Anything you recognise isn't mine.

Roxas exited the shower, sighing as he stepped into his bedroom, completely naked and refreshed. His perfect form shined against the afternoon sunlight beaming through the bedroom window before he cast a quick drying spell on himself with a quick flick of one hand, and summoned a pair of boxers onto himself with a quick flick of his other hand. He sat down on his bed, summoning his Switch to himself with a second flick of his hand (the hand he'd used to cast the drying spell a few seconds earlier) and lay back, powering the console on and beginning to flick through his library, drawing a blank within his mind as it dawned on him that he really had no idea what he presently wanted to play.

It had been two days since the Hera-incident that had occurred during the Rating Game between Roxas and Rudiger. Roxas had, as recommended, been taking it easy in the days since being discharged from the Sitri hospital that he'd been taken to after getting the shit beaten out of him by Ares and Diana. Though the lack of sex in the last couple of days wasn't great, particularly for the more lustful members of Roxas' peerage and harem (who had apparently made do for the time being by pairing up with each other. Roxas had caught Akeno and Kuroka 69'ing each other in the former's shower, for instance), but Roxas had been able to catch up on a few shows and games that he'd been putting off until now, which was always a good thing.

After sifting through the game-library that he'd built up on his Switch for a while, Roxas mentally shrugged and decided on Super Mario Maker 2. Figuring that he could spent a few hours in that game going through the many great and terrible levels that people from all over the world created (mostly terrible) before getting something to eat and going to bed, provided that nothing work-related came up that really required his attention for the rest of the day (which was unlikely. Both because there wasn't much time left in the day, and because Venelana had taken over most of the work that he usually took care of on a day-to-day basis over the last two days, allowing Roxas to have an easier time relaxing during his recovery), Roxas selected the game and waited for it to load up.

Just before the game had finished loading up, Roxas felt a magic-circle appearing by his ear. After adjusting himself into a slightly more comfortable position on his bed, reached up to tap the circle in question, answering the call as Super Mario Maker 2 finished loading up.

"Hello, you've reached the house of unrecognised talent, please start after the-" Roxas began, fully intending to continue onto making a poor impression of a clarinet to finish off his deadpan introduction to whoever was calling him.

"Save the SpongeBob reference for later, Roxas." Venelana's voice cut across him. "I'm guessing, judging by the lack of the sound of running water in the background, that you're out of the shower?"

"I am." Roxas replied. "Something at work need my attention, Vene?"

"Nothing." Venelana answered. "But that's not why I'm calling. You know the- uh- little something that Palutena, Valian and I were putting together for you? I believe Valian mentioned it to you soon after you came back from the Sitri hospital?"

"That does ring a bell." Roxas replied. "Feels like a month since then, with how much I've been able to chill out since then. What about it?"

"Well, it's ready." Venelana answered. "After so much planning, it's finally ready." she let out a rather girlish giggle as she let out those words, with a sultry edge to it that caused a rather uncomfortable bulge to form within Roxas' underwear, almost instantly.

"Glad to hear it." Roxas remarked, exiting and closing Super Mario Maker 2 and powering off his Switch. "So, where's it at?"

"Come down to Valian's room." Venelana replied. "We're all waiting for you~"

The circle by Roxas' ear then disappeared, ending the call. Pausing for a couple of seconds and then shrugging, Roxas slipped off of his bed and pulled on a shirt and shorts, as the Greek afternoon (as with many Greek afternoons) was warm, before leaving his room.

Stretching, and idly scratching an itch that formed on his lower back as he walked, Roxas made the short trip downstairs and across the first-floor hallway to his Queen's bedroom. He then pushed the door open and stepped inside, with it setting in after a couple of seconds that... he wasn't in Valian's bedroom.

The bedroom that he stood in now was larger than Valian's, larger than even his own. It was almost like his bedroom from back at the Gremory Manor, but seemingly upgraded in every conceivable way. Bigger room, bigger and more comfortable-looking bed, dark red and silver-coloured walls, posters of incredibly sexy women lining the walls that only made the bulge in his pants even bigger and more uncomfortable, an absolutely GORGEOUS view of a lit-up city at night out of the floor-to-ceiling window, and the entire room seemed to have this warm glow to it that Roxas really liked.

"D-damn." he remarked, taking a step into the room and looking around. "You really did some work on your room, Valian. Could've told me, though."

"Hehe, you're only partly right, Roxas." Roxas heard Valian's voice behind him, and whipped around to see Valian, as well as Palutena, standing behind him. His eyes widened at the outfits that his Queen and his first wife had elected to put on, to the point that he didn't even notice as Palutena shut the door.

Valian was wearing an outfit that left just about NOTHING to the imagination: a leather choker around her neck attatched to a single piece of material that went all the way down, between her luscious breasts and over her stomach, and just about covered her pussy. She also wore a very small, tight leather bra that only covered her nipples, and only seemed to serve to hold up the rest of her breasts. To complete the look, she wore a pair of stereotypically demon-like horns on her head, that just seemed to add to her overall sexy look.

Palutena seemed to have dolled herself up with various flower-like accessories in her hair, as well as wearing a laurel crown on her head. She seemed to have done away with her regular dress in lieu of a far lewder white number, that stretched against her breasts and ass, only seeming to accentuate them more.

"We did put a lot of work into this room." Palutena continued, smiling at the look on Roxas' face. "Valian's room, though? Not exactly."

"Well, uh..." Roxas looked around, taking in the room at large and mentally acknowledging the existence of a second door within the room, directly opposite the enormous bed that was its centrepiece (the door he'd just come through was situated to the right of the bed), before looking back at Valian and Palutena. "What is it, then?"

"What we had planned for you, Roxas." Venelana's voice was next to be heard, as she came out of the door that Roxas had just mentally acknowledged the existence of, the one opposite the gigantic bed. As he turned around to look at her, Roxas' eyes almost bulged out of his head as he saw what she was wearing: a lewd version of the secretary-like outfit that she usually wore when working as Roxas' personal assistant. She seemed to have ditched the jacket, opened up several of her shirt's buttons for the best possible sight of cleavage, and shortened her skirt up by a LOT, to the point that it barely covered her ass.

"You could say it's a gift." Palutena continued. "For you. For all that you've done for all the women who love you, and as a sort of 'glad you're alright!' gift in the aftermath of two days ago."

"It's also for us, Palutena!" Roxas started slightly, out of surprise at hearing LILITH'S voice coming from within the room that Venelana had presumably just come out, before she, too, came out of it, wearing an even sexier outfit than Venelana, Palutena or even Valian. It was the kind of outfit you'd expect a stereotypical sexy Demon Queen to wear: full of the kinds of accessories you'd expect men and women of royal status to adorn themselves with (either out of tradition, out of duty, or out of pure fucking ego), yet simultaneously so skimpy that you'd think she might have well have gone totally naked.

She carried a sceptre of some kind in one hand (though Roxas suspected that it was just for show) and her seven Succubus tails were all out and lightly waving about her body.

"You can't deny that all of... this" Lilith remarked, gesturing to the room. "Is also for us, considering how much pleasure our dear Nephalem here is more than capable of bringing us~"

"True enough, Lilith." Palutena remarked, shrugging.

"What is 'this'?" Roxas asked, cutting into the conversation between the two God-Class women while gesturing to the room around him. "More this from a physical standpoint, rather than what it is from a... uh, what's the words I'm looking for-"

"Doesn't matter, we all get what you mean." Venelana replied. "How to explain this easily... it's a dedicated sex-room. For you. And for us." she replied, sharing a look with Lilith as she added the last three words, as an afterthought. "It was built by creating a pocket-dimension, storing it inside a specially-made doorknob that Palutena helped create, before attaching it to Valian's bedroom door, which triggered it to take the place of Valian's bedroom. And it... seems to have worked."

"Sure has." Lilith replied. "And what's better is that inside this door-dimension, when it's activated, time runs 30.4375 times slower than outside. Just like in your time-training chamber that you've got set up in your own home, Roxas."

"So, a day out is a month in." Roxas replied. "Nice. So, I could spend ages in here with anyone of the woman I've fucked, and not miss a beat outside... wait, that's exactly what's about to happen, isn't it?"

Palutena giggled, stepping forward and kissing Roxas on the cheek as she came up behind him.

"Damn right it is, Roxas." she replied, grinning as she reached down his shorts, fishing for his cock for a second or two before taking a firm grip on it, while it was still in his pants. "And you're going to love it. Especially with all the women we've gathered here today, just for you."

"That's your cue, by the way!" Lilith called into the room that she and Venelana had come out of. "Come on out, all of you!"

And out came the women. So many women, dressed in so many incredibly sexy outfits, that Roxas couldn't find any way to react to the onslaught of lewdness in front of him except to whisper a quiet "H-holy shit..."

Akame in a cute kunoichi outfit, Raven in a bigger (and sexier) variation of the same kunoichi outfit, Akasha in an incredibly sleek and sexy outfit that looked like a lot of the outfits that Vampires usually wore, Akeno strapped up in BDSM gear and practically shaking with lust, Alice- Roxas' own great-grandmother- in the kind of party dress you'd expect to get ripped off of her at any moment by a group of ravenously lustful young men hungry for a quickie, Asia in an incredibly sinful nun-like outfit, Elsha and Lavinia in risqué Magician's outfits, Esdeath in a sexier variation of the General's outfit she usually wore into battle, Imogen in a punk rock-style outfit that was just begging to be roughly torn off of her, Kiyohime in a stereotypical cute princess outfit (with the cute blush to go along with it), Kuroka and Shirone in matching cat-girl costumes (with Kuroka sporting an all-black one to contrast with Shirone's all-white), Neo wearing a sexy nurse's costume complete with latex gloves, Penemue in a black and white cow outfit with her enormous tits exposed and leaking with milk, Rias in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, Isane in a lewd variation of the kind of outfit you'd expect comic book heroines to wear, Mirajane in a gorgeous outfit you'd expect goth-girls to wear and with a surprisingly lustful look on her face, Saeko in a naked apron with seemingly nothing else on except a light thong, Catora, Katerea and Shyelin all dressed in different but similarly sexy maid outfits, Ingvild in a gorgeous mermaid-like costume, Winter in the kind of dress that wouldn't look out of place on a Bond Girl, Xenovia in her church battle gear (because that was presumably hot enough that no change to it was really needed) and Yasaka rounding things out in a gloriously sexy shrine maiden's outfit, that strained against her voluptuous features.

In all, THIRTY of the most drop-dead gorgeous women that Roxas had ever seen in his life stood in front of him...

"And we're all ready for you, Roxas." Rias spoke, adjusting the way-too-short skirt that she wore as part of her schoolgirl outfit.

"No matter how long it takes." Raven continued, smirking while stretching within her outfit. Lilith snapped her fingers, and a small refrigerator appeared next to the bed, which Roxas' eyes were naturally drawn to for the second that it took for his attention to snap back to all the gorgeous women surrounding him.

"Fridge is full of succubus milk, to keep you nice and refreshed at all times." the women who used to be Eve finished. "So you don't have to worry about pacing yourself, or running out of stamina: you can come at us full-force all the time, and refill when you think you need it. So," she leaned forward, accentuating her own mind-boggling bust even more than what was once thought possible. "Who do you fancy first?"

'Ho. Ly. Shit.' Roxas thought to himself, as his eyes span from one gorgeous woman to the next, to the next, to the next, and so on. 'This. Is. The best thing ever. I. Fucking. Love. Being me.'

A portal opened in an alleyway in Athens, the capital city of Greece. It was the kind of alleyway that no-one would ever look down unless they had a reason to: thanks to the fact that no-one had any reason to look down the alleyway, no-one did, and therefore, no-one noticed the portal opening, and Roxas and Palutena stepping through it into the city. After the portal faded away, the Nephalem and his divine wife were able to step out of the alleyway and into the street, without anyone even noticing the two extra people in the millions-strong city.

It had been two days since the mega-orgy that Roxas had had with all the women that Palutena, Vaiian and Venelana had brought together (which, in all, had lasted around 108 hours, or four and a half days, inside the gift-room that had been put together for the mega-orgy to take place in... or just over three and a half hours outside), and it was safe to say for all involved that it had been the best sexual experience that they had ever had. Even after being at the centre of the days-long orgy, and the reason that it was happening to begin with, Roxas- at times- had a hard time believing that it had really happened.

But it had, and it had been indescribably hot. But that was then, and this was now, Roxas reminded himself as he looked up at the conference-building that he and Palutena were walking towards: their current destination, that they had both been asked to come to in order to discuss the plan to take down Hera and the Khaos Brigade. As far as both of them knew, Zeus would be leading this meeting, with Dr. Strange and Sirzechs at the very least also in attendance, though Roxas and Palutena both strongly suspected that there would be more than just the five (plus them) of them in the conference hall today.

When they reached the main building, Roxas pushed the doors open first, allowed Palutena to step through, and after offering her a playful light smack to her ass, stepped in after her. He smirked at Palutena's light blush, but otherwise said nothing.

"Glad you could make it, Roxas, Palutena." a familiar voice said to the pair of them. The pair of them turned and saw Aphrodite, wearing a surprisingly conservative (by her standards, at least) dark blue dress, that still strained against her incredible bust. "You're the last to arrive, everyone's waiting for you upstairs."

"For less lust-based reasons than you, I'm sure, Aphrodite." Roxas replied. "Good to see you here, too."

Aphrodite winked at Roxas by way of answer, turned around and began walking upstairs, non-verbally gesturing for Roxas and Palutena to follow her, which they did. Palutena noticed, and rolled her eyes slightly, that in spite of it being covered by the dress she was wearing (a rare occurrence, to put it lightly), Roxas' eyes were practically glued to Aphrodite's incredibly large, shapely ass.

It took a couple of minutes for Roxas, Palutena and Aphrodite to get where they were going, with the three of them walking through a set of giant double-doors into a larger conference hall, that had a decently large table in the middle. Roxas and Palutena's earlier suspicions were proven correct: there were more beings sitting around the table than just Zeus, Dr. Strange and Sirzechs.

Agrat, one of the four Queens of the Sex Demons, as well as Azazel, her husband was sat alongside Sirzechs, and Scathach was sat next to Dr. Strange. Unlike Aphrodite, Scathach had elected not to dress in an outfit different to her regular (and extremely revealing) battle-suit. Not that Roxas was complaining, of course. Not in the slightest.

"Ah, Roxas, Palutena." Zeus spoke, looking up at the sound of the doors opening. "Glad that you could make it. Thanks for bringing them up, Aphrodite."

Aphrodite shrugged, walked over to Zeus and sat down beside him, while Roxas and Palutena took seats near to Strange and Scathach.

"Well, we all know why we're here." Zeus began. "So let's get right to it, shall we?"

Murmurs of ascent came from around the table, which Zeus nodded at.

"Ever since the reports of Hera being potentially affiliated with the Khaos Brigade came to my attention, I had Hermes observe her. Though, to be blunt, he certainly could have done a more thorough job of it, he managed to get some pretty good information on my now-former wife and what she's allied herself with, without said now-former wife knowing that she was being observed."

Zeus waved his hand almost absent-mindedly, and magic-circles appeared in front of everyone present for a second or two, before they faded away in lieu of several pieces of paper.

"Here are copies of the report that Hermes submitted to me." Zeus continued. "Before we move onto planning Operation Divorce-" Zeus ignored the raised eyebrows of several of the people sitting around him. No, Operation Divorce wasn't a stupid name, and no, he wasn't going to change it. It was the best name he could have come up with for this kind of mission. "I'd like to go through it with you."

"That sounds fair, Zeus." Sirzechs replied, picking up the first piece of paper of the report and scanning it. "Nilrem? Haven't heard of them."

"They're a group made up of Magicians from all over who defected to the Khaos Brigade at various points in the past." Roxas replied. "Lavinia told me about them a while back. I think they're the group that Katerea and Ingvild led during the Peace Conference."

Sirzechs nodded and didn't speak further, only continuing to look down the first page of the report until something else caught his eye.

"The Old Satan Faction? ...Huh, well I guess we now know where the rest of them went after you subjugated Shyelin and Catora, Roxas."

"Mmhmm." Roxas replied, scratching a random itch that had formed at that moment on his lower back as he made his way to the second page of the report, which continued the information that Hermes had seemingly gained on the Old Satan Faction after they had become essentially absorbed into the Khaos Brigade, ceasing to function as their own independent faction. The second page also named some beings that were probably... a little closer to home (by Zeus' standards) than the OSF or some group of defected Magicians would be.

"Damn, Zeus, Hera got her hands on the Cyclopes and Giants?"

"She did." Zeus replied, sighing and leaning back in his chair. "Thanks to Ares, who isn't in the report. Didn't think it was needed to mention him, considering-"

"Yeah." Roxas nodded, lightly slapping his own face around the area that Ares had punched him the first time, during the Rating Game between him and Rudiger. "Not something I'll soon forget."

"Nor will I soon forget any of the other minor Gods who seem to have turned to Hera's side, either." Zeus continued. Circe, Deimos, Enyo, Eris, Hebe, Phobos... Diana..."

"Wait, Hebe?" Scathach spoke up for the first time in the meeting. "That... doesn't sound right. I know her, she's probably one of the nicest Goddesses there is. As well as... the most naïve- ohh, that makes more sense."

"Indeed." Zeus replied, shaking his head. Diana's apprentice, Pyrrha Nikos, is also among Hera's forces. Doubtlessly having followed her mentor into whatever deranged scheme Hera has planned." he looked up, and noticed Roxas furrowing his brow as he looked down at the reports. "Something on your mind, Roxas?"

"Something, yeah." Roxas nodded. "It's just... that Pyrrha name. Just sounds familiar."

"I see." Zeus replied. "Oh well, moving on."

He waved his hand again, forming a projection of a town in Greece- as well as the surrounding area- on the table, where everyone could get a good view of it.

"Hera's life-signature has been spotted in this town, Olympia, at her old temple." Zeus explained, with a small white light indicating the area. "There's a barrier over the area that prevents anyone that isn't her, or people she gives permission to, from entering, so we won't be able to go straight there and bring her down. And she's not going to go down quietly."

"If we did," Dr. Strange spoke up. "Then the shitstorm she'd kick up would likely alert all of Olympia's human inhabitants to what's going on, and by extension the entire supernatural world. And we all know what would soon follow." he added, looking at Roxas and Scathach, who both nodded.

"Unless we don't fight Hera in that location at all." Palutena added. "Unless we... fight her somewhere else."

"Exactly." Zeus replied. "Which is where everyone else gathered here comes in. Strange, would it be possible to create an alternate space that would be safe to face Hera in, without any fears of it breaking?"

"Very possible." Strange nodded. "I can put together the spell that you want and activate it when needed. But I won't be able to draw Hera and her allies into it while casting the spell, someone else will have to do that."

"Ahh." Zeus replied. "That... won't be easy. Hera has beings like Ares and Diana allied with her, drawing them into the magical dimension you create won't be easy, to say the least. Unless... they went in themselves. Something would have to be used as bait for them, however... or someone."

"I'll do it." Roxas spoke up, instantly. "I'll get them wherever you need them to go."

Reactions around the table were, predictably, immediate.



"Roxas, no!"

"I mean, you are the best choice, from a logical standpoint." Zeus remarked, scratching his beard. "Hera came after you specifically in your Rating Game, so she may come after you again, if you present yourself to her."

"With Ares and Diana likely at her side, just like last time!" Palutena spoke up, her voice rising. "Roxas, you can't be the best choice of bait! Don't you remember how hard they kicked your ass last time?"

"This will be different, Palu!" Roxas replied, his voice rising slightly as well. "I'm only going to be luring them into whatever alternate space Strange creates, not trying to kick both their asses at the same time! Plus, those cunts- no offense, Zeus-"

"None taken." Zeus answered, non-committally.

"-Took me by surprise last time." Roxas continued. "They took us ALL by surprise. That won't happen with this- hell, WE might actually be the ones taking THEM by surprise, this time around!"

"I see your point, Roxas, I do." Palutena replied. "But-"

"And another thing." Roxas replied. "Who, out of us here, is going to be better bait? Zeus, Dad, Azazel and Agrat are too obvious- no sane Faction or Pantheon leader would just volunteer themselves as bait for something like this-, Hera doesn't seem to have it out for Strange or Scathach to the extent that she does for me, and you've got either Logan or Lucy developing in you. "At least, if anyone else here were to use themselves as bait, it'd just be one ass on the line, but it'd be two with you. And I don't think I need to say what I'd rather do than lose either of you."

Palutena opened her mouth to try and respond, but the extremely rare occurrence of her having absolutely no response to what her husband had said had seemed to come to pass for her. Silence fell over the conference room for the next few second before Zeus cleared his throat.

"Ahem, are you two done? Because I don't think anyone else has objections to Roxas being the bait, I know I certainly don't."

"I'm fine with it." Scathach replied. "Just stay safe, Roxas. Don't do anything dumb."

"I don't object." Sirzechs added. "As long as you remember that you're bait, and not to fight until later."

There were similar words of ascent from everyone else, eliciting a nod from Zeus.

"Good. Now, let's discuss who's going to be helping in bringing Hera and the Brigade down. Because with Ares and Diana on her side, among others, just the nine of us going after Hera would be way too risky."

"I'll send my peerage." Sirzechs spoke up, instantly. "They're the strongest in the Underworld, as you all well know, and I'm certain they'll live up to that title for you."

"I like to think that my peerage could give yours a run for their money, at the very least, Dad." Roxas remarked. "Though yours does have an advantage in Mum."

"And yours doesn't in the strongest wielder of Divine Dividing in history?" Sirzechs retorted. "Will you be bringing your peerage too, Roxas?"

"Yeah." Roxas replied, turning to Zeus. "Probably just certain members, though. As strong as they are as a unit, I don't want to risk any of the weaker members getting oneshotted by a stray divine bullet, or anything like that."

"Understandable." Zeus replied. "Will your peerages be the only contribution?"

Sirzechs shook his head.

"I doubt it." he replied. "Depending on when this 'Operation Divorce'"- he almost sniggered, but forced it down at the last second. "goes ahead, Fianna may be able to secure troops from the Devil military from some of the noble families for this operation. If we're lucky, she herself may want to fight, too."

"I look forward to it." Zeus replied. "Azazel? Agrat?"

"Pretty sure I can convince Tobio, Arthur and their teams to lend a hand or five." Azazel remarked, leaning back in his chair. "Might send a couple more Fallen your way as well, if I can spare them. I'll hit up Michael after this meeting's over, see if he wants to pitch in. Chances are he will, given who Roxas is marrying." He looked over at Roxas, giving a mock-glare for a second that turned into a begrudging grimace. "I'm so fucking jealous of you!"

"Securing troops from Sex Demon families is Eisheth's thing." Agrat continued, using one of her tails to smack her husband over the head. "And, same as Sirzechs, how much we'll be able to secure for this operation depends on how long it is until it takes place."

"Understandable." Zeus replied, looking over to Dr. Strange and Scathach. "Will we be seeing anyone from the SSPCH take to the battlefield?"

"Us two, at the very least." Strange replied, gesturing to himself and the Queen of Dun Scaith. "And Roxas, of course, but that goes without saying. Apart from us, I'll have to ask around."

"Very well." Zeus nodded. "I can say that myself and a select few Olympians will definitely serve in this operation as well. Particularly those who have no chance of turning to Hera's side at the last minute."

"Nice." Roxas replied. "That all sounds good to me."

"N-no objections from me, either." Azazel added, rubbing his head from the pain of getting smacked so hard by Agrat. From where he was sitting, Roxas was almost certain he could see a bump forming on Azazel's head from where Agrat had hit him.

There were similar declarations of ascent around the table, the last of which Zeus nodded to.

"Thank you again for coming, all of you." he spoke, standing up with a smile. "Really appreciate us being able to come together to have discussions like this, though I think that's everything we need to discuss for now. I'll have it passed along to everyone when Operation Divorce will take place."

"Got it." Roxas replied, being the first to stand up while nodding. After helping Palutena up, the pair of them made to walk out of the conference hall, while everyone else began to leave as well. When the older son of Sirzechs and the daughter of Yahweh made their way to the door, Roxas felt a tap on his shoulder: turning around revealed that the tap on his shoulder had come from Aphrodite.

"Hey, Aphrodite." Roxas remarked. "What's up?"

"I'll be blunt with this." Aphrodite replied, leaning forward in order to allow herself to show off some inviting cleavage, as she was always so good at doing. "When this whole Operation Divorce thing is over, fancy meeting up sometime? For a date?"

"Oh, you were definitely blunt with that." Roxas remarked. "But that makes sense, considering that it's you. And yeah, sure."

"Lovely~" Aphrodite replied, leaning further forward and lightly pressing her lips against Roxas' before turning around and walking away, a very obvious sway in her hips as she went.

Roxas watched her behind for a few seconds before she walked over to Zeus, where the pair of them took a portal out of the conference hall (presumably back to Mount Olympus), after which he and Palutena warped away themselves.

"You're really helping out with this operation?"

Roxas, now sat in the spacious living room of the Gremory Manor, a couple of hours after the meeting to discuss Operation Divorce, looked across the couch he was situated on in surprise at Zeoticus, who was drinking some alcoholic beverage from an extremely ornate-looking glass. The Nephalem had both eyebrows raised as he took in what his grandfather had just told him.

"I am." Zeoticus replied. "Fianna needed two Clans to volunteer for this Operation Divorce-" he chuckled for a second "or whatever it's called, and as soon as Sirzechs told me what it was all about, I signed up straight away. I believe Diehauser Belial is the other Clan Head who signed up for this."

"Huh, right." Roxas nodded, leaning back on the couch and taking a couple of gulps out of his own drink, which had been served up to him soon after he'd arrived. "Makes sense, honestly. But fighting on the front lines, too? You're aware that we're going up against several Gods, yeah?"

"You were aware that I'm a veteran of the Great War, and had to fight in many battles featuring Angels and Fallen Angels who could easily fight on par with a God, yeah?" Zeoticus questioned Roxas' question, a slight smile on his face as he downed the rest of his drink. "Roxas, I'm no stranger to engaging in battles featuring enemies far more powerful than myself, just like I'm certain you're not. And even if I was," he continued, looking over at his oldest grandson with a slightly hardened look. "That wouldn't stop me from volunteering for this mission. You were attacked by Hera and her allies, which thanks to her being with the Khaos Brigade, is tantamount to an act of war. Many of the beings that'll doubtlessly be involved in this battle are certain to have more noble reasons at the forefront of their minds while bringing Hera down during this, but for many others, including myself? This is payback for you, plain and simple."

"Heh." Roxas chuckled himself for a couple of seconds, taking a couple of breaths as he looked over at Zeoticus. "Thanks, gramps. That... really means a lot, coming from you."

"It's no trouble." Zeoticus replied, setting the empty glass that he was holding down on the table in front of his chair. Almost instantly, a maid entered the room via transportation-circle, picked up the glass and left, also via transportation-circle, presumably to fill the glass up again. "Hopefully, this can also be another part of me successfully coming back into your life, after how... unpleasant, our reunion was, in the aftermath of your long absence."

"Well, I'm open to it." Roxas replied. "Though maybe we'd have an easier time building up a relationship through meetings like this than you fighting in a life-threatening battle as payback for some shit that I got put through."

"True." Zeoticus chuckled, as the same maid from earlier returned via transportation-circle, and placed his refilled glass back on the table, where it had sat empty only a moment ago. "But I'm sure the occasional life-threatening battle would definitely help, so long as we both live to see it won. And if you want more quiet visits like this, I'm more than happy to host you for them, whenever you want."

"Indeed." Roxas nodded. "And yeah, I'd be happy to visit you more often. Though I might be busy with just... the usual shit that I do, as well as prepping for the arrival of either Lucia or Logan."

"Completely understandable." Zeoticus replied. "Maybe I could visit you, then. For when your child is born, whether they turn out to be a Logan or a Lucia, I'm absolutely more than happy to help with anything you might need in regards to raising her."

"Thanks." Roxas nodded again, with a grin on his face while he checked his phone. "Well gramps, I better get going. Don't want to miss dinner again."

"Got it." Zeoticus replied as he stood up, shared a brief handshake with his oldest grandson and let him go, with Roxas opening a transportation-circle with one hand and stepping through it, disappearing from the Underworld entirely.

A second later, he appeared back in the living room of his own home, and grinned as he saw Palutena coming out of the kitchen levitating a tray packed with food via her staff, and walking towards the TV.

"Hey." she greeted him as she kept walking, setting the tray down on a table in front of their couch, and moving to sit down on the couch. "Just in time for dinner."

"Glad to hear it." Roxas replied, walking over to the couch as well and helping Palutena to gently sit down, before sitting down beside her and turning on the TV with a wave of his hand. "Did I miss anything back here?" he asked, summoning a plate out of thin air and using magic to heap some of the tray-food onto it, before leaning back with the plate in his lap.

"Not really." Palutena remarked, doing the same as Roxas turned on Mr. Robot. "I got home, told everyone who you wanted to be told about Operation Divorce, and they all agreed to come with: Valian, Akasha, Esdeath, Akeno, Rias, Xenovia, Akame. Aside from that, just been working on dinner with Asia, Rias and Akeno."

"Nice." Roxas replied, leaning back after allowing Palutena to put an arm around his shoulder. "And it's amazing, as usual." He smiled slightly as Palutena delivered a quick kiss straight to his lips, before relaxing a bit more into the couch and enjoying his dinner in relative peace, his biggest love by his side.

Goddess and Nephalem made small-talk regarding the short visit Roxas had made to Zeoticus, while making their way through the heaps of food that Palutena had (with help) cooked up within the two hours that Roxas was gone, with Palutena as surprised as Roxas was when learning that his grandfather was among the two Clan Heads assisting in Operation Divorce. Though when he heard the justification that Zeoticus had told Roxas, she was far more understanding.

"Completely understandable. I'd probably do the same if I was in Zeoticus' shoes."

"You'd do what if you were in Father's shoes?" Rias' voice came from behind. Roxas looked up and over the couch to see his aunt coming downstairs, in a white bikini that left very little to the imagination. Isane came down a couple of seconds after her, wearing a very similar bikini to Rias', but in black and red.

"Help their grandson get payback on a bitch who attacked them, even when said grandson happens to be railing their wife every other night." Roxas replied without missing a beat, though both Rias and Isane noticed him raking over their attractive bodies with his eyes. "Also, pool?"

"Yeah." Rias replied. "It's a nice afternoon, and Isane actually hasn't been in your pool before."

"Alright, knock yourselves out." Roxas remarked, nodding and turning back to the TV, shovelling another mouthful of food into his mouth as he did so. It took him a few seconds to finish chewing and swallowing his mouthful, and he had another one halfway to his mouth before Isane spoke up.

"Roxas? There was- uh- something else, as well."

"Hm?" Roxas turned his head again, focusing on Isane's shapely body and large breasts for a fraction of a second before his eyes flicked up to the face of the Boosted Gear's wielder. "What's up?"

"Rias told me about Operation Divorce." Isane spoke, suppressing a small giggle from the name. "And that certain members of your peerage are going to be joining in on it."

"Valian, Akasha, Esdeath, Akeno, Rias, Xenovia and Akame." Roxas replied. "What of it?"

"Well, long story short, I want in." Isane replied, affixing Roxas with a hard, determined look. "If Valian's getting involved with helping you pay back Hera for what she did to you, then I don't see why I shouldn't be."

"Alright." Roxas nodded. "I totally agree, Isane, you should be involved too. Heaven and Hell know you're strong enough to fuck up the average footsoldier for any supernatural group, so you and Valian should be able to do some damage together. Although," he fixed Isane with a similarly hard look. "Don't put yourself in too much danger on the battlefield, for everyone's sake. Stick close to those from my peerage and make sure to retreat when you feel you can't fight anymore, got it?"

"Got it." Isane replied. "Thank you, Roxas." Inclining her head to her King's King, Isane left for the pool with Rias, the hips of both young Devil women swinging left and right as they left.

"You know they're doing it on purpose, right?" Palutena remarked quietly, looking over at her husband with an amused look on her face. "I can practically hear them smiling from here."

"I know." Roxas replied, his eyes zero'ing in on Isane and Rias' impressive asses as they swayed out of view.

"You're still looking, perv."

"I know."

Palutena just rolled her eyes as she turned back to the TV, and went back to eating. Once Rias and Isane were completely out of sight, Roxas turned back as well, finishing his half of the meal. It took Palutena a little bit longer to finish her half of things than her husband, but once that was done, a single wave of her staff sent all the dirty dishes back to the kitchen, while Roxas and his wife took themselves upstairs, with both of them intending to get an early night.

After some fun in the shower and/or in the bedroom, of course.

A couple of days after the meeting that organised Operation Divorce, Zeus sent out a message to all those involved that the operation would take place in five days' time, a full week after the meeting... and now, today was the day.

Palutena, Roxas, Valian, Esdeath, Akasha, Akeno, Rias, Xenovia and Isane were all in the living room together, in nigh-absolute silence. Some (like Palutena) sat, some (like Roxas) stood, some fidgeted with something, be it their clothes or themselves, but the silence was universal and constant.

Everyone also occasionally shot looks at Roxas, knowing that he would be the one to tell them all when it was time to move out, as it was he who Zeus would be calling when preparations were complete. Then they would all leave for Zeus' domain on Mount Olympus, and then... it would begin. Everyone in Roxas' peerage was dressed in the Rating Game uniforms that they'd gotten prior to Roxas' Rating Game with Rudiger, while Palutena wore her regular dress, and Roxas and Isane wore casual clothes.

Roxas because... he just liked wearing those kinds of clothes and felt comfortable in them, and Isane because... it didn't exactly matter what she was wearing when she was either going to be donning a set of red Dragon armour, or literally turning into a goddamn red Dragon herself, for pretty-much all of the oncoming fight.

"Hey, Isane?" Valian spoke, breaking the room-wide silence as she looked over at her Red Dragon Emperor-wielding friend. "You planning on using any of those new battle-techniques for your Dragon form during... this?" she gestured to everyone.

"I've got a couple of techniques in mind, yeah." Isane replied, nodding as she did so. "I've been training too, you know."

"Oh, don't I know it." Valian remarked. "I think I can still feel a couple of the knocks you put on me a few weeks back, before you fucked off to Kyoto for a few days and had that run-in with the fake heroes."

Isane giggled a little bit, and opened her mouth to respond, but Roxas raised his hand as a magic-circle appeared by his ear. Absolute silence fell over the room again.

"Yeah?" he spoke, touching the circle. "Got it. See you in a sec, Zeus."

The magic-circle at Roxas' ear disappeared, and everyone who was sat down stood up as a transportation-circle appeared just inside the front door of the house.

"It's time." Roxas announced to everyone stood before him, as he walked forward and disappeared into the transportation-circle. Valian, Isane and Rias were the first to follow, with Akasha, Esdeath, Akame and Xenovia going next, and Palutena bringing up the rear.

They came out a second or so later, in an incredibly spacious, grand-looking hall. There were a pair of thrones at the very front of the room, but they could hardly be seen between where Roxas, his peerage members, Isane and Palutena had come in and everyone else standing in the room: most of whom Roxas recognised.

Grayfia was there, Serafall and Fianna were there, Zeoticus and Diehauser were there, Imogen was there, Sephie (who Roxas had seen at the Peace Conference a few months ago) was there, Dulio (who Roxas had seen, but not spoken to, at Vasco's funeral) was there, the Slash/Dog Team were there, the New Round Table were there, Dr. Strange was there, Scathach was there, Aphrodite was there, Poseidon was there, and, obviously, Zeus was there.

There were a couple of beings among those gathered that Roxas didn't recognise, however. One was a child-sized male individual with shark-like teeth, red eyes and spiky black hair, who was dressed in seemingly nothing but a pair of jean-shorts and stood next to Sephie. The other was an absolutely stunningly attractive woman with long, hip-length black hair with bangs on the right side, green eyes behind red-rimmed glasses, a mole under her left eye, and an extremely voluptuous figure, kept under wraps by the white robes that Angels usually wore. She was talking to Dulio (who, himself, was chowing down on a bucket of fried chicken).

For absolutely no reason at all, Roxas' eyes seemed to wander over to the latter person he didn't know. 'Holy shit,' the older Nephalem thought. 'Whoever she is, I've got to get her number. She's in the same league as Gabriel... at the very fucking least!'

He was so fixated on the stranger that had caught his attention that he didn't notice either Xenovia looking at her in a similar way (more with shock or reverence than lust), or Zeus stepping up to the front of the room and calling for silence. Until the latter event actually happened, which broke Roxas out of his reverie with a jolt.

"Thank you all for assembling here!" Zeus called out to the crowd. "You're all aware of the operation that you're all here to carry out, so I won't bore you with any kind of recap. Instead, as time is of the essence, we'll get started at once. Would Roxas Gremory and Sorcerer Supreme Strange please come forward?"

Nodding a goodbye to the women he'd arrived with, Roxas spread his ten Nephalem wings and, rather than walk through the crowd up to the front of the room, rose into the air and flew over them before landing in front of Zeus, dispelling his wings as he did so. Strange chose the more subtle route of walking through the crowd, though the subtlety was lost when the crowd parted like the Red Sea for the most powerful Magician in the world, potentially of all time.

"Glad to see you're well, Roxas." Zeus spoke, in a quieter tone, by way of personal greeting, before offering a nod of greeting to Strange, who offered one in return. He laid a hand on Roxas' shoulder, and a bright white light appeared on said shoulder. It spread across Roxas' body in the timespan of about three seconds, before it faded away, leaving Roxas without any white light across his body.

"A little godly blessing." Zeus explained, by way of reply to Roxas' raised eyebrow. "It'll make you extra-resilient to Godly attacks. You know, just in case."

"Got it." Roxas replied, smiling. "Thanks, Zeus."

"No problem." Zeus nodded, waving his hand and opening a transportation-circle, which Roxas and Strange then stepped into. "We'll all see you both soon. Good luck."

Roxas barely got time to look back over the crowd and rest his eyes on Palutena before Zeus waved his hand again, activating the transportation-circle and sending Roxas and Strange away, where both Nephalem and Sorcerer Supreme landed in Olympia: the town situated closest to the temple that Hera and her followers were supposedly hanging out at.

After trading a look with each other, Roxas and Strange walked through the town until they made it to the outskirts of the town, where the temple (or what was left of it, as far as the pair of them could see) stood.

"I'm sure you know what to do, Roxas." Strange spoke, resting a hand on his shoulder and looking over at him with a rare smile. "I'll be setting up... over there." he waved a hand at the outstretch of countryside to their left, while the temple's remains laid to their approximate right. "Just so you know where to lure them."

"Got it, got it." Roxas nodded. "See you soon."

Strange nodded in return and walked away, towards the countryside, while Roxas moved in the opposite direction, towards the ruins of Herarion. As he walked, Roxas fanned out his presence as best he could, so that any supernatural being within a mile's radius that knew even the first thing about sensing the presences of others (which he was damn certain that either Hera, Ares or Diana would be, being that they were either Gods or a half-God) could easily tell that he was around. As he came closer to the temple, he drew Clarent Galatine and held it semi-loosely in one hand, and gathered a sizeable amount of twilight energy in his other in case any attacks came flying his way.

As Roxas came closer and closer to the temple, he took a couple of deep breaths to keep himself calm. Sure, he was actually prepared to get attacked by at least two Gods this time around. Sure, there was the blessing that Zeus had put on him minutes earlier. Both of those factors made him feel at least a little bit safer, but that would all mean nothing if, when anyone came out of Herarion for him, he ended up fucking up and getting badly hurt, or even killed, anyway.

Roxas was now barely a dozen or so steps away from the temple, at which point he tightened his grip on Clarent Galatine, and held it in a slightly more combat-effective position. He increased the amount of twilight energy flowing into his hand... which he was forced to put to use extremely quickly in the form of a barrier, as a bolt of white light appeared out of seemingly nowhere, headed straight for his heart

The bolt of energy ricocheted off of the surface of the barrier that Roxas had made, with less than a second to spare, and flew harmlessly off to the left. Roxas was about to dispel the barrier as soon as the bolt of Godly energy left his sight, but he was forced to keep the barrier up when Diana came rushing out of the temple, sword out and a scowl on her face. Her sword crashed against the barrier, which held up against her strength long enough for Roxas to ready himself for a counterattack. When the barrier broke, Diana's sword came down, and Roxas' sword went up, with the front tip of it managing to graze her upper left arm.

Diana jumped back with a hiss of pain, glaring at Roxas as he jumped back himself, spreading his ten Nephalem wings again. Roxas briefly considered rushing at Diana, wanting a chance to pay her back for all the lumps she'd put on him during the interrupted Rating Game, but a second later, common-sense kicked in and reminded him of the mission. His instincts also kicked in as the sentient rock known as Ares came flying at him surprisingly quickly, fist pulled back and an expression of pure hate on his face. Roxas jumped backwards and floated in the air as Ares came down at where he had been standing a couple of seconds before, pounding the ground so hard that the ground surrounding him cracked severely.

Roxas was then forced to dart back to the ground as another volley of divine-powered bullets were fired at him, bringing up another shield as he noticed four, five, six, seven beings walking up behind Ares and Diana, six of them firing on him, with Hera herself bringing up the rear. Under the sounds of divine bullets raining on Roxas' twilight-powered shield, he couldn't hear the command that left her throat, but all nine beings in front of her rushed at Roxas, all at once, which Roxas took as his cue to get the fuck away from the temple.

He turned around and flew off, as fast as his ten wings could carry him, being forced to dart from side to side and even roll over in mid-air a couple of times to dodge any bullets that either came uncomfortably close to him, or were actually on-course to hit him. As he flew past where he and Strange had split off, he opened a comms-circle at his ear.

"Strange, I've got everyone I need to on my tail, and I'm luring them away from the temple. Where are you hiding out?"

"You see a big hill nearby, Roxas?" Strange's voice came through the comms-circle. Roxas twisted his head around, looking for any kind of big hill, but involuntarily let out an uncharacteristically high-pitched yell when a white bullet came millimeters away from piercing his head, forcing him to duck away. After a couple of seconds of searching, he spied one in the distance.

"Yea, I think so." he replied. "I'm about a mile away from Olympia, and I can see a real big one. Got a couple of smaller hills on either side of it, from where I'm at.

"Perfect, that's where I've set up the entrance." Strange replied. "You just need to get everyone between those smaller hills, and I'll shut the door behind them. Think you can do that?"

"Heh, can I?" Roxas remarked, trying to put on a cocky air as if to assure Strange (or himself) that he was better than letting out high-pitched screams when coming millimeters away from death. However, he was met with silence on the other end for a couple of seconds, before the Sorcerer Supreme spoke up again.

"Well, can you?"

"Of course I can." Roxas replied, pulling a lightning-fast hairpin turn and beginning to make a beeline for the area that Strange had directed him to. "See you in a minute."

He looked over at where Ares, Diana, Hera and co. were coming at him from, and could see that they were turning to meet him at the place between the hills. Good. As more bullets rained down on his position, Roxas sped up to as fast as he could fly and flew through the space between the two smaller hills like a rocket. He could feel magic pouring over him as soon as he crossed what he assumed was the border of the mirror-dimension spell that Strange had set up, but the feeling was gone as soon as it came.

Spotting Palutena and his group among everyone else, who had assembled at and around the big hill, he flew up to where they were floating at, and stopped in front of them.

"You alright?" Palutena asked, instantly floating forward and looking Roxas over. "Did you get hit at all?"

"I don't think so." Roxas replied, looking himself over, before turning to where he had come through, where Ares, Diana, Pyrrha, Enyo, Hebe, Eris, Circe, Deimos, Phobos and Hera came through. "I'm fine, Palu, I'm fine."

From where Roxas floated, he could see Strange raising his hands to shut the 'door' to the mirror-dimension spell that he'd cast behind Hera and co., as well as Hera's reaction when she realised exactly what had just happened. Roxas couldn't hear her from where he floated, but he definitely saw her articulating a command to everyone in front of her, flailing her hands wildly around as she did so.

Many magic-circles appeared in front of her and her allies, with a mixture of thousands of beings appearing out of them: Magicians, bearing similar robes to the ones that the Magicians who attacked the Christian Pantheon's peace-conference had worn; the one-eyed Cyclopes, each all about 15 to 20 feet tall in terms of height, and about three of four times as wide as the average man; giants that wielded fittingly giant weapons, some of them as short as 25 feet tall, others as large as 50 feet, and similarly wide and muscular-looking, as well as many tall, muscular creatures that seemed to be covered in bone, with a fiery aura surrounding them.

The latter creatures seemed to catch Palutena's attention, as she widened her eyes.

"Oh, shit...!" she whispered, narrowing her eyes at the creatures, who all began raising their hands above their heads and screaming out in a language that, though Roxas couldn't understand it, just seemed to radiate pure evil.

"What?" Roxas replied. "What's up?"

"I don't know how, but I think my mother's managed to secure some Malebolgeans." Palutena replied, a bead of sweat beginning to appear on her head. "And of all the species from that actually-hellish place... Archviles."

"Oh, shit." Roxas repeated what his wife had said a second later. He'd heard about Malebolge: one floor above the deepest floor in all of Hell, it was much more the fire-and-brimstone hell that all the dime-a-dozen evangelical preachers preached about than the Underworld that Devils and Lilim lived in. The realm was ruled by a being named Mundus, who was exiled to that realm by Lucifer for not-officially-known reasons (the most popular belief was that he attempted to seize power from Lucifer in the Underworld, but was defeated), and inhabited by all manner of Demons, monstrous demonic creatures with zero capacity for anything other than pure evil.

Among the many species of Demon, one of the worst of the bad lot was definitely the Archvile. One of the few species of Demon that actually showed intelligence, and masters of fire on par with a Phenex, Archviles could incinerate a crowd of average humans to literally nothing within a matter of seconds with little more than a thought. And if that wasn't enough, they could summon members of all species of Demon (except itself) into battle and bend said species to its intelligent will. On top of that, it was annoyingly durable, meaning that it would take a lot of punishment to bring an Archvile down.

The idea of fighting ONE Archvile was probably bad enough, but if Roxas' eyes weren't deceiving him (and he was 99% sure that it wasn't, as he'd had perfect eyesight all his life), Hera had just summoned about 40 of the bastards into battle, alongside all the other beings and creatures that she had summoned.

In reaction to this, Fianna and Gid immediately opened transportation-circles of their own, summoning at least a thousand Devil and Lilim troops each into the dimension. Grayfia summoned the rest of her husband's peerage, with Zeoticus and Diehauser summoning their respective peerages as well. Two more seconds of relative silence passed before members of both sides charged at each other, without even the need for the commanders-in-chief of either side needing to give an order.

The battle had begun.

And that's Chapter 58! 7 chapters left to go. The operation to take down Hera once and for all has begun, and she's brought some nasty fucks with her. As if Ares and that bitch Diana (at least in this fic) weren't bad enough, she had to go and bring (or rather, be lent by Hades) the fucking Archviles from Doom!

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