AN: I have read many crossovers where Harry after defeating Voldemort decides to travel the world. This fanfic will be a Harry Potter/Iron Man crossover which later will turn into a Harry Potter/Avengers crossover. The main pairing will be and stay as Pepper/Harry. I have read many crossovers and not one of them has this pairing which makes no sense to me. In this fan fiction Tony and Pepper will be younger than before. Instead of 1974 Pepper will be born in 1982, and Harry will still have his original birthday during 1981. Tony instead of being born in 1970 will be born 1979. Pepper and Harry will meet earlier when they both attend college (Harry went into higher Muggle education after defeating Voldemort)

Eyes That Make my Heart Beat

Virginia "Pepper" Potts sighed as she made her way to her next classroom. The year was 1999 and she was a freshmen attending UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

Pepper was a gorgeous redhead with brown eyes and a slight amount of freckles. She came from a modest family who, while not in poverty, wasn't that rich either. In hopes of providing a better life for her family which included her mother, father, and sister she studied hard and was accepted into one of the most prestigious universities for business in America, UCLA.

When imagining college life she thought she could make some friends and study peacefully while meeting someone she could maybe spend the rest of her life with.

What Pepper HATED was attracting attention because in her high school she was recognized as the most popular girl due to her beauty and kind personality. Most of the school's male population confessed to her, but she never accepted and this could be attributed to her maturity.

Sure she wanted to go on dates like a regular girl, but she could never find a male who was her age and developed the same amount of maturity she held.

She hoped that at UCLA there would be a lot of girls as or more beautiful than her so she would be left alone, but sadly Pepper underestimated her beauty. Though there were many girls she just stood out and after the first day at her new college was dubbed "Red-Headed Angel". Now half way through the school year she had already been confessed by many boys and she had something that she didn't even have at her own high school: Her own fan club.

Thankfully though she was popular she managed to make a couple of friends. Their names were Jessica Drew and Sharon Carter and they met cause all of them were dorm mates.

At first Pepper was scared that they would dislike her like every girl in her high school, but Jessica broke that thought quickly by saying "Since we are going to be room mates for the next 3 years we should be friends." After the first day of college the three barely separated as all three were plagued by many of the same problems.

Shaking her head to get rid of all her stray thoughts Pepper walked quickly to her Economic's classroom. When she reached the classroom she sat in the seat Jessica and Sharon had saved for her. "Wow I'm surprised THE Pepper Potts was almost late to class!" said Sharon in a teasing voice.

"Shut up" grumbled Pepper good naturally

With that the class started and the professor went about lecturing as he had always done. After an hour the bell rang and just when Pepper was about to leave with her two friends the professor called for her. Telling the two to go ahead Pepper went up to the professor's desk.

"What is it professor?" Pepper asked

"While Pepper, we are getting a student who is transferring late and I was asked to find someone to guide him around campus for his first week. You are the best person for the task so I was wondering if you could do it?"

Though Pepper wanted to say no, she consented not wanting to reject the professor. He told her to go pick him up at the main office after finishing her classes for the day.

5 Tiring Hours Later

"Alright guys lets head back to our dorm" Jessica stated yawning. Sharon agreed, but Pepper of course disagreed.

"Sorry guys, Professor asked me to do something I'll be back after" replied Pepper

The other two just shrugged as they would find out what it was after she got back to the dorm. Pepper said her goodbyes and walked quickly to the main office praying that the new transfer student wasn't like the majority of boys in the school.

As she was passing by the main entrance of the college she wasn't looking where she was going and walked straight into a figure. She was about to fall back from the force of impact but an arm wrapped itself around her hip and prevented her from falling.

Flashback: A Couple of Minutes Ago

Harry James Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived, Conquerer of Dark Lords, and Leader of the Light was currently nervous. Harry would never be nervous facing a rouge wizard or a dark lord. No, he was scared of attending the famous muggle university, UCLA.

The war had taken too much from him and that had included Remus, Sirius, Tonks, and many others. Harry knew that if he had stayed in the Wizarding World he would have been seen as a hero. The problem was with the attention came danger in the form of Voldemort's remaining forces.

Harry didn't really mind but he still had family-Teddy Lupin and Andromeda Black. As Teddy's godfather Harry swore that he would raise Teddy in a good family where he would feel loved and he felt the Wizarding World held too much danger.

So Harry had decided to take Teddy to the United States where he could further his muggle education and live peacefully with his godson. Andromeda due to the loss of her husband and daughter was firm that it was her place to take care of her grandson and so she, Harry, and Teddy secretly left England.

No one would find out til they were peacefully settled in America. Not Ron, not Hermione…..not Ginny. As Harry thought of Ginny he let out a sigh. She was ready to spend her life with him telling him that she loved him and only him. Harry would have loved to marry her and settle with her, but he felt that he had already hurt the Weasely family too much and decided that they needed to separate. After leaving England he had realized that after the war he hadn't felt as strong about Ginny as he did before. He decided that she would be a happy memory that was in the past and would stay in the past.

Putting Ginny out of his mind Harry looked at the entrance of the university that he would spend his next four years at. The reason he chose UCLA was that it had one of the best business programs and he wanted to open a company.

He had more than enough money with the combined wealth of Potter and Black vaults making him one of the richest men in the world.

Of course no one would know of his extraordinary wealth til he opened his company as he hated the attention that would come with it.

He didn't want to make more money or become famous again(he already had enough of that). No he wanted to honor his parents and their best friends by letting the name Marauder's Incorporation heard throughout the whole world.

The company would be a tribute to the Marauder's and would specialize in computers, phones, gaming systems, and pranks.

With his mind firmly in his thoughts Harry rounded the corner just to bump into another person. As they were about to fall down Harry wrapped his arm around the person's waist by instinct. Her eyes opened and blue eyes met green eyes. Both stared at each other for a couple of seconds enraptured by each other, before Harry got back his senses and pulled her up, letting go of her hand and walking back.

Flashback End

The stranger stepped back and lightly coughed. Realizing that she had been staring, Pepper's face blushed light red and she avoided looking at the man. Taking a moment to regain her composure she looked back at the man. He was a decent height around 6 feet and probably one of the most handsome students on campus. Of course being the girl who was chased after by these students Pepper was able to avoid blushing, but what grabbed her attention were the emerald pearls staring at her.

The man put his hand out and with a slightly British accent said 'Sorry about grabbing your waist I wasn't thinking'

Pepper took the hand and mildly noticed the callouses on his hands. 'No thank you, My name is Pepper Potts and I'm a freshman in the business department'

Pepper could see the surprise on the mans face before he smiled and responded 'Harry Potter'

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