I have been gone a while from the site. Mostly I have been working on my own original ideas and also just life in general. I have had some bittersweet goodbyes to family and some rollercoaster moments with my friendships. I have never stopped having ideas though. I just wish I could clone myself to write down everything I think of.

This one popped into my head a long time ago, but I had to scrap it every time because I kept trying to shoe-horn in a lot of things. Now though, after some re-watching of the shows, I think I will crack it again.

Doctor Who - We follow the adventures of the Doctor, a Timelord who is capable of regenerating into a new body when the old one is fatally wounded or as a part of his natural life cycle. At this point he is in his 4th incarnation and traveling with the Timelady, Romana, who has recently regenerated into a copy of Princess Astra. They have just survived the nightmare of Skaro and slipped back into the Vortex at the whims of the Randomizer. The addition to the TARDIS the Doctor made to evade the Black Guardian.

Babylon 5 - 2259 - Captain John Sheridan has assumed command of the diplomatic space station as the ancient enemy, the Shadows have begun to move again. He has learned his wife's expedition to a rim world was the homeworld of the Shadows. Mr Morden is in their employ and a survivor of that trip. The Vorlon, Kosh, will now train Sheridan to fight the Shadows as the Minbara Ambassador Delenn, works with hims as well. For reference, the episode Knives has occurred where Sheridan was possessed by a temporal creature that wanted to return the rupture in Space/Time where Babylon 4 disappeared. Londo has also learned, at the cost of a dear friend's life, that the Centauri are making darker turns than he likes.

Now, that is out of the way, the last part: I under no circumstances this side of an alternate reality own anything of Babylon 5 nor Doctor Who save every DVD/Blu-Ray I can get a hold of. I hope all enjoy what is to come.


The TARDIS hums steadily as always. The Doctor had hung his coat on the hanger in one of the corners next to the partially dismantled K-9. For reasons beyond her understanding, the robot dog had laryngitis. The how of it was not very interesting to her, but Romana was also badly in need of a wash after the harrowing experiences in the mines of the Daleks.

The Movellans had not been too accommodating either now that she thought on it. The matted blonde hair still caught her off guard, but her imitation pink outfit of the Doctor's regular style was also ruined by the experience. His clothes seemed to deflect dirt and blood on a regular basis!

Glancing at the flickering controls was still disconcerting, but the Randomizer was doing its job she hoped. They were on the run, in a way, from the Black Guardian for now. The Doctor's assertion of the 'pot luck' principle being the best solution was still troublesome, but for now, a wash was her primary goal.

She whisked down the corridor from the Control Room and put it out of her mind.

The TARDIS whirled through the maelstrom of the Space/Time Vortex. In many ways, it was in its element. The coordinates had been randomly selected, as well as the path it would take to get there. The Doctor may have neglected to mention its one other function when the Randomizer was added.

He knew there would be a chance that the Black Guardian would set up the equivalent of road blocks to force the TARDIS somewhere of his choosing and ensnare the Timelords in a trap. The trip to Skaro had been a result of such a roadblock cropping up, but it was an evasion of one.

This time, there were many more in the way. Even the convoluted path set by the Randomizer could not get around them all. It was in this moment of re-calculation that an anomaly was found.

The TARDIS instantly identified it as a breach in the Vortex dimensions, but not dangerously so. What was of more interest was it was not something natural, but artificial. Someone was manipulating Time and possibly causing calamity.

The Timelords were the enforcers of Time and Space in this case and the TARDIS had a primary need to investigate such discoveries. The Randomizer was never part of the calculations to investigate however.

When the TARDIS changed directions, the Randomizer overrode the simple fly-by and the TARDIS was hurtled through the anomaly!

The usual alarms and alerts never activated because the Doctor had not thought to exempt them from the Randomizer. Quite rightly, the Black Guardian could have laid a trap to draw him in if this was still working. He had thought the safety mechanisms would protect the TARDIS, but in this instance, it combined for them to slip form one dimension, into the next.

The TARDIS found no more road blocks and did exactly as the Doctor wanted, it followed the new coordinates to the source of the time disturbance.

Babylon 5

The diplomatic station, Babylon 5, was 5 miles long spinning on its horizontal axis as it orbited Epsilon III in neutral territory. Split into several color coded sectors for living areas, the lower sections of Brown levels was filled with the desperate and the destitute. They were known as Lurkers. Some made money where they could, but all were there because they had run out of places to go.

In the more remote Brown 14 level, where even Lurkers were rare, the laws of physics as they were known were being thrown out the window. A wheezing, roaring noise came with a feeling of a breeze as in one corner a blue Police Box took form as if appearing from thin air.

The station had many sensor to stop illegal entry or to detect a dangerous breach, but none of the engineers ever considered the possibility of something just appearing in the middle of the station.

The Doctor looked up to see they had indeed materialized. His curly hair nearly bounced as he went around the 6 control panels to see where they had landed. After Skaro, he was going to be taking a deeper look at the readings.

It actually looked like a more pleasant trip this time. A space station by the readouts with nearly 1 G gravity throughout the level they were on. It seemed to generate gravity with rotation, bit primitive, but most space faring races started with it.

He was about to call Romana when he saw the date.

Relative Time Earth Standard 2259.

"What is this?" The Doctor frowned as he re-checked the date. He confirmed their spatial coordinates as well and frowned deeper. "Curiouser and curiouser." He rolled up his sleeves as he began to look into detail where they had landed.

"Well Doctor Franklin, are you fully satisfied I can return to work?" John Sheridan trusted his head medical officer, but Franklin could be Hell on 2 legs if he wanted to be medically. This was the 3rd examination since his visitor left him.

The med lap facility was close to top of the line, but the machines insisted there was nothing wrong with him at all. Sheridan found that to be the end of his concerns, but Franklin was being extra careful after the brush with a new life form.

He also seemed to take it as a personal offense that none of his test revealed the alien in the first place.

Franklins dark brow was furrowed on his readouts, but then the sigh came that Sheridan had been waiting for. It was taking some time, but the little quirks of his staff were becoming clear. That sigh said Franklin was at a loss or had given up for now, it meant freedom.

"Yes Captain, you are authorized back to full duty, but if any lingering effects, anything at all, let me know right away?" The pointed finger reminded Sheridan of his father, but he smiled and grabbed his jacket before heading out through the doors.

He had a busy day, not least because Garibaldi had reported that Londo had some kind of duel. It was beyond their jurisdiction, but Sheridan wanted answers to what had happened on the station.

He also had an appointment with Ambassador Kosh. He was going to be learning how to fight the Shadows again today.

The face of the friendly Captain slipped to the grim visage of the widowed warrior. Morden's masters had taken his wife, he would not forgive them that. He doubted he would forgive Morden either, but for now that snake had to be free.

Shaking off the dark thoughts, Sheridan got in the lift to CnC.

Mr Morden was in his quarters. To anyone watching him, he would seem like he was meditating. His looks were not bad, but neither were they memorable. A former girlfriend had once told him that when they broke up. At the time it had been just salt on the wound, but now it was an advantage.

His recent brush with the command staff had come to an abrupt end, but his Masters were content. They had not anticipated Sheridan being related to one of the crew, they honestly did not give much thought to most species beyond their use.

He smirked at the thought of all these fools striving for peace when the Shadows were about to rip the galaxy wide open again.

Sharp, quick sounds suddenly filled his quarters. He opened his dark eyes and waited for them to stop speaking. Even though he could not completely see them, the partial distortion of the room revealed 4 of them with him. Normally there were only 2, but after the encounter with the Vorlon, they had increased that number.

Something had agitated them, but they would tell him in due course. After serving them for almost 2 years, he had begun to get a sense of general emotion when they spoke to each other.

The conversation was very agitated from what he could gather, but it could also be excitement. They may have found one of their ships or one of the many fronts they had invested in were running into troubles.

The Centauri were doing well and the other races were beginning to indulge as well in the assistance of the Shadows. Even so, they were not ready yet. The Vorlon could put a stop to it at this stage, but clearly they were not sure of their victory either, or they would have fought harder for Babylon 5.

The conversation stopped and 2 of them left. He was never entirely sure how they left the station, but he knew they did not stay here when he was gone.

One of them turned and for the first time, he felt like it was worried. If it had been human, he would have expected it to be searching for the right words to break the news of some lethal disease to a poor patient. Indeed, he began to wonder what could make the Shadows fear aside from the Vorlon.

Impressions and more whispered sounds were sent to him. As part of his adjustment, he was made to understand a great deal of what was said, but it was very watered down. Their languages was far too complex for literal translation, but they could convey mental commands to their subordinates.

At first it was a confusion, of what was clearly a complicated subject so it stopped and tried again. Morden was actually curious as to what could fluster the Shadows and then finally 2 words got through.

"What is a Timelord?" The question silenced his current master. The answer he got back had the blood drain from his features. He had been very wrong. There were far worse things than the Vorlon to worry about it seemed.

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