits to rub on the rest of his cock.

"Hmm~" Roxas moaned at the new feeling, adjusting his position on the bed to let Raven have an easier time of giving him a mixed titjob and blowjob, which she took advantage of with gusto while the clone of him continued to thrust into Raven's pussy, increasing his pace all the time and drawing out steady moans from the Branwen Head. "That's it, Raven. You're so fucking good at this."

Raven, to her own surprise, felt herself holding back a blush from Roxas' praise, and found herself wanting to please Roxas more. With that new thought in mind, she further increased the speed of her rocking her tits up and down Roxas' cock, as well as the intensity of which she sucked on the top of Roxas' dick, while bobbing her head up and down a little. That had the desired effect of drawing out louder moans from Roxas, which only emboldened Raven to keep going harder on her student with her mouth and tits, with the clone's thrusts and ass-smacks (as well as the small jitters she was STILL feeling from her intense orgasm only a few minutes ago) being the only things that kept Raven from regaining full control of the sexual situation.

"Ahh, that's fucking it!" Roxas groaned, throwing his head back as Raven continued her work, with his cock begin to pulsate, a sign that he was about to cum for the FIFTH time tonight: a sign that Raven seemed to notice, considering that she further increased the intensity and speed of which she blew and titfucked Roxas. And though it was definitely less intense than her orgasm via Roxas' anal screwing, she was well on her way to her own orgasm as well.

Raven was able to bring Roxas over the edge at around the same time as Roxas' clone was able to bring her over the edge, with her orgasmic moans being muffled by Roxas suddenly forcing her to take all of his cock into her mouth, and directly swallow every last drop of his cum as he fired it out of himself.

Roxas kept Raven on his cock as they both rode out their respective orgasms, with the silverette Nephalem only releasing the black-haired Devil (who now looked far less classy and sensual, and more fucked-stupid and slutty, than when the night began) when the shakes from their fifth and fourth respective climaxes began to fade.

Raven took in huge gasps of air as she was released, coughing a little as well from the surprise of being forced to swallow Roxas' cum (it certainly didn't have an unpleasant taste). Once her breaths returned to something close to normalcy, and she watched the Roxas-clone dissipate, she turned back to Roxas.

"Got... any other sexual tricks... up your sleeves?" she asked, panting slightly as she did so.

"Nah." Roxas replied, lying back in bed, also panting slightly. "I'm done. For now."

"Right." Raven smiled, crawling up the bed and taking a breath as she rested next to Roxas. "You got anything to say before we turn in? I'm sleeping right here, by the way."

"Got it." Roxas replied, smiling. "And I did have one question, if that's okay?"

"Speak." Raven replied, opening her eyes as her voice regained some of the hard edge that Roxas knew so well, drawing a small smile out of him.

"Why did you jump me so hard on the train? As well as before... this?" Roxas asked, gesturing to himself and Raven. Raven chuckled.

"Oh, that." she replied, looking down, pausing for a second, as her voice lost the hard edge and gave way to a slightly softer, more affectionate tone. "Well, you remember the Rating Game?"

"I do." Roxas replied. "We fought on top of Baal Tower, I beat you, ended up snapping your spine with a flying kick, remember?"

"All too well." Raven nodded, reaching down and rubbing the lower portion of her back as she did so. "But regardless, before that, even after you returned, I still looked at you as my student, my junior. With how just about all of my experience with you before you left the Underworld to cut your own path was my training you, I'm sure you can understand why."

"Yeah..." Roxas replied. "I'm not exactly sure with where you're going with this, though."

"Well, after you won... after you beat me..." Raven continued, ignoring Roxas' remark. "That image of you that I had, as a student and junior of mine, basically died. And gave way to the new, or present, you. Someone that, even if you technically hold little to no noble status in the Underworld, I can conclusively see as... an equal.

"Right..." Roxas nodded, a small blush coming across his face. Now that he thought about it, Raven had never treated Roxas like an equal during their time training, back when he was Heir to the Gremory Clan... which made sense, as she had no reason to. Being referred to as an equal by his former teacher, after all this time, felt... nice."

"And by extension... a potential lover." Raven continued, a small smile beginning to play about her lips as she looked up at Roxas, and adjusted her position on the bed again. "I figured that now would be a good opportunity to- eh- test, if you were a good sexual partner for me."

"And how did I-?" Roxas tried to ask, but his question was interrupted by Raven shifting herself upward and pressing her lips against his, in a short yet passionate kiss.

"You passed." Raven replied, her smile wider as she pulled away. "With flying colours, I might add. Double A-star. Perfect score. Whatever the retards in the education system are calling the top grade these days. But that isn't the point: the point is that what whatever the hell we just did was absolutely the best sexual experience of my life. Even after all the sex I had with Fafnir."

"Heh, damn." Roxas chuckled. "I'm glad I can surpass that."

"Well, with you being descended from fucking Lilith, and with the harem you have, I'd be more surprised if you didn't." Raven replied, shrugging and pulling herself off the bed, before stretching and sniffing herself. "Fuck, I think after all that, I need another shower." She then pulled her stockings off, and tossed them into a corner, before stretching and turning around to look at Roxas. "I'll use yours: can't be assed to walk all the way to mine. Care to join me?"

"Don't even need to ask." Roxas grinned, sliding off the bed. He was all too happy to follow Raven as she walked into his bathroom.

The two of them would have a damn good time washing both themselves and each other down, before turning in an hour later.

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