Steve looked over at Veronica as he heard a noise . "What was that noise ?" Steve asked curiously. "I don't know for sure what it was let's go see what it was alright ?" She asked . "Alright let's go ." He nodded and went outside as he slowly opened the door just in case something was out there they went outside and heard it again after they closed the door from behind them while going outside : "Alright it's just a kitten meowing that we heard didn't know what it was that I heard before but now we know ." Steve said . "Yep alright let's go back inside now since we know what it was now ." She said as she went inside with him then they sat down together on the couch in the living room .

They watched tv a bit more and ate some snacks together as well and had lots of fun spending time with eachother that very day . Veronica then drank some of her water she had and Steve drank his tea while they sat next to eachother .