Furthering Attraction

Although Pepper had just met Harry Potter a minute ago he had peaked her curiosity, and if Virginia "Pepper" Potts was anything, she was curious. Ignoring the fact that he was clearly not from America and was an international student, he should have been known around campus for his devilishly good looks. While Pepper was pondering the situation Harry was looking around the campus with a clueless look on his face.

"Excuse me Miss Potts. Can you please point me to the main office?" asked Harry in a questioning voice. Snapping out of her daze and silently scolding herself, Pepper told Harry that she also was going to the main office and if he didn't mind they could go together.

Harry, wanting to get to the office quickly, agreed and they walked quietly but swiftly to the office. As they were walking Pepper's curiosity grew to unprecedented heights. If any other male had a chance to walk with the famed "Red-Haired Angel" they would slow down to minuscule steps and try to take as much time as possible. Harry was clearly trying his quickest to get to the office and didn't care about spending time with Pepper. Naturally Pepper was relieved and hoped that the transfer student that she was to guide had half the manners of Harry.

After five minutes of walking and both silently wondering about different things they reached the main office. They went inside informing the receptionist who they were and sat down waiting patiently for their names to be called.

"Mr. Harry Potter, please report to the Principal's office"

Harry stood up and was about to head into the office before rapidly shaking his head and looking at Pepper.

"Thank you Mrs. Potts for guiding me and I hope you have a nice day" and with a bright smile and a polite nod he went into the office

Pepper at this point in time was slightly depressed. She actually wanted to make friends with the intriguing Harry Potter as he was one of the only males who talked to her rather than trying to grab a quick peek at her assets.

Then a sudden thought came into her mind and she slightly paled before recovering. "Maybe Harry has other preferences ….." wondered Pepper as that would explain why he had barely talked to her. Shaking her head to get rid of stray thoughts she went into the first conference room on the left of the hallway to wait for the transfer student.

She didn't have to wait long before she saw two shadows outside the conference room. Straining her ears she heard the words "the student that will guide you is one of our top freshmen. After the tour you are welcome to come by the office and ask my any questions. I hope you enjoy your time studying here at UCLA, Mr. Potter"

With that the door opened and in came Harry Potter. For over ten seconds the two occupants in the room stared at each other surprised, before Harry (like before) broke the ice.

"Fancy seeing you here Mrs. Potts. Seems like you will have to bear a little longer with me"

Pepper quickly snapped out of her daze while silently scolding herself for again(AGAIN!) losing composure in front of the same boy.

"Not at all Mr. Potter and let me just tell you I am glad it is you" Pepper replied with a sincere smile

Now Harry usually had a good hold on his emotions due to Occlumency which was the reason why he was able to ignore Pepper when they were walking, but now with his shields down it was as if he was hit with a bomb. Slightly blushing he coughed and opened the door so Pepper could exit first.

"So is there any place that you would like to look at first or should we just start with the closest building?" asked Pepper.

"I think starting with the closest building would be the best Mrs. Potts" Harry replied while scratching his head.

"Since we will be spending the rest of the day together, you can call me Pepper. I really don't like being called Mrs. Potts as that would be my mother."

"Alright since you are giving me the privilege of calling you Pepper, you may call me Harry." Harry replied with a bright smile which Pepper returned.

With that the tour finally started and both walked around the campus of UCLA. They went to all the classrooms, dorms, and cafeterias will casually enjoying each other company.

"Is there any reason why you decided to join UCLA Harry?"

"While other than having one of the best business programs in the entire United States, the surrounding city holds a good environment to raise a kid"

"Wait...you have a kid?" asked Pepper in a bewildered voice

Harry looked at Pepper with a serious face and replied "yes, back in England I was quite a playboy and one such encounter led to the birth of a child"

Pepper blanked out looking at Harry in a daze. If Pepper had to describe the Harry that she had spent the good portion of the day she would say a gentlemen who rarely invaded one's privacy.

"Am I really that bad at judging someone's personality?" Pepper thought to herself before hearing snickering next to her

The snickering grew louder til it turned into full blown laughter. Harry's face was red and he was gasping for air while trying to stay on his feet.

Realizing she was tricked, Pepper pouted and glared at Harry waiting for him to stop laughing. After Harry finally stopped laughing he noticed the glare that Pepper was giving to him. Harry gulped remembering one of the few pieces of advice his godfather gave him before perishing. "If a redhead gives you a glare you have three options. The first one which is the least painful is dying. The next is to keep on apologizing til its accepted, and finally the last one is trying to divert the topic to something else."

Congratulating himself for bringing a watch, Harry pretended to look at it and then told Pepper as a thanks for guiding him around campus he would treat her to a late lunch.

Pepper though still slightly mad accepted the offer and the two went off looking for a place to eat.

Author's Note:

Now for the poll that I posted and all the reviews that I went through there were three clear choices.

1. An OC secretary who would play the same role Pepper did

2. Surprising Natasha Romanoff as she was Tony's secretary

3. Hermione if I decide to include her in the story

Til the next chapter.